Set Your Alarm – AG Barr To Hold Press Conference 9:30 Eastern Thursday Morning

Trump has also said he may do a press conference after. Obviously, if the report is released in the press conference, nobody will have had time to read it.


I am wondering if what is released will be the marked-up redacted 400 pages or a rewrite by Barr. Also if the text will be searchable or if it will be one of those inert pdfs.


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    NotMax says:

    To be followed in several years with the director’s cut, thereafter the remastered deluxe edition, etc.


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    JustRuss says:

    I predict the presser will go something like this:
    Media: Is there anything in the Mueller report damaging to Pres. Trump?
    Barr: No.
    Media: Well OK then, glad that’s finally settled.

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    Baud says:

    The metadata will probably say Hillary was the author for extra conspiracy mongering.

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    jl says:

    As I noted in previous thread, looks like Barr will extensively redact the report in order to make sure he avoids Comey’s mistakes with the HRC BS email non-issue. And just to make sure he does it right, he’ll hold a presser to not quite randomly BS about the report, just like Comey did (and was one of main pretexts for firing Comey).

    Nice! Can eat your cake, have it, and dump it all over your lap at the same time. Who says Trumpsters are not innovative and creatively effective executives?

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    misterpuff says:

    Another stall tactic……

  6. 6
    jl says:

    @Baud: This is the kind of shit show Baud 2020! should get in on. Trumpster upping the nonsense, but no response from the candidate who has main claim to that skill set.

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    jl says:

    And now I see that if Trump doesn’t think Barr’s performance is corrupt enough, he’ll hold a persser afterward on it too! Or maybe if Barr under exceeds low expectations for integrity, Trump wants another victory dance. Whatever…

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    NotMax says:

    3:30 in the a.m. here when it is 9:30 Eastern time. Won’t be watching yet another tinpot episode of “What’s My Lie?” at that hour.

  9. 9

    Also if the text will be searchable or if it will be one of those inert pdfs.

    I imagine somebody will have typed up a searchable version by the end of Friday even if it is just a series of images.

  10. 10
    mvr says:

    It shouldn’t be too hard to convert it to searchable even if it is inert.

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    Baud says:


    The reports of my corruption will be translated into Klingon before being redacted.

  12. 12
    sukabi says:

    Rewrite by Barr. Why be partially corrupt when you can go whole hog?

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    misterpuff says:

    Non-Trumpsters: Anti-Fitzmas

    Press: V-W Day! Victory in Washington. POTUS Exonerated Squared!

    Trumpsters: Happy Days are Here Again!

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    VeniceRiley says:

    Yeah the criminals should definitely be updated before the congress. *sigh* We’re soaking in on of those huge pits of hog waste.

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    germy says:

    3 years ago, I was utterly unable to speak in public. I took betablockers to speak at my own father’s funeral. And on Monday I did this. Love me, loathe me…whatever. But human to human, please try & recognise how urgent I believe this is by the sheer fucking terror in my voice— Carole Cadwalladr (@carolecadwalla) April 17, 2019

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    Yutsano says:

    I would laugh if the whole released report is just a bunch of black bars for 400 pages. Except Barr is just enough of an asshole to do just that.

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    patrick II says:

    @Major Major Major Major:
    I believe you can just scan in a printed out version and set your scanner’s parameters to save it into a searchable file.

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    J R in WV says:


    Justice officials have had numerous talks with White House lawyers about Mueller’s conclusions in recent days, talks that have aided Trump’s legal team as it prepares rebutta

    So how is it legal for DoJ officials to “have… numerous talks with White House lawyers” while DoJ refuses to allow Congressional security leadership access to that very information? Yet another illegal scam by Burr to aid his Dear Leader overcome the forces of law and order. Yet another show of support for the Putin Puppets of our nation. Money walks, Democracy, well doesn’t do anything… Can’t even talk…

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    jl says:

    @misterpuff: Wonder how much redacted material Barr will refer to in a vague way to justify his probably very non-random public and offcial (?) musings on the report? Or will he muse as a just a corrupt old flunky covering for Trumpsters, not as US AG?

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    misterpuff says:

    @jl: All of Them, Katie.

