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The Only Way Out is Through: Moving Towards a New Normal and the 2020 Democratic Primary Candidates

There are several new polls out showing where the Democratic candidates stand a little over nine months before the first Democratic primary or caucus and eighteen months ahead of the general election in 2020. All of them are showing Vice President Biden with a strong plurality of support, followed by Senator Sanders, whose numbers are […]

Despite John Bolton’s Statement, the US Has Not Escalated Its Forces in the CENTCOM Area of Responsibility

(The USS Kearsarge sinks the CSS Alabama off the coast of Cherbourg, France) Earlier this evening, Assistant to the President-National Security Advisor (APNSA or NSA) John Bolton issued the following statement: So what exactly is actually going on with US Naval deployments in the US Central Command (CENTCOM) Area of Responsibility (AOR)? Fortunately, the US […]

Some Words of Wisdom From President Reagan In Regard to Foreign Interference in Domestic US Politics

In his memoirs, President Reagan wrote the following*: I don’t like having representatives of a foreign country – any foreign country – trying to interfere in what I regarded as our domestic political process and the setting of our foreign policy. Wisdom that the Republican Party and conservatives seem to have forgotten. Open thread! * […]

Serious Question: Has Anyone Supporting Senator Sanders Considered Who He’d Wind Up Appointing to Fill Federal Judicial and Administrative Positions

I’m not trolling, nor am I shitposting here. But I had an interesting conversation about a 1/2 hour ago that turned to me stating: If Senator Sanders is elected, his administration is going to look a lot like every other Democratic administration. There isn’t an alternative universe of Democratic appointed Federal district and appellate justices […]