Sunday Morning Open Thread: Community Chat


Couple meet-up proposals, promoted from the comments, just in case:

PsiFighter37 says:
January 12, 2019 at 6:31 pm
It is very short notice, but I am out in Denver for business and will be free this coming Tuesday evening (1/15) after 7PM or so. I am staying in the heart of downtown and would love to get a drink or two with any Juiciers who are in the neighborhood. I don’t think I have made a meetup since July 2013 in Seattle, so would love to get a chance to see any folks!

ruemara says:
January 12, 2019 at 9:53 pm
Speaking of meetups, Seattle Juicers, Friday night good for you? Or Saturday?


And for the LMM stans…

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    rikyrah says:

    Good Morning,Everyone 😄😄😄

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    OzarkHillbilly says:


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    Betty Cracker says:

    Just took a quick tour of MSM outlets and was heartened to see prominent coverage of the NYT’s and WaPo’s Trump-Russia stories, even with all the other stuff going on.

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    NotMax says:

    Sunday is funday.



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    Baud says:

    @rikyrah: Good morning.

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    Amir Khalid says:

    It’s I-don’t-have-to-run-day.

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    A couple of pics:

    IR of Downtown LA with Mt. San Antonio in the background, this is one of the IR photos that I reprocessed today.*

    *Available at, don’t delay, buy today!

    The Orion Nebula taken a few hours ago, got in a quick photo shoot before the next storm arrives.

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    We’re flying to Florida this afternoon, so I have some last minute shopping to do for travel sized liquids and gels.

    It feels like the story of the FIB investigating Trump is having some impact. Lordy, I hope there are tapes.

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    frosty says:

    Blech indeed. This is the second weekend day in a row that i’m wide awake at 7:00. This doesn’t happen on a workday. Reckon I’ll drag myself out of bed and see how much snow is falling.

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    poleaxedbyboatwork says:

    One of the more distressing (tho entirely and understandably human) reactions to our current predicament is how so many cannot (or steadfastly will not) conceive or countenance how we are where we are. Cuz it’s “inconceivable!” h/t Wallace Shawn.

    Expect it’s natural for many to look away in horror and reject the reality we face.


    It’s a problem, b/c we are where we are b/c we have an obvious unindicted demonstrable criminal traitor in the White House. This ain’t even a hard call. Don’t need Muelluer to know this.

    Point being: If you are unwilling to countenance this reality, yer prolly unwilling (to say nothing of unable) to do anything about it. So you bitch and grouse and maunder — but you pointedly DON’T call for action.

    Where does this cut? Well, purty much across the board with the MSM — i.e. the Jake Tappers and the Chuck Toddlers and the Chris Wallace’s of the world, all of whom ineffectually critique our criminal preznit’s actions, but don’t call for action to the tsunami of lying and criminality.

    One of the biggest reasons, imo, that this travesty continues, is b/c Very Serious Persons is/are willing to critique our predicament, but not go the next step, i.e. EVERY-fucking-ONE knows Trump is unfit. Don’t need impeachent or emouluments or anything else to see what is plain — question is: Whatt’rya gonna fucking *do* about it?

    And that’s where the rubber meets the road. If you ain’t willing to say sumpin needs to be done, then what you do — even tho you fucking well know better — is you engage in theatre criticism.

    I guess this is all gotta play out till everyone catches up, but it’s so goddamn frustrating to think we gotta wait to do anything about Trump when the stupid sonuvabitch al-fucking-ready admitted — to Lester Holt and millions a peeples — to obstruction of justice.

    Can’t we get started on this shit already?

    Guess I realize it takes awhile for timid folks to come around to what’s trans-fuckng-parently obvious, but.

    It’s stupid and fucking cowardly.

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    germy says:


    This Woman Can’t Hear Men Due to a Rare Temporary Condition

    No mansplaining for her.

    I remember an interview with Brian Setzer. He has profound hearing loss from years of high volume music making.

    He’s not suffering, though. He made light of it in the interview, saying he can no longer hear “women and small children.”

