Monday Morning Open Thread: Good Cop / Lousy Cop

Across the aisle…

To be fair, who else could like James Comey as much as James Comey?

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    OzarkHillbilly says:


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    OzarkHillbilly says:

    Earlier, Mike Pompeo, the US secretary of state, called Iran’s ruling elite a “mafia” who have amassed vast sums of wealth while allowing their people to suffer.

    Always the projection with these Repubs.

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    rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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    Baud says:

    @rikyrah: Good morning.

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    Mezz says:

    Apropos of nothing

    “[Senators and Representatives] shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their appropriate Houses…”
    Article I, Section 6, U.S. Constitution. Emph. added.

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    Baud says:

    Is the Manafort trial going to be on TV?

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    Elizabelle says:

    @Baud: I don’t think Virginia allows cameras in courtrooms. But it would be must see TV if they did.

    Good morning, jackals.

    Ozark: great catch about the Pompeo projection.

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    Platonailedit says:


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    bjacques says:

    @Baud: I hope it involves a news copter following a white Lada in a slow police chase around the Beltway

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    David 🎅🎄Merry Christmas🎄🎅 Koch says:

    @Baud: eventually, as an FX mini series

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    I admit to unplugging for a couple days….why is he screeching about Iran ?

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    Barbara says:

    @Baud: No. You can’t even bring your cell phone to the courthouse.

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    germy says:

    The best comment I’ve seen about Comey’s “advice”:

    Nobdy • 12 hours ago

    I am very tired of the popular genre known as “Democrats, Save Moderate Republicans From The Horrible Monster We Created, But Only on Our Terms.”

    If Moderate Republican policies were so popular then they would have won the Republican Party and not been easily defeated by a moron shouting white nationalism and misogyny.

    Nobody wants Jeb! We didn’t clap for him!


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    Platonailedit says:


    As is Jeb! is a moderate. They are all fucking radical loons. High time these corrupt thugs are called radical.

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    NotMax says:

    Today will be sneak in a lawn mowing before leaving day. Also download stuff to watch on the planes from Netflix and Amazon Prime to the tablet day.

    Caught an interesting (overused word, but applicable) short (~50 min.) documentary on Amazon Prime last night. Open Secrets, about gay Canadian servicemen during WW2.


    Without going into further detail, for the same reason he screeches about anything – because his wi-fi is connected and his brain cells are not.

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    germy says:

    @Platonailedit: His “tone” his moderate. His policies are just as batshit crazy as the rest of them. There are no moderate republicans.

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    OzarkHillbilly says:

    @Elizabelle: It got even better (as in worse) over the next few paras in the article:

    Pompeo said the country’s religious leaders were “hypocritical holy men”.

    Unlike our trump supporting Evangelicals.

    “Sometimes it seems the world has become desensitised to the regime’s authoritarianism at home and its campaigns of violence abroad, but the proud Iranian people are not staying silent about their government’s many abuses,”

    Separating children from parents at the border because the parents broke the law by being brown while seeking asylum is the sensitive approach and all the protestors need to STFU.

    Pompeo castigated Iran’s political, judicial and military leaders, too, accusing several by name of participating in widespread corruption. He also said the government has “heartlessly repressed its own people’s human rights, dignity and fundamental freedoms”.

    Nothing to see here, move along Mr Mueller, move along. And don’t mind that man hiding in the cone of silence while he destroys the environment, also forget about all the money the trump org is making off the presidency, and never mind the Kushner family selling visas in China and…. And you? Over there? Black person waiting in line to vote for 4 hours? Sorry, your voter registration was expunged last month so no, you can’t vote. Sucks to be you.

    The level of corruption and wealth among regime leaders shows that Iran is run by something that resembles the mafia more than a government,” he said.

    The level of corruption in service to the wealthy in the trump admin is mind boggling.

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    Got it. The snowflake in chief was triggered.

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    Tony Jay says:


    Because he’d chewed, broken the heads off, or rubbed shit on all of his other toys over the last week and the babysitter was – this – close to slapping his fat, orange face for being such a petulant whiner.

    “Look Donny, that brown kids’ saying stuff about you. Why don’t you go and egg his windows or something?”

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    Pretty much. We have two political movements in this country: Wanting to help ordinary people, and bigotry. Everyone else is a tiny fringe. Trump offered the hardest shot of bigotry.

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    OzarkHillbilly says:

    @MagdaInBlack: Rouhani said something about not playing with the lion’s tail. Follow the link I give here:@OzarkHillbilly:

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    germy says:

    Meanwhile, Bibi’s trying to goad Tr*mp into another war:

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on escalating rhetoric between Washington and Tehran (all times local):

    6:30 a.m.

    Germany is calling for restraint amid escalating rhetoric between the leaders of Iran and the United States.

    Foreign Ministry Christofer Burger told reporters in Berlin on Monday: “We support dialogue and talks, and we call on all sides to exercise restraint and rhetorical disarmament.”

    President Donald Trump tweeted late Sunday that hostile threats from Iran could bring dire consequences. Earlier in the day, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said America “must understand well that peace with Iran is the mother of all peace and war with Iran is the mother of all wars.”

    Burger said that “threats of military force are never helpful, and I think that particularly in the tense situation in the Middle East this is not a helpful means of discourse.”


    5 a.m.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is praising President Donald Trump for his “strong stance” on Iran.

    Netanyahu says that Trump and his secretary of state were taking a clear position against “Iranian aggression” after years in which the “regime was pampered by world powers.”

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    Platonailedit says:


    Wanton complete projection with wanton lack of self awareness. Fucking gaslighting assholes.

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    Kay says:

    WikiLeaks RetweetedWikiLeaks @wikileaks
    Jul 9
    DNC opposition research on Trump Supreme Court pick, Brett #Kavanaugh

    Wikileaks links to 2 year old DNC talking points about Right wing judges as “opposition research” on Kavanaugh

    Still haven’t uncovered anything about the Trump Administration or Republicans in Congress- the people who are actually in power.

