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To Arms, To Arms. The War Has Begun: The Midnight Riders

The Revolutionary War began on 19 April 1775. That evening Paul Revere made his famous ride. But Revere wasn’t the only rider, just the only one to have Longfellow wright a poem about him. There were dozens of other riders that night, each seeking to warn the colonial patriots that the British army was advancing […]

And Now A Word From The Home Office: Russia Announces The US Position On Future US Sanctions Against Russia

The defenestration of Ambassador Haley continues… From Tass: MOSCOW, April 18. /TASS/. The United States has notified Russia through its Embassy in Washington that it will not impose fresh sanctions against Russia for the time being, a source in the Russian Foreign Ministry informed TASS on Wednesday. “I can confirm that the US has notified […]

Alexandre Bissonnette Was Radicalized By A Who’s Who of American Right Wing Thought Leaders

Alexandre Bissonnette, the Canadian extreme right terrorist who attacked a Quebec City Mosque last year,was radicalized by a who’s who of American right wing thought leaders. Andy Riga from the Montreal Gazette has the details: When will Ben Shapiro’s rabbi make a statement about how Bissonnette’s actions are unacceptable and that the speech of his congregant, […]

Even More Breaking News! Sean Hannity Identified By Michael Cohen’s Lawyer As Michael Cohen’s Third Legal Client

BREAKING: NBC News confirms that, after being forced to disclose the name in court, Michael Cohen says his third client – after Donald Trump and Elliot Broidy – is Sean Hannity. — Ali Velshi (@AliVelshi) April 16, 2018 Long time listener, first time caller… Just reached Sean Hannity to ask if he had any response […]

Pentagon Press Briefing On Syrian Air Strikes Live Feed

Here’s the live feed for the 10:00 PM EDT Pentagon press briefing on the US, British, and French air strikes on Syrian targets. From Spencer Ackerman’s February 20, 2018 reporting at The Daily Beast, here are the details on the legal justifications that the Trump Administration produced to justify today’s strikes on Syria. Secretary of State […]