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Back to School With Privatization

This is an actual publication, BTW. I’m gonna read this 2008 issue just to discover what these two things might have in common: Golf and University Privatization MPR2008-01: Summer 2008 Published on June 17, 2008 Speaking of privatization, here’s another great education reform idea that is completely about kids and definitely not about racing to […]


Because Cleveland and Chicago both begin with the letter “C”

Colin Woodard, a newspaper reporter in Maine, did a great series on the school reform industry (cyber charter division). Looks like the reporter may win a Certificate of Excellence or a trophy or something, but sadly nothing like the huge cash rewards school reform industry insiders are raking in on cyber charters. He’s obviously playing […]


Let’s ask about the money

Anne Laurie wrote yesterday about lobbyist Michelle Rhee’s latest media blitz to promote the privatization of public education. The word on the (lively!) pro-public education blogs is that Rhee is launching this blitz ahead of Frontline raising questions about whether the district she ran cheated on any of the many, many standardized tests she insists […]


Looking a little past the horse race – to wages, income inequality and public versus private

You have probably all heard about this: The Detroit Free-Press, which endorsed Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) in his 2010 campaign and has generally supported him since, blasted his decision toram through a union-busting “right-to-work” law in a lame-duck legislative session. At Snyder’s urging, the state House and Senate each passed versions of the law […]


An Odd Omission

I’m doing some telephone canvassing (not enough) for the No On Two campaign in Ohio and I’m finding out something that is extraordinary to me. None of the people I’m talking to know that many, many charter schools in Ohio are run by for-profit operators. They don’t know this because I live in a low-income […]


School reformer demands reform of school reform

Expert testimony before the Michigan statehouse: Charter schools have strayed so far from their original intent that they should be renamed “corporate” or “franchise” schools instead, a Western Michigan University professor told a state Senate Committee. Bills backed by Education Committee chairman Phil Pavlov, R-St. Clair Township, would expand opportunities for cyber charters, allow parents […]