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    debbie says:


    This sounds like Bush/Cheney in the lead-up to invading Iraq.

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    Raven says:

    @NotMax: man, Anne with an E has really jumped into lbgt stuff big time

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    NotMax says:


    Anne of Lavender Gables?


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    Kay says:


    Follow Follow @realDonaldTrump

    Seems to be working. Donald the Dove and Hillary the Hawk. Remember that incredibly insightful political commentary?

    Trump looked weak in Russia so he has to make up for it by attacking Iran.

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    Amir Khalid says:

    Bibi’s up to no good and he’s sneaky. Trump is also up to no good, and he takes pride in zigging when people expect him to zag. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  30. 30
    debbie says:


    Trump’s morphing into Gaddafi.

  31. 31
    Platonailedit says:


    Isn’t pos twitter’s one of tos not to promote war, hatred etc.?

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    OzarkHillbilly says:

    @debbie: Hey, it’s the War in the Middle East Boogaloo! because we really slayed them with our last dance in that neighborhood.

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    debbie says:

    @Amir Khalid:

    Putin and Netanyahu are fighting for Trump’s soul. An epic battle.

  34. 34
    Cermet says:

    @germy: The sooner Netanyahu and his cult of crazy followers are driven into the sea by sane Israeli’s the better for everyone. Maybe a close friend of the orange fart cloud (cough, putin) could handle the problem for Israel via his polonium poison for that crazy war monger.

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    satby says:

    @Amir Khalid: interesting? Maybe, though my word would sound more like horrifying 😱

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    cmorenc says:

    @Annie Laurie:

    To be fair, who else could like James Comey as much as James Comey?

    To be fair, Donald Trump likes Donald Trump much more than James Comey likes James Comey. OTOH James Comey doesn’t dislike Donald Trump’s GOP enough to leave the GOP. But what if James Comey did leave the GOP to become a Democrat? Would we start liking James Comey even a fraction as much as James Comey likes James Comey? I doubt it.

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    NotMax says:

    I’m not anything approaching being the bootblack to the cousin of a third assistant apprentice to a scholar of Persian history, but would make a gentleman’s wager that Rouhani’s phrasing harks back to similar phrasing in a regionally/culturally well-known Farsi poem.

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    Baud says:

    @Kay: He wants to block Iranian oil, which helps Russia by raising the price.

  39. 39
    Amir Khalid says:

    For an infinitesimal prize.

  40. 40
    bjacques says:

    Oddly enough, Bibi also oversaw the rescue of 250 White Helmets out of Syria, via the Golan Heights, into Jordan. Assad had their names on a list, and the Russians can’t be too keen either on all those witnesses to gassing and barrel-bombing living to testify at length. I can see the benefit of poking Assad in the eye, but it’s gonna get Trump in Dutch with Russia.

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    satby says:

    I’m slightly bummed that the TCM classic movie tours of NYC only run on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I’m getting in too late to go on Saturday and leaving Tuesday evening. Was hoping to go on it Tuesday before I left if there was time.

  42. 42
    cmorenc says:


    Putin and Netanyahu are fighting for Trump’s soul. An epic battle.

    Query: would the highest bidder win, or the lowest bidder win that battle? And hasn’t Trump already sold his soul to the devil for a lifetime theme park pass to the “Seven Deadly Sins”?

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    germy says:


    Putin and Netanyahu are fighting for Trump’s soul. An epic battle.

    Joke’s on them when they find a shriveled, burnt mouse turd.

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    Kay says:


    Thanks- I gathered that was one of the goals with the sanctions. Trump worries about rising fuel costs, though. He knows his presidency hinges on his base’s perception that the economy is good. He’ll collapse if there’s a bump in the road with the economy.

  45. 45
    NotMax says:


    Have you ever taken a Circle Line tour of Manhattan? I remember it as being quite a lot of fun.

  46. 46
    germy says:

    @satby: What is on the tour?

  47. 47
    Baud says:

    @Kay: It’s becoming clear to more and more people that what Trump says isn’t credible. I’m not even sure the markets react to his statements anymore.

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    debbie says:


    Kay, I heard a Midwestern manger of a food processing company interviewed yesterday. He said that customers’ orders for his processed meals had been cut in half, he thinks as a result of steel companies having increased their prices 30% after the tariffs began.

    (I know that’s a poorly constructed sentence. Sorry.)

  49. 49
    rikyrah says:

    shannon sharpe (@ShannonSharpe) Tweeted:
    Had Pres Obama had candidate Trump resume 3 marriages, 3-6 bankruptcies and countless sexual assault allegations. He couldn’t get a tour of the WH, let alone become Pres.

  50. 50
    debbie says:


    I have. It’s about a half-hour too long.

  51. 51
    rikyrah says:


    Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) Tweeted:
    The Interior Department has commissioned a $1,700,000 expedited environmental review of the impact of leasing part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil and gas drilling, according to a document released under the FOIA.

  52. 52
    OzarkHillbilly says:

    @Baud: @Kay: A war with Iran would block more than just Iranian oil. A lot more.

  53. 53
    rikyrah says:

    Doug Rand (@doug_rand) Tweeted:
    In a series of recent memos, @USCIS has effectively enacted a “zero-room-for-error” policy for visa applicants attempting to navigate the legal #immigration system. 1/

  54. 54
    Kay says:


    He looked genuinely weak in Russia. A far Right House member called it “subservient”, so it’s time for some belligerent threats against traditional Republican enemy countries. They can all rally ’round attacking Iran.

  55. 55


    Addressing a gathering of Iranian diplomats, Rouhani said: “Mr Trump, don’t play with the lion’s tail, this would only lead to regret,” the state new agency IRNA reported.

