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This is a real ad that ran on Instagram (owned by Facebook), no joke.

Billy, keep your head low

The next Senator from the great state of Alabama

This sums it up…

It’s only September, and I’m already looking forward to New Year’s Eve. Open thread!

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I don’t think the hanging plant goes there. Should I hang it to the left or the right?

Ignore the rest of the damned mess.


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Damn you, Canada!

It’s impossible for this American NOT to envy Canada it’s nerdily handsome prime minister. Unlike the orange fart cloud stinking up our Oval Office, Trudeau is capable of stringing together a coherent sentence and doesn’t seem to hate women, minority groups, immigrants or foreigners. But this, which came to my attention via the Twitter, is just unfair:

Look closer:

Even closer:

He’s wearing Chewbacca socks. ::swoons:: ::picks self up:: ::shakes fist northward:: Damn you, Canadaaaaaa!!!!

Five Cassidy-Graham State Funds Flow Analyses

The post below is an inventory of five separate analysis of the flow of funds between states under Cassidy-Graham-Heller-Johnson in 2026 compared to current law as projected by the Congressional Budget Office. I am collecting and collating the information.

Center for Budget Policy and Priorities is a liberal think tank. They use the 2016 budget baseline and attempt to approximate eligibility through the Current Population Survey. They analyse state funding swings in millions of dollars.
The New York Times uses Census, Kaiser Family Foundation, CBPP and CMS data to estimate per capita changes in expenditure by state in 2026.
Manatt is a program design and evaluation consulting firm. They are using 2017 as their cost baseline year with 2015 Medicare spending variations to simulate state level risk adjustment.  I am using Table 1-A. They are evaluating just the change of federal flows to the state due to the block grants and not Medicaid. CBPP looks at both so it is an apples to kiwi fruit comparison.

Avalere is another consulting and analysis firm with their own estimates.  They are looking at total cumulative swing with billions of dollars as their unit of account.  Data is extracted from figure 1.  I will just show direction as I can not merge that data consistently.  If there is a figure of under $1 billion dollars, I am using $500 million as a placeholder.

Kaiser Family Foundation released their analysis on September 21. I am looking only at Table 1, which measures the change in ACA coverage elements (Medicaid Expansion and Exchange subsidies) for the time period 2020-2026.

My data is here. I show direction and size for CBPP, Manat, Avalere and direction only for the New York Times .

More analysis below the fold:

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