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The Civilian-Military Divide: General Kelly is a Canary in the Coal Mine

One portion of Gen Kelly’s remarks yesterday have gotten some notice, but I think it is important to highlight them and discuss their import. Josh Marshall identified this portion of Gen Kelly’s remarks as specifically worrisome: We don’t look down upon those of you who that haven’t served. In fact, in a way we’re a […]

Rachel Maddow Is Wrong: There is No Connection Between Chad’s Withdrawal of Forces in West Africa and the Ambush on 3rd Special Forces Group and Nigerien Soldiers

Last night several of you asked me in comments if I’d seen a segment on The Rachel Maddow Show where she took a deep dive into connecting the dots between Chad being placed on the latest travel ban list; Chad then withdrawing its troops from the multi-national forces working to interdict Boko Haram, al Qaeda […]

Late Evening Open Thread: Florida Plane! Wait, What????

So this happened in St. Petersberg today: My current situation, Plane Down in Midtown 18th Avenue & 14th Street South. Representative "Newt" Newton pic.twitter.com/OGGTXEKmCT — Wengay M. Newton Sr. (@NEWTFL) October 18, 2017 News Channel 8 has the details: ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) – A small plane crashed on a road and hit multiple cars […]

Conflicting Reports from Kirkuk

I’ve been covering the potential for an Iraqi Civil War between Iraqi Arabs and Iraqi Kurds for Kirkuk and its surrounding areas since before the Iraqi Kurdish independence referendum in September. Tonight we’re getting conflicting reports out of Kirkuk about what is actually going on. From the Government of Iraq: The PM orders ISF to […]

What Exactly is the Military’s Role in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands?

We’ve had a lot of discussion in the comments over the past couple of weeks about not just what is going on with the disaster response, emergency management, and/or humanitarian assistance missions in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, but also what exactly the US military’s role is. The US military is currently involved […]