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Muhammad bin Salman’s Khashoggi Gambit: The Trump Doctrine in Action

The actual Trump Doctrine, which we’ve covered here at Balloon Juice extensively since the President gave his first campaign speech about national-security and foreign policy back in April 2016, is: America’s allies are taking advantage of our treaty and other obligations in the national security space; America’s allies and peer competitors are ripping the US […]

Untreated Mental Illness is Not a Joke. Nor a Political Statement.

Kanye West went to the White House today to meet and have lunch with the President, supposedly about prison reform. Prior to lunch, he and the President held an impromptu press gaggle in the Oval Office. I watched this live, except for the final couple of minutes as I had to take care of something. […]

In the Nick of Time a Hero Arose, a Funny Looking Dog with a Big Black Nose!

Ach du lieber! This guy made Snoopy's doghouse fly! pic.twitter.com/4idWqN51RO — Physics & Astronomy Zone (@ZonePhysics) October 7, 2018 Yes, yes, I know the video in the tweet is actually from 2015… Anyhow, you all know what this means! An audio-video extravaganza of a dogfight between the leader of Jagdgeschwader 1 (JG 1), also known as […]

A Few Thoughts on Senators Heitkamp and Murkowski

While we wait for Senator Collins to finish the longest public statement of “I’m voting yes” ever given in the English or any other language, I think it is important to take a moment and revisit the two much more courageous votes and statements of Senators Heitkamp and Murkowski. Especially so in the wake of […]

All Hail Queen Saga, the First of Her Name!

Eight-year-old Swedish girl pulls Viking era sword from lake https://t.co/kWMkiMWR9C pic.twitter.com/nooQbc91wT — The Local Sweden (@TheLocalSweden) October 4, 2018 From The Local Sweden: UPDATED: An eight-year-old Swedish-American girl came across an exciting find swimming at her local lake, when she pulled an ancient sword from its depths. “It’s not every day that one steps on […]