Excellent Read: “Mitch McConnell: The Man Who Sold America”

Further proof of my assumption that ‘Moscow Mitch’ is for rent by anyone — he just hates the moniker because he resents the brand-damaging implication that his loyalty is linked to any ideology beyond ‘Mitch McConnell deserves to be Majority Leader for life’. Bob Moser, for Rolling Stone:

Fittingly enough, it was hot as blazes in Kentucky when Mitch McConnell slunk back home for Congress’ annual summer recess. One week earlier, Robert Mueller had testified that Russia was meddling in the 2020 U.S. elections. McConnell, the Senate majority leader, responded by shooting down Democrats’ efforts to bring two election-security bills to a vote — bills that McConnell, in his familiar fashion, had previously sentenced to quiet deaths after they passed the House. In the hailstorm of opprobrium that followed, McConnell had been tagged by “Morning Joe” Scarborough with the indelible nickname “Moscow Mitch.” The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank called him a “Russian asset.” Twitter couldn’t decide whether he was #putinsbitch or #trumpsbitch. The Kentucky Democratic Party was selling red “Just Say Nyet to Moscow Mitch” T-shirts, emblazoned with an image of the senator’s jowly visage in a Cossack hat, as fast as they could print them up.

McConnell would undoubtedly have preferred to cool his heels in his Louisville home and let the storm subside. But he couldn’t afford that luxury. The biggest political event of the year in Kentucky, the Fancy Farm Picnic, happens on the first Saturday every August, and McConnell knew he had to show his face and speak. Fancy Farm, a 139-year tradition in the tiny western Kentucky town (population 458) it’s named for, is simultaneously one of America’s most charming political gatherings and one of its most brutal…

… Under a big corrugated shelter, hooting and hollering Republican partisans assemble on the right, Democrats on the left, and candidates for office — joined, almost always, by McConnell — enter to cheers and jeers and seat themselves on a makeshift platform while trying to remember their most cutting quips about their opponents. Speakers at Fancy Farm aren’t supposed to persuade or inform; here, they’re expected to demonstrate, in the finest tradition of old-style Southern politics, that they can deliver zingers that cut the opposition down to size. Heather Henry, the Democrats’ candidate for secretary of state this year, puts it aptly when it’s her turn to face the mob: “It is no coincidence that Fancy Farm happens during Shark Week.”

It’s McConnell’s kind of event, in other words, and he’s done his part over the years to ramp up the partisan rancor…

This year, it was no use. Even before “Moscow Mitch” became a thing, Kentucky Democrats were smelling blood. McConnell has been unpopular in his home state for years, but his approval rating plunged in one poll to a rock-bottom 18 percent — with a re-election campaign looming in 2020. In January, he had raised red flags among Republicans and Democrats alike when he took a key role in lifting sanctions on Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, a Putin ally under FBI investigation for his involvement in 2016 election-meddling; three months later, Deripaska’s aluminum company, Rusal, announced a $200 million investment in Kentucky. A billboard funded by a -liberal group was subsequently erected on a busy stretch of I-75: “Russian mob money . . . really, Mitch?” …

Not surprisingly, Democrats and progressive activists swarmed Fancy Farm this year, hopelessly outnumbering the Republicans. Even with a closely contested governor’s race in the offing, most folks came to taunt their senior senator and revel in his troubles. You can’t blame them: For almost four decades, McConnell has been ruthlessly mowing down his opponents with big-money negative campaigns and transforming the GOP into the state’s dominant party. And while many Kentuckians once took pride in having such a mighty mover-and-shaker in Washington, they’ve become increasingly appalled by what he’s done with his power: ensuring that big donors have undue influence in elections, turning Congress into a strictly partisan battlefield, and serving as the indispensable wingman for Trump. The crowd is teeming with Cossack hats and homemade signs with messages like “Putin for senator — cut out the middle man.” Before the speechifying, I run into Bennie J. Smith, a civil-rights activist and jazz musician making a long-shot bid for the Democratic nomination to unseat McConnell, and he assesses the mood: “I’d say the crowd is pretty evenly divided the way Kentucky is: Some don’t like him, and some hate him.”

