A Quick Note of Apology

I just wanted to take a moment and apologize to everyone who were upset, disturbed, and/or offended by my comment in an earlier post. This is not a: “I’m sorry if anyone is offended”. I’m pretty clear what I wrote upset some of you and I’m sorry for that. I should have either found a better way to express myself or said nothing. Especially for those of you who have lost loved ones and friends to pancreatic cancer. I am sorry that I made that harder for you.

Open thread.

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    JPL says:

    Adam, I don’t think it was necessary to post this here. A simple apology down below would suffice. You obviously experienced something that made you think that way. Personally I’d remove this post and just put up an open thread.

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    weasel says:

    No idea what it was you said, but appreciate the upfront apology. There are so many great front pagers here (and commentators as well), but you seem to be one of the most upstanding and responsive people on this here blog. As always, thanks for sharing your insight, even though it may at times be a bit rough and tumble

    ETA – I wasn’t there, but I’ll go along with JPL’s suggestion that the front page apology is going above and beyond

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    NotMax says:


    Agree, as this serves as a giant flashing neon arrow to go seek out what was said.

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    Pogonip says:

    I still don’t understand why you are mad at Alex Trebek. Because of the 1950’s quiz-show scandal, normally game-show hosts are not allowed anywhere near the contestants before filming. Is Jeopardy different? Does Trebek help pick the contestants? What did I miss here?

    I knew you were a ferocious war-dog, Adam. I like you anyway. 🐶

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    Ohio Mom says:

    My mom died of pancreatic cancer and not only was I not offended, I found your comments wryly amusing.

    On a related note, my Aunt Audrey was on a game show in the late 50s. She won a cruise. It stormed the whole time and she and Uncle Sidney were seasick.

    Throughout my childhood, this story was periodically recounted as some sort of cautionary tale. Maybe be careful what you wish for?

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    Ohio Mom says:

    @Ohio Mom: Or maybe it was because my mother found Audrey irritating and she enjoyed remembering Audrey’s suffering.

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    Baud says:

    Open thread? Remember when this was a worthy obsession?

    Trump just made sure you won’t hear about how many civilians are killed in U.S. drone strikes

    U.S. intelligence is no longer required to publicly report data on the number of people killed by U.S. drone strikes.

    After failing to meet a deadline to report data on the number of civilians and enemy combatants killed by U.S. drone strikes outside of war zones, President Donald Trump on Wednesday officially rescinded the requirement that U.S. intelligence officials publicly report that information.

    Trump formally ended the reporting obligation by executive order, stating that an “unclassified summary of the number of strikes undertaken by the United States Government against terrorist targets outside areas of active hostilities, as well as assessments of combatant and non combatant deaths resulting from those strikes” was no longer required

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    NotMax says:

    @Ohio Mom

    As a lark, went in to try out for The $20,000 Pyramid.

    Made it through the early interview, the written test, whatever followed (long time ago, I forget exactly) and a test run-through simulating playing the game. Was then informed that I’d be dropped. The reason? They’d tallied all the written tests from the 20 or so of us there and were suspicious I’d cheated on the written part (I did not) because, it was explained, I was the only person ever since the show began to score 100%.

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    debbie says:

    Adam, your snark about Alex was no worse than anything most of us have said about something, and it had nothing to do with those who suffered from pancreatic cancer. Take back your apology!

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    JPL says:

    I think you should put up Randy Rainbow’s latest on the front page and call it a night.

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    JPL says:

    @Baud: Well we will never know why they hate us so much.

  12. 12

    @Baud: It was a favorite lefty blog topic along with opposition to TPP. Balloon Juice was no exception to that.

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    NotMax says:

    Repeated from far down in the thread downstairs. Because we probably need a breather.

    New Randy Rainbow.

    Thankful he didn’t go for rewriting the lyrics from a well-known Anything Goes ditty to “Kim’s the top, Trump’s an eager bottom.” (Shall spare y’all the rest, which ran through the head of its own volition.)

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    chopper says:

    @Ohio Mom:

    i’ve lost people to cancer plenty, including pancreatic cancer. i didn’t find the comment offensive per se, just fucking goofy. and kinda stupid.

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    SiubhanDuinne says:

    I’ll admit to having been shocked by the level of vitriol, and really surprised at the source — but that was a fine and gracious apology, Dr. Silverman, and we shall speak of it no more.

    Now. On to Open-Threaditude: You may find the difficult to believe, but “artist” Jon McNaughton has fucking outdone himself with his latest “painting.” It is laughable and horrible and over the top in all possible ways.

    See Digby for the wretched details, including an explanatory video.

    I have to go take a long soaky disinfecting shower now, if y’all will excuse me for a while.