    “America should know that peace with Iran is the mother of all peace, and war with Iran is the mother of all wars,” Rouhani said, leaving open the possibility of peace between the two countries, at odds since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

    “You are not in a position to incite the Iranian nation against Iran’s security and interests,” Rouhani said, in an apparent reference to reported efforts by Washington to destabilize Iran’s Islamic government.

    Also, too, Mike Pompeo and Tom Cotton were beating the war drums at the Reagan Library.

  56. 56
    hueyplong says:

    Trump getting instructions from his boss in Helsinki to attack Iran would be the kind of thing you wouldn’t want in an official transcript of the meeting.

    Just saying.

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    rikyrah says:

    New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) Tweeted:
    The real estate company formerly headed by Jared Kushner exposed children to cancer-causing substances as part of a campaign to push rent-stabilized tenants out of their apartments, a lawsuit claims

  58. 58
    rikyrah says:

    erica orden (@eorden) Tweeted:
    An AP investigation found that over the past three years, more than 250 rent-stabilized apartments — 75 percent of the building — were either emptied or sold as the Kushner Cos. was converting the building to luxury condos.

  59. 59
    rikyrah says:

    He looked like the asset of Putin that he is.

  60. 60
    Kay says:


    That’s interesting. Food processing is one of the industries that are still unionized. They’re good jobs and they’re know as “recession proof” – not as cyclical as manufacturing durable goods. That’ll hurt in this area.

  61. 61
    germy says:

    @hueyplong: I thought Russia and Iran were allies. I can’t keep up.

  62. 62
    rikyrah says:

    Iran is not Iraq.
    Mess with the Persians if you want to. 😠😠

  63. 63
    rikyrah says:

    I don’t get it. What do steel tarrifs have to do with food processing?

  64. 64
    OzarkHillbilly says:

    @germy: They are.

  65. 65
    satby says:

    @NotMax: no, I’ll check that out!

    @germy: Lots, looks like fun:

    @rikyrah: Good morning 🙋

  66. 66
    Baud says:

    @Kay: Yes, GOP voters need a boogeyman. I wish I knew what our voters needed.

  67. 67
    NotMax says:


    IIRC from the news of some years ago, there was at least one tenant (elderly, female) who sued and won the right to have repairs done to her apartment and to continue occupancy.

  68. 68
    Immanentize says:

    Yes, it is my birthday. Which is going to be just like every other Monday it appears. As Ozarch would say — and does frequently — “Blech”

  69. 69
    rikyrah says:

    I can’t wait until Assange is thrown out onto those London streets.
    I am glad that WikiLeaks has been discredited.

  70. 70
    Immanentize says:

    @Baud: It seems our voters need other of our voters to complain about.

  71. 71
    rikyrah says:

    Happy Birthday 😄🎈🎂 👍🌸🍧🍹🎉🎇

  72. 72
    Immanentize says:

    I am waiting for Assange to be set back into the world as well. Then I want to hear the words “sealed indictments.”

  73. 73

    Annoyed that the “better” offerings from the hospital menu were suspiciously similar to the default offerings. A bit of rubber chicken, boiled potatoes that would be too bland even for a Minnesotan Lutheran church dinner, and vegetables boiled within an inch of their life* — and did I mentioned we’re specifically not supposed to have vegetables or any other fiber for five days post-surgery.

    Ordered off the non-Western menu for tomorrow. Dim sum for breakfast (shu mai and har gow), with pad see ew for lunch, and being daring and ordering chicken penne for dinner. All the carbs probably won’t be good for my diabetes, but my blood sugar has been extremely good and hey, I’m in a hospital, they can give me insulin if needed.

    I may have the arrange a food run with J.’s friend who’s here to support and get something more edible. Oh, and coffee. I’m seriously coffee deficient at this point. You have no idea how happy a latte this afternoon made me, even though I’m normally a black coffee drinker.

    *No jello molds though.

  74. 74
  75. 75
    NotMax says:


    Quickly perusing their web site, the prices seem reasonable even to an old cheapskate like me. Being on the water gotta be less sweltering than being on the pavement.


  76. 76
    rikyrah says:

    Joy Reid (@JoyAnnReid) Tweeted:
    71 seconds, so many unanswered questions. Listen to @blackthought’s powerful original composition, #RestInPower, a tribute to the life and legacy of #TrayvonMartin and the title track of the docu-series that premieres July 30th on @paramountnet and @BET.

  77. 77
    OzarkHillbilly says:

    A nice news story: The radical sheriff giving offenders a chance

    Growing up as black boys in rural Gadsden county, Morris Young and Jaron McNealy would have had the same instinct in their youth when they saw the police: run.

    “I saw them as a foe. They’d only come by to arrest,” said Young, whose younger self would be surprised to discover he is now a veteran sheriff of the same northern Florida county where he was born and raised.

    McNealy, 28, took a different path in his teens, getting involved with gangs and a string of arrests and jail time eventually landed him in state prison for four years.

    But on a recent stormy Florida Saturday, the two sit in McNealy’s mother’s house across from one another on opposing couches with no tension and no drama.

    The sheriff and his deputy have come by to say hello to McNealy and his three sons, aged 10, eight and seven, as part of Young’s commitment to a new program to prevent children from following their parents into the criminal justice system. The scheme links children with professional counselors and life coaches.

    “We’ve seen a trend where the children start coming up through this same cycle as those incarcerated parents,” Young said. “We wanted to sort of wrap our hands around them and put them on the right track.”

    The scheme is just part of Young’s community policing approach which includes decarceration and prisoner “re-entry” to lawful society to try to tackle recidivism. “I believe in giving folks two, three, four and five chances to get it right,” he said.

    Since his first election in 2004, Young has pushed prosecutors to get low-level offenders out of long jail stays, and has encouraged deputies to use arrest power with discretion. “If we pick up a young man with a piece of crack cocaine in his pocket, instead of making an arrest, put it on the ground and just mush it up. Tell him: ‘OK. The next time.’”

