cute kitties

Kitten Bleg: These Sweet Cuties Looking For Homes

cute kitties

Newest jackal AmyBlueKat has two little foundlings all healthy and ready for their new homes. She’s even willing to transport. Right now they are in the Dallas area.

I found Maysie and brother Big Tux living in the woods beside a busy street in Texas.

They have been spayed, neutered, fully vaccinated, and dewormed.

They have been living indoors and outdoors, and are comfortable around people, other cats, and dogs.

They are very loving!

I will gladly transport them anywhere a good home awaits!

She doesn’t say they need to go together, but I can vouch that two are twice as much fun, but not really twice as much work. And look, they won’t need more than kibble, few toys, a quick vet visit, a litter box, and a lap or two.

You know you need them! Contact AmyBlueKat at amybluekat – at – gmail – dot -com or send me a note and I’ll connect you.

And welcome AmyBlueKat, we look forward to having you join the raucous playroom we call Balloon-Juice.


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    MomSense says:

    Awww, they look like a pair of kitties I had when I was a teenager. They were the best. I wish I could have cats, but my dog’s prey drive is too strong.

    I’ll chip in to help home them.

  2. 2
    Ohio Mom says:

    Can’t adopt any cats, too allergic. Just wanted to say Howdy and Welcome to AmyBlueKat.

  3. 3
    Shana says:

    I’ve asked my daughter who lives in Dallas if she’s interested. She already has one cat though. And a one bedroom apartment.

  4. 4
    debbie says:

    Does the candy dish come with Big Tux?

  5. 5
    Miss Bianca says:

    Ah, SQUEEE!!

    Wish I could take some sweet little kittens. Alas, not in the cards. But some jackal will!

  6. 6
    Mary G says:

    They are adorable, but my little house is full of housemates plus two cats, and there is no room for more litter boxes.

  7. 7
    Shana says:

    Daughter said no. Three cats would exceed the limit in their lease.

  8. 8
    Comrade Colette Collaboratrice says:

    A kitty in a dish is the best kind of kitty. Except for a kitty in a lap. Thanks AmyBlueKat and good luck with their permanent home.

    We have a new kitty at home – a great big orange boi who seems to be part Bengal and part daemon. I’ll submit pix soon.

  9. 9
    eclare says:

    So cute! Already at a delicate balance with two, but will chip in for transport.

  10. 10
    Ruckus says:

    Stayed at my friends house last Friday night after he picked me up at the VA hospital. He has two weird cats, one of them is actually willing to come up to me, but touching is not really tolerated yet. I’ve known them for the 15 yrs my friends have been feeding and cleaning up after them and like many of us they are slowing down. But the worst part was that I woke up in the morning all stuffy and sinus headache. Some cats do that to me, but not all of them. I’m wondering if it’s a cat’s diet that makes them toxic to me. I’ve had cases where 15 minutes is enough not to allow me to breathe and yet I’ve lived with cats, twice, and both of them would sleep with me and I’d have no issues. I’ve been around my friends cats for a couple of hours at a time with no issues, but longer seems to be a big no. So I’m a dog person. Just not at this time.

  11. 11
    laura says:

    A tuxer and a tabby = perfect pair!
    I can attest that a pair of kittens are twice as nice, our indoor feral kitties are almost a year old it’s never a dull moment. I hope Maysie and Big Tux are homeward bound toot sweet.

  12. 12
    mad citizen says:

    I was reading about cat allergies on my Cat-a-Day calendar today–it’s from the saliva, which of course is deposited everywhere on their hair/bodies. Anyway, google turned up this recent post from

    “Cat lovers who sneeze and sniffle around their feline friends might one day find at least partial relief in a can of cat food.

    New research suggests that feeding cats an antibody to the major allergy-causing protein in cats renders some of the protein, called Fel d1, unrecognizable to the human immune system, reducing an allergic response. After 105 cats were fed the antibody for 10 weeks, the amount of active Fel d1 protein on the cats’ hair dropped by 47 percent on average, researchers from pet food–maker Nestlé Purina report in the June Immunity, Inflammation and Disease.

    And in a small pilot study, 11 people allergic to cats experienced substantially reduced nasal symptoms and less itchy, scratchy eyes when exposed in a test chamber to hair from cats fed the antibody diet, compared with cats fed a control diet. The preliminary findings were presented in Lisbon, Portugal at the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Congress in June.

