Road Trip

Cleaners were coming today to clean the house we are staying in, so mom and dad went to brunch with some friends, and Tammy and I loaded up the dogs and went to see the Angel Oak on Johns Island:

Johns Island looks like a real life Darnassus (a zone in warcraft)

Got to the Angel Oak, and it was closed and fenced in, so we did not get to get up close, but it is pretty impressive:

Having fun.

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    Lapassionara says:

    Looks like a lovely sight to see on a sunny day.

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    raven says:

    Drive down to Edisto or Beaufort. The Edisto beaches are dog freindly.

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    Ruckus says:

    When stationed at Charleston I’d drive west into the back country on occasion. The roads were raised because a lot of the land was swamps and you’d drive along roads that looked like tunnels built of trees. Which they actually were, the road crews had trucks that had huge saw blades arranged so that it would create half the tunnel on their side of the road as they drove along. Trucks would follow and pick up the cuttings. Often one had to drive with lights on, in the middle of the day, the trees/bushes were so thick.

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    David Evans says:

    Darnassus is the capital city of the night elves. It’s in the zone called Teldrassil, which does indeed look something like your photos, but more colorful and with more elves.

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    How lovely. It looks soothingly beautiful.

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    e julius drivingstorm says:

    Wonder why it was closed. Government shut down again?

    Oh yeah, Sunday.

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    WaterGirl says:

    @e julius drivingstorm: Or perhaps the shutdown showed that humans are not to be trusted with precious living things.

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    lol chikinburd says:

    Y’all know Darnassus got burned to the ground, right?

    (haven’t played in months; not the best expansion)

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    trollhattan says:

    Having seen ag equipment giving huge orchards a crew cut using cartoonishly large circular saw blades on articulated arms I’m very surprised they haven’t been incorporated into cheesy horror flicks by now.

    Our city’s midtown once had canopies of elms that looked wonderful and kept things far cooler in summer, but age and Dutch Elm disease has wiped most of them out. Planted a Valley Oak in front last year (too close to the house!) that one day will join the nice specimen across the street, maybe in my lifetime, maybe not.

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    Mary G says:

    Is it me, or is Lily’s hair going white? So great to see you four having adventures.

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    mrmoshpotato says:


    cartoonishly large circular saw blades on articulated arms I’m very surprised they haven’t been incorporated into cheesy horror flicks by now.

    Someone at Netflix will get on that.

    Planted a Valley Oak in front last year (too close to the house!)

    The Jackalrati will be the judge of that. We need pictures.

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    raven says:

    @Mary G: When Raven was in cancer treatment his greying muzzle turned back black!

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    Gin & Tonic says:

    Mark this day down. John Cole posts “having fun.”

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    J R in WV says:

    WTF, Closed?

    How do you “close” a tree?


    sorry you didn’t get closer to it, giant old trees are so cool. There’s a great big desert oak out behind the caved in old bar in the ghost town on the way out to our cabin in AZ, probably 4 feet thick, and slow growing in the high desert.

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    The Dangerman says:


    Hey Raven, “Which One’s Pink?” is coming to my area (on the 30th, IIRC); if memory serves (and it’s Sunday with limited Joe consumption so far, so it might not), that’s your Brother’s (BIL’s?) band.

    I’ve seen a lot of PF cover bands this year (Brit Floyd, House of Floyd, a couple times on the latter), so one more? Sounds like a necessity.

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    Leto says:

    @lol chikinburd: @David Evans: We burned Darnassus to the ground. Dirty hippies. /s This expansion is so bad I think it’s finally going to drive the nail into the WoW coffin. I stopped playing right before my accident, but I had already canceled my sub before that. We (their unpaid alpha/beta testers) spent all of our time reporting bugs, giving tons of feedback, and up-channeling the lackluster systems they installed only to be summarily ignored, only to watch every screw up go live. While all things must die/decline, the fact that this is the Activision’s personnel first true expansion goes to show just what utter lack of regard they have for the player base. Legion had issues, but they addressed them. BfA still hasn’t address foundational gameplay issues that have existed since alpha, nor will they. Sorry, but of a rant there. I get ranty when discussing WoW.

    My dad grew up John’s Island. He spent most of his youth roaming around the island with his friends. I spent a good part of my youth there too, but by the time I came along it was much more developed, so less roaming opportunities to be had. They’re still developing it at a pretty quick rate.

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    David Evans says:

    @Leto: That is…quite annoying. I have been adventuring elsewhere and didn’t know.
    If I give up WoW, what should I try instead? I like that it runs well on an older PC.

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    GregB says:

    Haaretz reporting Russian military airlifting troops into Venezuela.

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    Leto says:

    @David Evans: Honestly I don’t know. If you’re having fun elsewhere, just keep having fun there. There’s a ton of single player games that are awesome and have a good bit of replay-ability. The wife has been plugging away at the latest Assasin’s Creed. Big sandbox game there. I’ve been playing Ace Combat 7 intermittently. As far as MMOs? WoW pretty much killed my desire to play anything else (as well as killing everything else that challenged it), and it’s still the dominate player out there. But it’s definitely on the decline and nothing else has come out to challenge it, even after all this time. Blizzard isn’t releasing an expansion for it this year, continuing BfAs dismal record, but recapturing the playerbase that’s quit will probably prove near dang impossible. Mainly because of how bad BfA is, how tone deaf Activision/Blizzards response has been, and the fact that the playerbase that made WoW has aged and just doesn’t have the time for WoW.