“After suffering under Barack Obama, we are roaring back,” [McConnell] seems to be saying. “I saved the Supreme Court for a generation by blocking President Obama’s nominees, and now the Washington liberals responded by targeting me. They handpicked Amy McGaffe — I mean, McGrath,” he continues, delivering the kind of line aimed at his leading 2020 opponent that usually gets the Republicans cheering. But they can barely hear, and the “Moscow Mitch!” chant is only growing louder. As McConnell’s six allotted minutes go on, his jowls redden; his voice cracks and rasps as he gestures toward the baying Democrats, offering a preview of his 2020 campaign message. “They want to turn America into a socialist country,” he says. “Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell are not going to let that happen. That’s why I call myself the ‘Grim Reaper.’ I’m killing their socialist agenda.” When he finishes, he flashes a cheeky thumbs up toward the Democrats.

In one sense, it’s vintage McConnell: defiant, sarcastically cutting, smugly self-satisfied. But the fury of the crowd has rattled him. After a few more speakers, McConnell makes a stealthy exit out the back, avoiding reporters and detractors to speed back to Louisville. But this summer, trouble follows him everywhere — and the aftermath of Fancy Farm will only add to his woes…

For so many years, McConnell has seemed maddeningly invincible. But now, just a few years after achieving his lifelong goal of becoming Senate majority leader, it appears that every political sin the man has committed on his relentless march to power is coming back to haunt him at once. He has welcomed infamy, and now it has arrived on its own terms, bringing with it a previously unthinkable possibility: Could 40 years’ worth of devil’s bargains finally be catching up with Mitch McConnell?

For all the damage he’s inflicted on American democracy, for all the political corpses he’s left in his wake, Mitch McConnell has never betrayed an ounce of shame. To the contrary, like the president he now so faithfully serves, McConnell has always exuded a sense of pride in the lengths to which he’s gone to achieve his ambitions and infuriate his enemies. Unlike Trump, however, McConnell, 77, has always been laser-focused on politics. At age 22, when he interned for Sen. John Sherman Cooper, a genteel Republican of an era long gone, McConnell determined to not only follow his mentor’s path but to surpass him and become Senate majority leader. “It dawned on me early — let’s put it that way,” he told Jonathan Martin of The New York Times. Most senators dream of the White House; all McConnell ever wanted was that gavel, that particular form of power…

While McConnell’s role as Trump’s chief accomplice has made him the archvillain of Democrats nationally, he is detested back home for broader reasons. At Fancy Farm, one of the folks I meet is Jen Thompson, an artist and farmer from Paducah who’d come to holler at McConnell — but admits she’d once been a supporter. “I’m 47,” she says. “When I was first able to vote, in 1996, I voted for Mitch. He was already getting powerful in Washington, and I bought into the idea that he could do a lot of good for us. But eventually it dawned on me, like a lot of people, this guy really doesn’t give a crap about us. He’s all about stockpiling his own squirrel-nut factory for his winter. Public records are public records, and you can see how his trajectory has gone toward wealth. Back home, I’m still making the same amount of money I was making! I think he’s got a real good chance of being booted this time.”

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    TomatoQueen says:

    This is almost encouraging.

  2. 2
    Mary G says:

    Oh, her lips to Dog’s ears. I am still half considering moving to Kentucky next year.

  3. 3
    piratedan says:

    I loathe the fact that the GOP’s folks have no issues with treason as part of their parcel of strategies and that they drive me to fantasies of doing violence unto them . I have to admit that if I outlive this scheming sonofabitch that my bucket list will include pissing on his grave.

  4. 4

    Good to hear this. Over the recess, I was wondering if people were taking on their Republican representatives. Seems to have been missed by all those reporters hanging out in all those diners.

  5. 5
    TomatoQueen says:

    @Cheryl Rofer: This is the second traditional local election-connected event I’ve read about this week, the other one occurring in North Carolina, and I hope there’s more reporting–but not from the diners.

