A Rare Treat

I had a couple packages of fish I had purchased on sale in the freezer in February that I never cooked, and portions of it were freezerburned, so I thawed it off, cut off the bad parts, and made a big fish dinner for the dogs and Steve. Rosie was very appreciative and walked around wagging her tail afterwards, and even let me point the camera in her direction without running away:

Still a terrible picture, but a pretty good one considering the unique challenges presented by trying to get Rosie to pose.

*** Update ***

Someone has the itis:

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    MomSense says:

    Rosie is such a good girl.

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    Elizabelle says:

    I love Rosie Dog. Fish breath and all.

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    Casey says:

    I would open the windows and run a fan when you go to bed

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    lurker dean says:

    happy to see Rosie and happy you’ve given her such a good life after she was dumped.

  6. 6
    The Dangerman says:


    I would open the windows and run a fan when you go to bed

    Cole household overnight.

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    jl says:

    Thanks for happy Rosie pic. But, a happy Rosie? Surely some sort of remarkable singularity is near.

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    Yutsano says:

    @jl: Even little ball of hate doggos have their happy moments. They’re just extremely rare.

  9. 9


    Surely some sort of remarkable singularity is near.

    The Baud!2020 campaign cleared 10K in fundraising.

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    Adam C says:

    I have a pet travel question, if anyone knows the answer and doesn’t mind being pestered. We’re making plans to travel with a new 8-week-old puppy and are concerned about crossing the border (Canada to US).

    We’d be entering at Port Huron, MI, and leaving at Sault St Marie a few hours later. But my concern is that because she’s too young for rabies shots she wouldn’t be able to enter. Anybody know?

  11. 11
    jl says:

    @🐾BillinGlendaleCA: Skepticism is warranted. Baud 2020! organization back balls anyone who can count higher than a six pack. That kind of useless egghead book learning is frowned upon. It makes a person stupid.

  12. 12
    jl says:

    @Yutsano: Jack Russell Terrior in sated bliss is now recorded for history. There will be evidence. And credit will be given to one John G. Cole.

  13. 13
    Amir Khalid says:

    @Adam C:
    Is she old enough to be travelling at all?

  14. 14
    seaboogie says:

    Easiest thing in the world is to make a dog happy, and their joy is contagious.

  15. 15
    lamh36 says:

    I’m off to bed, but first don’t know if this has been posted before, if so I’m apologize but it’s cool so I’m sure y’all don’t mind seeing it again.

    Beto O’Rourke skateboarding in the Whataburger parking lot


    I esp like his response

    Ted Cruz, not to be outmanuevered, shall release video of himself BMXing in the parking lot of WhatAboutBurger ending badly as he runs into the back of a truck

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    Adam C says:

    @Amir Khalid: We’re taking her home, which requires travel. tbh, I’m very new to puppies, and I haven’t got it straight from my wife whether she’ll be 8 weeks or 10.

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    The Moar You Know says:

    I have a pet travel question, if anyone knows the answer and doesn’t mind being pestered. We’re making plans to travel with a new 8-week-old puppy and are concerned about crossing the border (Canada to US).

    We’d be entering at Port Huron, MI, and leaving at Sault St Marie a few hours later. But my concern is that because she’s too young for rabies shots she wouldn’t be able to enter. Anybody know?

    @Adam C: I would not subject a puppy that age to a multi-hour roadtrip unless it was a life-threatening (to the dog) emergency. Pups tend to get carsick and dehydrated on far shorter trips that what you’re proposing, and that’s a serious danger to a pup that age, regardless of breed.

    I do not know if you’d get let in or not (my bet is not) but even so, the animal hasn’t been vaccinated in any substantive way at that age, and you’re really taking some chances with that dog’s health in addition to putting her through a road trip that she is simply not equipped to deal with.

    Please don’t do this. It’s a really bad idea.


    We’re taking her home, which requires travel. tbh,


    I’m very new to puppies

    Yeah, I can tell. Really nothing to say here, I’m too horrified.

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    Sister Rail Gun of Warm Humanitarianism says:

    I’m not sure how long it will be before it’s available, but y’all need to hear N. K. Kemisin’s Hugo acceptance speech tonight.

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    Cathie from Canada says:

    Your veterinarian’s office may know, or check the American government and Canadian government websites. You may need a letter from your vet confirming your ownership of the dog, too.

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    gbbalto says:

    @Adam C: Will need a rabies shot. Hope you can arrange to do that. Otherwise, good luck with the new pup!

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    The Moar You Know says:

    @Adam C: Here’s your answer from the CDC:

    Rabies vaccination is required for all dogs entering the United States from a country where rabies is present. Puppies must not be vaccinated against rabies before they’re 3 months old. So the youngest that a puppy can be imported into the United States is 4 months old.

    You have to have the certificate. Canada is not one of the few “rabies-free” countries. So she’s gotta stay in Canada until she’s 16 weeks.

    Complete rules here.

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    Aleta says:

    Very good picture. I love how cats and dogs change after they’ve eaten something really good. Makes me think I should do it all the time. Oh, they get good quality food, but whenever they get a little bit of fresh caught deep water scallop or a spot of local liver or chicken that my friends raised healthy and happy, the cats just sit and glow.