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    Gin & Tonic says:

    As someone who mentioned losing a loved one to pancreatic cancer, I also wasn’t upset or offended. People come here to express opinions, sometimes in strong terms. It’s pretty easy to tell who’s expressing a strongly-held view and who’s being an asshole just because.

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    japa21 says:

    Adam, you didn’t have to write the apology this way. At least not as far as many of us are concerned. It is apparent, however, that you felt the need to do so. That says a hell of a lot about your character. Of course, in some cases (mine for example) it verifies what we already believed about you.

    Leaving Chicago early Friday and driving down to Naples. Expect to hit Tampa sometime in the early afternoon. Wish we had time to stop.

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    Pogonip says:

    Well, before it gets dropped, can someone please explain what Trebek’s sin was? I’m already going to my grave wondering why Betty suffered an unprovoked spider bite.

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    NotMax says:


    Contacted efg recently?

  20. 20
  21. 21
    japa21 says:

    @japa21: That was Saturday afternoon. Friday afternoon would have meant several speeding tickets.

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    dexwood says:

    Move on. Don’t apologize. My best boyhood, neighborhood pal in the 50s and 60s died of pancreatic cancer in 93. Not much has changed. You didn’t offend me. Frankly, I was more curious about why you feel the way you do about AT.

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    Jay says:


    Wasting Adams time, money, effort and hope when Adam was a poor undergrad.

  24. 24
    japa21 says:

    @Jay: I have a hunch there was more to it than that and I do n’t think Adam needs to provide the details.

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    Alternative Fax, a hip hop artist from Idaho says:

    @Ohio Mom: Having met you, I’m not at all surprised by your kinda jovial response. And I love the Aunt Audrey story

    @NotMax: All these years later I’m still pissed at the asshole high school biology teacher (who’d never met me before that class) who said after the first test to the entire class:
    “Bella Q scored 100. I think she cheated.”

    I have both Appalachian and Irish heritage, two groups known to hold grudges. My maternal grandmother believed they were to be nurtured. Dad’s mother, for whom I’m named, died many years before I was born so I don’t know her views.

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    SiubhanDuinne says:


    Have left a couple of messages. Have not yet heard back. Will report to the Jackaltariat the minute I do. And if I’ve not had a return call or message by the weekend, I’ll try again.

    Believe me, I want to see a hearty “Fuckem” as much as any commenter here.

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    lamh36 says:

    Evening BJ.

    TFW, u make it to PT on time, put on new swim wear, find ur way to the therapy pool, make ur way into the pool,while u wait for the RPT to find your name, but they don’t, and u realize..shit. ur here on the wrong day..Yup, PT appt is NEXT wk. had to trudge myself out of the pool

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    dmsilev says:

    @Alternative Fax, a hip hop artist from Idaho: Memory from grad school: Final exam in one class, average was about 150 points out of 600. That average included one of my classmates, who scored a 599. He got all of the answers correct, but the professor took off one point ‘for lack of elegance’ in one of his solutions. Yeah, that prof was a jerk.

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    Jim, Foolish Literalist says:

    Natasha Bertrand @NatashaBertrand
    Schiff says Michael Cohen “provided important testimony and materials relevant to the core of our probe” today during his testimony before House Intel

    He’s not on Hayes’ A-block, so I’m betting he’ll be on Maddow’s

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    Pogonip says:

    @Jay: As stated above, it’s unlikely Trebek has anything to do with picking the contestants. Nor does he decide whether or not an iffy answer passes; when someone gives an iffy answer, you’ll see him look offscreen at the panel of judges. The Sin of Trebek remains shrouded in mystery.

  31. 31
    Mary G says:

    You made me feel better, because when I tried out for Jeopardy, I was rejected despite knowing way more of the answers than the people around me did as we chatted while waiting for the tests to be graded, and two of them were taken. I lived not far away, so it wasn’t as big of a pain in terms of time and money.

  32. 32
    germy says:

    Breaking: The Trump administration is creating a database and tracking journalists and immigration advocates covering the border. https://t.co/JOh5y8zJCr— Scott Stedman (@ScottMStedman) March 7, 2019

  33. 33
    Jay says:

    “House Democrats on Wednesday postponed indefinitely a vote on a resolution condemning anti-Semitism after a contentious meeting in which some new members confronted leaders over their push to rebuke Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.”


  34. 34
    Mnemosyne says:

    I didn’t see it, so I’ll just say that your jokes involving death don’t usually come across well here. I suspect you tell them better in person, but they’re not always translating into written form.

  35. 35
    NotMax says:

    @Mary G

    If only you’d worn the tube top with “Party Animal” spelled out in glitter.


