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Yeah, But This Time It Is Different

Because he was bashing Muslims: I’m still not quite over the most disgusting part of the Juan Williams spectacle yesterday: watching the very same people (on the Right and in the media) who remained silent about or vocally cheered on the viewpoint-based firings of Octavia Nasr, Helen Thomas, Rick Sanchez, Eason Jordan, Peter Arnett, Phil […]


Missing the point, or avoiding it

A couple of things regarding DougJ’s response to my Juan Williams post. First, the point is not whether Williams should have been fired for other comments he made in the near or distant past. He was fired specifically for the comments he made on O’Reilly’s show this week, or at least these comments were used […]


Pravda In the Front Row

I suppose as a reward for their excellent achievements in propaganda, Fox News has been given their deserved prize: The White House Correspondents Association is moving Fox News up to the front row in the briefing room, according to sources familiar with the process. The WHCA board’s decision was unanimous. [It’s now confirmed; see update […]



Perhaps my give-a-shitter is irreparably damaged, but I can’t manage much enthusiasm for a petition drive to put NPR in Helen Thomas’ old seat in the White House briefing room. As far as I’m concerned, they can put a well-trained circus dog, a wax replica of the corpse of Chester A. Arthur, or a […]


Adios, Tia Loca

Dana Milbank’s decent and reasonable column about Helen Thomas still admits a hell of a lot: She brought a ferocity to her questioning that has eluded too many in subsequent generations. At a time when others were getting cozy with sources, her crabby, unrelenting hostility was refreshing. Translation: nobody else will ask hard questions like […]