  21. 21
    NotMax says:

    But- but – the redactions will be color coded! Just like Trix and Lucky Charms! And everybody loves those, right? //

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    debbie says:

    “Inert” pdf? I only have Acrobat Reader, but I can do word searches.

  23. 23
  24. 24
    Repatriated says:

    @debbie: PDF made up of scanned jpgs (or the like) of printed pages rather than having the text integrated as text and thus searchable.

  25. 25
    debbie says:


    So much work to scan 400 pages as images! Plus, isn’t there a program to convert images to text?

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    Mike G says:

    Time for another snow job. And of course the gullible corporate media will trumpet everything he says as being the complete and exact truth of what’s in the report.

    After removing all mention of Trump’s crimes the whole report will probably be a paragraph or two.

    Oh, and he forgot to mention it will be in all-caps Comic Sans and translated into Amharic.

  27. 27
    Repatriated says:

    @debbie: Yes it is, and yes there are. It’s a stalling tactic.

  28. 28
    debbie says:


    Do you have experience in graphic design? The layout program I used to use (Quark) used to have an option to greek in text on layouts, and one of the text choices was Klingon. Clients loved it!

  29. 29
    debbie says:


    Stalling tactic, or … obstruction? ;)

  30. 30
    Doug R says:


    IDRH Non-text-searchable PDF
    This is an example of a non-text-searchable PDF. Because it was created from an image rather than a text document, it cannot be rendered as plain text by the PDF reader. Thus, attempting to select the text on the page as though it were a text document or website will not work, regardless of how neatly it is organized.


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    RandomMonster says:

    @debbie: OCR’s are available all over the place.

  32. 32

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    kindness says:

    Really every fight is going to come down to a Supreme Court decision. Trump’s minions will fight release of anything, they’ll get sued and then judges will start judging. But every single issue won’t end till the SCOTUS says it’ll take the case or it won’t.

    I hope there are 5 souls on the bench who value America more than the Republican griftmill.

  34. 34
    misterpuff says:

    Does having Mueller help in the redaction process in any way negate his “outsider” status as Special Counsel and put him back under the DOJ protocols against testifying to Congress?

    Just wondering.

  35. 35
    The Dangerman says:

    Barr, Rosenstein, and company will be all sitting in a circle, right? I’d hate to have to be the cleanup crew from that pressing of the meat.

  36. 36
    Barbara says:

    The problem with this approach is that the more they evidently hide what’s there the more people assume that they are covering up wrongdoing. There is nothing they can do about that impression without releasing as much as they can as broadly as possible. I am not going to stress about this. Also, you don’t need to rebut exculpatory findings.

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    debbie says:

    @Cheryl Rofer:

    I hope the first question at the press conference will be to ask Barr if he intends to schedule another press conference after reporters have had a chance to actually read the report.

  38. 38
    debbie says:


    I figured. I’m also assuming they’ve been much more accurate than they have been in the past. I’ve never needed one, but I remember reading about issues.

  39. 39

    Apparently some of the redactions have to do with Roger Stone’s trial.

  40. 40
    piratedan says:

    I’ve always been a believer in Due Process, not sure I approve of this GOP version of No Process….

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    trnc says:

    @debbie: The non-searchable pdf idea seems to have taken on a life of its own. I wouldn’t put it past Barr to do it, but I think we’re only talking about it because Cheryl mentioned it at the end of her post. I thought it was a joke, but maybe not.

    In any case, I was just pointing out an example of a non-searchable pdf file. Yes, it looks like the OCR services can convert.

  42. 42
    RandomMonster says:


    I hope the first question at the press conference

    Awesome idea!

  43. 43

    BuzzFeed has Freedom of Information Act requests in on practically everything.

  44. 44
    trnc says:

    @debbie: That would be awesome. Even more so if they just left after they got that answer.

  45. 45

    @trnc: Not to make a big deal of it, but I’ve run into an awful lot of non-searchable pdf files. I agree that if that’s what Barr does, someone will run it through OCR and make that available. It won’t be me, though.

  46. 46
    piratedan says:

    @Cheryl Rofer: well… if what Barr is doing is illegal, send the Capitol Police over there and arrest his ass.