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    Patricia Kayden says:

    @Baud: I remember when folk on the left couldn’t stop shouting “drones” at President Obama but then dropped the issue after Trump became President. I’m not hearing much outrage about Trump’s latest pronouncement.

  37. 37
    lamh36 says:

    Chicken, Greenbean, Tomato Pesto w/bowtie pasta


  38. 38
    Pogonip says:

    @Alternative Fax, a hip hop artist from Idaho: Ha! I took Creative Writing in high school. About ten minutes before class, I remembered I had a 2-page story due. Scribbled frantically. Story comes back with A++ and note: “Is this original?” I asked what note meant and teacher said “It was so good I thought you might have copied it.”

    🙄. To this day I don’t know why she thought that about ten minutes’s worth of scribbled bullshit from a 15-year-old.

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    ballinger says:

    I don’t know what vile, heinous crimes Alex Trebek committed to elicit your over-the-top response to news of his cancer diagnosis, so I think your apology was warranted.

  40. 40
    germy says:

    @Pogonip: I remember an interview with a recent contestant (I don’t remember his name; he is the funny bartender who wears only thrift store clothes) and he was asked what Trebek was like offstage. The contestant replied he had no idea. His only interaction with him was when the cameras were on. There was no mingling between host and guests except for the game and awkward introductory chats.

  41. 41
    Alternative Fax, a hip hop artist from Idaho says:

    @Pogonip: I have a pleasant memory about high school creative writing. I adored that teacher and wish here were still around and I could discuss contemporary lit with him.

    He was very supportive of my writing, but I will never forget his kindness when I handed in hastily scribbled garbage because it was a horrible week. He handed it back and said quite pleasantly, “Bella, this reads like something Rod McKuen would write.” The jocks and other folks in the class for a filler were impressed! I knew exactly what he meant, which he knew I would. Shamed, which no one else in the class knew he’d done.

  42. 42
    Formerly disgruntled in Oregon says:

    @Patricia Kayden: Drones killing civilians is wrong under any Administration. Obama made good moves to reduce this problem. Trump’s naturally moving things in the wrong direction.

    Just because an issue was used in a BS way by leftist purity ponies in the past, doesn’t make the issue itself illegitimate.

  43. 43
    mad citizen says:

    @SiubhanDuinne: Oh my god, this painting leaves me speechless. Thanks (I guess) for posting:)

  44. 44
    A Ghost To Most says:

    My wife loves Alex Trebek. I only see him in the Colonial Penn ads. I wonder why he represented a shady business for so long.

  45. 45
    Formerly disgruntled in Oregon says:

    We love you Adam. Your contributions to this community are huge.

  46. 46
    Uncle Cosmo says:

    @NotMax: That brings back memories that have nothing to do with game shows! File this under “no good performance goes unquestioned”:

    Summer 1954, At the school system’s request, Mom took me to the local elementary school where I would enter first grade in the fall, to take a reading test so they could put me in the appropriate “track”.

    I completed the test & went outside to wait while the proctor graded my paper. A few minutes later she emerged, face white as a sheet. Perfect score – & I’d finished in 1/3 of the allotted time.

    The school must’ve thought I’d cheated or gotten really lucky, because they put me in the “slowest” class. Took them 3 weeks to realize their mistake – I’d been reading the morning newspaper (at that time I think we got the Baltimore News-Post) for most of the previous year. A transfer to the “fastest” section was quickly arranged – where I was still bored, but not quite as much.

  47. 47
    Ohio Mom says:

    @SiubhanDuinne: I think of efg just about every time I come here. I can’t help but imagine that whatever the news is, it’s not good.

    I think back to what might have been his last comment — when he saw we’d all been missing and thinking about him, and it made him cry. I’m glad he got to experience how appreciated he is here, and how dear we hold him.

  48. 48
    Peej01 says:

    I was a contestant on Jeopardy and can verify that the only interaction I had with Alex Trebek is when he was asking the contestant questions you see on the air…that and getting my picture taken with him, during which nothing was said.

  49. 49
    Gin & Tonic says:

    @Pogonip: I suspect Alex pissed in Adam’s Cheerios.

  50. 50
    A Ghost To Most says:

    @SiubhanDuinne: That painting is begging for a do-over, with a Russian flag, various GOP co-conspirators, and T in handcuffs.

  51. 51
    NotMax says:

    @Alternative Fax, a hip hop artist from Idaho

    Standard line kept in reserve for opening nights when attending a play someone I know is in or has directed and it turned out to be a turkey, after being asked how I liked it :

    “You must be very proud.”