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    Yarrow says:

    Thanks for highlighting this article. I found it when “The Man Who Sold America” was trending on Twitter this morning and I clicked to see what that was all about.
    From the article:

    But eventually it dawned on me, like a lot of people, this guy really doesn’t give a crap about us.

    Yep. And could apply to pretty much any Republican. Let’s make this their brand.

  7. 7
    Another Scott says:

    Good, good.

    In other news about Moscow Mitch, Wonkette:

    Steven Menashi is a Trump advisor who works with Stephen Miller to destroy the lives of immigrants. Before going to work at the White House, Menashi was (acting) general counsel to Betsy DeVos’s Department of Education, where he helped dismantle Title IX and fight for the rights of rapists. Throughout his adult life, Menashi has written a slew of articles and op-eds denouncing diversity, women, and LGBTQ rights organizations.

    And now, he’s about to be appointed to one of the most important federal appellate courts in the country. Oh, just for life.


    Confirming Menashi seems to be a high priority for Moscow Mitch and other Russian assets Republicans in the Senate. While some nominees languish for months before seeing the Senate floor, Menashi was formally nominated last Monday and had his confirmation hearing with the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. And boy, was it something.


    Everything sucks. If Menashi is confirmed to the federal bench, it will be further proof for my theory that the world actually did end in 2012 and this is hell.

    But Menashi hasn’t been confirmed yet, so we still have some work to do. Call your senators, especially if you live in a red state. The fight isn’t over yet, and several top Republicans are already skeptical of Menashi’s record. Call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 and they’ll connect you. Don’t let this be the bad place.

    We can still work to make the future better if we pull together. Let’s do what we can.


  8. 8
    mrmoshpotato says:

    NEAR – Never Elect Another Republican

    And fuck Moscow Mitch for stealing a Supreme Court seat.

  9. 9
    Adam L Silverman says:

    @Another Scott: His Judiciary Committee hearing did not go well. I’m not sure he’s got the votes to get out of committee. Senator Kennedy (R-LA) may pull the plug on this one. He was so bad he even pissed Senator Graham off.

  10. 10
    🇺🇸🌎 Goku (aka Amerikan Baka) 🗳🌷 says:

    In one sense, it’s vintage McConnell: defiant, sarcastically cutting, smugly self-satisfied.

    So, an asshole in other words?

    This is definitely encouraging. I just might donate some money to Amy McGrath

  11. 11
    Yarrow says:

    #CHARGEDMy Office has arrested PA State Senator Michael Folmer for possession of child pornography.

    No one — no matter what position of power they hold — is above the law.https://t.co/6xVgY6Gphe
    — AG Josh Shapiro (@PAAttorneyGen) September 18, 2019

    Of course he’s a Republican and an evangelical Christian.

  12. 12
    🇺🇸🌎 Goku (aka Amerikan Baka) 🗳🌷 says:

    @Another Scott:

    where he helped dismantle Title IX

    Wait, what?
    @Adam L Silverman:

    Senator Kennedy (R-LA) may pull the plug on this one. He was so bad he even pissed Senator Graham off.

    Because he couldn’t use dog whistles and was too obvious or because he genuinely offended them? With this crew, I’d bet on the former

  13. 13
    dww44 says:

    @piratedan: You and my husband are of a like mind, although, admittedly, the feelings you espouse here are quite similar to those he holds about the President. It’s actually a close thing in this household as to which of the two is the most reprehensible. Right now, it is the guy in the WH, but if there is any real justice in this world, Kentuckians will boot him to the curb next year.

  14. 14
    Chetan Murthy says:

    @🇺🇸🌎 Goku (aka Amerikan Baka) 🗳🌷:

    Wait, what?

    Hasn’t that prick[1] DeVos beein destroying the rules that attempt (not very well) to protect and support victims of sexual assault at colleges ? That’s what I remember reading at some point ….

  15. 15
    Chetan Murthy says:


    Of course he’s a Republican and an evangelical Christian.

    I was musing the other day about the Evangelical saying “Not perfect, just forgiven” and it occurred to me that this is the most egregiously moral relativist creed one could *ever* hope for! Basically, it doesn’t matter what I *do*: if my belief system says that “it’s OK, I’m forgiven” then no fault accrues to me, for that bad act.

