Potential NYC Meet-Up?

From intrepid commentor NotMax:

Tis that time of year for the reluctant trek from Maui to NYC, so
putting out tentative feelers re: a meet up.

AFAIK at the moment open dates for me are from July 26 to August 5.

Thanks for your assistance with spreading the word.

Anybody in the area got suggestions as to venue, times, etc.?

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    celiadexter says:

    I’m in. Anyplace near the subway works for me. Of the places we’ve met before, I liked Walker’s and Old Town best. I have ideas about dive bars in the Bronx, but they’re not practical..,

  2. 2
    gene108 says:

    Preferably on the weekend

  3. 3
    la caterina (Mrs. Johannes) says:

    @celiadexter: @gene108: if it’s on the weekend, Brooklyn would be nice.

  4. 4
    Seanly says:

    Why on Earth would anyone want to willingly travel to NYC in August? It’s so hot & humid…

  5. 5
    NotMax says:


    Annual trip to see Mom (no matter how much I protest that gee, we just saw each other a year ago). Would have preferred the usual time of very late August through early September but her sister (age 95) from South America (along with aunt’s personal masseuse/medical helper) will be crashing there then so the inn is booked, spacewise. Having to sleep in the bathtub is not particularly appealing, so July it is.

  6. 6
    JAFD says:

    Hello again !

    I’m going to be tied up thru the weekend after next, but if on the 17th or thereafter, would really like to be tehre.

    Hope y’all are keeping cool in the meantime.

  7. 7
    satby says:

    I may be out that way visiting friends during the same general timeframe. It would be cool to meet up with NotMax and the NYC contingent. I’m thinking Sunday the 29th would work out well for me, only because I will get in early that morning or late the night before and it can be before all the friend activities commence. Or later in that week up to the first, when I have to hightail it back home.

  8. 8
    arrieve says:

    I’d love to meet up if work schedule allows. I’m terrible at picking places so will leave that to those with better judgment.

  9. 9
    Bruuuuce says:

    I’m in if it;s not a weekday or -night, and if my imminent oral surgery isn’t too soon before (I see the man to schedule it tomorrow morning(. Anywhere near a subway is fine by me (I’m coming from western Queens).

  10. 10
    sam says:

    I know I’m mostly a lurker around here (although I’ve come out of the shadows a bit more on occassion!), but I had a great time the last time I met up with a bunch of you at Old Town, so if schedules allow, I’d show up.

  11. 11
    DianeB says:

    Bill and I really enjoyed the meet up, NotMax. We’ll be there, wherever and whenever.

  12. 12
    Nick D says:

    Though I’m a lurker, I’ve been waiting for someone to offer a BJ Meetup in nyc. I’m definitely in and can make most evenings with advance notice.

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