    And while it’s difficult to attribute cause and effect when it comes to social issues like crime, over Young’s tenure crime in Gadsden has roughly halved and juvenile arrests are down by more than 75%. The county is also sending 65% fewer inmates to state prison than it was eight years ago.

    Much more at the link.

  78. 78
    Immanentize says:

    The run up to Iraq was sort of a fevered natural sequel to Afghanistan. I don’t get the impression that anyone in the US general public (excepting Dershowitz and his ilk) are at all interested in war with Iran. At all. No prep has been done. No fake crisis averted. Nothing.

  79. 79
    debbie says:


    Happy B-Day!

  80. 80
  81. 81
    rikyrah says:

    Oliver Willis (@owillis) Tweeted:
    it isn’t bewildering at all. but the media and pundits will continue to pretend its super confusing even if he replaced the us flag with the russian one. the obvious truth – he’s a traitor – is just something they won’t say.

  82. 82
    NotMax says:


    Happy birthday!

    (Video chosen with Immp in mind.)

  83. 83
    debbie says:


    Oh boy, I can only plead early-morning ear malfunction. Meal/nail, whatever. Here’s the interview.

  84. 84

    Tomorrow is supposed to be more ouchy, as they take off the thick bandages covering up the surgical area, so you get a bit of pink bits that are now exposed to the elements. We’ll see how that goes.

    OTOH, it’ll be the first chance to take a look at things and see how they turned out. I’m expecting stitches and swelling, but yeah, I’m looking forward to actually seeing the changes.

  85. 85
    satby says:

    @Immanentize: Happy Birthday 🎂🎂🎂

    rikyrah has all the emojis 😊

  86. 86
    rikyrah says:

    @DavidBegnaud: “Hamilton” creator @Lin_Manuel announces multi-million dollar arts fund for Puerto Rico

    Lin-Manuel says all funds from…

  87. 87
    Kay says:

    Ivanka Trump believed her announcement of existing apprenticeship programs last week would distract people from Trump’s disastrous summit performance. The boilerplate “job retraining” announcement that every single administration in my adult life has made.

    She considers this a huge accomplishment.

    This is what privilege looks like, in practice. Meeting the absolute minimum is considered extraordinary work.

  88. 88
    Immanentize says:

    @rikyrah: @Baud: @NotMax: @satby:
    Thank you all! Loved the viddy NotMax! Gotta get Immp to his job. Later jackals!

  89. 89
    satby says:

    @Sister Golden Bear: I can’t even imagine! Good luck for less ouches than expected.

  90. 90
    Baud says:

    @Sister Golden Bear:

    I hope you’re happy with the results.

  91. 91
    Elizabelle says:

    @Immanentize: Happy Birthday! Hope you and Immp have a splendid summer day. Will be thinking of you today.

  92. 92
    hueyplong says:

    @rikyrah: We’ll see if Putin has anything to say about what appears to be US sabre-rattling concerning Iran. If you are right and Iran is in solid with the RF in these shifting times, we might be treated to the spectacle of Bibi and Vlad publicly playing “Whose Gimp is Trump?”

    That won’t at all be embarrassing for the United States.

  93. 93
    OzarkHillbilly says:

    @Immanentize: My preferred method of celebration of B-days is to ignore them so that’s what I will do for you. ;-)

  94. 94
    Kay says:


    I don’t really celebrate my birthday anymore either. I just sort of stopped. It upsets my daughter a little- she loves holidays and celebrations.

    The year I turned 21 my boyfriend at the time (who was otherwise horrible, in retrospect) threw a surprise party for me where I was genuinely surprised. That was the high point. Never really topped that, for birthday celebrations.

  95. 95
    JPL says:

    @Immanentize: It’s not like every other Monday, because it’s your birthday. Eat cake!

  96. 96
    sherparick says:

    @OzarkHillbilly: Pompeo and Trump are definitely the “pot” calling the Iranian “kettle” black. This kind of attack just strengthens the Iranian regime domestically since the Persians are a rather nationalistic people with an identity going back 2600 years. The thing is, as the North Korean waltz has shown, Trump says a lot of words and is a bully, but he really is risk adverse about actual military actions.

  97. 97
    TS (the original) says:


    Always the projection with these Repubs.

    And never more than in that statement

  98. 98
    Patricia Kayden says:

    @Baud: It should be.

  99. 99
    A Ghost To Most says:

    Christian fascists bitching about “Islamic fascists”.

    You could run a drive-in on the projection.

  100. 100
    lowtechcyclist says:

    When we have a Dem in the White House again, s/he’s going to have to let Israel know that they can keep on electing Bibi, but we’re done with taking that clown seriously.

  101. 101
    AnonPhenom says:


    Yes, GOP voters need a boogeyman. I wish I knew what our voters needed.

    Well, they say recognizing you have a problem is the first step.

    Maybe if you don’t know what they need, it means those voters aren’t ‘ours’?

    If only somebody could ask them.

    (all the contempt everyone else is showing helps though, keep that up)

  102. 102
    TS (the original) says:

    @Kay: Wikileaks really outed themselves when President Obama was elected. Prior to that they were an each way bet in regard to political issues – then it all changed and trump caused them to double down against democracy.

  103. 103
    satby says:

    @AnonPhenom: as I said, a binky.

  104. 104
    TS (the original) says:

    @Kay: Any other twitter user would be banned for this tweet

  105. 105
    Baud says:

    @AnonPhenom: Perhaps you’re right that we’re actually a minority party in this country. I guess we’ll learn soon enough.

  106. 106
    A Ghost To Most says:

    @rikyrah: Exactly this. Stop pretending it doesn’t make sense. It does.

  107. 107
    Baud says:

    @satby: You notice no one ever says “we should be nicer to Democrats.”

  108. 108
    debit says:

    @AnonPhenom: Great! Here, have some more!

  109. 109
    Josie says:


    he really is risk adverse about actual military actions.

    I pray to FSM that you are right about that. I worry that he will see military action as a political plus.