    It’s insane! I mean, these imbeciles actually think that that’s some sort of “morality”.

  16. 16
    Yarrow says:

    @Chetan Murthy: It’s the ultimate get of jail free card.

  17. 17
    Yarrow says:

    What the hell is this all about?

    A crack just emerged in the financial markets: The New York Fed spends $53 billion to rescue the overnight lending market – CNN https://t.co/K1cB7SHW2M— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) September 18, 2019

  18. 18
    Amir Khalid says:

    @Chetan Murthy:
    It’s a morality that lets you profess goodness, but doesn’t constrain you to be an actual good person. The best of both worlds!

  19. 19
    Chetan Murthy says:

    @Amir Khalid: Yes, precisely. And that’s almost the textbook definition of moral relativism, right? To judge someone’s actions by the moral code they claim to adhere to, rather than some universal code. And that is *precisely* what these fuckers are doing.

    Needless to say, I think that underneath all the “relativism” of progressives, there -is- a universal code. [E.g., “consent” is something that regardless of which “moral code” we progressives use, must be respected and sought. And when it’s not, it doesn’t matter what some God-botherer says, we think it’s a serious problem/crime/sin/etc.]

  20. 20
    Duane says:

    @Chetan Murthy: It may not be moral but it sure is handy. Repentence, that go and sin no more schtick, too hard and anyway Jesus forgives!

  21. 21
    🇺🇸🌎 Goku (aka Amerikan Baka) 🗳🌷 says:


    The rate spike may also be a symptom of the sharp increase in Treasury bonds being issued to fund the federal government. The federal deficit has spiked to $1 trillion this fiscal year because of the tax cuts and surge in government spending.
    Banks typically buy Treasuries by borrowing in the overnight market. The jump in Treasury issuance caused a large increase in demand for short-term financing.

    “The fundamental issue is there are just too many darn Treasuries out there,” Cabana said. “Both parties are to blame. The $1 trillion deficit will keep this an issue.”

    Fuck that dork, Cabana

  22. 22
    🇺🇸🌎 Goku (aka Amerikan Baka) 🗳🌷 says:

    @Chetan Murthy:

    A lot of bullshit is getting past my radar tbh. It’s hard to keep up with and still focus on my job/studies

  23. 23
    Chetan Murthy says:

    @🇺🇸🌎 Goku (aka Amerikan Baka) 🗳🌷:

    It’s hard to keep up with and still focus on my job/studies

    And frankly, there’s not that much reason to keep up with it all: it’ll all change next week, with a new cartload of bullshit. Different bullshit, same stench. As long as you know to vote straight-D, hell, it doesn’t really matter that much, unless something really, really egregious happens, and, well, you’ll hear about that.

    Stay focused! We’re gonna need you to take care of our aging carcasses when we end up in the hospital sooner than we hope!

  24. 24
    🇺🇸🌎 Goku (aka Amerikan Baka) 🗳🌷 says:

    @Chetan Murthy:
    There absolutely is a universal morality. I wrote a college essay on it. It’s a combination of reciprocity, the Golden Rule, and in-group/out-group dynamics. If I recall, I also used primate behavior to demonstrate that universal morality exists. Additionally, no matter where we’re from, because human beings at their cores are basically all fundamentally the same, there are certain actions that are considered immoral across time and space, such as murder and rape. It’s much easier to commit atrocities against those you don’t consider in your “in-group”, and thus not human.

    I may be oversimplifying a tad, but the key imo is to consider all of humanity your “in-group”, treat them the way you’d want to be treated, live and let live, and cooperate so that everyone mutually benefits

  25. 25

    @🇺🇸🌎 Goku (aka Amerikan Baka) 🗳🌷:

    focus on my job/studies

    That’s your first priority, youngin’. Did I mention the kid is in Bali? Her IG today had pics of her with an elephant.

  26. 26
    mrmoshpotato says:

    @Adam L Silverman:

    He was so bad he even pissed Senator Graham off.

