East Coast Launch: Early Morning Viewing!


There’s an Orbital ATK Antares rocket launch at 4:39 AM Eastern, in just a bit. It’s launching from the Wallops Island Facility in Southeast Virginia.

Since the rain has gone, it looks like a lot of folks may see something, should they look the appropriate direction (and up!).

Link to more info: https://www.space.com/40644-watch-orbital-atk-rocket-launch-oa9-webcast.html


You can watch the launch live on space.com


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    The Ancient Randonneur says:

    Successfully launched. I do, however, find the launches that don’t include a first stage booster re-entry and landing less interesting. Spacex is rapidly changing expectations and lowering launch cost. It’s an interesting time for those of us interested in space travel. Oh, the places we’ll go.

    Thanks for the thread.

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    Cermet says:

    Rats, missed seeing it – was in the gym doing my run but they did show the launch on the TV; I was the only person there – a bit early for most morning people.

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    rikyrah says:

    Good Morning Everyone 😄😄😄

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    Betsy says:

    I saw it. There was a thick bsnk of clouds all around the horizon that I was pretty sure would enntirly obscure the view, but but lo and behold, four minutes after the delayed launch time of 4:44, I was about to go home and was very surprised to see a bright light come up from the thickest part of the clouds and illuminating the thin upper part of cloud bank from behind. Also saw the stage 1 or booster rocket flare out behind it.

    A huge “smoke ring” cloud way up in the stratosphere (where the stage 1 rocket had burnt out) remained illuminated by the pre-dawn sun for a good twenty minutes after liftoff, while the sky was still dark. I’m sure it was visible to most anyone on the mid-atlantic / Eastern seaboard.

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