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A Well Regulated Militia: Burns, Oregon Edition – Updated at 7:45 PM and 10:10 PM

While we’ve all been hashing out Texas’s new open carry law, the good folks of Burns, Oregon have been living the dream. Oregon is an open carry state and the Burnsites (Burnsers?) are experiencing an influx of out of state militia folks. They are there to defend the Constitution and two local cattle ranchers who […]

A New Year’s Eve Snack: Tollhouse Cookies

Some sweets to send everyone into a sweet, happy, and healthy New Year! The other night in comments we were discussing Tollhouse cookies, among other things, so here is the recipe I learned. Tollhouse cookies 2 cups plus 2 tblspoons all-purpose flour 1 tspoon baking soda 1 tsp salt 1 cup (2 sticks) butter, softened […]

If Not the Best, Then Certainly the Most Pleasurable Response to the November Terrorist Attacks in Paris

The Guardian has reported that when Brussels went into lockdown immediately after the Paris terrorist attacks the Belgian security response was, shall we say, innovative. A number of soldiers and police working out of a station in Ganshoren had an orgy! This gives new meaning to both the concept of a full body search and […]

Guacamole (slightly updated)

A while back in 2014 Eric Loomis at LGF posted an image of a newspaper article about Boris Karloff and his guacamole recipe.* The other night I said in comments that I’d post it, and since Betty C is looking for stuff to bring to her shindig tomorrow, here it is: Consider this a not depressing, […]

An Evening Snack: Brownies!!!!

The brownie was created at the Palmer House Hotel (now the Palmer House Hilton) in 1893. Mrs. Palmer, the hotel proprietor’s wife, asked her chef to create a new and unique dessert to be showcased at the 1893 Columbian Expedition being hosted in Chicago. About ten years or so ago I was able to get […]