    The dog is funny though. I don’t think he even got a chance to eat grass before. Now his most treasured treat to carry off in a hurry is a boiled new potato, or a thick stalk of steamed broccoli. Or some fresh green beans, which my partner steams to hand feed him, one by one, almost every night. I never get tired of how happy he looks. (Both of them.)

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    spudgun says:

    @Adam C: I found this online: http://montecristotravels.com/.....-crossing/

    “In a nutshell: Puppies now have to be 4 months old to enter the USA from Canada WITH the 30 day rabies shot given at 3 months. This was implemented in August 2014”.

    Doesn’t look.like it’s possible…

  24. 24
    Adam C says:

    @The Moar You Know: 11 weeks. Apparently I did have the age wrong. I hope that’s less horrifying; I don’t know where the line is.

    And thanks to everyone for the responses.

  25. 25
    Mary G says:

    Yay Rosie.

  26. 26
    NotMax says:

    @Adam C

    Doesn’t sound propitious (per others above) – BUT – couldn’t hurt to contact the Humane Society in Canada and check if there might be a workaround.

  27. 27
    Amir Khalid says:

    It seems Ted Cruz has already outmanoeuvred himself.

  28. 28
    Suzanne says:

    Rosie is my favorite Cole pet. I think Rosie is actually Cole incarnate in canine form.

  29. 29
    Amir Khalid says:

    @Adam C:
    In a week or so she can have her rabies shot; but going by the information from other commenters, you’ll still have to wait another month to bring her into the US.

  30. 30
    Steeplejack (phone) says:

    Rosie reminds me of Queen Elizabeth: she looks like she can’t even remember the last time she had any fucks to give.

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    Mel says:

    @Adam C: I would highly recommend waiting until she is at least 4 months old to bring her home, if at all possible. Most reputable rescues or breeders would not want a pup that young travelling such a long distance.

    People have mentioned it above, but the risk of dehydration frim vomiting, stress panting, and unwillingness /inability to drink due to travel conditions and general stress is a serious concern. Also, pups that young have very little immunity yet, due to both their immature immune systems and to not having their full vaccination series completed.

    The pup will already be stressed and tense from being separated frim her mother and siblings for what is probably the first time in her life. That, plus strangers, plus a long trip is just not a great way to start your fanily’s relationship with the new puppy.

    Much better for you guys and for her to do this when she at least 16 weeks of age. By that time, she will be fully weaned and eating puppy food, be vaccinated, and be more confident, physically strong and stable, and better able to handle the physical and psychological stress of travel.

    Please do check with whomever you are getting the puppy from, and see if it would be possible to delay the trip.

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    SWMBO says:

    @Adam C: Ask a vet. They should know. And the puppy may be due for the first round of puppy shots then.

    We traveled 3 hours one way with 10 week old puppies when we brought them home. The trick is they aren’t housebroken. You have to stop frequently to “empty the dog”. Putting the puppy in a wire crate in the back seat with lots of towels and pee pads will make it less anxious. Get a small hamster/rabbit/caged animal water bottle


    to keep them from dehydrating. Dry dog food in small amounts to let them feed whenever they want or feel anxious. If they feel like their needs are getting met, it makes for a quieter trip. (I had a puker and the best thing you can do is keep them from looking out the window. The brain/stomach interaction trying to process the movement outside the vehicle makes them more prone to nausea.)

    You should be fine if you take into account that this is a baby and not a fully adult dog. Expect difficulties and treat them cheerfully and matter of factly . The less you traumatize the dog now the less you’ll have to undo later.

  34. 34
    rikyrah says:

    Those are great pictures, Cole.😄😄

  35. 35
    satby says:

    @SWMBO: all good advice for traveling with puppies or kittens shorter distances, but the pup can’t cross the border, and if they try it will be seized and quarantined. Which is a big risk for baby animals because they get exposed to all sorts of diseases from other animals also quarantined and they haven’t been fully immunized yet.

    My advice would be to wait as well, when the full schedule of immunization has occurred you can get a certificate from the vet that will allow border crossing.

  36. 36
    Tenar Arha says:

    @Sister Rail Gun of Warm Humanitarianism: OMG she won for the 3rd book too? [scurries to google]
    OMG, WOW, 😢😂 YAY! Speech found!

  37. 37

    @The Moar You Know: Okay, seriously. Breeders release puppies at 8 weeks and they travel long distances all the time. Same with rescues – my friend constantly fosters rescue puppies brought in from Texas and NM that are well under 8 weeks. Frequent breaks and lots of water (no food) keep puppies in good shape.

    @Adam C: If you are getting her from a rescue or a breeder, they’ve probably done this before and can help you. If it’s a personal exchange, then I’d check with vets (who will also reassure you that traveling is ok and what to look out for – no rest stops where other dogs frequent, etc) and Canada and US Customs. They are the only ones who will have the correct answers.

    Canada has a website dedicated to puppy “passports” here and it looks likes exceptions are made for puppies (who btw, if weaned properly are protected by their mother’s immune system until 10-12 weeks – again, talk to your vet, they are a wealth of information – I was completely over my head with Bixby and my vet was great with information. Including travel (it was a 6 hour drive to get him) and vaccinations.

    Go with the professionals!

  38. 38
    Adam C says:

    @TaMara (HFG): Thanks, TaMara. This is all helpful.

  39. 39

    @Adam C: You know who to send photos to when you get settled, I’m happy to post them!

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