  47. 47
    Sure Lurkalot says:

    If the media had any integrity, they wouldn’t show up at all.

  48. 48
    Mike in NC says:

    Tomorrow at 9:30 we fly to Tampa again. Been there many times, but it could be worse, like being stuck at Mar-A-Lago and forced to eat burnt steak smothered in ketchup.

  49. 49
    oldgold says:

    For months I have belly-ached ad nauseam on this blog about Mueller failing to understand or simply not caring about timing and time.

    Well, Bill Barr is without question a sorry-assed excuse for Attorney General of the United States, but he has shown over the past month that he understands the importance and power of timing and time

    [Timing] Barr raced to set the initial narrative.

    [Time] Barr held the Report allowing his narrative to permeate the political culture while allowing Trump and his media enablers to spew the “complete exoneration” BS and prepare a rebuttal.

    [Timing] Tomorrow Barr will reinforce his initial narrative as he releases the selectively redacted “Mueller” Report just as Congress is spring out of DC for an extended Easter break.

  50. 50
    Mnemosyne says:

    Before I saw this post, I got an email from Barnes and Noble offering a pre-order of the electronic version of the report. Huh.

    Did Congress get the Starr report before or after it was published and released to the public?

  51. 51
    Kraux Pas says:

    @Sure Lurkalot:

    If the media had any integrity, they wouldn’t show up at all.

    And so they’ll be there with bells on, carrying their finest stenographer pads.


    That would be awesome. Even more so if they just left after they got that answer.

    Emphatically This.

  52. 52
    banditqueen says:

    I’m deeply troubled by reports that the WH is being briefed on the Mueller report AHEAD of its release. Now, DOJ is informing us we will not receive the report until around 11/12 tomorrow afternoon — AFTER Barr’s press conference. This is wrong. Nadler

    So Barr got to summarize the Mueller report, then redact it as he wished/needed to, yet he and the DoJ have briefed the *resident’s defense attorneys on it, and still will not have “let” congress see the report until well after the presser tomorrow. At this point it’s the Barr redacted Mueller report and most of us outside of the greater WH defense team don’t know what it really reveals.

  53. 53
    debbie says:


    Someone needs to be reminded that he is the Attorney for the American people and not the attorney for the president.

  54. 54
    FlyingToaster says:

    @Sure Lurkalot: Actually, this is *precisely* the job that you send the interns to. No actual news, just self-serving bloviating. Perfect for a journalism student.

    But our MSM can’t tear itself away from stenography…

  55. 55
    trollhattan says:

    @Cheryl Rofer:
    PDF files can be protected against running ORC but scanning a printout gets around that. 400 pages of page images sucks!

  56. 56
    Amir Khalid says:

    Someone is aware that his job is officially the American people’s attorney, but his assignment is to be attorney for the president.

  57. 57
    trnc says:

    @Cheryl Rofer: Most of the ones I see are from old manuals or papers that were scanned in back in the 90s with primitive non-OCR scanners. And considering the report was probably not written on a typewriter, it was probably created in a text-searchable format. If Barr were to release it in a non-searchable format, I’d say that would be an even bigger act of junior high antics than his executive summary.

  58. 58
    banditqueen says:

    @debbie: Well, Barr can say truthfully, “I was just following orders”.

  59. 59
    Kraux Pas says:


    PDF files can be protected against running ORC but scanning a printout gets around that. 400 pages of page images sucks!

    It can always be recreated in a searchable format by typing it.

  60. 60
    Patricia Kayden says:

    There is at least one other way House Democrats can get a copy of the unredacted Mueller report without initiating impeachment proceedings.
    Hopefully, they’ll use it.

    Congress has immediate recourse to seek the unredacted report pursuant to the “judicial proceeding” exception, without having to initiate an impeachment inquiry.

    Democrats need to take whatever steps they can to get their hands on that full report and then start using it to put Trump on the defense for his outrageous conduct.

  61. 61

  62. 62
    VeniceRiley says:

    This is not unexpected, but is making my eye twitch. And I get plenty of potassium in my diet.

    And is it true North Korea test launched another missile today? Gods!