    EDIT: A friend went to a recent concert of his and told me it was uncomfortably loud. Brian wears adequate hearing protection nowadays, so no worries apparently.

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    thruppence says:

    I’m really looking forward to next Sunday’s lunar eclipse, but now most forecasts say it will be “mostly cloudy” everywhere around here (Denverish). I guess I’ll need a thermos of coffee, binoculars, hope and patience. Will it be clear where you are?

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    Betty Cracker says:

    @Dorothy A. Winsor: Not sure what part of FL you’re flying to, but the weather has been glorious this weekend in the central part of the state. Supposed to plunge back into the 60s (as high temps) starting tomorrow though. Time to bust out the parkas!

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    John S. says:

    Despite corporate media’s best attempt to spin the Trump shutdown, a narrow majority of Americans put the blame where it squarely belongs.

    53% blame Trump and the Republicans, 27% (crazification factor) blame the Democrats, and 13% are corporate journalists who say both sides bear equal responsibility for the shutdown.

    Of course, the number of people blaming Trump for the Trump shutdown would be much higher if 68% of Republicans didn’t blindly follow their Dear Leader regardless of what he says and does.

  17. 17

    @Betty Cracker: We’ll be on the Gulf coast north of Ft Myers. I’m deeply grateful it’s cooler. My SIL and her husband don’t run the AC. Every time we go, I risk living through a Seinfeld episode.

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    OzarkHillbilly says:

    @germy: 35 years in the trades have have left me with a fair amount of hearing loss. There are certain pitches I can’t hear so that a sentence will go like ” thought it was go to r n tod .” After my brain processes what I heard, it fills in the blanks depending on the context of the discussion. In the above example, if we are talking about the whether it is easy to infer, “I thought it was going to rain today.” Usually it works. Sometimes it makes no sense at all, especially when it is a comment out of left field not pertinent to the conversation. Then I have to ask them to repeat it and they say it again with inflections that are just different enough that I am able to pick up on the missing syllable/s. Other times I just can’t get it and I have to ask them to spell it.

    Other pitches are just plain painful, cut thru me like a knife. Sirens come to mind.

    My phone conversations tend to be very short. I also do not take oral directions. Period. It’s funny how many people will insist on trying to tell me how to get somewhere. It just doesn’t work. By the time my brain has processed what somebody has said, and transferred it to paper they are already thru their next directional. Fuhgeddaboudit. Give me a location, a street address, lat/ long coordinates, anything that pinpoints a location, and I will find it.

    My wife is very patient. Between my deafness and her accent, there are times it just can’t connect.

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    A Ghost To Most says:

    @Betty Cracker: I flipped (briefly) to Fascist News, and they had some Newt the Slimy quote up maligning BB3STX. They are who we thought they were.

  20. 20
    OzarkHillbilly says:

    @Betty Cracker:

    Supposed to plunge back into the 60s


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    Elizabelle says:

    I love the warm quality of the light from that little book library. Beautiful against the stark snowscape.

    So: we have a little slushy snow (an inch? two?) with cold rain and occasionally sleet coming down in Richmond, VA. Woke to hearing sleet hit the roof, which is very soothing sound. Good day to be in reading and whatever.

    Happy Sunday, jackals.

    We are safer today for having the IC/Deep State’s leak to the NY Times out. Trump and Co. have always wanted to fire Mueller and Rosenstein and everyone with any curiosity. I think this makes it harder to do, because the sane public has been noticing a lot of the same strange behavior that set off the FBI probe.

    Stupidly sunny optimist here, but I think Trump’s days in office are numbered. How many though, is the question. I don’t think he will make it through his whole stolen term, but time will tell.

    Tick. Tock.

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    Immanentize says:

    Hey Blech friend. Most excellent paella evening. One all seafood — shrimp, squid, and lobster; one chicken and sausage. Cooked outside on wood and charcoal fires. So good!! Again, thank you for the many assists.

  23. 23
    debbie says:

    @A Ghost To Most:

    Google is no help; can I please get a translation on “BB3STX”?

