Kamala Harris 2020 : Interesting Data Point

I hadn’t heard of Cheddar.com previously, but Wikipedia calls it a live streaming financial news network founded by Jon Steinberg in the United States. Cheddar broadcasts live daily from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ, the Flatiron Building in New York City, and the White House lawn and briefing room in Washington, D.C. covering new products, technologies, and services. Cheddar targets millennials by streaming one to two hours of live content from the NYSE trading floor daily… “

If the election results were based on how many people attend a candidate’s events, Kamala Harris would be the Democratic frontrunner.

Gravy Analytics, a location-based marketing technology company, analyzed the smartphone data of people who attended the 111 solo Democratic presidential candidate events held in June and July. (Gravy disqualified other official party events as well as rallies held for multiple candidates.)

The company analyzed data it received from 100,000 apps it partners with. Users opt in to the tracking via permissions given to the app and the company says it accounts for users who may be logged in to several of the apps at once. The results, which are anonymized and grouped for statistical purposes, were shared first with Cheddar…

Presidential campaign rallies have been an unofficial bellwether for popularity. President Barack Obama’s events cemented his strong support among youth, while President Donald Trump’s attendance showed his passionate following better than most polls predicted.

In terms of total attendance, Gravy Analytics found most people went to Harris’ events, followed by Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Julián Castro. More than a quarter of the people who attended these events were between the ages of 18 to 34, and 56 percent were men. More than nine out of 10 people only went to one event…

Seems obvious that the people logged on to these apps would skew young, but I have no way of judging their metrics. On the other hand, if (as I’ve suspected) part of Harris’ problem is that she’s not getting much attention from Very Serious Media, does information like this help change that?

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    Mai naem mobile says:

    I like Kamala the most of all the candidates. I think she’s the one who does the best on stage. I think she’s got an interesting life story which is one of the keys that the Princeton professor said a Dem candidate needed to win the presidency. I just don’t know if I am biased because she’s half Indian. I am a little worried that this country won’t go for a non white after all the hate Obama dealt with. I seriously don’t think I can survive another 4 years of Orange Nazi so I am more interested in who can win not who I love the most.

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    Calouste says:

    I know cheddar.com from videos of funky invention that show up in my LinkedIn feed. I don’t know what else they do.

    I like the design on the Harris bus btw. No bland red, white, and blue like everybody else.

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    Calouste says:

    @Mai naem mobile: Of the top 6 candidates in the polls, Harris is the only good one. Biden, Sanders, and Warren are too old, and the other two have no relevant experience.

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    Amir Khalid says:

    Cream, light blue, pink. Close enough.

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    Raoul says:

    Went to the MN State Fair today (Thurs). Amazing weather. So good it got me to go after a 10 year hiatus. It was fun. And every year the food vendors roll out new items (and some new vendors arrive). Of the five things I tried (all new – and I used a food critics list to winnow down to 5), four were very good or better, and the lowest one was more than acceptable (part of what was off on that lowest item was the value part. I was decently tasty, but even at an event where nearly everything is overpriced, this was 9 bucks and shoulda been 7.50).

    Anyway. I went by the Democratic booth (DFL, to be locally precise) and if you fill out a brief form on an iPad you get a ‘bean vote’ — drop a bean in a tall plastic tube for your choice — and Warren was far in the lead. I think Pete was second and Bernie third? I didn’t actually notice how Kamala was doing.

    I like her. I’d very willingly vote for her. I think I may actually watch the 10-way debate (but will attempt not to throw my shoe at the TV when the moderation invariably disappoints).

    I’m pooped. Probably walked at least 4 miles today. We used an express bus from a stop half a mile from home. Fantastic. Love me some socialized transportation! G’night.

    eta: Also bought a $30 DFL tee shirt. It’s a fundraiser for the state party. Like to help when I can.

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    NotMax says:

    Never heard of Cheddar News? A Rokuless household is a media-thin household.

    How about Newsy? Heard of them? Geared to a design, pace and flow more directed at generations younger than I, still they have put out some very notable stuff. There’s a whole non-Twitter universe out there to explore.


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    Amir Khalid says:

    @Calouste: Warren is past 70, true; but she doesn’t seem to lack physical or mental vigour compared to anyone else in the field.