  63. 63
    MJS says:

    At some point, some honest person is just going to have to leak the whole damn thing, or watch the end of this country and think, “Not my job.”

  64. 64
    FelonyGovt says:

    What a shitshow. I have no interest in hearing from Barr again, especially before the full report is made available.

  65. 65
    mapaghimagsik says:

    @trollhattan: Yes, but 10 people can get through 40 pages right quick. Or, 20 people 20 pages, etc…

  66. 66
    trollhattan says:

    @Kraux Pas:
    Not volunteering!

    Having published tens of thousands of PDF pages of scanned old documents that I first ran through OCR then cleaned up, bookmarked, cross-linked, etc. before putting on line, I’d still go that route. It’s a PITA but still faster than transcribing. Plus tables, annotated figures, etc. don’t lend themselves.

  67. 67

    Okay, I didn’t get the form precisely right. They probably couldn’t figure out how to make a nonsearchable pdf.

  68. 68
    hells littlest angel says:

    I’m expecting something along these lines:

    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||the President||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||is||||||||||||||||||||||||

  69. 69

  70. 70
    NotMax says:

    First thing I’d be looking at is information about or supplied by Allen Weisselberg (“Executive 1” in previous documents). Begin with someone known to know where the bodies are buried.

  71. 71

    But then there’s this. As always, early reports are confusing, and I’m sure that Barr is doing everything he can to make them more confusing.

  72. 72
    banditqueen says:

    @Cheryl Rofer: A blatant DIAF to congress on the part of Barr and the rest of the WH defense team. A redacted report to congress… so grossly appalling.

  73. 73

    @VeniceRiley: North Korea launched a smallish missile some time. They hardly ever say exactly when. It’s probably not nuclear, and probably launched within the last month or so. Kim is reminding Trump that he’s waiting for a response beyond “give us all your nukes.”

  74. 74
    Mnemosyne says:


    Now pity the person or people who are going to have to take multiple versions of the report and compare them to figure out what was left out once the full version is leaked.

  75. 75
    piratedan says:

    anyone laying odds when someone from the Mueller investigation team just drops an unredacted copy of the report on Congressman’s Nadler’s desk?

    I’m guessing watching this travesty of American “unjustice” unfold is NOT what they signed up for.

  76. 76
    Jay says:


    Short range, “tactical?”, maneuverable missile of some kind.

  77. 77
    Starfish says:

    I think I saw people on Twitter saying that they were releasing a hard copy and not a PDF. Did anyone else see that?

  78. 78
    guachi says:

    @piratedan: I think it’s exactly what they signed up for.

    Punting on making a determination of obstruction basically says the Mueller investigatory team didn’t really feel like doing their job.

    They knew what would happen.

  79. 79
    Chief Oshkosh says:

    @Cheryl Rofer: Again, no sense of timing or time.

    Maybe the Democrats will surprise me and hold an additional press conference right before Billy Barr’s lying session. Now that would be good timing, and for once, useful.

  80. 80
    trollhattan says:

    @Cheryl Rofer:
    Thumb drives or go home!

    Wonder if they first considered Zip drives?

  81. 81
    trollhattan says:

    @hells littlest angel:
    Nicely played.

  82. 82
    trollhattan says:


    “Yes, I’d like to order a hundred interns please.”

  83. 83
    Gravenstone says:

    @Mnemosyne: I’d look for one or more of Mueller’s team to do just that. Software comparison of the redacted version against what they delivered to DoJ. Immediately calling out any obviously rewritten passages.

  84. 84
    rikyrah says:

    @Cheryl Rofer:
    Uh huh
    Uh huh 😒😒

  85. 85
    chopper says:

    Also if the text will be searchable or if it will be one of those inert pdfs

    cause it’s not like OCR software exists. these fuckers would do that just out of spite.

  86. 86
    TS (the original) says:

    @Cheryl Rofer: The rules are ALWAYS different for Republicans. They cheat, they lie and sadly too many believe them.

  87. 87


    Wonder if they first considered Zip drives?

    Yes, but they decided to use Bernoulli drives instead.