    Hot. Damn. That is an accomplishment.

  27. 27
    🇺🇸🌎 Goku (aka Amerikan Baka) 🗳🌷 says:

    Wow, good for her! Bali is very beautiful place and elephants are amazing animals. They’re pretty smart

  28. 28
    smike says:

    @Chetan Murthy:

    …this is the most egregiously moral relativist creed one could *ever* hope for!

    Not to offend any particular believers here, but I learned that as a Baptized Baptist I am forever in good favor. No matter what I do or say. So I’ve got that going for me, even though I am no longer a believer. Neat, huh? Of course, all non-Baptists are going to eternal hell, so I’m not exactly sure how that is supposed to work.

  29. 29
    🇺🇸🌎 Goku (aka Amerikan Baka) 🗳🌷 says:

    @Chetan Murthy:
    Good advice.

    Stay focused! We’re gonna need you to take care of our aging carcasses when we end up in the hospital sooner than we hope!

    Will do! Hopefully not too soon, for your sake!

  30. 30

    @smike: You’re a Baptized Baptist? So am I, what convention?

    (I’m sure you know the joke.)

  31. 31
    Mom Says I*m Handsome says:

    @🇺🇸🌎 Goku (aka Amerikan Baka) 🗳🌷:

    the key imo is to consider all of humanity your “in-group”, treat them the way you’d want to be treated, live and let live, and cooperate so that everyone mutually benefits

    My retired mother* came down with a bad case of Fox News Brain Worms, spouting the vile hateful xenophobic junk that passes for conservative thought these days in our occasional political shoutfests. My partner said, “It’s so weird! I’ve never heard her say a single disparaging thing against us, and we tick the boxes on so many things she says she’s against; she’s always been so kind to us.” I said, “That’s because she considers us her ‘in-group’.”

    Goku is exactly right: Who you call your ‘in-group’ correlates directly to your political worldview.

    * She still says I’m handsome.

  32. 32

    @🇺🇸🌎 Goku (aka Amerikan Baka) 🗳🌷: One of the things the kid enjoys about nursing is her schedule, 3 days on, 4 days off. It gives her a chance for some snap travel. She saw a good airfare to Tokyo earlier this year, only way I found out was a FB pic of her on the plane to Tokyo.

    ETA: The Bali trip has been a long scheduled vacation time, as was the cruise with her mom.

  33. 33
  34. 34
    Chetan Murthy says:

    @HumboldtBlue: They used to say that women aren’t funny. But shit, these women are hilarious! Amy Schumer, Rachel Feinstein, this comedian Ali Wong, Michelle Wolf, Amber Ruffin (!!!!! Says WHAT?) and I’m sure the list goes on and on.

  35. 35
    ola azul says:


    Lil anecdote, fwiw:

    Sometime back in the 90s, back when pteradactyls roamed the skies, my gran was dying. Being a dutiful grandson, I were there. Jacksonville. Cracker fucking country. Born-again god-bothering-asshole country. My sis’ place.

    I ask my niece what she’s up of an arbitrary eve, n she sez she’s fixin’ to go out “soul winning”. Naively, I asks what’s that. She sez “whyn’t you come!” So I sez I will.

    Well, soul-winning is (apparently) conducted by the busload. Constitutes a buncha end-times assholes let loose onna apartment complex, going door-to-door, asking this simple question: “If you was to die today, tonight, right-fucking-now, are you *sure* you’d go to heaven?”

    Now, will say: the church-leader was a relatively young human being, earnest, solemn, ingenuous as fuck, who tried to bring me round to his way a thinkin’ on the way out to the pitched battle. Problem was: I had actually read the Bible. Both the Hebrew version (Old Testament by their lights) and the New Testament. I knew more about what the youth leader was tryn’ta indoctrinate me into than he did, which were infinitely frustrating for him.

    So that din’t work.

    We get there. Unload the bus, the lemmings go looking for marks (or, the faithful go looking for initiates, by their lights).

    Knock onna door. Someone answers. “Hey, motherfucker, if you wuz to die tonight, d’ya reckon you’d burn in hell everlasting?” Not precisely their question, but twere the upshot.