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    I’ve been donating to Castro because I really wanted him to be part of the debates, I like what he has to say. But this got me off my butt and I just donated to Harris. She is by far my choice (but usual disclaimer, I’m team broken glass, as in I will crawl over broken glass to vote straight D in 2020)

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    Kent says:

    I never heard of Cheddar either but I doubt that means much as I’m 55 and spend my time reading blogs on a PC rather than streaming stuff to my phone.

    Harris was my #1 choice at the start of this process this past spring. Nothing has happened to change my mind on that, although I’m a bit surprised and disappointed that she hasn’t caught more momentum. It’s still early though. Warren is my 2nd choice. I’d be OK with Booker. Biden is too old. Sanders is too old, not even a Democrat, and has no realistic plans to actually do anything other than “mobilize the people”. Casto and Mayor Pete just seem too lightweight at this point.

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    opiejeanne says:

    I like Kamala Harris a lot. I think she’d be a perfect antidote for Trump and would run circles around him, but I don’t trust our crappy media to give her a fair shake, because they’re already not covering her enough.

  11. 11
    NotMax says:


    Last time was in town and had an opportunity to go the that fair, elected not to as the temperature outside hit 110 degrees that day. Dropped down below minus 20 that same winter, a swing of more than 130 degrees over only a few months. (Don’t recall what the thermometer reading was one of those winter nights in January but do distinctly recall the weather reports announcing that with the wind chill it would feel like minus 84.)

    Is it still held on Snelling Avenue or has that area all been built up by now?

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    tokyocali (formerly tokyo expat) says:

    Harris is also my first choice. It’s frustrating that she isn’t getting the media look that other candidates are getting. My friend in IA was contacted by her campaign to discuss education issues. She was very impressed with the Harris organization on the ground there. I like Warren, too, but age does worry me. I look at my relatives and I see how quickly things start breaking down the older you get.

    That said, I’ll vote for whomever is the Dem candidate. I want fresh air in the White House.

  13. 13
    opiejeanne says:

    @Kent: That’s pretty much the way I look at the field. Harris and then Warren.

  14. 14

    I really want Harris to get the nomination. As somebody already said, she has a great story, I think she’s the best at speaking on her feet, I think she’d be the best at taking on Individual One, she’s under 70 and I think it’s well past time for somebody from the west coast to be president again. And I say that as somebody who has never lived more than three miles from water a seagoing ship could sail from straight into the Atlantic.

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    Anne Laurie says:


    A Rokuless household is a media-thin household.

    We barely watch TV, and our Netflix sub is still DVD-based.

    The Spousal Unit claims he was a childhood TV addict, so he’s ultra-cautious about anything that makes it easier to binge. And since I barely have time to keep up with the stuff I read *now*, my incentive to push for it isn’t strong.

  16. 16
    Anne Laurie says:

    @Amir Khalid:

    Cream, light blue, pink.

    On the screens I use, the Harris colors are gold, royal blue, and bright peach. Very “ethnic”, as the marketeers would say — from my extremely whitebread perspective, they’re standout, with a nod to her African-American/Indian-American heritage.

  17. 17
    Yarrow says:

    @Anne Laurie: At her rallies the signs people wave seem to be yellow. You can see some of them in that Cheddar tweet.

  18. 18
    Amir Khalid says:

    Harris and Warren strike me as the two strongest Democratic candidates for the job of POTUS, well ahead of the rest, and at this stage I see no reason to prefer either one.

  19. 19
    Kent says:

    @Anne Laurie: I like her color scheme. I don’t read it as “ethnic” but more fresh and modern. Better than the seafoam green that is on Elizabeth Warren’s web page. Biden’s old school red white and blue is from the 1980s.

  20. 20
    Raoul says:

    @NotMax: MN state fairgrounds are an immovable institution. The grandstand has had events back to locomotive crashes (much louder, heavier precursor to demolition derbys) in like the ’20s.
    I had ice cream at a Methodist Church sponsored food hall that has been at the fair for 110 years. (The ice cream was a custom, fair only flavor called Dessa’s Night Drive, inspired by the local female hip hop artist Dessa and her touring treks. Espresso fudge flakes in cardamom ice cream. Not your father’s Methodist food hall flavor!).

