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Jones Out

This was sort of inevitable: White House environmental adviser Van Jones resigned Saturday after weeks of controversy stemming from his past activism. “On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me,” Jones, special adviser for green jobs at the White House […]


Banned from twitter

I still have my @DougJBalloon twitter account but earlier today I created a different twitter account, also under the name Doug Jones, with a different handle and email account. The handle was @RobertEGalt. I didn’t say anything too out there. I just said that Herman Cain was a great patriot and that Jesus would love […]


You’re So Vain

This is a pretty good place to start off a discussion: In an extraordinary development Thursday, the Obama administration announced a series of sanctions against Russia. Thirty-five Russian nationals will be expelled from the country. President Obama issued a terse statement seeming to blame Russia for the hack of the Democratic National Committee emails. “These […]


Open Thread: I {Heart} Repubs in Disarray!

Reporter to Rep Jason Chaffetz as he walked in, "how many voters are you gonna get?" Chaffetz reply: "more than you." — jennifer steinhauer (@jestei) October 8, 2015 The standing “leadership” fustercluck has been a rich gift to snarkists, but seriously: The more energy these mopes expend scheming to destroy each other, the less they […]


Hillary Rodham Clinton, Trudging Along

Smile and wave inside the crush at Ag building. @HillaryClinton at State Fair — Kelly O'Donnell (@KellyO) August 15, 2015 The hardcore haters will never quit, of course. But after months of whining about how they just couldn’t feeeel President Hillary Clinton, some of the media pack seems to be edging towards admitting that, […]


This Needs to Be Said

Fuck you, Freddie deBoer. In a rambling post that reads like the critical theory section of every curriculum development text used in doctoral programs in education (translation- every Freddie deBoer post), we learn that liberals are the suck because they decided they were not fans of Eich and Sterling’s racist and homophobic bullshit. What, you […]


Sleeves of a Vest

I don’t have any long-held opinions on whether Jonathan Pollard should be released as part of an Israel/Palestine deal, but let me point out the following sentence from the Post piece on Pollard to commenters as diverse as Kevin Drum and Doug Mataconis, both of whom are weighing in on Obama’s bad negotiating skills: Under […]