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Megan McArdle Knows Absolutely Nothing About Any Form Of War And Wouldn’t Even If A Member Of The Military Bit Her!

Which I wouldn’t recommend, because despite all the vaccinations they’re given, I’m pretty sure they don’t cover whatever variant of Jakob Cruetzfeldt disease afflicts libertarian pundits who have never held an actual job and have absolutely no real world experience. But I repeat myself! Now that the throat clearing is out of the way, I […]


Give Megan McArdle Some Credit

She has a deep understanding of the thought processes among America’s dumbest spite voters: The electoral strategy of Trump supporters has always been more coherent if you imagine him running for dictator. — (((Megan McArdle))) (@asymmetricinfo) October 9, 2016 Trump supporters now saying “Unite with us to defeat Clinton, or we’ll take away these symbolic […]


Sanders and the McArdle rules

One of McMegan’s famous fuck-ups was adding verifiable numbers to an argument and getting called on it: Last week, during a Washington Post online chat, this exchange took place: Anonymous: You said that medical innovation will be wiped out if we have a type of national health care, because European drug companies get 80% of […]


Open Thread: Megan McArdle, Still Wrong About Everything

Professional proponent of Failing Upward, Megan McArgleBargle (she’s not just the president — she’s also a client!) decided to review that new econ book all the kewl kolumnists are banging on about. Erstwhile Balloon Juice front-pager Freddie deBoer, at his own blog, has an excellent satire: I apologize in advance, because I am going to […]