  110. 110
    Viva BrisVegas says:


    Trump’s attacks strengthen the Iranian hardliners and weaken the reformers.

    Trump’s repudiation of the Iranian deal has proved the hardliners were correct when they said that the West couldn’t be trusted.

  111. 111
    Baud says:

    @Viva BrisVegas:

    It’s often the case that domestic conservatives buttress foreign conservatives.

  112. 112
    Chyron HR says:


    Sorry, kid, but 2016 proved that there the alleged “left” will never vote for a Democrat, no matter how terrible the alternative is.

  113. 113
    Just One More Canuck says:

    @Immanentize: Or as Yarrow would say, “Tick, tock, motherfucker”

  114. 114
    debit says:

    @Chyron HR: Oh, you better be nice or they’ll show you and not vote some more.

  115. 115


    This is what privilege looks like, in practice. Meeting the absolute minimum is considered extraordinary work.

    Truth. No wonder they’re freaking out. You mean there’s folks out there who do twice the work for half the recognition. Inconceivable.

  116. 116

    @JPL: Eat cake. Because it’s cake or death!

  117. 117
  118. 118
    germy says:

    "If a man's got an apartment stacked to the ceiling with newspapers, or a woman has a house full of cats we call them crazy. But when people pathologically hoard so much cash they impoverish an entire nation, we put them on the cover of magazines & pretend they're role models."
    — 𝔹𝕚𝕘 𝕍𝕚𝕔𝕜 𝔼𝕟𝕖𝕣𝕘𝕪 (@EurekaOhMy) July 19, 2018

  119. 119
  120. 120
    El Caganer says:

    @Chyron HR: I dunno. I don’t think there really are all that many lefties in the US. Probably a lot more people who think their votes don’t matter (kind of self-fulfilling, no?). I don’t know what the solution to that is.

  121. 121
    Elizabelle says:

    @A Ghost To Most: I’ve been saddened and concerned about that story.

    You want the osmosis to seep south of their border. Canada does not need to be picking up any of our many pathologies.

  122. 122
    germy says:


    Dana Loesch — a.k.a. Super Beet Juice Lady — no longer mentions the NRA in her Twitter bio.
    (h/t @jackiekashian)
    — Gary M. Sarli (@GMSarli) July 23, 2018

  123. 123
    A Ghost To Most says:

    Judging by my family in WNY, there’s little chance of sanity leaking south.

  124. 124

    @Kay: This year my sister sent me a card that made me laugh. On the front was an oddly dressed older woman. The caption said: “I buy all my clothes at Forever 71.” I had to explain the joke to Mr DAW.

  125. 125
    A Ghost To Most says:

    Grifters gotta grift.

  126. 126
    Matt McIrvin says:

    @El Caganer: That recent article about the non-Trumpist white working class made, I think, the best political case for a stronger economic leftism I’ve seen in a while: it’s not going to pull any significant number of people over from the Trump camp (they are actually more affluent and driven primarily by bigotry) but it might get some of these discouraged non-voters to vote.

  127. 127
    zhena gogolia says:



  128. 128
    Baud says:

    @Matt McIrvin: Dems have been moving to the left since 2007. When do you think we’ll reach a tipping point where we’ll know whether the theory holds water?

  129. 129
    SFAW says:


    Follow Follow @realDonaldTrump

    I think it would be good humor if Rouhani tweeted back something like: “Oh, Donnie, you poor thing! After Putin took your balls back to Moscow with him, you think threatening us will magically re-grow them? Not that there was much there in the first place. Now, please, toddle off, and also SHUT THE FUCK UP, snowflake!”

    Hilarity would ensue.

  130. 130
    Starfish says:

    @OzarkHillbilly: They are not wrong, but people in glass houses and all of that.

  131. 131
    SFAW says:


    Happy Birthday!

  132. 132
    chopper says:


    man it drives these assholes so crazy that obama got diplomacy to work.

  133. 133
    El Caganer says:

    @Baud: How many people actually know what positions the Democratic Party has? That’s not necessarily the Party’s fault. I think a big chunk of the vote-eligible public has disengaged to the point that it has no clue what any party stands for. Which makes it much easier for a walking horseshit machine like Trump to peddle his nonsense.

  134. 134
    OzarkHillbilly says:

    @El Caganer:

    How many people actually know what positions the Democratic Party has? That’s not necessarily the Party’s fault.

    To the extent that the party has policy positions they can all get behind, yes it is their fault. Nobody else is going to do that job for them.

  135. 135
    Baud says:

    @El Caganer: I don’t doubt there are tons of obstacles to our success. But I’ve been hearing that the party needs to move to the left to win for a long time. Meanwhile, the party has been moving to the left and hasn’t been winning (except for Obama), nor have more lefty progressives been winning very many seats over that time. I’m just asking for some evidence that rises above the anecdotal level and that isn’t just based on what people think should work.

  136. 136
    D58826 says:

    @El Caganer:

    I think a big chunk of the vote-eligible public has disengaged to the point that it has no clue what any party stands for.

    Truth be told I don’t think the general public has ever been that engaged. That is not a knock on my fellow citizens, It is just some people follow baseball, some basketball, some spend their time raising their kids and a few fools follow politics.

  137. 137
    rikyrah says:

    They were black Americans picked up for offenses like vagrancy, flirting with white women & petty theft. The state leased them to plantation owners. They worked in the fields til they “dropped dead in their tracks.” They were as young as 14 & as old as 70.

    — Southern Poverty Law Center (@splcenter) July 22, 2018

  138. 138
    rikyrah says:

    DA PHUQ?

