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The Naval Special Warfare Development Group Moves to Contact: Admiral (ret) William McRaven Calls Out the President

Admiral (ret) William McRaven, former member of SEAL Team 6, the former Commander of Joint Special Operations Command who planned and oversaw Operation Neptune Spear, and the former Commanding Admiral of US Special Operations Command, has publicly responded to the President’s revoking DCI (ret) Brennan’s and threat to revoke the clearances of DNI and Gen (ret) […]

Breaking News: The President Has Revoked DCI (ret) John Brennan’s Security Clearance

WH press secretary Sarah Sanders says President Trump has revoked former CIA director John Brennan's security clearance. — Ben Siegel (@benyc) August 15, 2018 .@PressSec says Trump is revoking @JohnBrennan ‘s clearance, citing dossier (Russia-related) as part of the reason. — Shelby Holliday (@shelbyholliday) August 15, 2018 The WH Press Secretary just ran off a […]

Shonda: The Stephen Miller Story

… he wanted to join a party which wouldn’t have him because he was a Jew. — Hannah Arendt’s remarks on Leo Strauss This morning Politico published an op-ed by Dr. David S. Glosser, Sc. D. Dr. Glosser is one of Stephen Miller’s uncles. While Dr. Glosser’s, and much of Stephen Miller’s other relations views about […]

Space Force: Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution Edition

(Because most of our readers don’t speak Japanese*!) I just want to quickly follow up on BettyC’s earlier post about the Vice President’s speech at the Pentagon today. Other than making some nice powerpoint slides and writing staff estimates that include projected budgetary costs, there is nothing the Department of Defense can actually do to […]

Breaking: Congressman Chris Collins (R-NY 27) Arrested for Securities Fraud and Insider Trading!!!

JUST IN: Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY), Trump’s earliest congressional backer, arrested by the FBI on securities fraud-related charges, via @jonathan4ny — Peter Alexander (@PeterAlexander) August 8, 2018 Congressman Chris Collins (R – NY) was arrested this morning by the FBI shortly after he was indicted for securities related fraud related to insider trading allegations. From […]

Boston Labor Day Weekend Meet Up and Primary Election Eve Open Thread

We can probably use a new election eve open thread, and since I’ve been waiting till we got within three weeks or so to post this Boston Meet Up request, consider this an open thread to comment about either or neither or, as usual, anything else that strikes your fancy. So primary returns are coming […]