  52. 52


    You may find the difficult to believe, but “artist” Jon McNaughton has fucking outdone himself with his latest “painting.” It is laughable and horrible and over the top in all possible ways.

    I find it interesting that he couldn’t think of flags worse than New York and California for AOC and Maxine Waters to be holding. Also, too, he needs to learn how to paint Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I could actually recognize the rest of the Democrats in the picture, but those two were done so badly I couldn’t tell who they were supposed to be.

  53. 53
    raven says:

    I figured the “merchant of death” is what freaked people out.

  54. 54
    germy says:

    @Peej01: How did you do during the personal history part of the show? Did you share an amusing anecdote about your life?

    That always seemed to be the toughest part of the show for me. I always imagine myself as a contestant and being unable to recall a single interesting thing about my life.

    “It says here” (Alex reading from index card) “That you comment on something called ‘Balloon Juice'” (laughter from audience) “That’s right, Alex” I reply and stare blankly out at the audience.

  55. 55
    Kathleen says:

    I wanted Adam to see this tweet from lawhawk, commenter at LGF I’ve always liked regarding Fascist group supporting Steve King:

    Identity Evropa Worked to Keep Steve King in Office | lawhawk (@lawhawk)

    Link below for his thread:


    I’d be curious about what Adam might know about this group.

  56. 56
    Jay says:

    @Patricia Kayden:

    The constant shitshow that is Needy Amin’s administration and the MSM’s constant need to clickbait the outrage and fauxrage has dropped coverage of many events.

    LGM covered a study of Watergate, Iran Contra and Trumpistan media coverage which showed that on average, the MSM covered 48 “other news” stories at the same time during the older scandals but now only front pages 2.

    As the “news” is now just infotainment and faux rage, the MSM doesn’t need journalists or coverage of other news, twitter monitors are a lot cheaper to employ. If you want to get global or even local news other than coverage of Trumpistan, you have to google.

    Coverage of the Orange Stain’s domestic shitshow dominates all the American top 10,000 lefty blogs.

  57. 57
    Old Dan and Little Ann says:

    You wrote down, Who are 3 people who have never been in my kitchen. One of my favorite lines from Cheers.

  58. 58
    Sab says:

    @Alternative Fax, a hip hop artist from Idaho: I had a friend who was disciplined in her Catholic girls high school for plagiarism because one of her papers was so good. They couldn’t identify what she had plagiarized from because it was an original piece by her. Needless to say she finished high school in public school.

    She went on to get a doctorate in classical Japanese literature, although she didn’t start learning Japanese until she was 20.

  59. 59
    satby says:

    @Ohio Mom:

    I think back to what might have been his last comment — when he saw we’d all been missing and thinking about him, and it made him cry. I’m glad he got to experience how appreciated he is here, and how dear we hold him.


  60. 60
    NotMax says:


    Also works for occasions when someone is showing off (either live or by way of photos) their incontrovertibly ugly baby.

  61. 61
    Immanentize says:

    Alex Trebek is a jackass.

  62. 62
  63. 63
    Ruviana says:

    @SiubhanDuinne: Campos has it at LGM too, on my phone so no link but the curious can use Mr. Google.

  64. 64
    Mandalay says:


    House Democrats on Wednesday postponed indefinitely a vote on a resolution condemning anti-Semitism

    Good. They realized that they wildly overreacted, and backed down. I hope they have learned their lesson, and completely drop their disgusting stunt. Support for Ilhan Omar from Harris and Sanders put those vile, craven fuckers in very, very deep shit:

    Kamala Harris: “But like some of my colleagues in the Congressional Black Caucus, I am concerned that the spotlight being put on Congresswoman Omar may put her at risk,” Harris continued. “We should be having a sound, respectful discussion about policy.”….

    Bernie Sanders: “What I fear is going on in the House now is an effort to target Congresswoman Omar as a way of stifling that debate,” the senator concluded. “That’s wrong.”

    Right now I feel about Pelosi the way Adam feels about Alex Trebek.

  65. 65
    satby says:

    @raven: Not me! After the last few months, I have decided to expatriate to Midsomer, UK.
    I think living in a cozy English countryside hamlet where cheerful eccentrics slaughter each other will be very restful compared to here and IRL lately.
    The entire U.S. has PTSD.

  66. 66
    Immanentize says:

    @NotMax: From last thread — my respect for Sheen grew when I learned about that scene. I mean he was working with Mr. Method!

    See, Guys and Dolls.

  67. 67
    raven says:

    @Sab: I wrote a paper about 1984 in high school and the teacher flunked me because he said there was no way I could know what totalitarian meant and that I had plagiarized . My old man raised hell and the teacher relented when he couldn’t find where I had plagiarized it from. Years later I was at a White Sox game and I got into a conversation with a woman who had gone to my high school. When we were reviewing good and bad teachers I mentioned this dickhead and she said ” you are right, he’s an asshole and he’s my father”!