    ‘Alabama-based League of the South launches Russian-language page to promote ‘Southern nationalism’’

    ‘The new page will reflect that the Russian people and Southerners are natural allies’ 🤦🏻‍♀️

    — RynheartTheReluctant (@TheRynheart) July 21, 2018

  139. 139

    We’re already past it. Democrats offer what people say they want, then get no credit for it. Only in the world of magical leftist imagination is there a burning cultural desire for someone to announce they’ll tear down the rich and that will bring out voters. In the real world, Hillary’s historically liberal policy positions were ignored, Sanders lost the primary badly, a big chunk of his support turned out to just be ratfucking Republicans, and since then leftist candidates have been getting their asses kicked so bad that it’s big news when any of them win anything. Thus the confusion as to what our voters want to vote more consistently, because it sure as Hell isn’t anything that’s already been suggested. Personally, I think we’ve found it – getting punched in the face that their vote matters, and there’s Hell to pay if Republicans win. They needed life to shove their face in the ugly, not anything Democrats could do.

  140. 140
    Kay says:

    Arthur Goldstein

    It’ll work too. The morons will now credit Trump with “averting” a war with Iran. Donald The Dove.

  141. 141
    different-church-lady says:

    @El Caganer:

    How many people actually know care what positions the Democratic Party has?

    We’re positioning into a void. Elections are all about the lizard-brain now. Because it generates clicks.

  142. 142
    different-church-lady says:

    @Frankensteinbeck: Yeah, but there’s this woman in Brooklyn!!1!

  143. 143
    JPL says:

    @SFAW: According to Real Press Sec. he’s been tweeting up a storm this morning. Amazon, North Korea, Putin, Page, and witch hunt are the main topics. Doesn’t the grand jury meet on Mondays?

  144. 144
    satby says:

    @D58826: it should be a knock on our fellow citizens. Basketball and baseball don’t actually impact their lives (unless they’re players) but politics affects everything from the air they breathe to the foods they eat to how much they pay for things and what governmental services they get or don’t get. The propaganda that government is the problem and their votes don’t matter has allowed them to feel justified in being disengaged, but it just makes everything worse for everyone. Even oligarchs need to breathe clean air and drink safe water.

  145. 145
    Kay says:

    David P Gelles
    ‏Verified account
    Follow Follow @gelles
    CNNMoney exclusive: Jamie Dimon on the trade war, infrastructure ’emergency’ and Trump –

    Private sector leaders should shut up about Trump. They all backed him because they wanted deregulation and a tax cut.

    They got what they wanted. They should stop pretending they care about what happens to anyone else.

    Our elites suck. They’re low quality. Trump exploited an opening and the opening was our elites are reckless and incredibly greedy and selfish. They’re not even very smart.

  146. 146
    bjacques says:

    @rikyrah: @rikyrah: I think “National Southernism” would have a better ring to it….

  147. 147
    different-church-lady says:

    @El Caganer:

    I think a big chunk of the vote-eligible public has disengaged to the point that it has no clue what any party stands for.

    Oh, they know exactly what the parties stand for: they stand for “both parties suck!”

    A huge number in this country have no idea how much their vote counts, and don’t want to because their air of savvy cynicism is far more important to them.

  148. 148
    rikyrah says:

    This is just being rotten for rotten’s sake. Makes no phucking sense.


    The Trump admin is planning to eliminate a vast trove of medical guidelines that for nearly 20 years has been a critical resource for doctors, researchers and others in the medical community, according to The Daily Beast.

    — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) July 23, 2018

  149. 149
    rikyrah says:

    Excellent thread from a former senior counsel on the Senate Intel Committee and head of intelligence law at NSA

    — Jon Favreau (@jonfavs) July 23, 2018

  150. 150

    @Baud: I don’t think moving to the left of what the party is now is even good policy. LTTs should be ignored not pandered to.

  151. 151
    Charluckles says:

    We had a sensible, balanced, ethical candidate. Comey stuck a knife in her back. I am not religious, but I might pick it up again just so I can see James Comey burning in hell.

  152. 152

    @rikyrah: It makes perfect sense. As a Russian asset he is destroying the country which he officially heads from within. It all fits, the inane trade wars, the anti-immigrant jihad, the backing out of treaties and agreements. By the end of his Presidency, official American word will be worth zilch. iIf he is not stopped our currency will no longer be the reserve currency of the world.
    He wants us to be like Russia. Many 0.1% that donate money to the Rs don’t care as long as they can become Red America’s oligarchs.

  153. 153
    rikyrah says:


    Private sector leaders should shut up about Trump. They all backed him because they wanted deregulation and a tax cut.

    they should also shut up, because for all their Master of the Universe posturing, they still show up for the dog and pony show that they had at the White House last week, and they don’t say SHYT.


  154. 154
    Miss Bianca says:

    @rikyrah: Yeah, that tweet says a lot more about all these ass-clowns than they perhaps realize.

  155. 155
    rikyrah says:

    Why it matters that Kavanaugh questioned a key Watergate ruling
    07/23/18 09:00 AM
    By Steve Benen

    Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination is controversial for a variety of reasons, but near the top of the list are the conservative jurist’s views related to the power of the American presidency.

    As has been well-documented, Donald Trump’s choice for the high court is on record arguing that sitting presidents shouldn’t have to deal with “time-consuming and distracting” lawsuits and investigations. In Kavanaugh’s vision, a president shouldn’t have to deal with civil suits, criminal probes, or even questions from federal prosecutors.

    But the scope of the judge’s thinking on the subject is still coming into focus. The Associated Press reported over the weekend:

    Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh suggested several years ago that the unanimous high court ruling in 1974 that forced President Richard Nixon to turn over the Watergate tapes, leading to the end of his presidency, may have been wrongly decided.

    Kavanaugh was taking part in a roundtable discussion with other lawyers when he said at three different points that the decision in U.S. v. Nixon, which marked limits on a president’s ability to withhold information needed for a criminal prosecution, may have come out the wrong way.

  156. 156
    rikyrah says:

    As Trump threatens war with Iran, few know whether to take it seriously
    07/23/18 08:00 AM
    By Steve Benen

    Welcome to Monday morning, Americans. Your president published a series of tweets overnight, directed at Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, raising the prospect of a war.