    Now, I ain’t sure how much sperience *you’ve* had watching unsuspecting peeps field a question like that, but I can tell you unequivocally from *my* perspective, most peeps is caught off-guard. (You’d think they’d tell these assholes to fuck off, and sometimes they did, but not as oft as you’d think.)

    Now, IF they got what they wanted, i.e. a malleable listener, what happent was this: The end-times-asshole would ask their listener to recite a bullshit prayer, which would absolve the listener forevermore from sin. From that moment on, you were “saved”, irrespective of if you became Charles Manson or Adolph Hitler.

    It were a religious quota system.

    (Oh, the highlight of the night is someone chased a 14-year-old child — true believer! — around with a baseball bat cuz they took umbrage at being soul-won.)

    Stay classy, Jacksonville!

  36. 36

    @Yarrow: the NY Fed is offering to float $75 billion in the overnight loan market, tonight and tomorrow night each. Nobody knows why

  37. 37
    Mike G says:

    The trouble with these evil Republican bastards is like political vampires there’s always another one waiting in the wings. I lived through the soul-sucking regimes of Bill Frist, Tom Delay and Newt Gingrich and when they departed it just got worse.

  38. 38
    lgerard says:

    The homeless are living in “our best highways, our best streets, our best entrances to building,” Trump told reporters traveling aboard Air Force One with him to a string of fundraisers in California. “People in those buildings pay tremendous taxes where they went to those locations because of the prestige.”

    Trump went on to say he has been talking to “foreign people, foreign tenants” in California who want to leave the country because of the homeless problem. Trump has been increasingly raising concern about homelessness, and said the White House would be taking some sort of action soon.

    “In many cases they came from other countries and they moved to Los Angeles or they moved to San Francisco because of the prestige of the city, and all of a sudden they have tents,” Trump said. “Hundreds and hundreds of tents and people living at the entrance to their office building. And they want to leave.

    America first!

  39. 39
    TS (the original) says:

    @🇺🇸🌎 Goku (aka Amerikan Baka) 🗳🌷:

    Both parties are to blame

    And if the democrats were running the government it would be said – the democrats overspending has caused this.

    Deficits are ALWAYS caused by the GOP, fixed by the democrats

  40. 40

    @Major Major Major Major: Paul Krugman’s take isn’t reassuring:

    Weird stuff going on in the repo market. Supposedly just technical, but worth remembering that a “run on repo” was at the heart of the 2008 financial crisis


  41. 41
    Redshift says:

    @lgerard: It’s appalling enough that his entire interest in the homeless is because of a Fox smear campaign against Democratic cities. But he’s not even trying to hide the fact that the only “homeless problem” he cares about is that they’re not out of sight.

  42. 42

    In other news, I’m back home and back to work despite lingering jet lag.

    Still a bit ouchy and probably will be a few more weeks — although thankfully this is nothing like last year’s surgery. But still it’s a bit frustrating to not be able the exercise and have cut back on other activities.

  43. 43
    Redshift says:

    @TS (the original): The GOP massively cut taxes, and the Democrats refused to massively cut spending, therefore both parties caused the deficit, right?

  44. 44
    Chetan Murthy says:


    But he’s not even trying to hide the fact that the only “homeless problem” he cares about is that they’re not out of sight.

    It may be a little jingoistic to say this, but: to anybody who’s not from “here” (California’s big cities) who thinks like this

    “In many cases they came from other countries and they moved to Los Angeles or they moved to San Francisco because of the prestige of the city, and all of a sudden they have tents,” Trump said. “Hundreds and hundreds of tents and people living at the entrance to their office building. And they want to leave.

    all I can say is: “by all means, fuckin’ leave already!”

  45. 45
    Amir Khalid says:

    Why has there been no reporting on these immigrants’ tent cities in Los Angeles and San Francisco that the President has found? Has the media been covering them up?!

  46. 46
    Repatriated says:


    But he’s not even trying to hide the fact that the only “homeless problem” he cares about is that they’re not out of sight.

