Notice and prepping for 2020 open enrollment

The Notice for Benefit and Payment Parameters (NBPP) is an annual rule that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) puts out. NBPP is the operational rule book for the Affordable Care Act. It determines what types of plans can be offered, how pricing is determined, when do things need to be approved, and whether or not Silver Loading is allowed or a Broad Load is required. This is all big stuff for the ACA markets.

Traditionally, NBPP is out in late fall. NBPP 2019 was out in early December 2017.

NBPP 2020 is still not available. It is moving through the regulatory process right now and depending on how different entities that still have to review the rule are funded, it could be coming out soon or it could still be a while.

I am not too worried yet. Insurers want as much time to make plans on a fixed rule set as possible. However, there is still time in the plan construction process. In 2017, the Trump Administration released a preliminary rule in mid-February that significantly altered several key benefit and actuarial parameters. The most notable change was increasing the allowable bands of de minimas variation in actuarial value for all metal plans. The final rule was issued in April, 2017. Insurers were able to alter their plan offerings to incorporate the new parameters without too much stress.

NBPP-2020 ideally should have been released for notice and comment around Halloween and the final rule should have ideally been out by the New Year. But as long as it is released in the near future and far more importantly as long as it does not contain massive policy changes like mandatory Broad Loading of CSR, insurers can roll with the punches and give their actuaries and plan designers more coffee as they deal with a less than timely partner.

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    sherparick says:

    Trump’s minions at HHS believe that ACA is just another benefit for the “Damned” who are condemned to suffer.

    One of things driving the underlings in the Trump administration is that they are actual religious nuts. Pompeo, Pence, Mulvaney, the folks in HHS EPA, etc. all believe that the worse they make things, the sooner moment of “the Rapture” and the Second Coming. Sarah Kendzior is must reading and listening. “Gaslight Nation”

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    Yarrow says:

    Is the shutdown affecting/going to affect the NBPP 2020 release?

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