Late Night Open Thread: “Mostly Harmless”

Turns out Human Ham Loaf Erick Erickson is still making bank off the beanfests TBoggs once mocked as Tragic: the Gathering. Not drawing a whole lot of mainstream-media attention, which is probably as Erickson prefers.

And yet, Recrudescence: the Homecoming was only the second most pathetic political convo this weekend. Presenting: RoseBros 4Evahcon:

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    Gemina13 says:

    Are any of these people supposed to be intelligent adults? Because I’m not seeing anything remotely adultlike here, just a bunch of spoiled emotional toddlers getting ready to pout in corners.

  2. 2
    mrmoshpotato says:

    Are any of these people supposed to be intelligent adults?

    *whiny voice* But Bernie would’ve won. Hillary’s a corporate whore. The primary was rigged against Bernie. Ewww!! Hillary.*whiny voice*

    Ok, seriously, fuck these people. We’re going to have to deal with these assholes again next year I see. Fucking wonderful. I really hope the Democratic nominee doesn’t get fucked again because of less people than pack Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor on a football Saturday.

    Can’t these idiots get it through their heads that anything close to what Bernie is proposing (free healthcare, free college, unicorn butlers) will be more possible with a Democratic president than with the damn fascists?

    “But waaaahhh, (Democratic nominee that beats Wilmer like a rented mule again) isn’t pure enough for us!”

  3. 3
    Pete Mack says:

    It’s too bad the Libertarian Party convention isnt happening now: you could have a trifecta of political onanism!

  4. 4
    Daoud bin Daoud says:

    Public masturbation is not a pretty sight.

  5. 5
    Maeve says:

    The cool socialists I follow are resigning from DSA left and left

  6. 6
    gwangung says:

    Um, wot?

    Either you expand national training or you massively fund local training using a national curriculum. There’s no debate about that.

  7. 7
    Anne Laurie says:


    Either you expand national training or you massively fund local training using a national curriculum. There’s no debate about that.

    Well, yes — Dana Houle does this for a living, which is why he’s not impressed, either.

    The RoseBros don’t, as he suggests, want to spend tedious weeks or months hanging around places where you can’t get a decent vegan double espresso. Especially if it means they’d have to listen to a bunch of mouthbreathing rubes who think Elizabeth Warren says some good things, and that even President Obama wasn’t Worse Than Trump. Nor do they want to waste their precious (trust) funds on paying those heartland wanna-bes to ‘organize’ their simple-minded neighbors. Let those people fund their own socialism, dammit!

  8. 8
    My Side of Town says:

    I have to say this screed is like meaningless to me. I’m not worthy.

  9. 9
    divF says:

    The DSA is upholding a fine old tradition, going back to Lenin: Better Fewer, but Better .

  10. 10
    My Side of Town says:

    The Dayton Police patrolling the Oregon district managed to kill the shooter in 26 seconds. While the shooter managed to kill 9 people and wound 26. I counted the shots. There were about 35 rounds fired from the rifle before the enfilade of pistol fire from the police.

    So much for citizen carry.

  11. 11
    My Side of Town says:

    I also wonder if there was friendly fire from the police. There was so much of it, I couldn’t count the shots. It sounded like machine gun fire.

  12. 12
    Aussie Sheila says:

    As one time member of the Communist Party of Australia, may I say to the DSA that ‘heighten the contradictions’ does not mean voting for fascists to ensure a social democrat loss. That is a Stalinist tactic that the last time it was tried brought about the defeat of the German organised working class, world war and genocide.

    Truly they are entitled and dangerous children playing with a politics about which they know nothing and care even less. Why don’t they get of their arses and go organise in the South. Or would that be like hard work? Honestly, like everything else in the US, just when you think they might be getting a clue, you come back to ‘wouldn’t know and won’t find out’.

  13. 13
    prostratedragon says:

    Didn’t have them in mind when I thought of this earlier Sunday, but if the shoe fits …

    “They Won’t Go When I Go,” Stevie Wonder

  14. 14
    Mr. Mack says:

    There’s a young fella I read, well he was young during the Bush years. He still is, in my opinion an important voice, he connects with younger people and many of my old activist friends are among his social media “friends.” But I am saddened that so many of his readers seem to have been plucked from the ranks of this myopic organization. They trash any thing connected with the Democratic Party, and they feel justified in spreading the worst lies about Hillary Clinton espoused by Alex Jones and others. Total purity party. I’m willing to overlook their ignorance, but not their refusal to learn about this Party and it’s accomplishments. It’s entitled and lazy. Do we really need them anyway?

  15. 15
    Searcher says:

    So having recently participated in a local chapter of the Democratic Party updating it’s charter, the only grounds for kicking someone out of the Democratic Party was if they were an officer or held an elected position and they endorsed or provided material support to the opponent of a Democrat in a race. (And indeed, someone one level up at the county level was disciplined (but not ejected) for supporting his friend running on the Republican ticket.)

    If the DSA use a similarly structured constitution, this could be a subtle tell. If the DSA endorsed Warren, or any other candidate, and you were an officer in the DSA who was planning to send $$ to Trump or give a personal endorsement, you could find yourself facing disciplinary hearings.

    Maybe that’s more what they’re worried about than endorsing a non-Bernie candidate.

  16. 16

    We’re watching a real-life version of the Life Of Brian movie.


  17. 17
    Burnspbesq says:

    DSA are the enemy. They need destroying.

  18. 18
    grubert says:

    @My Side of Town:

    I was just going to say.. what *is* the point of this post? It’s incoherent.


    After reading some responses, it seems the topic is infighting in the Democratic party.. still not getting the point, other then random complaints.

  19. 19
    socratic_me says:

    The point seems to be punching hippies while making fun of them for being splitters and arguing that the kids these days should just all stay home. Same as it ever is on our regular “Bernie supporters, amiright???” posts.

    ETA: I mean, we literally have someone arguing that DSA are the enemy and need destroying even as we make fun of them for not getting that Republicans are the real enemy.

  20. 20
    kindness says:

    I have to wonder how many of the DSA folk are Russian tolls or bots.

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