    …of HIS buildings

  47. 47
    lgerard says:


    I’m waiting for a reporter to ask trump if he wants to do something why doesn’t he build housing for regular workers (like those employed in his businesses) instead of housing for foreign money launderers, criminals and dictators.

    (maybe in for a long wait)

    I also wonder which one of his Mar a Lago cronies put this bug in his ear

  48. 48

    @Repatriated: In fairness, not just HIS buildings, but also his contributors buildings. The fundraiser tonight was held at the home of Geoff Palmer who develops real estate in downtown Los Angeles.

    @lgerard:Wonder no more.

  49. 49
    smike says:

    Maybe somebody should (just spitballing here) pay the homeless to frequent all public spaces around HIS buildings. I hear some people are saying they are the best buildings – nobody has ever seen such great buildings! I mean maybe they are since everybody says so.

  50. 50
    Mnemosyne says:


    This has been one of my rants for a while: Rich Americans have been working hard to hollow out the country so they can live as lavishly as the rich people they know in Rio de Janiero or Moscow or Mumbai.

    But the rich people who live in those places come to America to GET AWAY from the massive poverty and crime caused by their rapaciousness. If you hollow out New York and London and Paris, then rich people are completely fucked. They won’t have anywhere to escape to and will be targets 24/7 no matter where they go.

    The smarter of them are dimly starting to realize this and complain to Donald about him turning the US into a shithole country just like the ones they come to the US to get away from.

    Western Europe and North America have been places where the global oligarchs could escape the consequences of their actions. Now those consequences have followed them because they decided that they could shit where they eat indefinitely. Whoops.

  51. 51
    Ruckus says:

    Can’t say that every republican on the planet is dirty, slimy, corrupt. The law of averages says that they can’t all be, just on the odds.
    That said, far, far too many of them are exactly that. And some are far, far worse. I believe that the republican politicians are all far, far worse. They see a chance to fuck over not just the entire country for their bullshit economic and racist bullshit but even the world. How many countries are having the same problems, Israel, UK, who else?
    How can we fix this? Vote. Fucking Vote. Run everyone of them possible out of office. Notice how many have already left/aren’t running after easy careers. Either they know they are about to be beaten like a rented mule or they have the least amount of conscience measurable.
    So. Vote. Fucking Vote.
    Make sure everyone you know who isn’t a republican votes. Make sure your vote counts, we have a massive clean up ahead of us, and while any actual democrat will be better than the fucking mess we have, we have a few runners who aren’t really democrats who really won’t help and we need every vote to count.

  52. 52
    Ruckus says:

    It’s not just the US. It’s the ultra rich every where. There is nothing good about being so selfish that they are willing to fuck over everyone else and even their own future. They are used to it though, they even fuck over their own children by treating them like they are things to own. What’s that old saying, “Money is the root of all evil.” We all need some, none of us need more than anyone can spend and even give away in 10 or 100 lifetimes.

  53. 53
    hervevillechaizelounge says:


    somebody should (just spitballing here) pay the homeless to frequent all public spaces around HIS buildings

    This is a brilliant idea; do you think we could crowd source it?

  54. 54
    Chetan Murthy says:


    Maybe somebody should (just spitballing here) pay the homeless to frequent all public spaces around HIS buildings.

    I kind of feel like this ill-using homeless people. They already have enough bad luck in their lives. I’d prefer if groups of 1000 men each were to simultaneously enter the public spaces in each of his properties, and …. simultaneously urinate all over everything, then leave. But it needs to be men with sufficient money and standing, that they can afford the penalties. Which there will be.

    Kind of like flash mobs, but for saving our Republic.

  55. 55
    NotMax says:

    @Chetan Murthy

    100 people, each toting a durian…


  56. 56
    Chris T. says:

    @Yarrow: Nobody knows for sure. See @Sister Golden Bear‘s comment (#40 or so). But it’s probably not good.

  57. 57
    smike says:

    @hervevillechaizelounge: @Chetan Murthy:
    Crowd sourcing works for me as something I could afford. And it should be a high payout to the participants, who might even appreciate the concept.