  68. 68
    Steeplejack says:


    Damn, after all the effort you took to get there, they should have let you “audit” the class!

  69. 69
    NotMax says:


    Had he done it intentionally for just that scene, maybe. My understanding, though, is that was smack in the middle of his plotzed period.

  70. 70
    Pogonip says:

    @Alternative Fax, a hip hop artist from Idaho: You mean he predicted you were going to get rich?

  71. 71
    Immanentize says:


    he’s an asshole and he’s my father”!

    Near universal observation when one is young.

  72. 72
    Another Scott says:

    @Immanentize: You mean Sean Connery was right??!!


  73. 73
    Peej01 says:

    @germy: the personal anecdote wasn’t as hard as the promo I had to do for the local station.

  74. 74
    Formerly disgruntled in Oregon says:

    @Mandalay: Glad to see support for Rep. Omar from Kamala – does this help relieve your butthurt over “President Harris” from earlier?

  75. 75
    raven says:

    @Immanentize: This was at least 20 years after high school and the dude was a fucking jerk.

  76. 76
    burnspbesq says:

    I should know better than to make and eat tuna salad with a cat in the same room …

  77. 77
    Immanentize says:

    @NotMax: I know. But even plotzed can produce art. Look at Bukowski.

  78. 78
    Immanentize says:

    @raven: Good on her for getting out….

  79. 79
  80. 80
    Pogonip says:

    @germy: I’d have trouble with that too. My life is very quiet.

    I did a good fall in MA class once, but only because I tripped over a wrinkle in the mat.

  81. 81
    Gin & Tonic says:

    @Sab: Isn’t that sort of the plot of Finding Forrester?

  82. 82
    Pogonip says:

    @raven: Really? He’s always been quite frank about what he does for a living.

  83. 83
    eclare says:

    @Mnemosyne: It did not come across as a joke by any means.

  84. 84
    NotMax says:


    Must have been in sixth grade when I turned in a paper with the word sidereal in it, used correctly. Teacher gave it a low grade, along with a notation that the grade was due to there being no such word.

    Lugged the big dictionary from home to school the next day. Grade was changed.

    Cut to some months later, nearer the end of the school year. Same teacher asked me to stay after class, pulled open his desk drawer and flourished a legal pad, with a handful of names written on it. “These are the names of my favorite students. Notice you are not on the list.”

  85. 85
    Jay says:


    The normal response to “an outrage” is a Resolution of Censure. The Caucus started out with censuring anti-semitism, then learned that the accusations of anti-semitism was fauxrage.

    Under pressure from Tlaib, AOC and others, they modified the proposed censure to include islamophobia, in the hopes that coverage would shift to other recent actual outrages,

    And then behind closed doors, it was made clear to “Senior Management” that any Resolution, no matter how it was worded, would be used by the MSM, Wingnuttia and the RWNJ’s to attack Ohmar and paint the Democratic Party as an anti-semetic terrorist enabling group.

    What frustrates me is how slow Democrats are on the uptake.

  86. 86
    raven says:

    @Pogonip: People here get freaked out by a lot less than that.

  87. 87
    RandyG says:

    The only contestants who get to mingle with Trebek are the mega-champions who get called back for the special tournaments…. and mingle they do. The run-of-the-mill daily champs don’t get to meet him other than on-stage, as with the other contestants. Actually, audience members get to mingle with him more, when during breaks in the taping he comes out and takes questions.

  88. 88
    raven says:

    Yea, Mr VanderMerkt didn’t like me either. One of the great motivators to earn a doctorate. Fuck all of em.

  89. 89
    Mike in NC says:

    @mad citizen: It’s a terrible painting, or a disaster to use one of his favorite words. Fat Bastard’s necktie should be at least a foot longer, and his belly 100 pounds bigger. Apparently it shows him tweeting some very deep thoughts about hamberders. I may have to give several as Christmas gifts to people I hate (i.e., Trump voters on my street).

  90. 90
    Another Scott says:

    @NotMax: And you continue to make trouble here!! Mr. Smarty Pants!!11

    Hehe. Great stories.



  91. 91
    eemom says:


    I don’t know what vile, heinous crimes Alex Trebek committed to elicit your over-the-top response to news of his cancer diagnosis, so I think your apology was warranted.

    Heretic! Russian troll!

    J-whatever in Senile, WV is gonna pie you any minute now. THEN you’ll be sorry.

