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This weekday feature is for Juicers who are are on the road, traveling, or just want to share a little bit of their world via stories and pictures. So many of us rise each morning, eager for something beautiful, inspiring, amazing, subtle, of note, and our community delivers – a view into their world, whether they’re far away or close to home – pictures with a story, with context, with meaning, sometimes just beauty. By concentrating travel updates and tips here, it’s easier for all of us to keep up or find them later.

So please, speak up and share some of your adventures and travel news here, and submit your pictures using our speedy, secure form. You can submit up to 7 pictures at a time, with an overall description and one for each picture.

You can, of course, send an email with pictures if the form gives you trouble, or if you are trying to submit something special, like a zipped archive or a movie. If your pictures are already hosted online, then please email the links with your descriptions.

For each picture, it’s best to provide your commenter screenname, description, where it was taken, and date. It’s tough to keep everyone’s email address and screenname straight, so don’t assume that I remember it “from last time”. More and more, the first photo before the fold will be from a commenter, so making it easy to locate the screenname when I’ve found a compelling photo is crucial.

Have a wonderful day, and enjoy the pictures!


Today, pictures from valued commenter Lee.

Where it was taken: San Marcos Texas
When: Jan 2018
Commenter screenname: Lee

Noodles is helping with the construction of an Ikea desk.

Train tracks going over the Blano River.

Thank you so much Lee, do send us more when you can.

And now some great pictures from The Antibob.

The Antibob and May in Curacao.

Health considerations of a fellow traveler required that we forego our beloved St. John, which is still recovering from the last hurricane season. Curacao is a lovely Dutch island with a refreshingly small percentage of American tourists. Snorkeling is somewhat lacking compared to USVI, but the diving is excellent. If you are a diver or would like to learn, I highly recommend Diver’s Republic at Playa Daai Booi. The proprietor Bob Van Ingen is a great instructor who took me from the Discovery lesson- where I thought I was going to die breathing through the regulator at 2 meters- to Advanced Certifications down to 40 meters after 14 dives. The beaches, reef and people here are wonderful here, and even the wildlife is friendly, as you can see in the pictures. (Photos by May)

Playa Daai Booi.

Weather Station.


Playa Cas Abao.

Sint Willibrordus.

Punda, Willemstad.

Punda, Willemstad.

Playa Porto Marie, Beach Pig (Woody) .

Chillin’ with the house iguana.

Last Curacao Sunset.



Travel safely everybody, and do share some stories in the comments, even if you’re joining the conversation late. Many folks confide that they go back and read old threads, one reason these are available on the Quick Links menu.


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  1. 1
    raven says:

    Damn, keep your head on a swivel as we circumnavigate!

  2. 2
    Le Comte de Monte Cristo, fka Edmund Dantes says:

    I’ve been to Bonaire a bunch – it’s not far from Curacao and Aruba. Same climate, pretty dry. Scruffy, and not much for beautiful sandy beaches like the photo above – the diving, though, is stunning, probably much like Curacao in visibility, reef diversity and marine life.

    There’s a feature that it has that is unique – there’s Klein Bonaire, an uninhabited island a couple of hundred yards west that’s tucked into the elbow if the island. My guess is that it’s no more than a couple of hundred acres, and is basically a sand spit that rises maybe 6-8 feet max (it has the only broad beach, and is loaded with day trippers out to play in the ocean, clothed or not). There is reef on both sides that drops to a sandy bottom that might be 150-200 feet max. The result of this feature is that there is generally calm water in that channel, along with a mild current that keeps it swept clean and fresh. The wildlife is phenomenal, giant schools abound, and is perfect for shore dives – no safety stop is necessary, as you offgas as you swim in while still seeing things.

  3. 3
    Quinerly says:


  4. 4
    OzarkHillbilly says:

    Train tracks going over the Blano River.

    Very nice.

  5. 5
    debbie says:

    What I would give to sit in that palm tree’s shade! I can practically hear the fronds rustling in the breeze.

  6. 6
    satby says:

    I love Noodles helping build, my cat Wookie helped every repair guy who ever walked into my house. The guy who put the new pump in in Michigan became very fond of him. Give Noodles a sketch from me.

    I honestly haven’t ever been interested in going to the Caribbean again, but these pictures of Curacao are very tempting. Thanks for sharing them.

  7. 7
    Elizabelle says:

    I want a beach pig! Moar Woody. Noodles is darned cute, too.

    Loved the pics.

  8. 8
    MomSense says:

    Anyone mind if I take that white chaise under the tree?

  9. 9
    Gin & Tonic says:

    Wow, went to Curacao ages ago. Forty years, now that I think about it – got out of NYC just as the snow was starting up, in what became the Blizzard of ’78. Been to Aruba a few times after that, never Bonaire, although I’m considering that for this year. Thanks for the pics.

  10. 10
    smintheus says:

    Politico has a classic “Dems in disarray” piece, and this one sentence distills the stupidity to its purest form:

    She [Moser] had written in 2014 that she would “sooner have her teeth pulled” than relocate to Texas, where she grew up.

    Except that Moser is not hostile to dentistry. What Moser actually said was that she “would rather have her teeth pulled without anesthesia”. And the “teeth pulled” quote refers to moving to a specific small town (Paris, TX) where her grandparents had once lived. And she did not grow up in Paris. And her argument was not about living in Texas, but about the costs/benefits of living in a large city rather than in cheaper small towns.

    But at least the year 2014 is accurate, so Politico’s fact checkers must have been at work.

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