  24. 24
    Amir Khalid says:

    I once heard the late Keith Floyd describing paella as a “Spanish biriani”. That suggests that it might be something adapted from the cuisine of Spain’s Muslim conquerors.

  25. 25
    A Ghost To Most says:

    @Betty Cracker:

    Supposed to plunge back into the 60s (as high temps) starting tomorrow though. Time to bust out the parkas!

    Giggle. 60s is shorts and t-shirt weather for the youngs around here. That was Thursday. Right now it is 18 degrees and a snow globe. Warming up again tomorrow, and the snow will vaporize. Winter comes and goes so quickly here.

    Enjoy the limpkins.

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    JPL says:

    @Elizabelle: I agree with you because there is a reason for all the leaks, and they are not to help trump.

  27. 27
    A Ghost To Most says:

    Bobby Three Sticks.

  28. 28
    Amir Khalid says:

    Bobby Three Sticks, or as I call him, der Müller Gottes.

  29. 29
    zhena gogolia says:


    Bobby Three Sticks (Robert Mueller III). It’s rikyrah’s favorite name for him — I think the urban legend is it’s the moniker given him by the Mob as they trembled before him.

  30. 30
    Immanentize says:

    @Amir Khalid:
    Well, rice didn’t come from nowhere in Spain.

  31. 31
  32. 32
    debbie says:

    @zhena gogolia:

    It was the double B that threw me off.

  33. 33
    Immanentize says:

    It’s been pretty dry around here — but cold. Currently 15. I know I shouldn’t say this, because I will certainly regret it, but I am hoping we get some snow soon. Haven’t had any yet this year to speak of and this type of cold is just more bearable when there is quiet snow all about.

  34. 34
    OzarkHillbilly says:

    @Immanentize: Great. Happy to be stenographer/interpreter/gobetween. Food is life.

    (my wife speaks excellent English, the interpreting I did was in filling in the blanks and rephrasing what she said)

  35. 35
    Matt McIrvin says:

    @Amir Khalid: Reminds me of how tacos al pastor were a Mexican adaptation of shawarma.

  36. 36
    MomSense says:

    I’m listening to the professional left podcast and it’s really something. It’s their 9th anniversary retrospective and the pattern of Republican behavior leading to trump is absolutely consistent. I feel like tweeting it to all the never trumpers but they would never listen to it. Ugh.

  37. 37
    debbie says:


    I heard this yesterday. It doesn’t sound like such a problem to me.

  38. 38
    Spanky says:

    @Elizabelle: Still snowing up here in balmy Confederate Southern MD. About 6″ so far, which blows through the last forecast I saw that said 4″ total.

    It’s supposed to end around sunset, so we’ll see what we end up with. I feel like I may have Strep, and I ain’t gonna run the pickup through this stuff to urgent care until the roads clear. County plow came through a little past midnight, and that’s been it.

  39. 39
    Immanentize says:

    @OzarkHillbilly: yes and paella for me is a community effort mostly with my friend from law school. Almost all the folks there had at least one member of the family from EPA and therefore it was basically a furloughed party. But very festive none the less.

  40. 40
    Spanky says:

    @Spanky: Oh yeah … blech.

  41. 41
    chris says:

    Going up to -2C/29F today. Walks will be shorter than normal and Bert will be fine with that. Like me, the older he gets the more he seems to feel the cold.

  42. 42
    Immanentize says:

    @Matt McIrvin: Hell, at least something good came out of the crusades!

  43. 43
    OzarkHillbilly says:

    Jim Bachor makes street art – quite literally.

    For the last few years the 52-year-old has been making art out of the blight on our roads.

    Inspired to make mosiacs after a trip to Italy in the late 90s, Bachor has become “the pothole guy”, decorating holes in streets with colourful designs ranging from chickens to Aretha Franklin’s face.

    He made his first pothole mosaic in 2013, just outside his home in Chicago. “The potholes in our street were particularly bad,” he says. “I put two and two together. I had this unsolvable problem outside of our house, and 100 yards away in my studio I have this passion for an art form that is so durable.”