  92. 92
    BobS says:

    @burnspbesq: If she does nothing else (and I’m guessing Pelosi is praying she says nothing else), the young lady deserves the rookie-of-the-year award just for getting this conversation on the front page.
    She gets a contribution from this non-constituent in 2020.

  93. 93
    FelonyGovt says:

    Adam, I didn’t see your comment but you should know how much we appreciate you, your expertise and your informative posts.

    @Uncle Cosmo: Same kind of thing happened to me a few years later- they decided to put me in the “slow” first grade class, where I went on to help the teacher teach other kids to read.

  94. 94
    germy says:

    Balloon-Juice: Where all the former children are above average.

  95. 95
    mrmoshpotato says:

    @NotMax: A written list of favorite students. What a weird thing to be kept by a teacher.

  96. 96
    Matt McIrvin says:

    @Baud: It was always a worthy concern. It was never a sensible way to prove that Obama was worse than Bush, which seemed to be the preoccupation of a lot of the people mentioning it–the very ones who seem unconcerned with the escalation of the program under Trump.

  97. 97
    Anne Laurie says:


    TFW, u make it to PT on time, put on new swim wear, find ur way to the therapy pool, make ur way into the pool,while u wait for the RPT to find your name, but they don’t, and u realize..shit. ur here on the wrong day..Yup, PT appt is NEXT wk. had to trudge myself out of the pool..

    I’ve been there! FWIW, you can think of it as a trial run… now you have a time trial on how long it takes you to suit up & get where you need to be…

  98. 98

    Piya Milenge: You will find (your beloved). A beautiful Sufi composition by A. R. Rahman sung by Sukhwinder Singh
    Rough paraphrase
    The one you are trying to find
    Is within you

    What’s lovely it uses verses from the Guru Granth Saheb (Sikh Holy book) and Islam. And the entire song plays like a bhajan (a Hindu hymn).
    This movie’s score is among Rahman’s best. I like it better than Slum Dog Millionaire.

  99. 99
    Pogonip says:

    @Gin & Tonic: Ah, the Unpardonable Sin of Trebek, blighting the entire Kingdom of Hollywood until a fresh young warrior named Adam came along…

  100. 100
    David 🎅🎄Merry Christmas🎄🎅 Koch says:

    ‘Captain Marvel’ Top Fandango Preseller Since ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

    Captain Marvel has scored more advance ticket sales than any film since fellow Marvel juggernaut Avengers: Infinity War in late April of last year, Fandango announced Tuesday.

    Tracking services show Captain Marvel debuting domestically in the $125 million-$145 million range, the second-biggest start for a Marvel Cinematic Universe title starring a new solo character behind Black Panther.

    “Fans can’t wait to experience the nostalgic ‘90s vibe of the film and to see Brie Larson as one of the most powerful and relatable superheroes we’ve seen on the big screen,” says Fandango managing editor Erik Davis.

    Girl Power

  101. 101
    eemom says:


    the young lady

    Interesting choice of words.

  102. 102
    Sab says:

    @Gin & Tonic: Not really. Upper middle class white girl disrespected and underestimated in parochial high school. I remember “Finding Forrester” as having a slightly different plot.

  103. 103
    RandyG says:

    btw, for anyone who has thoughts of being on Jeopardy!, the online qualifying test, the first step in the process, is being given in a few weeks, April 9,10,11. Sign up here.

  104. 104
    Anne Laurie says:

    Adam, you’re a gracious man, but don’t worry *too* much. We all show our… less attractive facets… at some point, and given how much value you contribute here, you’re entitled to a few missteps.

    (Says the Queen of Saying The Wrong Thing, at the Wrong Time)

  105. 105
    raven says:

    Apparently not according to some of these dickheads.

  106. 106
    maura says:

    huhn. well i was not offended or upset in any way, but may i just say that was an excellent apology. i accept your apology!!
    i find it so acceptable i am saving it and intend to use it in the future and i will never admit i stole it

  107. 107
    mad citizen says:

    @Mike in NC: Good plan. Actually it reminds me of the work of a longtime editorial cartoonist for the local right-wing IndyStar newspaper. That dude doesn’t even deserve his name checked here. I tweeted to the painter, noting what I learned here recently, that the people didn’t crack the 50% mark of throwing Nixon out until 2 weeks before he resigned. For some reason I find that kind of fascinating.

  108. 108
    kindness says:

    Sounds like an Uh Ohh. Thankfully I did not see the thread in question. Don’t worry Adam. Sometimes we get bent out of shape for odd things. And as one who has pissed off more than a couple folk here on occasion….don’t worry.

  109. 109
    mad citizen says:

    @RandyG: Why does everything in our lives involve creating a phucking account? No thanks! (at least for tonight). I just spent time creating a Mobile Passport account, only to discover the airport I’m flying back into is not included in the program. Then created a new account for the State Department STEP program. Two new accounts is enough for one night.

