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Today, pictures from valued commenter Stephen Benson.

We are famous for our hummingbirds in Palm Springs. We’ve also been going through a series of harsh winter storms. The first time in recorded temperatures that we have gone over 90 days without reaching 80 degrees. This morning I was out by my feeders and got this little guy. That’s a male Costa’s Hummingbird, approaching the feeder.

Taken on 2019-02-22 00:00:00

Palm Springs, California

Along with many other things, my town is famous for hummingbirds. We’ve been going through a severe storm period where we have gotten over four years average rainfall in two months. This morning, I see this guy.


Thank you so much Stephen Benson, do send us more when you can.


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  1. 1
    Mary G says:

    Such a tiny little guy.

  2. 2
    JPL says:

    It won’t be long before the hummingbirds return here.

  3. 3
    stinger says:

    I love hummers! We’re having record seasonal low temps here in the Midwest as well. It will be some time before the tiny ones arrive in my “garden” (hard to think of it that way, as it’s many inches deep under a blanket of snow and ice).

  4. 4
    Elizabelle says:

    Yea hummingbirds. And yea Palm Springs. Love them both. Thanks for the photo.

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