    Wearing a high-vis jacket and armed with traffic cones, Bachor has so far created 79 installations around the world including in New York and Helsinki. He creates the mosaics in his studio, fixing the artwork on a cheesecloth. Bachor then prepares the concrete on site and carefully sets the mosaic in the road. It takes about two hours, and he’s back the next day when the concrete is set to scrub off the excess.
    He doesn’t know the legalities of filling in potholes without permission, and his New York installations were removed by the city’s transport department. His work seems to cause less trouble in his hometown.

    “There was one time on south side of Chicago. This cop gets out and walks up to me and says, ‘Are you that pothole guy?’

    “‘Yeah,’ I said.

    “He goes, ‘That is so fucking cool.’”

  44. 44
    OzarkHillbilly says:

    @debbie: There are times, I am sure, where my wife might find it a blessing.

  45. 45
    donnah says:

    Here in SW Ohio we got a soft and steady snowfall all day yesterday and apparently overnight as well. So this morning, everything is blanketed in six or seven inches of fluffy, beautiful snow. It’s my very favorite kind of day, where I’m not obligated to go anywhere (because I can’t) and I can sit and work on my current rug hooking project guilt-free.

    It’s beautiful!

  46. 46
    OzarkHillbilly says:

    @Amir Khalid: The Muslim influence is everywhere in Majorca.

  47. 47
    Ceci n est pas mon nym says:

    Meh. Got an inch here in the Philly burbs. Couldn’t decide whether to use a feather duster or just look sternly at it to clear it. When I get snow I want serious snow, dammit! People used to say “when you’re grown up and have to drive in it and clear your own sidewalk, then you’ll hate it.” That never happened. One of the many ways I never grew up, I guess.

    Anyway, it’s cleared and I’ve already had the hot chocolate that only tastes right after you do the shoveling. And now nothing to do but read you jackals.

    So is that guy in jail yet? Why not?

  48. 48
  49. 49
    comrade scotts agenda of rage says:

    Psifigher37, Denver meetup:

    No idea if this will be seen but I’m available and nearby. Email me and we can work out details.

  50. 50
    rikyrah says:

    Bobby Three Sticks=Special Counsel Robert Mueller, III

  51. 51
    debbie says:


    Love those mosaics! Similarly, this guy.

  52. 52
    Elizabelle says:

    Immanetize’s paella feast sounds awesome. All the tastier in 15 degree weather. And thanks to Ozark and Sra. Ozark for sharing the recipe in the first place.

    Here’s my favorite thing from the internet this morning. From Upworthy, originally posted in March 2017. An artist replaced the men in these classic Westerns with women. The images are awesome.

    Artist/prof Felice House paints women into some classic Western poses and personas.

    Reminds me a bit of Kehinde Wiley’s work, in reclaiming imagery reserved for royals and elites and myth-makers and extending it to those left out, originally.

    [Felice House] also says practicing the facial expressions and body language was the hardest part for the models. “Women are kind of trained to make coy, approachable facial expressions” …

    … The paintings themselves are larger than life. Roughly 1.25 times larger, to be specific. “When you see them in person, people are surprised by the scale.” People aren’t used to women towering over them, House says. And that’s exactly the point. House wanted to start a conversation about who is assigned power and how we view it.

    Ms. House is assistant prof at Texas A&M. I would love to see these paintings IRL. I hope they travel. They should.

    They remind me of the women in Godless (Netflix).

  53. 53
    Honus says:

    @Elizabelle: I think that’s one of those Sears pre-cut kit houses next to the library, too.

  54. 54
    debbie says:


    Love those paintings, especially the brushwork for the horse on Rebekah Wayne.

  55. 55
    WereBear says:

    @🐾BillinGlendaleCA: Love these!

    Talk about your two ends of town…

  56. 56
    satby says:

    Good morning all, especially our morning 🌞 @rikyrah:!
    It snowed steadily here and we ended up with about 3-4 inches of fluffy light snow. Since I have to do some major cleaning for trip prep, and get laundry and packing done, I’m also going to be having an inside day. With regular excursions out for the dogs, all of whom are old enough not to be enthused about snow anymore. Last night seemed oddly bright as the snow ended, at 10p.m. you could see blue sky through the scattered clouds, not a dark sky like normal. It was strange but lovely.

