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Monday Morning Open Thread: Stronger Together

(John Deering via . Trump's concession speech on night of November 8th after electoral college wipeout will be epic. Rigged voting machines! Dead people voting! — David Plouffe (@davidplouffe) June 26, 2016 Excellent argument by Jamelle Bouie, at Slate: … What Brexit suggests, to many American commentators, is that Trump could in fact win… […]


Late Night Bern-Off Open Thread: Go AWAY, Bernie

(Tom Toles via . Few things show the their difference in understanding politics than comparing Bernie's livestream and Clinton's glass ceiling speech. — Mike Caulfield (@holden) June 17, 2016 Unlike the Blogmaster, I was not impressed by Senator Sanders’ “My dream will never die, screw the rest of you” non-concession speech this evening. Of […]


Late Night Horrorshow Open Thread: “Donald Trump does not have a campaign” (But the Repubs Are Stuck with Him)

Sad! — Scott Lincicome (@scottlincicome) June 8, 2016 This wouldn’t be a problem for Trump if his $10 billion personal fortune weren’t fake. — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) June 8, 2016 Anybody got an anvil handy? The title is from MSNBC: … Republicans working to elect Trump describe a bare-bones effort debilitated by […]


The Value of Not Being a Total Jerk

We'll see how IA goes, but Trump has overwhelmingly won his fight with Cruz nationally — Benjy Sarlin (@BenjySarlin) January 26, 2016 This totally cracks me up. All Trump has to do is say “Cruz is a jerk and no one like him and no one will work with him and he sucks as […]


Happy Belated Birthday Dolly Parton!

Happy belated 70th birthday to Dolly Parton, a true national treasure: singer, songwriter, actor, entrepreneur–and, from all accounts, truly decent human being. So which of her many wonderful songs to use? Whitney Houston’s belting cover of Parton’s “I Will Always Love You” is always something to hear. (And now kind of melancholy, knowing what came […]


Rest in Peace, Ziggy Stardust

And suddenly there is a little less magic in the world. From the NYTimes: David Bowie, the legendary singer and songwriter whose outlandish stage shows and alter egos like Ziggy Stardust helped make him a music and fashion icon in pop culture, has died, his publicist said… The multitalented artist, whose last album, “Blackstar,” was […]


Open Thread: Exercises in Wingnut Creativity

Marriage: a sacred bond between one wing nut and one gun –> — Billmon (@billmon1) June 30, 2015 Conservative media say marriage equality creates a constitutional right to concealed carry: — Media Matters (@mmfa) June 30, 2015 Because the thought of women touching each other always makes an ammosexual reach for his… […]