    If WoW follows the tradition of shit expansion, good expansion, shit expansion, good expansion, then this following expansion should be good (think Panderia, WoD, Legion, now BfA). But at this point I just don’t have the time for it. Which is saying something considering I have nothing but time atm. Long winded way of saying, just play what you enjoy.

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    Ella in New Mexico says:

    OMG Every time I see that little pup with his pink tongue hanging out from not having teeth I just melt. He’s so frigging sweet and adorable.

    My husband and I lived in North Charleston for a couple of years when we were first married and he was in the Navy serving on his “boomer” submarine. It was one of the few East Coast submarine bases, but no longer is there.

    Our oldest boy had just been born a few months before we moved there, and it was a time of true bliss. We had so many wonderful fellow Navy friends/families we spent times with. We so enjoyed visiting all the historic sites and beautiful parks and beaches and driving up and down the coast.

    Summers were a frigging humid nightmare–I had just become a daily runner and literally waited until 9pm to go to avoid being overwhelmed by the heat– but it was such a beautiful place, with the trees and the moss and the azaleas everywhere.

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    A Ghost To Most says:

    Mueller report to hit Congress in 30 minutes, per Pete Williams.

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    Ella in New Mexico says:

    @Another Scott:

    TheHill – Congress to get Mueller report briefing by 5 PM EDT today.

    @A Ghost To Most:

    Mueller report to hit Congress in 30 minutes, per Pete Williams.

    Jesus. Please God, don’t make me break my “No alcohol the day before you have clinic or work” vow. I’ve done so well since January. :-D

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    trollhattan says:

    @Ella in New Mexico:
    I’ve heard of “dry January” but never “dry March.” If that helps. :-P

  27. 27

    You’ve only been there a few days & they already had to send a cleaning crew? You have been having fun.

  28. 28
    trollhattan says:

    @M. Bouffant:
    That’s a lot of dogs, maybe even a passel. OTOH we know that Coles can’t not be cleaning, clothed or otherwise.

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    Another Scott says:

    @Ella in New Mexico: Reuters is doing a live-blog if you’re up to it. ;-)

    Seriously, what’s in the report will come out eventually, no matter what Barr’s spin is. Getting the news 20 seconds sooner isn’t going to change anything.

    Hang in there, everyone!!


  30. 30
    Leto says:

    @Ella in New Mexico:

    It was one of the few East Coast submarine bases, but no longer is there.

    My grandfather ran the sub repair yards at Charleston for a long time, though by the time you guys were stationed there he was long retired. I remember when they announced the first BRAC closing (circa 1992-1993) that my parents were extremely worried about the economic impact that would have. Took Charleston a while to recover from that, but they did. Also I agree about the summers. I grew up playing soccer in the summer midday heat/humidity, but I’ve been away from it for so long that I doubt I could do that now. One of the many considerations Avalune and I make about where we’ll finally settle down.

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    Mnemosyne says:

    I’m having leftover chicken and waffles for lunch because we saw “Captain Marvel” last night and then went to a REALLY loud place on Fairfax for dinner afterward. Expensive, but really good — the fried chicken has a little bit of a spicy kick and the waffles are cheddar and bacon.

    I really liked “Captain Marvel” but I can see why the incels hated it. Superhero movie that’s all about a woman realizing that the men who have power over her are trying to keep her down? Of course they hate it.

    And I could also see why Black audiences are going — the heroine’s best friend isn’t just a sidekick or afterthought, but has a central role in the story.

  32. 32
    A Ghost To Most says:

    @Mnemosyne: Someday I need to try chicken and waffles. Maybe after I try Chik-fil-a.

  33. 33
    Amir Khalid says:

    @A Ghost To Most:
    I have seen YouTube foodie videos about chicken and waffles. But with a sweet sauce? I confess I don’t understand that bit.

  34. 34
    Mnemosyne says:

    @A Ghost To Most:

    Why would you need to try Chik-Fil-a first? That’s like saying you can’t order a hamburger at a restaurant until you have one at McDonald’s.

    Chicken and waffles is a very L.A. dish that’s experiencing a bit of a comeback right now. The classic place to go is Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles, but there are tons of other places, too.

  35. 35
    Mnemosyne says:

    @Amir Khalid:

    American fried chicken is usually soaked in buttermilk before being dipped in batter and fried, so it’s already a little bit on the sweet side. It’s common to serve it with cornbread and honey, too. So adding maple syrup works better than you’d think, especially if they add a little hot pepper to the fried chicken so you get spiciness and sweetness together. That’s a more common combination here than sweet and sour together.

    What can I say, Americans have a sweet tooth.

  36. 36
    Mary Herrick says:

    Hey John:

    Next time you go to Florida, take a detour in Orlando to see this tree. It it truly amazing!

  37. 37
    raven says:

    @The Dangerman: @The Dangerman: @The Dangerman: Sorry I just saw this. Yes, it’s my brother. He’s the manager and does some of the pig noises and stuff!

  38. 38
    laura says:

    Fun is a good thing to have, and its frequently in short supply.@trollhattan: we’ve got a few remaining elms out the T street blvd. park in Elmhurst near the thrifty 60’s Casita de Amor. IIRC, the Mayor, having attend the World’s Expo in Paris, came back and went on a civic tear planting Elms to echo the shady boulevards. I wish I’d seen them in their glory before the blight. Watching the Oaks fall to pieces in Sonoma County was and continues to be a sad, painful sight.

  39. 39
    Ella in New Mexico says:

    @Leto: How awesome to hear! This blog sure makes the world a smaller place. I’d love to go back and visit some day.

    But just visit–been here in New Mexico for 32+ years now and can’t imagine ever being able to survive that moisture. And I love my deserts and craggy mountains so much.

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