Only love can break your heart

I’ve been impressed by how many right-wing pundits — George Will and Robert Kagan stand out — are so freaked out and upset about Trump that they’re willing to be anti-Trump all the time and note devote any columns to fragging Hillary. Meanwhile, the professional centrists continue to treat Trump and Hillary as two sides of the same coin:

Why is the convention so negative? For the same reasons next weeks’ Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia likely will be an anti-Trump orgy.


Shouts of “fascist” from the convention floor, for example, would be the Philadelphia analogue of “Lock her up!” Smug dismissals of Trump’s populist approach and policies might be viewed by undecided voters as an indictment of them.

Ron Fournier and Matt Bai aren’t upset that the country could devolve into a fascist dictatorship under Trump (note: I don’t think it probably would, but some on the right make a good case that it might). It would just be further proof of the corrupt duopoly derp derp and, anyway, they have plenty of money so it probably wouldn’t hurt them much.

A lot is made about how the country has become too polarized and angry. Well, fury can be misdirected but being mad as hell is at least a sign that you give a fuck.

In the comments a few times, some of you have mentioned studies that show that people can’t make decisions if the part of the brain that deals with emotion is incapacitated. I hate to go into Boboish pseudoscientific gibberish here, but I do think that sober-minded, nonpartisan, objective blah blah blah analysis has its limits. That it’s not just that Ron Fournier is a sociopathic asshole but that the whole nonpartisan project is doomed to failure.

Saturday Morning Cartoons Open Thread

Tom Toles wins the prize, for imagining this scene a full week before the RNC assembled in Cleveland:

Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon

(Tom Toles via

Plenty of targets for all, though…

trump family rex luckovich

(Mike Luckovich via

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Late Night “Yup, Still the Wrong Choice” Open Thread

From the NYTimes article:

After declaring that he had unified the party in one of the most “love-filled” conventions in political history, Mr. Trump launched an extended diatribe against Mr. Cruz, who pointedly declined to endorse him during his own convention speech on Wednesday and instead urged people to vote their conscience. The speech embarrassed Mr. Trump and cast a shadow of discord over the convention, which had already been marred by plagiarism in a speech by Mr. Trump’s wife, Melania, on Monday.

“I don’t want his endorsement,” Mr. Trump said angrily, in a rambling stream-of-consciousness performance that seemed half stand-up routine, half vengeful rant. “If he gives it, I won’t accept it.”

The remarks were a noteworthy display of lingering tension within the party and Mr. Trump’s inability to let go of grudges.

They also represented a seemingly inevitable reappearance of Mr. Trump’s irrepressible id. Having spoken from a teleprompter for more than an hour on Thursday, the final day of his convention, he seemed almost incapable of restraining himself any longer as the campaign moved into its next phase…

Mr. Trump briefly turned his focus from Mr. Cruz to Hillary Clinton, his Democratic opponent, who will be formally nominated next week at her party’s convention in Philadelphia. Attention is expected to shift to the Democrats in the coming days, but Mr. Trump said that he did not expect to watch Mrs. Clinton’s speech because she is “boring.”…
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Open Thread: Notes on Tim Kaine, from A Professional


… and one Republican analyst:

Steve Has Returned

He has burrs on every part of his body that is not shaved.

The fucker.

Let’s Nip This Kaine Anti-Choice Bullshit Right in the Fucking Bud

Before you hear bad information on this from whining members of our progressive betters (in fact, I just heard some clown on Inners complain Kaine’s position on abortion is SOOOOOOO 90’s), Tim Kaine is pro-choice and anti-abortion.

What, you say? HOW CAN THAT BE?

Simple, if you have two functioning brain cells. He personally opposes abortion. Here he is in his own words:

Q: When you first ran as Lieutenant Governor, you were classified as a pro-life Democrat. You’re now not considered a pro-life Democrat. How would you describe your abortion position?

KAINE: People use labels all the time. But I’m kind of a traditional Catholic. I don’t like it personally. I’m opposed to abortion. And personally I’m opposed to the death penalty. I deeply believe, and not just as a matter of politics, but even as a matter of morality, that matters about reproduction and intimacy and relationships and contraception are in the personal realm. They’re moral decisions for individuals to make for themselves. And the last thing we need is government intruding into those personal decisions. So I’ve taken a position which is quite common among Catholics. I’ve got a personal feeling about abortion, but the right role for government is to let women make their own decisions.

Got it? He opposes abortion and as such WILL NEVER FUCKING HAVE ONE, but he doesn’t think it is the government’s job to tell women what to do with their bodies.

THAT’S THE VERY FUCKING DEFINITION OF PRO-CHOICE. You SUPPORT the right for someone to make a choice. Pro-choice does not mean, as the lunatic right will tell you, that you are pro-abortion. It simple means you think people should have a choice. He has a 100% rating from NARAL and Planned Parenthood. Now who you going to believe? Them, or some wankers on your fb feed?

This is for anyone who claims he is anti-choice.


Secretary Clinton has Chosen Senator Kaine to be Her Running Mate

Because bigfooting my own breaking news thread with a breaking news thread is how my day has gone:


BREAKING NEWS!!!!!! Hillary Clinton has Chosen Senator Kaine to be Her Running Mate!!!!!


(Not an actual image of Senator Kaine!)

(Also not Senator Kaine, but borrowing this entry would be cool for the VP debate!)

* Image found here.

** Image found here.