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Ignore the Sideshow, Focus on the Main Event: Where are the Toddlers? Where are the Girls?

As BettyC posted, it is being reported that the President blinked and is going to use an Executive Order to back down and end the family separation policy that he and Attorney General Sessions implemented on the advice of Stephen Miller. The New York Times has the details (emphasis mine): President Trump is preparing to issue […]

An ER Pediatrician Explains What She’s Observed Examining Babies Separated from Their Asylum Seeking Parents Who are in Foster Care

Tara Neubrand, MD is a pediatric emergency specialist in Denver. She has recorded her observations of the toddlers separated from their asylum seeking parents and placed into foster care who she has treated. Dr. Jennifer Gunter has posted the letters in her twitter feed. Click to bring up the different parts of the letters.   […]

Where are the Toddlers and the Girls?

MSNBC’s Jacob Soborrof who has been reporting on site in Texas on this for the better part of the past week repeats the question over and over: Where are the girls? Where are the toddlers? We have asked for access and will continue to. — Jacob Soboroff (@jacobsoboroff) June 17, 2018 Still asking. https://t.co/WvxifbkPcn — […]

Here’s Your Plan of Action in Response to the President’s Policy Separating the Children of Asylum Seekers from Their Parents: Protests are Scheduled in DC and Around the Country for 30 June 2018

Walter Shaub has the details: Mass mobilization: June 30, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. at Lafayette Square, Washington DC. Sign up here: https://t.co/sEQPoJ8ztm If you can possibly get to Washington, DC, please try to get here. If there's no way you can get here, find local rallies here: https://t.co/sEQPoJ8ztm pic.twitter.com/tMoBuCI8zn — Walter Shaub (@waltshaub) June 19, […]

This is the Sound of President Trump’s America

For those unable to listen or unwilling to subject themselves to it, here’s how ProPublica describes the recording (from The Texas Tribune because ProPublica’s server is overwhelmed): The desperate sobbing of 10 Central American children, separated from their parents one day last week by immigration authorities at the border, makes for excruciating listening. Many of […]

Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing to Review the DOJ Inspector General’s Report Live Stream

Sorry I got to this a little late, but I was working on something offline. Anyhow, here is the live stream of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing to review the DOJ IG’s report. Testifying before the committee are DOJ IG Horowitz and FBI Director Wray. Things to watch for: The Republican members of the committee […]

Peaceful Assembly and Personal Security – Re-upped

I know a number of you all are planning to join one of the various protests, actions, and/or demonstrations that will begin taking place as a result of the President’s family separation policy. So I wanted to re-up the post for anyone that missed it the first several times I posted it. I also saw […]