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What Exactly is a Mass Shooting

In the comments section to Betty Cracker’s original post on the Oregon college shooting several questions were asked about just what exactly makes a mass shooting a mass shooting. While I provided some quick responses in those comment threads, I also said I’d put something more about about it later this evening. Below you’ll find […]

P5+1 Second Order Effects

Last Sunday Iranian President Rouhani suggested that the Iran would be open to a prisoner exchange with the US (warning: autoplay of CNN’s interview at the link). President Rouhani’s suggestion was not quite straightforward. He stated that should the US release Iranians in US custody (Iranian prisoners), then Iran would consider releasing the three Americans currently […]


Behold the ultimate evolution of the chocolate cake: Four layers of dark chocolate cake enveloped within dark chocolate mousse and finished with dark chocolate ganache. Bon appetit!    

Scots, wha hae…*

Annoying street preachers, or campus preachers, are not just an American phenomenon. A very loud and and stroppy one was rightly interrupted by a lone piper on the streets of St. Andrews, Scotland (h/t: Raw Story): I lived in St. Andrews for three years between 1992 and 1995 while doing my first graduate degree. In […]

Floriduh Man… Shonda for the Goyim Edition*

Today in the Annals of Floriduh Man: The FBI has arrested a major online ISIS/jihad promotion presence/player. He’s a 20 year old Jewish American man from Florida…  Joshua Ryne Goldberg, aka Australi Witness, was impersonating an ISIS inspired Lebanese refugee, who did NOT actually exist, living in Perth, Australia. Mr. Goldberg was arrested for providing […]

18 U.S. Code § 2331: The US Definition of Terrorism

In his post earlier today about the exciting new (potential) developments in Rowan County, KY Zandar asked when we could start calling these types of events or statements of intent domestic terrorism. The US definition of terrorism can be found in the criminal code. Specifically, 18 U.S. Code § 2331. The section that defines domestic […]