    Ok, really, good night everyone! (Maybe those espresso flakes weren’t decaf)

  21. 21

    My heart has been with Harris (because of attitude, age and CA is not going to fill a Senate seat with a Republican), and it’s frustrating to see the media ignoring her. That said, Warren has run an impressive campaign so far, as well as her policy proposals, and is proving that she’s got the stamina for the job.

    The biggest problem I have with Harris was that she co-sponsored FOSTA-SESTA, which actually hurting sex workers — the online sites targeted by it actually provided a way for sex workers compare notes about clients, and red flag dangerous clients.

    Plus the ambiguities of the law are having far-ranging (predicted) side-effects, for example, I know fellow burlesque show producers who have ads rejected by Facebook, etc. because of fears being prosecuted for FOSTA-SESTA violations. Which is really hurting a field that involves no actual sexual contact, and absolute no sex trafficking whatsoever.

    It’s also significantly hurt spaces — like Tumblr — that LGBT folks, and especially trans folks — used to explore and share their own experiences (because all too often LGBT-related content gets flagged as “adult” content, there a big problem with this on YouTube within the last year of so).

    But all of the other candidates also voted for it, and that’s something we fight to change once Trump is out of office.

  22. 22
    mad citizen says:

    Harris has been and is my top choice. I read her book, good stuff! Her campaign is inundating me with fundraising emails the last few days.

  23. 23
    NotMax says:

    @Anne Laurie

    No subscription cost for a Roku, just the one-time layout* for the unit**. More than plenty of free channels to choose among. As I habitually have something on in the background (not necessarily anything to which I must devote the bulk of my attention, most of the time my back is facing the TV) it’s been a boon when TCM isn’t offering anything which tickles my tattered fancy. Also I can catch up on the news via a variety of free channels I’ve added to my line-up.

    *Modest layout if one doesn’t opt for the newest models or ones with bells and whistles (I.e., voice recognition and headphone jack). No further costs.
    **You do have to go online initially to register the unit, but it’s readily portable from room to room or even can be tossed into the bag to bring along on vacation, and also need to provide a credit card number when registering (which will only be used if you opt to include any pay service (Netflix, etc.) in you choices of channels).

  24. 24
    Cacti says:

    I like Harris for personality and presence. So far though, her campaign has been a bit of a dud.

  25. 25
    SectionH says:

    @Anne Laurie: Yeah, I see gold, blue, red. She’s wearing jeans that look denim blue, there’s green grass… the colors look reasonably ok /graphics person

  26. 26
    Amir Khalid says:

    Not to relitigate the issue, but TPM reports that Politico reports that the big drag on Kirsten Gillibrand’s failed presdential run was her prominent part in Al Franken’s resignation.

  27. 27
    NotMax says:


    Amazing how many never get around to calibrating the colors on their monitor, innit?

  28. 28
    Mike E says:

    I’m on team broken glass (ceiling) myself… I will vote for either Harris or Warren, but definitely for the Dem in any case

  29. 29
    SectionH says:

    I was very happy to vote for Kamala for statewide offices once I became a registered voter here. I really like her.

    I sent some money to her Senate run. I’ve been kicking a few $ to her since she announced. Hope to able to kick in more all the way along, but also trying like everyone else I know to support other Dems in less publicized races.

    Yes I like Liz too, but srsly, California isn’t going to elect an R to replace Kamala, and I don’t entirely trust Massachusetts voters. For fairly obvious reasons.

    And yeah, in case anyone can’t figure it out, I’m on Team crawl over broken glass, walk through fire, bathe in Holy Water…

    Btw AL: if you want more posts about Kamala, you could just check out BJ’s own lamh‘s Twitter posts. She retweets good stuff from the campaign pretty often. Well, I say pretty often, read when I can outwit bloody Twitter so I can see what I want to see from the actual people I follow.

  30. 30
    NotMax says:


    MN state fairgrounds are an immovable institution.

    Gratified to hear that. Although they said that about the Maui Fairgrounds too. Then they moved the fair to a “strictly temporary location while we seek out a new home.” Been held there for a quarter century or more.

