Actual vs. statistical

Just two very good points by two very smart people:

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    JPL says:

    All of the members and coach are now out.

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    Lapassionara says:

    I am so glad for everyone affected that these children are now safe, as is their coach.

    Now, if our nation could care as much about the children separated at the border, maybe this pervasive sadness would lift from my heart.

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    Sam Dobermann says:

    @JPL: Beat me to it.
    Amazing how relieved I feel.

    Now lets find a cave Trump could fall into. Maybe a Florida sinkhole will get him.

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    JPL says:

    @Lapassionara: CBS This Morning has been covering both stories.

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    Big R says:

    I have no idea what either of these tweets mean.

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    Wapiti says:

    @Big R: I’ll echo that.

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    Booger says:

    @Big R: @Wapiti: “Statistical lives” are people understood as part of a statistic; “Identified lives” are those same people seen as identifiable individuals. If you google ‘individual v. statistical’ there are lots of good examples, particularly using movies like “The Martian” as examples.

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    lowtechcyclist says:

    Chandra’s tweet needs an acronym-to-English translation. I don’t know what ACO is, but FFS = “for fuck’s sake” in my world. Doesn’t seem to fit the context, though.

  9. 9

    @lowtechcyclist: FFS =Fee for Service medicine

    ACO = Accountable Care Organization

  10. 10
    PST says:

    @lowtechcyclist: @lowtechcyclist: They are two models of how to pay for healthcare. FFS is fee for service and ACO is accountable care organization.

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    p.a. says:

    That’s Stalin’s take on it, n’est-ce pas?: one death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic.

    (Is this apocryphal? IDK)

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    lowtechcyclist says:

    Thanks, David and PST, for filling me in!

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