‘Ethics in Gaming’ Open Thread: Another Trumpshow of Farce

Pres. Trump revives old debate over whether violent video games can trigger violent behavior, even as decades of research has repeatedly failed to uncover any link. https://t.co/mzxoTCj3P3 pic.twitter.com/hvaAzZ7mJt

— ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) March 8, 2018

Trump has reportedly invited the head of Zenimax (Bethesda's parent company) and Take Two (Rockstar's) to the White House to discuss violence in video games:https://t.co/6GYYLcYqOO pic.twitter.com/LG45X0vG3Q

— IGN (@IGN) March 8, 2018

Bethesda. Holy shit. Trump's gonna try to blame WOLFENSTEIN for neo-nazis shooting up their schools before he blames either guns or neo-nazis. https://t.co/b6Nk1W75Nd

— Zeddy (@Zeddary) March 8, 2018

The Verge reports:

Today, President Trump brought together top executives of the gaming industry, parents groups and members of Congress for a meeting to discuss violence in video games. Announced last week as part of President Trump’s response to the Parkland shooting, the meeting was hastily assembled and has been criticized as a purposeful distraction from more concrete gun-control measures.

The proceedings were closed to the press, but by all accounts, the meeting was a strange one. The President opened the meeting by showing a supercut of hyperviolent gameplay scenes apparently compiled from online streamers — a compilation that was later posted to the White House’s official YouTube account…

Attendees said there was little serious talk of government restrictions on content (which would present significant legal challenges), and the conversation focused on more robust age restrictions or voluntary measures that could be undertaken by the industry itself. “The president encouraged [game developers] to explore things they can do on their own to make things healthier in society,” said Media Research Center President Brent Bozell, “and that’s where it was left.”

In part, that may be a result of who was in attendance. None of the three conservative critics in attendance have any particular focus on video games, and each is better known for their work in other areas. Parents TV Council member Melissa Henson writes primarily about liberal values in Hollywood, while fellow attendee Lt. Col Dave Grossman specializes in teaching military tactics to police officers. (He was quoted telling officers “It’s your job to put a piece of steel in your fist and kill those sons of bitches when they come to kill our kids,” in a recent profile in Men’s Journal.) Bozell himself has most recently focused on raising awareness about allegedly anti-Christian bigotry on ABC’s The View…

No doubt it will be explained that it is very triggering for wanna-be Nazis to see their idols treated as the bad guys in games like WOLFENSTEIN. Why can’t we think of the poor lil’ Nazi snowflakes!

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