    Temporary, my aunt Fanny.


  31. 31
    Mary G says:

    My state assemblyperson is scum:

    Orange County Republican lawmaker accused of stealing campaign funds for personal expenses https://t.co/fWFb8ceeXc— Gary Schwall (@GLSCHWALL) August 30, 2019

    I haven’t worried that much about him before. cause Dems have a supermajority, but this is too much sleaze. Will check with local Dems to see if we can’t get a nice young person to challenge him.

  32. 32
    divF says:

    Harris is my first choice. Smart, articulate, plus she is a local girl (Berkeley) making good. Also, Barbara Lee of the first tweet in the OP is my Congresscritter and has impeccable lefty credentials (the only member of the House to vote against the AUMF in 2001); I am willing to trust Lee’s judgement that Harris has no crypto-authoritarian tendencies.

    ETA: that said, Warren is the only presidential candidate I’ve actually seen up close and personal (I rode with her and one other person in a small elevator in 2016).

  33. 33
    SectionH says:

    @NotMax: I’m not sure I’ve ever calibrated the screen on this machine (old Macbook Pro), because I use a big monitor when I do actual graphics work, but I think it’s pretty good. There was a time in 2016 when I worried a bit, because I thought skin tones were all shifted –> red/yellow.

  34. 34
    Ruckus says:

    @tokyocali (formerly tokyo expat):
    I’ve written on BJ a lot that I favor Harris over Warren and it is mainly the age thing. Harris is less than 3 weeks older than I am. I am one example of 70 and that’s not indicative of her ability by any means. But I’ve seen a lot of 70+ yr old people and most of us are slowing down by then, like I am and the presidency is a grind of epic proportions, if you actually do the job. I think she is up to it but just barely. I also thing Warren would be great in the senate where she’s at, with all kinds of legislative agenda to pull together some amazing stuff. And she’d still be in a position to make a lot of it happen. That’s why I’m for Harris over Warren. And Biden is too old and a few things I’m not fond of, BS is way too many things wrong and way too old. Any of the youngsters, Beto, Mayor Pete, Castro would make really good VPs and be more seasoned and ready to lead after Harris.

  35. 35
    NotMax says:

    @Amir Khalid

    Of course they do, it’s Poltico, where if a story can in any way even obliquely be tied to something involving sex or titillation, that’s mandatory practice.

  36. 36

    @Anne Laurie: Blue and Gold are the state colors of California.

  37. 37
    laura says:

    Harris can keep on plugging and chugging under the radar for a while more building her ground game and let others do th here thing. The ground game sets up the primaries. The debates are winnowing the field.
    She Ready.

  38. 38
    NotMax says:


    Also too, their motto might as well be “Politico, home to more speculation than any gold rush.”

  39. 39

    The company analyzed data it received from 100,000 apps it partners with.

    Modern adtech isn’t creepy at all!

  40. 40
    NotMax says:

    @Major Major Major Major


    Brands may come and brands may go but the booboisie exists forever.


  41. 41
    Anne Laurie says:

    @NotMax: I think we actually have a Roku unit sitting in a box somewhere, but the point is, Spousal Unit doesn’t want to be tempted to watch more TV. Which is also why our only TV is up in the bedroom, and our pc setups are down in the living room. I watch the evening news most weekdays, for reasons, but he only uses the TV to wind down with a DVD at bedtime, on the (mostly weekend) nights when we’re going to bed at the same time. For once, it’s not a tech issue, just a question of (his) personal preference.

    Heck, if I had access to more ‘TV’, you probably wouldn’t have me around posting at all hours, so maybe you should be a little more cautious about evangelizing…

  42. 42

    OT: For those who are curious, I’m recovering well and the pain is dropping each day.

    The hotel here in Thailand has only two English-language TV channel — Faux News (spits) and the Japanese NHK news network (which has documentary and other shows between the regular news segments — so this morning I’ve got a Korean* historical drama on in the background. Don’t understand a word of it, but the costumes are gorgeous.

    *Chonburi is far off the map for Western tourists (both this time and last time, I’ve only seen a handful who aren’t patients or their caregivers), but apparently it’s popular with Chinese, Japanese and Korean tourists — which explains why the top floor the Western-style mall is wall-to-wall restaurant of the respective nationalities, plus a couple Western restaurants and pizza joint. (I’m not brave enough to try some of the more exotic-to-me offerings, such as the tom yum pizza with squid.)