  88. 88

  89. 89
    JaySinWA says:

    @chopper: That’s more of their delaying tactics if they do it. First the Barr summary to try and frame the message, then the Barr press conference without the Barr public redactions, then the Barr public redactions possibly sabotaging the searchability (and limiting the possibility of an error in the PDF redactions allowing them to be unmasked), then the Barr congress redactions, and then sometime in the indefinite future the Mueller Report (Barr annotated edition?).

  90. 90
    JaySinWA says:

    @JaySinWA: Of course I forgot the post Stone Trial partially unredacted version and other iterations as court challenges progress for those non legally supported redactions.

  91. 91
    sukabi says:

    @🐾BillinGlendaleCA: floppy disks or go home.

  92. 92
    GxB says:

    @Cheryl Rofer: And I again sigh to the fact that a clickbait hellhole has to go through the motions for the “investigative journalists”.

    Great job Merica, bravo.

  93. 93
    Jay says:

    @Cheryl Rofer:

    Guided artillary shells would be a big priority given their entrenched artillary.

  94. 94
    Hungry Joe says:

    From “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” (updated to 2019): “The entire document, unredacted, will be filed in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying “Beware of the Leopard.”

  95. 95
    Jerzy Russian says:

    @sukabi: Does anyone here remember “jaz drives”? One or two should be enough for scans of 400 pages.

  96. 96
    MisterForkbeard says:

    @Chief Oshkosh: I don’t think doing this right before the Barr report would be especially helpful. The media would just ignore it. Doing it tonight at least gets it on evening TV and lets journalists write articles for tomorrow.

    It ALSO gives Barr a chance to change his behavior at the last minute, which is doubtful but potentially helpful.

  97. 97
    lamh36 says:

    @piratedan: IKR… Mueller should be pissed and willing to let Barr know it.

    ETA: If not..then he’s just another Republican never Trumper…all talk…

  98. 98
    lamh36 says:

    Following Following @ZerlinaMaxwell
    What if the media agrees to skip the press conference so they can READ THE REPORT?

    3:49 PM – 17 Apr 2019

  99. 99
    sgrAstar says:


    you don’t need to rebut exculpatory findings.

    Bingo, Counselor.

  100. 100
    sukabi says:

    @Jerzy Russian: yes, but I’m thinking Barr’s enough of an asshole he’d go with the 5.25″ floppies unnumbered in boxes that are “accidently” spilled all over the floor.

  101. 101
    Another Scott says:

    Barr certainly likes doing things to infuriate the Democratic House, doesn’t he?

    In other news, Speaker Pelosi:

    Nancy Pelosi Verified account @SpeakerPelosi

    Let me be clear: if the Brexit deal undermines the Good Friday Accords, there will be no U.S.-U.K. trade agreement. #Dáil100

    2:23 PM – 17 Apr 2019

    Good. Maybe that will help push the UK Parliament to finally trash the whole Brexit thing.


  102. 102
    lamh36 says:

    3m3 minutes ago
    .@RepJerryNadler just now: It appears the attorney general wants to put his own spin on the Mueller Report and “bake in” the narrative on the report. This is wrong and not the proper role of the attorney general.

  103. 103
    Martin says:

    I never noticed the free jazz nature of Jerry Nadlers eyebrows before. I’m a big jealous.

  104. 104
    lamh36 says:

    Following Following @RVAwonk
    Speaking just now at a press conference about the DOJ/Mueller report, Rep. Jerry Nadler says: “The attorney general appears to be running a media campaign on behalf of the president.”

  105. 105

  106. 106
    Another Scott says:

    @sukabi: 5.25″ floppies? That’s new-fangled technology.

    Why in my day, we had to use a Teletype Model 33 with the paper tape reader.

    And I programmed a Calcomp plotter using an ancient IBM computer that used Hollerith cards.

    If Barr were really evil, he’d put the redacted report on cards, punched on a terminal with a missing ribbon, and then shuffle the cards a few times before loading them in their boxes.


    (“Who also used 8″ floppies in grad school.”)

  107. 107
    brantl says:

    @debbie: A pdf file made from an image scan isn’t searchable

  108. 108
    Gravenstone says:

    @Martin: I caught the end of the presser and my first thought was ‘where the hell is his right eyebrow?’