  57. 57
    PsiFighter37 says:

    @comrade scotts agenda of rage: Noted! I’m staying at the Westin, to give you a geographic sense of location. Not sure where my client meeting will be but likely in the same area.

  58. 58
    Uncle Cosmo says:

    @Amir Khalid: I prefer “Bobby 3Styx” myself, it sounds so classically allusive – alluding to the pestiferous sewer-cum-stream that the Grumpf’s orange-nimbused head should be ducked repeatedly into as his wuthless sack-of-flesh is being conveyed over to the eternal restlessness of Hey Deze. (Charon the ferryman will not transport him for free, so we should take up a collection for him, since Twitler will stiff him like the rest of his contractors…)

  59. 59
    Tenar Arha says:

    @MomSense: Unusually for me, I ended up zoning out during the podcast from the sheer number of stupidities being reviewed all together.

    Then again, yesterday was the wrong day for me to try to listen to that roundup. I was trying to take a break from our current predicament. I had friend & museum & lunch plans, & later shopping & maybe a movie plans. Basically I did something else every time I was tempted to read the two blockbuster stories. I definitely needed it.

  60. 60
    WaterGirl says:

    @satby: My guys are still young enough to want to run around in the snow. Little Henry had snow way past his tummy, so he had to kind of bunny hop all over the yard. Tucker didn’t have that problem, but he raced around like a crazy boy.

    I had been trying to let them out into the little pen I set up when I had the broken ankle, but no matter how many times I let them out into the pen, they were asking to go out again maybe 5 minutes after I had let them in. I finally gave up trying to keep the pristine beauty of the snow for me and let them fly. They had a ball in the snow.

    I love snow and we don’t typically get much here, so I’m happy when it’s here.

  61. 61
    WaterGirl says:

    @MomSense: I listen to 3 or 4 podcasts – Preet, Preet Insider, Lawfare and the Pod Save America guys. I listen on my iPad as I go to sleep, and if I wake up in the night I start the podcast again at some point I think I might not have heard yet.

    Thanks for the recommendation. I will try professional left and see if it grabs me.

  62. 62
    Keith P. says:

    That “librarian” looks like something out of The Shining. “Come in, and read from the Book of Your SOUUULLLLL!!!!”

  63. 63
    satby says:

    @WaterGirl: aw, I can just picture them playing! As long as I don’t have to drive somewhere on any kind of deadline for arrival, I enjoy snow too. And though people grumble, it adds to the water table when it melts and insulates the plants from colder temps which are coming at the end of this week.

  64. 64
    Steeplejack says:

    We got the promised load of snow in NoVA: 4-5" here in Threadkill Lane, maybe a little more. A gentle snowfall that kept going all night. It’s very quiet and very bright outside now. Looks beautiful, and I have no interest in going out. It’s 29°. Nice day to stay in and look at the view.

  65. 65
    MomSense says:

    @Tenar Arha:

    I hear you on needing diversions. I’ve been spending a lot of time making and trying to spend less online. With work, home, kid, and dog obligations there’s not much time left over for what I’m trying to create. Also too my business partner is going through a divorce so she hasn’t had any time or emotional energy to help.

    I’ve had a bad cold/flu this whole week so Ive had more time to just listen to their podcast without interruption. It’s a damning lineup of Republican stupidities and certainly reveals the lie that trump is an aberration.

  66. 66
    O. Felix Culpa says:

    Good morning! It’s snowing in northern New Mexico, the woodfire is burning, the coffee is good, and the dog is curled up in Ms. O’s lap. Life is a lot better for us than it is for the orange squatter in the White House.

  67. 67
    frosty says:

    @Honus: It’s a foursquare. May or may not be Sears. There were a lot of them built from planbooks, including mine (1923).