    I’ll be heading over the mall in a bit for lunch and to see I can find the shop for the local football club so I can buy a team jersey as a souvenir.

  43. 43
    smike says:

    I like the ranking because pretty much the same here. I was disappointed with Kamala’s second debate performance in that I felt she didn’t project power and control, but I was surprised at the drop in the polls. I would gladly accept her or Warren. Were Warren to win, she could be the most effective.

  44. 44
    Redshift says:

    @Sister Golden Bear: Reminds me, loosely, of something I heard on (I think) Chris Hayes’ podcast. The discussion was about whether domestic terrorism should be a crime. The guest warned against it, because while we might think it would help if white supremacists were charged as terrorists, past history shows it would almost certainly be used much more to target nonwhite and marginalized people. Apparently the first hate crime prosecution was for a crime against a white person, for example.

    Anyway, relevant to your point, it seems likely that it was misjudgment rather than ill intent, but it’s still not sonethng to be dismissed.

  45. 45
    SectionH says:

    @Mary G: I so hope they can. OC is obviously changing but you’ve got a lot of entrenched privilege up there. I’m fretting about Ammar, because I really HATE desperate emails. CA-50 is whoa? right now. Won’t Demaio-Hunter (assuming he’s not already in jail)-and maybe Issa, esp if Duncan is in jail, cannibalize the RWNJ votes?

    I want to take a leaf out of Kay‘s book and at least ask them to tone down the desperation shit. All Of Them.

  46. 46
    NotMax says:

    @Anne Laurie

    Heading to the legal pad to add “cautious evangelist” to the list of oxymorons.


  47. 47
    Anne Laurie says:

    @Amir Khalid: Yeah, a lot of people jumped on the Franken defense wagon, and it didn’t even require much GOP ratfvcking to accomplish that. I personally think many of those people are gonna regret it later — hopefully not when terrible stories start leaking out about Franken, who IMO is just an aging nerd who didn’t adjust his personal behavior to the post-#MeToo era.

    Probably the best I can hope for, right now, is that Franken eventually stops moping around encouraging people to assume he’s totally an innocent victim because Tweeden, and maybe take some responsibility for not handling his own choices too wisely.

    Murphy willing, Gillibrand will have a long fruitful career battling, among other topics, rampant misogyny and sexual abuse… and sometime after I’m dead, young feminists will regretfully discuss what-might’ve-been in the same tones people now use about the Dean Scream and John Kerry’s windsurfing.

  48. 48

    @NotMax: When I did the purge behind my monitors, the Roku got lost. Got the power brick sitting here on the table, can’t find the rest.

  49. 49
    NotMax says:


    Now I haz a sad. (waves hi to Yutsano)

    Maybe slipped down between a piece of furniture and the wall?

  50. 50
    Amir Khalid says:

    @Anne Laurie:
    I myself have no opinion on whether Franken is guilty of anything more serious than having a 12-year-old boy’s sense of humour. So far as I know, he has not been credibly accused of worse.

  51. 51

    @NotMax: Don’t think so, thought I saw it in the box of stuff I collected from behind the monitors. Oh well, never used it anyway after I tested it out; used the monitor port for my Surface Pro docking station.

  52. 52
    Anne Laurie says:

    @Amir Khalid: What part of ‘aging nerd’ did I not spell out to your satisfaction? :)

    I spent most of my 20s/30s/40s hanging around with sf fans, many of them guys like Franken who ran into difficulties as adults because they hadn’t had much contact with human females during their adolescence. The smart ones learned that just because they could get away with touching women uninvited ‘because we’re all friends here’ didn’t mean they’d be popular with the women they touched… or the rest of us. And for every 25 or 30 merely annoying handsy dudes, there was one sociopath who used the all-friends-here gambit to enable gross sexual assault / stalking / genuinely criminal behavior. Too many of us spent too much time gaming out how not to be vulnerable in what should have been safe social spaces for me to have a whole lotta sympathy for Mr. Franken, who has not exactly been reduced to penury and cast out of society for his choices.