  109. 109
    Steve in the ATL says:

    @Another Scott: “your floppy is only 5.25”? Mine is 8”!”

  110. 110

    @Another Scott:

    punched on a terminal with a missing ribbon

    Wait, there are ribbons on punch card machines?

  111. 111
    Skepticat says:


    Media: Is there anything in the Mueller report damaging to Pres. Trump?
    Barr: No.
    Media: Well, OK then, glad that’s finally settled.

    Sadly, I do think that’s really about all anyone ever will get from this. I seriously doubt we’ll see more than a few thousand words, most of them “the,” “a,” “and,” “for,” and possibly “therefore.” In all candor, I don’t care whether the public at large gets to read the whole thing; I want it in the hands, eyes, and brains of the people in Congress who have the full authority to read and DO SOMETHING about it. Don’t expect that to happen, however.

    Where is Daniel Ellsberg now that we really, really need him?

  112. 112
    JaySinWA says:


    Wait, there are ribbons on punch card machines?

    Yes there are, so humans can read what was punched, and id cards if they are shuffled.

  113. 113
    germy says:

    According to the Washington Post, the Mueller report will be lightly redacted, revealing detailed look at obstruction of justice investigation?

    I thought I read yesterday that it would be 50% – 70% redacted.

  114. 114
    Mike in Pasadena says:

    “. . . you don’t need to rebut exculpatory findings.”
    You are so right! When I read that Trump’s lawyers were preparing a rebuttal to a report that Trump characterized as completely exonerating him, I asked, “So, are Trump’s lawyers preparing a document that will prove that Trump and the Russians conspired?”

  115. 115
    Bill Arnold says:

    Given the BS so far, I’m thinking that they may release something that is reformatted and hard to compare easily/visually with the original(s). There might be people from the Mueller investigation (who might have access only to sections), who will find themselves doing it manually unless they can get help. This sort of BS is annoying, and any motivated techie would normalize to simplify comparisons, writing custom software as needed, within a few hours. It would be a bad move on their part, as would any attempts to make it hard to quickly analyze.
    The Barr news conference before the document release is appalling. I hope people in the media are annoyed enough to motivate some serious reporting/analysis. Lots of people are already screaming already about a blatant attempt at narrative setting.
    Anyone else remember downloading the Starr report? (wikipedia clip):

    After the four year investigation of Clinton, the Office of the Independent Counsel delivered its 445-page report to Congress on September 9, 1998.[4]
    For two days, the report sat unread in the Ford House Office Building as Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives debated what to do with it. On September 11, the House voted 363–63 to release the report to the public.[5] When the report was uploaded to the internet, it became a sensation, with twelve percent of adult Americans — 20 million people — browsing the web at once to browse the document. “It’s probably the single highest number of people who have ever used the computer to access a single document,” David Webber of the Frank Luntz polling company told CNN.[6]

    Mostly just to search for “cigar”, which was important and totally non-embarrassing to President Clinton.

  116. 116
    jc says:

    In what form will the report be released? No doubt in the format that is most inconvenient to those horrible Democrats, who *dare* to examine whether poor beleaguered President Trump was somehow involved in some sort of malfeasance.

    Expect more BS (Barr Summaries) tomorrow.

  117. 117
    jonas says:

    @NotMax: I believe that stuff is still in the hands of a grand jury/SDNY investigating Cohen, so if anything on the Trump Org proper is in there not related directly to the Russia investigation (such as the Trump Tower meeting) it’s going to be pretty fully redacted.

  118. 118
    jonas says:

    My bet: the report will basically lay out the case that Trump’s campaign was effectively hijacked (if unwittingly) by Russian influencers and that he obstructed justice a million times. Then the WH will go “Nuh uh! Mueller sux!” and the press will go “Well, maybe both sides have a point!” and that will pretty much be that. Trump’s base will but utterly unfazed; McConnell will shrug and say the matter is now behind us. Then it will be up to Pelosi whether to move forward with impeachment even though there’s less than a snowball’s chance in hell a single Republican in the Senate would vote to convict.

    Nothing matters anymore. Nothing.

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