  110. 110
    The Midnight Lurker says:

    From SNL Celebrity Jeopardy:

    Sean Connery: I’ve got to ask you about the Penis Mightier.

    Alex Trebek: What? No. No, no, that is The Pen is Mightier.

    Sean Connery: Gussy it up however you want, Trebek. What matters is does it work? Will it really mighty my penis, man?

    Alex Trebek: It’s not a product, Mr. Connery.

    Sean Connery: Because I’ve ordered devices like that before – wasted a pretty penny, I don’t mind telling you. And if The Penis Mightier works, I’ll order a dozen.

    Alex Trebek: It’s not a Penis Mightier, Mr. Connery. There’s no such thing!

    Nicholas Cage: Wait, wait, wait.. are you selling Penis Mightiers?

    Alex Trebek: No! No, I’m not.

    Sean Connery: Well, you’re sitting on a gold mine, Trebek!

  111. 111
    eemom says:

    It IS interesting when folks who fancy themselves the arbiter of civility and righteous dick swinging “Imma ban your name calling ass” authority suddenly let slip the mask and bare their own personal bloodthirsty fangs.

    Judge not lest ye be judged. That is all.

  112. 112
    J R in WV says:

    @Alternative Fax, a hip hop artist from Idaho:

    I took Latin as a foreign language in high school, partly because we didn’t have to converse in Latin, just be able to translate Cicero and J Caesar, etc. I took it at crack o dawn AM in order to get to band practice in the afternoons, and as a sleepy person, I sat directly in front of the teacher’s desk.

    This made it practically impossible to cheat, plus I didn’t care enough to want to cheat. I was happy to make Cs pretty easily, and the second year, I started to get a better grip on vocabulary and grammar, and so began to make better grades.

    So one morning, Miss Simmonds told me to stay after class let out. She told me that those Bs and As I had made were solely because I was cheating, and she was going to prove it and have me expelled. Now, really, she couldn’t do that. She may have been able to give me Fs for the following grading periods, maybe.

    But I was angered, and told her the bare bones truth — I did not care about her horrible presentation of Latin, I did not want better grades from her, nothing could convince me to cheat in her dreadful classes, and she could do as she pleased, I was going to sit in her class, right in front of her, and take her shitty tests, and if she dreamed she could catch a student who wasn’t cheating, well, she was dreaming.

    She never said another word to me, and I got straight As the rest of the year. Bitch. I still remember the hot flush of anger she produced in me… Bitch! I bet she was a Republican! If she had accused me in front of the whole class I would have exploded exactly the same way in front of everyone. As if I cared about her shitty class enough to cheat!!

    I’m sorry you have that shitty memory about a class like that!!!

  113. 113

    @eemom: Did you see the recommendations of some newer movies that I left for you. I also gave you the streaming options for both my recommendations.

  114. 114
    BobS says:

    @eemom: You think? ‘Young man’ just didn’t seem to say what I wanted.

  115. 115
    Alternative Fax, a hip hop artist from Idaho says:

    @raven: Truer words and all that. And we’re all wound up and on edge, so it takes even less than usual. Well by “we” I mainly mean I’m tired and surly lately, though I don’t give much a fuck about anything these days, so I’m rather hard to rile.

  116. 116

    If Trebek were to meet or hobnob with contestants before the show it would only be a matter of time before he was accused of favoritism by some sore loser. Americans are a litigious bunch.

  117. 117
    eemom says:


    I saw the movies you recommended but not the streaming options. Please to remind?

  118. 118

    @eemom: Raazi is on Amazon Prime and Google Play. Newton is on Amazon Prime.

  119. 119


    J-whatever in Senile, WV is gonna pie you any minute now. THEN you’ll be sorry.

    bwhahahahahaa jesus christ this is golden.

  120. 120

    @mrmoshpotato: And such a .. trite thing to do to a child. “Here’s my favorites and your not one of them.” Like you can’t be in my special club because I don’t like you.

    Lesson learned.

  121. 121
    Alternative Fax, a hip hop artist from Idaho says:

    @BobS: If I had to guess the preference would be for young “woman.” Mine certainly would be, but a) it’s not a hill to die on today for me and b) I don’t think your intent was to be demeaning.

  122. 122
    eemom says:


    Would you have uttered that same sentence and substituted “young gentleman” if you’d been talking about a congressMAN Omar’s age?

    Dunno, “young lady” when referring to a grown woman and elected official as opposed to, say, your 10 year old granddaughter just strikes me as a tad off. Maybe it’s the connotation to high school principals with spanking fetishes.