  53. 53
    smike says:

    @Anne Laurie:
    Although I didn’t like the process of Franken’s departure at the time (but didn’t much fret about it), I like your post.

    Well put.

  54. 54
    low-tech cyclist says:

    This is the first I’ve ever heard of Cheddar, but then I’m old enough to be on Medicare.

    My question is: if Harris has the biggest crowds, and having the biggest crowds is a good metric of popularity, then how come Harris is polling at about 7.5% while Warren and Sanders are both at about 17%? (Let’s ignore Biden; he’s somewhat of a special case in this regard.)

    Also, does Cheddar compare its numbers with other estimates of crowd size? Warren’s drawn at least a couple of 10,000+ crowds lately according to news reports; what do we know from non-Cheddar sources about Harris’ crowds?

  55. 55
    Sab says:

    I realize that he had to go for electoral reasons, but I think running him off on a rail knee-capped the Me Too movement. Presumption of innocence being gone doesn’t help women at all. There has always been the presumption that we are lying, and the Franken railroading just reinforced this.

    Especially since Tweeden obviously was, and theAtlantic writer also possibly.

  56. 56

    @Anne Laurie: I was unaware that you knew Sen. Franken so well, when did you two first meet?

  57. 57

    @low-tech cyclist:

    how come Harris is polling at about 7.5% while Warren and Sanders are both at about 17%?

    Wilmer came in second in 2016, so he’s had a lot of national exposure, he really should be polling higher. Sen Warren’s been on the national stage pretty long as well dating back to her organizing the CPFB so that raises her profile a bit. She’s also ran a good campaign by scheduling the release of her plans for various things. It helps keep her in the news. Sen. Harris is from the west coast and the media doesn’t usually pay much attention to things out west.

  58. 58
    Anne Laurie says:

    @🐾BillinGlendaleCA: Fair enough. But, just as Franken’s defenders assume they ‘know’ him well enough to insist he would never, I think I’ve seen enough of his work to read a pattern that matches other men of his age & general background that I *have* known (sometimes all too) well.

  59. 59
    MisterForkbeard says:

    @low-tech cyclist: If I had to guess, Harris’ supporters REALLY like her. That’s pretty much it.

    Honestly, most of her other supporters (I’m one!) seem to be that way. They’re really enthusiastic about her and generally happy with most of the rest of the candidates, especially Warren. But the Harris voters are generally just really into her.

    This has actually been the pattern for her campaign – she didn’t debut at very high percentages, but her first few weeks on the trail had these enormous crowds.

  60. 60
    Mary G says:

    @🐾BillinGlendaleCA: Kamala’s always been a bit low-key. You didn’t see her giving press conferences about how great she was as AG. I wouldn’t write her off, though, she’s mesmerizing in person when she lets herself be open and I wouldn’t be surprised if she turned into a late come-fromm-behind winner.

  61. 61
    Sab says:

    @Sab: crickets

  62. 62
    Matt McIrvin says:

    @Anne Laurie: This stuff still makes me shudder because I remember all the shit Michael Dukakis took because the 1988 Dem convention shifted the set colors away from pure red, white and blue to shades that would look better on TV. Further proof he hated the flag!

  63. 63


    I realize that he had to go for electoral reasons, but I think running him off on a rail knee-capped the Me Too movement.

    I don’t particularly agree with your first statement, but I do think the Republicans got a two-fer for their investment(they got rid of Franken, who had been asking tough questions, and the knee-capped the Me Too movement).

  64. 64
    SectionH says:

    @Amir Khalid:
    @Anne Laurie:

    AL isn’t making this up. I have opinions about East Coast vs Midwestern fans in those terms back then, but honestly, as AL said, or mostly didn’t say [I’m paraphrasing] they were “little boys” being annoying – and oh yes they were. But most of them learned a bit. The real harassment in the SF world was editors, publishers, big name writers creeping on new female writers (or fans…) that kind of stuff. It was always going on.

    I’m not convinced about Al Franken either way. The famous photo, no, that’s such BS. One or two other things, uh? Not sure. I think it was mostly ratfucking. But to reference slightly less ancient news, it’s not like I was ever gonna care about Gillibrand anyway. She seems to be just fine in the Senate. She can keep the seat.