    Under normal circumstances, when a sitting American president threatens a possible war with a foreign adversary, it would be a development of great international significance. But Donald Trump’s presidency offers little in the way of normal circumstances.

    It’s an awkward feeling. On the one hand, the Commander in Chief of the world’s strongest military is publicly raising the prospect of a deadly conflict, and it seems irresponsible to just shrug that off as background noise. On the other hand, most observers realize that Trump is an erratic amateur with the temperament of an elementary-school bully, who finds joy in chest-thumping bluster, and whose occasional tantrums frequently amount to very little.

    The former suggests last night’s presidential tweets were important. The latter suggests we should roll our eyes and focus our attention elsewhere.

    The uncertainty is itself an issue the nation needs to come to terms with. When a sitting American president threatens a war, and no one’s sure whether to take it seriously, there’s a problem.

  157. 157
    rikyrah says:

    Trump camp changed strategy after Russians stole DNC analytics

    Rachel Maddow looks at the timing between the theft by Russian military intelligence of DNC analytics data in September 2016, as described in the recent indictment brought by Robert Mueller, and an abrupt change in campaign strategy by the Donald Trump campaign in early October.

  158. 158
    rikyrah says:

    Candidate whose data was hacked in 2016 talks defending democracy

    Former Rep. Brad Ashford, whose data was stolen in the hack of the DCCC by Russia military intelligence, talks with Rachel Maddow about how details of the hack were addressed by the Democratic Party, what it meant to his campaign, and what it means to American democracy.

  159. 159

    @rikyrah: Must be awash in rubles.

  160. 160
    rikyrah says:

    When I say…he brought receipts…
    He👏 brought 👏 receipts 👏

    Jake (@Care2much18) Tweeted:
    Maggie Haberman:

    Where are people getting the impression she is an access journalist and Trump shill?


    Let’s take a closer look.

  161. 161
    patrick II says:

    Who actually likes James Comey besides James Comey?

    Does he have a dog?

  162. 162
    rikyrah says:

    Aaron Blake (@AaronBlake) Tweeted:
    The sheer number of tweets in which Trump predicted Obama would go to war with Iran for political purposes is staggering

  163. 163
    tobie says:

    @Frankensteinbeck: We live in an environment where everything is the “Trump show,” 24/7 no matter what news outlet you turn to. Getting your voice heard, when everyone is looking in astonishment, shock, horror, fear, etc. at the shitshow in the White House is really hard. That will be the challenge for Democrats–how to be heard at all in this media environment.

  164. 164
    patrick II says:

    Democrats, please, please don’t lose your minds and rush to the socialist left.

    Assuring that hungry people, particularly children, are fed and assuring that sick people are able to see doctors and get healthcare at a reasonable price is not “losing your minds”. Allowing hunger and death in the richest country in the world because “socialism” is losing your minds. It’s called sociopathology.

  165. 165
    D58826 says:

    @satby: At a general level I agree with you – politics does affect all of us. . I think I should have been a bit more specific and used the term ‘political junkie’ for those who follow the ins and outs of politics like other follow the baseball standings. Different folks just have different levels of interest.

    I got interested when I listened with my Dad to Army/McCarthy hearings. I remember saying to my Dad – is that the guy with the frog in the throat

  166. 166
    rikyrah says:

    Bruce Japsen (@brucejapsen) Tweeted:
    Kentucky’s Medicaid administration costs jumped more than 40% after implementing work requirements @FitchRatings #PoliticsNation #CNNSOTU #ThisWeek #AMJoy

  167. 167
    Platonailedit says:


    The level of sycophancy from these so called business leaders was disgusting.

  168. 168
    rikyrah says:


    Alex Morash (@AlexMorash) Tweeted:
    Fox & friends is so dumb they had on the wrong politician this morning 🤦🏽‍♂️

    They thought they had a Ann Kirkpatrick but they got @teambarbara who hijacked their show to bash Trump. 🤣🤣🤣

  169. 169
    rikyrah says:

    Lips pursed.


    Chicago mayoral candidate Willie Wilson hands out cash to potential voters
    POSTED 4:55 PM, JULY 22, 2018,

    CHICAGO — Willie Wilson, the millionaire businessman and candidate for Chicago mayor, handed out cash to potential voters Sunday morning at a church on Chicago’s South Side.

    Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, himself seeking reelection, joined Wilson at New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church at the event.

    An aide to Wilson said the businessman gave away $300,000 to 2,000 people through the Dr. Willie Wilson Foundation, a 501(c)(3). Such organizations are tax-exempt, must not be organized for the benefit of private interests and are restricted in how much political activities they can conduct. Wilson says he organized the giveaway to assist homeowners who are struggling to pay their property tax bills.

    “My wife and I have been blessed by God to be able to get a few of the material things out of life and so it’s up to us to now continually to share back with all of you all and others,” Wilson told church members during the event.

    Wilson’s campaign spokesman insists today’s appearance was not campaign related. But Chicago politicos on both sides of the aisle raised concerns about the event.

  170. 170
    rikyrah says:

    Equalizer 2′ squeaks past ‘Mamma Mia 2’ to lead the box office
    The follow-up to 2014’s “The Equalizer” is Denzel Washington’s first sequel and the biggest opening of director Antoine Fuqua’s career.
    by Associated Press / Jul.22.2018 / 5:37 PM ET

    In the battle of two very different sequels at the box office over the weekend, Denzel Washington’s action pic “The Equalizer 2” has narrowly won out over the ABBA jukebox musical “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.”

    Studios estimated Sunday that the R-rated “Equalizer” follow-up grossed $35.8 million from North American theaters over the weekend. It’s Washington’s first sequel and the biggest opening of director Antoine Fuqua’s career. The first “Equalizer,” from 2014, opened similarly and went on to earn more than $190 million worldwide.