  68. 68
    Uncle Cosmo says:

    @Immanentize: Looks about 10 cm up here in Balmer Merlin, hon. (English-units-only knuckledraggers are cordially invited to LITFU [look it the fuck up].) Desultory snowflakery at the moment, not adding much to the total.

    (ETA: This wuz spozeta be a response to the Spankmeister just above Imm; HTF did that happen??)

  69. 69
    Uncle Cosmo says:

    WTF is this???? I try to edit #68 & allofasudden “Your Comment is marked for moderation.” Nothin’ more immoderate about the edit than any other comment of mine. FYWP!!

  70. 70
    WereBear says:

    @Immanentize: I know I shouldn’t say this, because I will certainly regret it, but I am hoping we get some snow soon. Haven’t had any yet this year to speak of and this type of cold is just more bearable when there is quiet snow all about.

    I agree. One theory is that the snow adds an insulting effect to our homes.

  71. 71
    WereBear says:

    @MomSense: I LOVE that podcast! I’ve been a long time fan of Driftglass from back in W’s first administration.

    Check it out, people!

  72. 72
    JeanneT says:

    @frosty: The tree library house is technically a bungalow, I think – foursquares are usually 2 story and uh, square looking, not long and low. When I was researching my 1916 built house, I learned there were a surprising number of house kit manufacturers in the 1910’s and 20’s. Lots of bungalows AND foursquares. My house’s plan, however, was not in any of the catalogs I’ve found online.

  73. 73
    H.E.Wolf says:

    Re: Seattle meetup: I’m in. Looking forward to it!

    If this is scheduled for next weekend (Fri. 18th, Sat. 19th), I’d prefer Friday evening, but could also meet on Saturday.

    I could make it to downtown Seattle by about 6:30 PM on either one.

  74. 74
    MomSense says:


    I like to say I’m a little bit blue gal and a little bit driftglass. I’m either crying about one of the horrors or giving an expletive filled rant. Just the fact that they’ve been tracking this for such a long period of time is helpful.

  75. 75
    CaseyL says:

    @H.E.Wolf: Re: Seattle meetup – Saturday is infinitely better for me, as I’ll be recovering from a medical procedure on Friday.

  76. 76
    Miss Bianca says:

    @Immanentize: Jealous! Here in the high country we are snowed in, so the closest I can get to fish is the can of tuna I put on the spinach&potato salad last night.

  77. 77
    Honus says:

    @frosty: those rafter tails, rakes and the dormer are kind of a tell.

  78. 78
    WereBear says:

    @MomSense: I also admit I love their romance, which continues to this day :)

    AND they love kitties! So there you are.

  79. 79
    Miss Bianca says:

    @Elizabelle: I saw this article – or another one featuring the same images – last year and I thought it was *sooo* freaking cool!

    Tried to think of which iconic movie cowboy I would emulate and had to stop when I realized it would probably be the Waco Kid! : )

  80. 80
    Immanentize says:

    @Miss Bianca:
    I love the weekend morning threads. I can hear from and imagine each of you in your different parts of the country/world. Snow or no snow, sweating or freezing at 65…. Your dogs and cats and partners and blessed solitude. What you did, are doing or gonna do later. Go Pat’s!

  81. 81
    CaseyL says:

    @OzarkHillbilly: Good for him! I’ve thought about filling in some potholes around here my own self, too, but never thought of mosaics. I guess there are some material safety concerns, probably having to do with the grout/cement wearing away and exposing glass edges. But it’s still a very cool idea.

  82. 82
    Immanentize says:

    Frank Bruni has a “we have to do better” column in the NYTimes today. It starts on the front page of the week in review section and continues on page three — the entire page! Two full columns in the dead tree version (which yes I get delivered every day) with a graphic in the middle between the two columns top to bottom. That is a metric shit ton of column inches and words. And I could say a LOT about what he wrote (complaining about false equivalencies while at the same time spouting both-siderisms, for one).

    But the really amazing thing? In this entire long, valuable real estate “thought piece” about the media’s handling of the 2016 election and what that means for 2020 — one word is the most incredible to consider by it’s complete absence:
    “Russia.” They missed the biggest political story of our age and can’t even mention it today.
    Incroyable mais vrais.