  65. 65
    SectionH says:

    @Mary G: I was sooooo pleased to see a bunch of Jackals here just basically saying they’re for Kamala tonight.

    One of the good things I see via the evil Twit machine is how many people are sharing little videos of Kamala being clever, making jokes – not just laughing but making other people laugh. Spontaneously. That’s the key. She’s not trying, she’s spontaneous that way.

  66. 66
    rikyrah says:

    @Sister Golden Bear:
    Thanks for checking in. Sending you positive healing thoughts 🙏🙏🙏

  67. 67
    rikyrah says:

    In for Harris 👏👏

  68. 68
    Anne Laurie says:

    @SectionH: Thanks for the backup, honestly! All those evenings and convention weekends, trying to game out / coordinate with other femmefen so that nobody would be left alone with That Guy (sometimes multiple That Guys, tag-teaming or not)… mostly the men in question actually did “mean well”, but we could never be sure

  69. 69
    hervevillechaizelounge says:


    I was actually pro-Gillibrand before the Franken situation; I liked her colorful vocabulary and moxie. And because she’s less overt about policy the socialist slurs via faux would gain less traction, IMO.

    Although I’m sure no one wants to relitigate Franken-gate I think it’s important to note I soured on her not because he’s innocent—I have no fucking idea—but because she sponsored a precedent that will be used to fuck dems—and ONLY dems—over in the future.

    All republicans lie all the time; this cockamamie belief republicans will never make false accusations about assault for political gain is so ludicrous it insults me to my core.

    We need a rigorous fact-finding process because it will weed out Republican liars (but I repeat myself).

  70. 70
    SectionH says:

    @Anne Laurie: Glad I said something. Because silence…

  71. 71
    SectionH says:

    @hervevillechaizelounge: Rses don’t do nuance never mind most of everybody else doesn’t either… but the precedent was already there I think.

    As Kamala said (Yes I’m paraphrasing, tell me I’m wrong if you want to get every link perfect) “Senator Gillibrand had some really good issues to bring up, and I’ll be happy to work with her in whatever roles in the future.”

    As Kay said, there will be new norms. I’ll add, FSM willing, if the creek don’t rise, and we can make being earnest the new cool. I’ll have to explain that one sometime, but yeah.

  72. 72
    zhena gogolia says:

    I wish these weren’t always in the middle of the night. Gillibrand dropping out got prime time!

  73. 73
    zhena gogolia says:

    @Amir Khalid:

    Wow, that’s kind of tragic. I was not for Gillibrand, but that was far from being a top reason, or even any reason at all.

  74. 74
    artem1s says:

    I don’t really like to start ranking my top choices at this point and would have a hard time seriously answering any polling questions about who I would likely vote for. About all I would be able to honestly tell a pollster is who I would never vote for. Harris is going to get a lot of attention from both the pollsters and media once the field clears out. She’s a veteran at running for office and you can tell she knows how to deal with managing a long haul campaign. So I’m not particularly worried about her getting media attention at this point. The single digit performers are either in it now for building name recognition for cabinet seats, the VP spot or money. Biden’s probably not going to last past NH, if he even makes it that far. I’m less interested in the polls and far more interested in who is raising big money. The DNC is going to want someone who will have long, long coat tails for the House and Senate races. I honestly think that’s the only reason Biden is even in this right now – not for the votes, but to attract bundlers for the party to spend on a 50 state strategy. And that’s why I think there is no way the DNC is going to let Sanders co-opt the primaries again. They don’t need him to attract young, small donors. There’s Warren and 2-3 young candidates who are already bringing in more money than he is. Once his operatives wake up and realize they will make more money working for someone else, his campaign will be over.

  75. 75
    Raoul says:

    @Amir Khalid: That’s the spin. I think she was just a dud.

  76. 76
    PJ says:

    @Anne Laurie: Was Al Franken known to frequent SF conventions in the 70’s? I seem to remember him being prominent on SNL at the time.

  77. 77
    PJ says:

    @Raoul: She needed something to distinguish herself from the more centrist candidates, and Harris and Buttigieg have more interesting stories (as far as the press goes.)

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