    The Fel d1 protein is produced in cats’ salivary and sebaceous glands. Cats transfer the protein to their hair when they groom by licking themselves and excrete it in their urine. Humans are then exposed to it on cat hair and dander — dead skin — or in the litter box. Cat allergies plague up to 20 percent of people, and Fel d1 is responsible for 95 percent of allergic reactions to cats.”

  13. 13

    Yes , a person& frpr cats having two is IMPORTANT. I have one rescue , Jessie … looking for the rt more susmissive female .
    I live in San Diego Area.

    Don’t give up though, older ladies can take on a pair.

    You doing Gods Work.
    The rt person awaits these two kit Kats.
    You will find them or him or her…
    I will pray u do.

    They are were lead to you it seems to save their lives. Love that gives gets back much love.

  14. 14

    Sorry about spelling … I fell & got very hurt … I’m getting much better but sight is still an issue hence only one cat ….
    Thank you RK

  15. 15
    satby says:

    @Rosha Kasravi: we understood. Welcome to you and to AmyBlueKat, we are always happy to meet new Balloon Juice jackals!

  16. 16
    EveTheDino says:

    One of the Ravelry groups organizes frequent “kittenball runs,” and I’m calling their attention to this post.

  17. 17
    amybluekat says:


  18. 18
    amybluekat says:

    We are still searching for a home, but Maysie, Big Tux, and I are currently on the road in a travel trailer. We are currently in TN and headed toward the northeastern US, but we can change direction towards a good home!

    It is with a heavy heart that I travel. Just a few days ago my friend Bill Proctor, who I hadnt talked to in awhile, messaged me suggesting that I make an adoption post to this site. He said he had followed it for a long time, and gave me quite detailed instructions about how I should make a comment on a front page post, then ask a moderator to make an adoption post, because the website had been redesigned and the email system wasnt working.

    As I was in the process of making the first post, and going back and forth from his message, I found out that Bill had passed away. Today I found out it was by suicide. Several people on here are searching for the name he posted under. Someone said it was under his own name, but if anyone knows, please share. He was very opinionated, and I would think a frequent poster. He was a big grouch without a doubt, but he had heart of gold.

    Thank you @TaMara (HFG): and @Kattails
    for helping me with all of this.

    Thank you @MomSense and @eclare: for the generous offers of support. Anything will help.

    Thank you @EveTheDino for sharing the adoption post elsewhere.

    And thank you to everyone else for welcoming me to this site, and all of your support with this kitties and with the passing of our friend Bill Proctor.

  19. 19
    AmyBlueKat says:

    Because we are on the road, if you know someone interested in the kittens, please email me. It is easier to check on the road (at least until I get the hang of Balloon Juice!). amybluekat – at – gmail – dot -com

  20. 20
    Sister Rail Gun of Warm Humanitarianism says:


    Ahem. Email sent.

  21. 21
    eclare says:

    @amybluekat: Oh my gosh, so sorry!

  22. 22
    AmyBlueKat says:


    We are now en route to Sister Rail Gun of Warm Humanitarianism’s house where lots of love and attention await.

    I am beyond grateful for the outpouring of support I have received here in just 28 hours since I first posted. Bill Proctor – this would not have happened without you. May your heart finally rest in peace.

  23. 23
    KSinMA says:

    @amybluekat: I’m so sorry about your friend, AmyBlueKat. May he rest in peace indeed.

  24. 24
    TomatoQueen says:

    This is head-spinning at its most spinny. AmyBlueKat on the road with the kitties, not knowing their destination but still knowing it would appear, and sure enough it did appear in the form of our Sister Rail Gun, well done, while we take into our hearts poor dear Bill Proctor, heaven-bound. Well done to all behind the scenes, boops to Maysie and Big Tux. Oh and a new phrase, kittenball run, which is purr-fect.

  25. 25
    CarolDuhart2 says:

    I did a quick search, and a lot of Bill Proctors (are) (were) in Texas. If we had a town to go by and an approximate age, I could narrow it down to a few possibilities. It’s a pay site, so further details would cost money, but if he left a bigger imprint elsewhere on the web, I could find it. Also a pro tip: a surprising number of us post elsewhere on other liberal blogs. I have found juicers on Little Green Footballs, Daily Kos and others even under the same nyms. I do and even have blogs with the same user name.

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