  83. 83
    WaterGirl says:

    @Miss Bianca: @Elizabelle: I somehow missed your comment, Elizabelle, and went back to it after reading Miss Bianca’s reply. Love the idea of the project and loved her paintings even more.

  84. 84
    BeautifulPlumage says:

    @H.E.Wolf: and CaseyL for meetup: either day works but Sat is better.

    Ruemara: are you staying in downtown? Is this the best area to meet up at? Asking because parking downtown sucks, and they just closed the viaduct. Capitol Hill or south Seattle would be easier to get to.

  85. 85
    Yutsano says:

    @H.E.Wolf: @CaseyL: If the unemployment money drops I could manage to swing up. If the passes are behaving I’ll have time to check in to a hella cheap hotel then wend my way up there. But that would make Saturday better for sure.

  86. 86
    mapaghimagsik says:

    @OzarkHillbilly: I wish I could find a way to bottle that and sell it.

  87. 87
    J R in WV says:


    can I please get a translation on “BB3STX”?

    yes, the BB stands for Bobby and the 3STX stands for Three Sticks. Bobby Three Sticks is Robert Mueller iII. A nickname from his days imprisoning the mob in NYC.

    I’m sure I’m not the first with this translation, but the bytes are free…

  88. 88
    Miss Bianca says:

    @Immanentize: what, you don’t expect the FTFNYT to acknowledge the fact that they whiffed the bggest story of the century, do you?

  89. 89
    Elizabelle says:

    @Immanentize: Yup. I think I will write Frank Bruni an email letter on that topic. It was clinical.

  90. 90
    Tenar Arha says:

    @Elizabelle: I’m kinda guessing what you mean from the context…

    Was the implication that it’s very psychologically telling that Bruni’s piece lacked any mention of their biggest failure? IOW The tell is what he can’t bring himself to write about?

  91. 91
    StringOnAStick says:

    @comrade scotts agenda of rage: Dang, this is the one Weds night where I can’t do a meet up, and I’ll even be downtown but I’m signed up for pre-dental convention stuff that I can’t get out of. Crap.

  92. 92
    MomSense says:


    They are couple goals for sure! Hey have you contacted them about being a guest on their podcast to discuss kitties? That would be so great.

  93. 93
    H.E.Wolf says:

    Belatedly answering all the WA jackals – yes, Saturday looks like our best bet.

    If downtown is the most convenient for ruemara, could others of us take light rail for the last leg into downtown?

    Alternatively, would ruemara and others be OK with taking light rail to Capitol Hill or South Seattle?

    I’m going to be offline for much of the day; I’d love to have another meetup post sometime between now and next weekend, if that can be arranged.

  94. 94
    JAFD says:

    @Uncle Cosmo: Y’findaut when y’move to da NYC metro dat dey expec ya ta speaka the Metric like a native Met.

    Anyway, at last NYC meetup in August (?) , ’twas mention of holding another MLK wknd or thereabouts, and I may have volunteered to scout some sites… Unfortunately I couldn’t, still running at low power, but if anyone wants to ‘carry the ball’ on this, will do my darndest to be there.

  95. 95
    Dan B says:

    @H.E.Wolf: Seattle meetup: Saturday works better for me. Downtown is tough but light rail works. Cokumbia City has two Thai restaurants that are excellent, guiet, and very reasonably priced. One is a block from the light rail stop – Chandala Thai.

    I’m on mid Beacon Hill so I know the local restaurants. Downtown and Capitol Hill are pricey for my budget or fashionably noisy, ie. deafening.
    Beacon Hill has a great brewpub next to the light rail station but it could be noisy on weekend eves.

    Otherwise light rail works for me. I drove from Shilshole (West Ballard) last night at 6 PM. Took over an hour to get home.

  96. 96
    Yutsano says:

    @H.E.Wolf: @Dan B: And just to be problematic but fun, I will be over there for separate reasons the weekend after, January 26-29. So I’ll e-mail Adam about both and then we can refine one for me later.

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