  58. 58
    TS (the original) says:


    We all need some, none of us need more than anyone can spend and even give away in 10 or 100 lifetimes.

    I am thankful to have enough, and I don’t need any more. A home, enough to eat, can pay the bills & occasionally help out the family. Those who have/want so much more, desire the power and control – they have no need of the wealth.

  59. 59
    sukabi says:

    @Major Major Major Major: speculation on tappers twitter thread is that either a bank is about to go under or some large company or companies are not able to make payroll. Other speculation is that there have been too many bonds sold.

  60. 60
    David C says:

    I think Moscow Mitch is getting to be as popular as Christian Laettner in the Bluegrass State.

    Go ‘Cats. I bleed blue and I vote blue. #BBN :-)

  61. 61
    rikyrah says:

    @Another Scott:

    Saw the Maddow segment on this piece of garbage😠😠😠

  62. 62
  63. 63
    rikyrah says:

    @Sister Golden Bear:
    Glad to see that you got home safely 🙏

  64. 64
    Omnes Omnibus says:

    @Mnemosyne: Back in the ‘90s, James Carville* would pose this question: If you were s multimillionaire, where would you prefer to live, Switzerland or the Philippines?

    *Yeah, I know.

  65. 65
    J R in WV says:

    @Major Major Major Major:

    @Yarrow: the NY Fed is offering to float $75 billion in the overnight loan market, tonight and tomorrow night each. Nobody knows why

    Because Trump and his fav economists have fucked up the international economy, and actual economists are trying to keep our economy from hitting the floor at mach 1.7 before it’s too late. As a person living on 2 pensions, 2 Social Security payments and our stocks and bonds in the regular accounts and the IRAs for the rest of our lives, yet hopes Trump and all his Republican fascist co-conspirators are thrown out of office, indicted and convicted post haste, I don’t know what to hope for.

    Part of me really hopes there’s a terrible economic shock SOON so that even the people who can’t spel ecomimosa for a $10 bill will notice BIG shit going Bad wrong. But then we might lose, well, everything, nearly.

    But an economic shock that Trump can NOT deal with would be the best way to ensure he is kicked out of his office by voters, and then dealt with by AG Kamala Harris. Him and ALL his little friends. Including Moscow Mitch and his bitch Elaine. I don’t normally like to use that word for people, but in her case, so appropriate!

  66. 66
    J R in WV says:

    @Sister Golden Bear:

    In other news, I’m back home and back to work despite lingering jet lag.

    Glad you’re home and even back to work is probably a good thing for you. Can get into your normal routine of work and play, gradually get more busy physically, slowly get into whatever form of exercise you prefer, swimming, dance, etc.

    Take care and keep in touch !

  67. 67
    evodevo says:

    @David C: Christian Laettner will be hated here till the universe winds down lol – it was 27 years ago and people in Ky remember it like it was yesterday…he purposely stomped on Timberlake’s chest and laughed about it…they called a technical, but Duke won. DUKE STILL SUCKS!!!

  68. 68
    What Have The Romans Ever Done for Us? says:

    @Chetan Murthy: It’s really amazing how just about every sex and infidelity scandal in politics these days involves republicans but yet they still continue to be the party of “family values” and the Bible humpers never catch on that it’s perves all the way down.

    @Cheryl Rofer: I have three on my list of graves to piss on. Dick Cheney, Trump and McConnell. 6 years ago I thought naively that Cheney’s would be the only guy I felt like that about, ever.

  69. 69
    What Have The Romans Ever Done for Us? says:

    Also while we’re on the subject of Moscow Mitch, we really need to dig in on his wife… I’m more than half convinced she’s a Chinese asset. Which shows you how dumb Trump is…he put someone whose probably spying for the country he’s in a trade war with in his cabinet.

  70. 70
  71. 71
    laura says:

    @Sister Golden Bear: welcome back Sister Goldrn Bear, keep on healing on and checking in.

  72. 72
    Kristine says:

    I’m surprised that no one has leaked information about McConnell’s past personal scandals, which have been hinted at here. Especially since he’s showing signs of vulnerability.

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