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On The Road and In Your Backyard is a weekday feature spotlighting reader submissions. From the exotic to the familiar, please share your part of the world, whether you’re traveling or just in your locality. Share some photos and a narrative, let us see through your pictures and words. We’re so lucky each and every day to see and appreciate the world around us!

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I’m so excited to introduce a new photographer to the Wednesday lineup; she is welcome, indeed. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the pictures!


For those travelling to see the ones you love, travel safely, and may the wind be at your back. There are more lovely pictures queued up for Thursday and Friday that I can’t wait to share. I’m focusing one making my famous red cabbage and a new one, Scottish-style brown soda bread; I hope all your food endeavours are successful and your Thanksgiving is enriching and warm.


Today, pictures from valued commenter 🐾BillinGlendaleCA.

Jinsun visits a glacial lake.

Mt. Cook(Aoraki) is the tallest mountain in New Zealand. It is in the Southern Alps of the South Island of New Zealand. These photo document the hike from the road along Hooker Valley to Hooker Lake at the base of Mt. Cook.

(Usual disclaimer: I did not take these pictures, but they were taken with my camera and I’ve processed the RAW photos.)

Taken on 2018-10-01 00:00:00

Mt. Cook, New Zealand

The hike to Hooker Lake follows Hooker River crossing the river three times over bridges over the glacial river. The first one crosses the river just south of Mueller Lake which is fed from the Hooker River and Mueller Glacier on Mount Sefton. You can see Mueller Lake in the background of this photo.

Taken on 2018-10-01 00:00:00

Mt. Cook, New Zealand

This is Hooker Valley with the Hooker River at the left. Hooker Lake is just beyond the low ridge just left of center.

Taken on 2018-10-01 00:00:00

Mt. Cook, New Zealand

This photograph is on the shore of Hooker Lake with Mt. Cook just right of center. The glacial lakes have either a light green or grey color due to the fine sediment that the glacier(in this case Hooker Glacier) produces as it moves down the mountain. Hooker Lake is relatively new, this area was covered by Hooker Glacier until the 1970’s. You can see the terminus of the glacier at the far end of the lake, the ice has a dark green color.

Taken on 2018-10-01 00:00:00

Mt. Cook, New Zealand

As the Hooker Valley track passes Mueller Lake you get a nice view of Mt. Sefton with nice view of Tuckett glacier. The bit of sun coming through the clouds really highlights the color of the glacial ice.

Taken on 2018-10-01 00:00:00

Mt. Cook, New Zealand

This is a more detailed look at the bridges that cross the Hooker River. Again, you can see Mt. Sefton to the left.


Thank you so much 🐾BillinGlendaleCA, do send us more when you can.


Travel safely everybody, and do share some stories in the comments, even if you’re joining the conversation late. Many folks confide that they go back and read old threads, one reason these are available on the Quick Links menu.


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  2. 2

    @Raven: Wanna pack up the bags and head to New Zealand?

  3. 3
    JPL says:

    What an amazing adventure, and I’m pleased that she shared the pictures with us.

  4. 4

    @JPL: She has more planned for the upcoming year. The pictures are actually a bit out of order, the kid with the lake and the mountain should be the last picture, the last two should be pics 2 and 3.

  5. 5
    HinTN says:

    Alain, care to share that red cabbage recipe?

    Also too, Billin and Raven, take me with you!

  6. 6

    @HinTN: You’d have to talk to the young’n, I ain’t going anywhere.

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    satby says:

    @🐾BillinGlendaleCA: tell her thank you from us! Looks like a wonderful adventure and trip. Beautiful country.

  8. 8

    @satby: I will do so, I’ll see her tomorrow; she’ll be happy to know the pictures were well received.

  9. 9
    debbie says:

    Beautiful! Friends who visit NZ universally report it as an awesome experience.

  10. 10

    @debbie: She also jumped off perfectly good bridges and out of perfectly good airplanes. She’s a bit cray-cray.

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    debbie says:


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    MomSense says:


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    @MomSense: They really are nice, there’s more(including the 50 pictures of a sperm whale).

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    J R in WV says:

    You would think a medical person would have better common sense to jump out of an airplane!

    Saturday we visited the Empire State Bldg. It wasn’t crowded as current tourist load is involved with shopping rather than sightseeing. Immediately after saw the news about an elevator in Chicago’s tall building (Sears tower, etc) falling 84 stories, all rescued by CFD who chopped through a solid wall to get to the elevator doors.

    Would I visit a tall building again? Sure, odds didn’t change when one elevator falls.

    Great photos, Bill. Thank yer young woman for us!

  16. 16
    Origuy says:

    The elevator that fell was not in the Sears Tower, now called the Willis Tower, but in the John Hancock Center, now called the 875 North MIchigan Avenue building. Why they couldn’t come up with a name for it, I don’t know. Call it the Jake & Elwood building or something.

  17. 17

    @Wag: This will happen, she’s eager to share her pics.

    @J R in WV:

    You would think a medical person would have better common sense to jump out of an airplane!

    …or off bridges, she’s a little cray-cray. She has video of the jumps.

    @Origuy: For a while I worked in the 444 building(formerly the Wells Fargo Building, now the Citibank building). Many folk in the late 80’s and early 90’s called it the LA Law building since it was the building used as the law firm’s location in the TV series.

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