    If it quacks like a duck….🤣

  123. 123
    eemom says:


    Thank you!! Will check them out.

  124. 124
    J R in WV says:


    OMG, look who’s talking about civility?!?!?!

    ETA: What kind of pie is that, anyway?

  125. 125
    Gin & Tonic says:

    @BruceFromOhio: Many (many!) years ago, in some weird youth leadership thing, I met a guy a few years younger who was kind of a jerk. The first words I spoke to him were “I don’t much like you.”

    Of course, he’s been one of my closest friends for decades.

  126. 126
    BobS says:

    @eemom: Nope. I’d have probably written ‘young man’ if I were referring to a young man. I’m gonna’ guess you lost your shit over the young woman’s use of “allegiance”, too. Because you do seem to look for any excuse to lose your shit.

  127. 127
    Gin & Tonic says:


    Maybe it’s the connotation to high school principals with spanking fetishes.

    Hmm, that seems to have gone south pretty quickly.

  128. 128
    eemom says:

    @J R in WV:

    I’m actually NOT talking about civility, O master of irony and nuance.

    Rest assured, if there’s ever a Nobel Prize for Pie Filter Drama Queen, you’re there.

  129. 129
    eemom says:


    How dare you make that pronouncement in utter ignorance of my entire 56 year history of losing my shit.

  130. 130
    prostratedragon says:

    @germy: No matter what your nightmare is, you’re never the only one who has it.

  131. 131
    burnspbesq says:


    Right now I feel about Pelosi the way Adam feels about Alex Trebek.

    Pelosi is far smarter than you, and has an entire majority caucus to cat-herd.

    She gets the benefit if the doubt. You don’t.

  132. 132
    Mandalay says:

    @Formerly disgruntled in Oregon:

    does this help relieve your butthurt over “President Harris” from earlier

    Only inasmuch as the leadership has had a gun held to its head, but they only backed down because they had no choice. If they unwisely resurrect their disgusting efforts to go after Rep. Omar then they will split the party, and boost Trump’s chances of being re-elected.

    The leadership could even provoke Sanders to say “Fuck it – I’m running for president as an independent because I can’t stomach this bullshit”. That would guarantee that the Democratic Party would not win the presidency, and might even improve Sanders’ chances. He could distinguish himself from the Republican and Democrat by being the only candidate for president who didn’t grovel, and kiss Israel’s ass.

  133. 133
    BobS says:

    @Mandalay: They aren’t going to go after her again. The Democratic elders slept through a tectonic shift on the issue. Pelosi is smart enough to learn from the past few days (it’s been more of a lesson for her than Omar).

  134. 134
    Ohio Mom says:

    @The Midnight Lurker: Thank you because I could not get the link to work. I was going to go to google but then I got distracted by an incoming text — anyway, now I’m caught up.

    And exhausted. It was an extremely long day. An extremely long week. Time for bed. Good night all.

  135. 135
    Villago Delenda Est says:

    @Mandalay: Thank you for sharing your Wilmer fantasies with us.

  136. 136
    Kay says:


    J-whatever in Senile, WV


  137. 137
    Brickley Paiste says:

    That asshole Trebek sexually assaulted a good friend of mine during a trade show in Toronto 20 years ago

    Whenever I am in LAX I always keep an eye out for him because if I ever see him I am going to hit him square in the mouth. The cancer diagnosis doesn’t change that.

  138. 138
    David 🎅🎄Merry Christmas🎄🎅 Koch says:

    @Mandalay: The same Wilmer who just caved and voted for Drumpf’s wall

    Or is it the Wilmer who stabbed AOC in the back and voted to fully fund the ICE-Gestapo-kidnappers

    Or is it the same Wilmer who said “aren’t most drug dealers black?”

    Or maybe it’s the Wilmer who ran a campaign who paid women lower wages than men for the same work.

  139. 139
    joel hanes says:


    Ah. An opportunity to trot out one of my favorite internet quote-grabs, off unfogged some years back :

    If you go through your comments carefully after drafting them, and remove all occurrences of the phrase “Look, dickweed,” civility becomes child’s play. — Posted by: LizardBreath

  140. 140
    Gex says:

    @germy: that is not the experience my friend had. She was on last year, has discussed chatting with Trebek, and has several selfies with him, some where he’s playing along with a pose or theme she suggested.

  141. 141
    Olivia says:

    @burnspbesq: When I make tuna salad, I chop and combine all the ingredients before I even take the tuna out of the pantry because cats. The last time I made it, they started stalking me when I was chopping the onion and celery. I must have some technique that I only use for tuna salad because they never bother when I chop vegetables for other dishes.

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