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For Your Reading Pleasure

If you really want to look into the mind of the semi-literate gun nut, I would completely recommend this thread. My favorite part is the anonymous commenters daring me to call them a pussy or gun nut to their face. Think about it for a second and then giggle. *** Update *** I didn’t realize […]


The Afghan Decision

Some good info from Jake Tapper: In Wednesday’s meeting, Pentagon officials presented more details about four strategies — two from Gen. Stanley McChrystal, and two others — but President Obama was not satisfied with their assessments. Specicially, he pushed the generals to clarify how and when U.S. troops would be able to turn over responsibility […]


A Banner Year for Wanking

The Poorman has his end of the year awards up for you to vote on, but I might suggest that there needs to be a late entry to the Soggy Biscuit Category. Apparently, Obama visited the troops in Hawaii, and due to one sentence in the ABC write-up, our brave keyboard commandos have concluded that […]


Open Thread

I don’t feel like blogging. Nothing I want to talk about. You are on your own. *** Update *** And no, I don’t care about people attacking McCain’s service. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that people on one side of the aisle can be just as bad as folks on the other side […]


So Much for The FEC Charges

Facts (and their known liberal bias) got in the way again: “We are going to ask The New York Times to allow us tomorrow to print an ad that will obviously take the opposite view,” Mr. Giuliani said. He said The Times gave a “discounted” rate to, which had expressed the “very excessive left-wing […]