    Second place went to Universal Pictures’ “Mamma Mia 2,” which took in $34.4 million, a sum that was driven by an audience that was 83 percent female and 64 percent over 25. The film brought back much of the original cast, like Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried and Pierce Brosnan, and added Cher, Andy Garcia and Lily James to the mix. Critics overall gave the sequel better marks than the first, which still went on to gross more than $600 million worldwide 10 years ago.

  171. 171
    SWMBO says:

    @Immanentize: Happy Birthday!

  172. 172
    Elizabelle says:

    I was happy to see this letter to the editor from Frederica Wilson to the Miami Herald. The “empty barrel” speaks. Her reputation will still be solid after this all plays out. In full:

    Insecure about your ballot? Try absentee voting, July 20, Miami Herald.

    Political observers this week employed a bountiful list of adjectives to describe President Donald J. Trump’s indefensible flip-flops on whether Russia hacked American democracy in 2016.

    And despite clear-cut evidence presented to him by his own intelligence experts, Trump has sunk even deeper in denial and refuses to acknowledge the very real threat that Russia poses to this year’s mid-term election cycle.

    While many congressional Republicans agree that Russia played a supporting role in the election that propelled Trump to victory in Florida and in the White House, they are unwilling to appropriate the funding necessary to protect the nation’s ballot boxes from additional meddling.

    Before heading home for the weekend last Thursday, the House GOP shot down a Democratic motion to restore funding for state election security grants to help fend off future attempts by Russia to attack our elections.

    I am outraged as every voter in Florida should be.

    Our state is one of 21 targeted by Russian hackers in 2016 and is considered to be vulnerable this year. That is, in part, because many voting sites use electronic machines that do not provide a paper trail.

    So, if Russians once again try meddle with our ballots, there will be no way to verify voting results.

    Luckily, in Florida you can vote absentee. It is the only vote you can be sure has a paper trail.

    It is registered in the Division of Elections’ system and you can actually track your ballot.

    It is impossible to overstate how important and powerful your vote is. It is your voice.

    It enables you to elect officials who share your values and have your best interest at heart. It should be heard.

    But without election security, you cannot be certain that it will be.

    Vote absentee.


  173. 173
    RedDirtGirl says:

    @Immanentize: Happy Birthday!

  174. 174
    Enhanced Voting Techniques says:

    Democrats, please, please don’t lose your minds and rush to the socialist left.

    F-You too Comey, Hillary as moderate as they come and she such an unacceptable radical in you mind you threw the election for the Nine Year Old in Chief, Since the Democrats won’t be nominating some Bush spawn, we will take it as read Comey will voting for Trump in 2020.

  175. 175
    gvg says:

    @rikyrah: Well everything has to do with the economy in a way. Cause a trade war, somethings go up in price, some people decide not to buy that, the example thing’s producer decides to lay off some employees and they and producer can’t buy as much of everything else, so those industries have layoffs and production cuts and raise their prices…

  176. 176
    gvg says:

    on topic, did anyone ask Comey what exactly he meant that democrats shouldn’t move too far to the left? I am curious what GOP voters think we are doing that is too left. I bet it’s projection, but I could use a laugh.

  177. 177
    Steeplejack says:


    Happy birthday!

  178. 178
    Immanentize says:

    @Just One More Canuck: Ouch!

    ETA I just realized that my age just hit the year in which I was born. So there is that!

  179. 179
    Immanentize says:

    @bjacques: This is not a Southern thing, people. Ever been to (my home town spaces) in Upstate New York? It is rural versus city. Segregated versus integrated. Very different than a regional dispute. Which is why it really cannot lead to a proper civil war as the two sides are everywhere. Well, absent ethnic (cultural?) cleansing.

  180. 180
    Ian says:

    You would think Twitter would ban his account for inciting violence or something.

  181. 181
    J R in WV says:


    I don’t get it. What do steel tarrifs have to do with food processing?

    Steel cans, the package costs.

  182. 182
    JWL says:

    “The socialist left”. They called ’em “pinkos” not so very long ago. You can bet Comey was raised believing a commie lurks under every bed, and that America needed to fight the War in Vietnam in Vietnam, or Americans would be forced to fight on the streets of Honolulu or San Francisco.

    Lest We Forget: Hillary campaigned for George McGovern but loves Henry Kissinger.

  183. 183
    J R in WV says:

    @Sister Golden Bear:

    Glad you’re well enough to complain about the food. That was a sign of improvement in my wife, who spent 3 weeks in MICU, followed by a minor surgery to place chest tubes for a collapsed lung, followed by a short stay in SICU, followed by a long stay in general population guarded by nurses from infectious patients.

    We agreed that the hospital food was high end for what it was, and there were always extra trays for folks staying with their patients. In the end her thoracic surgeon went to patch the “leaky lung” and found the entire third lobe of her left long was necrotic, and scraped it out.

    Her recovery after that whole 2 month event was nearly total. Eat your food, be glad you’re able to criticize it.

    So glad you’re doing swell so far away!

  184. 184
  185. 185
    sukabi says:

    @germy: that’s funny…she had a televised dust up with a woman from one of the gun safety orgs the other day. The woman pointedly asked her about NRA Russian ties and money.

  186. 186
    scuffletuffle says:

    @rikyrah: I read that as assend of

  187. 187
    Miss Bianca says:


    the moustache has also slapped his dick on the table…

    For some reason, that line made me burst out laughing. Now I’m trying to think of a way I can work the phrase “slapped his dick on the table” every time some male blow-hard spouts off with some ridiculous manly-manning bluster.

  188. 188
    A Ghost To Most says:

    @Miss Bianca: I predict you’ll have plenty of opportunities.

  189. 189
    Aardvark Cheeselog says:

    I do not know if it is true that Roman generals, while celebrating their triumphs, were followed by a slave whose job it was to periodically whisper “Remember, you are but a man” into the general’s ear.

    I do know that James Comey should always be accompanied in public by someone whose job it is, whenever Comey appears to be about to open his mouth, to say “Nobody cares what you think, you sanctimonious piece of shit” while punching him in the junk.

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