Good News! A Win for the Environment (If We Can Keep It)

As many people pointed out, given the current economy, the oil industry was not exactly eager to start pouring money into starting the process to eventually build more offshore rigs that would inevitably draw politically explosive protests. Zinke’s Drill-Baby-Drill Statement was always intended as a slap against the blue states and their “disloyal” non-Repub voters. But getting him publicly pantsed was a win for our side, yes?…

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    Sab says:

    Florida voted for this guy, so its only fair that they get drilling off their coast.

  2. 2
    Gin & Tonic says:

    Walter in NFLTG mode. You go, dude!

  3. 3
    Immanentize says:

    @Gin & Tonic: Thinking the same thing. All caps — he is rather peeved, I suspect.

  4. 4

    @Gin & Tonic: @Immanentize: I was also surprised.

    Is making rules like this legal?

  5. 5
    Jeffro says:

    @Gin & Tonic: I know, right? The man is (pleasantly, awesomely) SHRILL!

  6. 6
    Betty Cracker says:

    How has Zinke been publicly pantsed? It’s obvious to us that Florida was “taken off the table” to reward the state for voting for Trump and perhaps bolster Governor Batboy’s chances of winning a senate race (if he runs). But the bottom line is, the other coasts are still at risk, and the Trump administration is impervious to shame, so I doubt that pointing out the hypocrisy here will change policy. What am I missing?

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    Jeffro says:

    Making an exception for the home state of the ‘winter scuzz house’ and its Republican governor, with no review whatsoever, means that this drilling nonsense will go nowhere.

    Love the Northam tweet, though – you go, Gov!

  8. 8
    Roger Moore says:

    In Trump world, voting for him gives your state an exemption from his policies, which gives you a perfect snapshot of what those policies are really about.

  9. 9
    Sab says:

    @Major Major Major Major: We are so past laws and whats legal.

  10. 10
    JMG says:

    The attorney generals of every other state with a coastline have just been given a massive gift as they head to various federal district courts.

  11. 11
    Betty Cracker says:

    @JMG: Okay, that makes sense.

  12. 12
  13. 13

    @Betty Cracker: Word. Even banana republics have better standards.

    ETA: This is yet another shot in the Republican war against the blue states.

  14. 14
    Sab says:

    My oldest grandaughter eas born after 9/11. Yet she will have to pay for the rest of her life for our insane reactions to it. Everything we did was wrong and reactive. But I will die comfortably of old age illnesses, and she is seriously at risk from our stupid actionns abd reactions.

  15. 15
    SFAW says:

    Libtard snowflake Whiny Walter Shaub is whining again about President-for-Life Idiot Amin Dondon exercising his not-at-all-unconstitutional powers (via True American Patriot Ryan Hinky) to help people deserving that help, such as the WWC denizens of Mar-a-Lago. SAD!

  16. 16

    @Betty Cracker: Let’s see what coverage this gets in the news. The TPS revocation was a mere blip in the media radar. Upending the lives of a half a million people is no big deal (250,000 beneficiaries and their US citizen children)

  17. 17
    the Conster, la Citoyenne says:

    So the question of how Trump would attack DiFi has been answered. She’s “sneaky”. LOL. Is that a code word for “Jewish”? I’m not up on my slurs.

  18. 18

    @the Conster, la Citoyenne: Probably. According to white supremacists everything from civil rights to women’s rights and even the Nationality and Immigration Act of 1965 is a Jewish plot.

  19. 19
    sherparick says:

    @Major Major Major Major: Warning reference to a very old movie “Treasure of the Sierra Madre” – This is like asking the bandits in the that movie for their badges: “Badges, badges – We don’t need no stinking badges!!!” This group of bandits don’t need any stinking laws.

  20. 20
    SFAW says:


    According to white supremacists everything from civil rights to women’s rights and even the Nationality and Immigration Act of 1965 is a Jewish plot.

    The only surprise is that this hasn’t yet made it into a Shitgibbon-storm (i.e., Shitgibbon tweetstorm). But the day is young. (Well, in Hawaii.)

  21. 21
    laura says:

    @the Conster, la Citoyenne: she’s sneaky, she’s not blond/on a couch/on Fox, uses “words,” she doesn’t have a peener, shares views and opinions while white men are present “white manning.”
    Burn her.

  22. 22

    @SFAW: Hawaii? I has a jealous. I thought you were a fellow Masshole.

  23. 23
    The Moar You Know says:

    If there is for-real drilling anywhere off the California coast, Trump will have an armed uprising on his tiny hands.

  24. 24

    @sherparick: illegal executive actions can be stopped by courts, as several already have 🙄

  25. 25
    SFAW says:


    Hawaii? I has a jealous. I thought you were a fellow Masshole.

    I am. I was just using Hawaii as a location where it’s still early in the day. Of course, given the sleep patterns of cats — two of our three are sleeping within 10 feet of me — I guess it could be early in the day for you. (Kidding — I know it isn’t.)

    But if I ever make it to Hawaii, I’ll let you know. I think I once flew within 5000 miles of it, does that count?

  26. 26
    Jim, Foolish Literalist says:

    executive time for Second Breakfast?

    Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump
    The fact that Sneaky Dianne Feinstein, who has on numerous occasions stated that collusion between Trump/Russia has not been found, would release testimony in such an underhanded and possibly illegal way, totally without authorization, is a disgrace. Must have tough Primary!

    gonna get you one of them California trump democrats to take her down!

    (Seriously, though, what a gift to give her a nickname and portray her as a leader of the Resistance)

  27. 27
    azlib says:


    Absolutely, unless Florida can show it is somehow unique from all the other state shorelines involved.

  28. 28
    Sab says:

    @Major Major Major Major: I hope and pray that you are right and that I am a fool.

  29. 29
    dmsilev says:

    @Jim, Foolish Literalist: She’s not really in much danger in the primary. I think most of the challengers were just positioning themselves in case she chose to retire.

  30. 30
    kindness says:

    Hippie Punching is this White House’s policy position though. They should write it down though to be honest.

  31. 31
    The Moar You Know says:

    Sneaky Dianne Feinstein

    @Jim, Foolish Literalist: That’s actually kind of an awesome nickname. And the only thing DiFi has to worry about is age; her seat is possibly the safest in the nation.

  32. 32
    Jim, Foolish Literalist says:

    @dmsilev: I thought DeLeon (sp?) was polling pretty well against her?

  33. 33
    kindness says:

    @The Moar You Know: – Given a good Democratic primary opponent and I will vote for the opponent. DiFi was great yesterday but she’s is in reality a liberal to moderate Republican, not a Democrat. But Republicans don’t get elected in SF city races where she made her start so……

  34. 34
    Ian G. says:

    Shit like this is why I occasionally give thoughts to secession for the northeast. I mean, however much I may have despised the presidency of George W. Bush, I never thought his administration was going out of its way to take revenge on states that voted against him. That’s what this and the tax plan are all about.

  35. 35
    Sab says:

    @schrodingers_cat: Totally off topic but you bowed out of an unpleasant thread you were in a couple of days ago. I thought you were bailing from BJ altogether, and I was distraught. You are free to do what you want, but be aware that that will have consequences. People you have never seen or heard have read your comments for years and will very much miss your voice. Just saying. Don’t go without a lot of thought.

  36. 36
    Villago Delenda Est says:

    @schrodingers_cat: 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, too.

  37. 37
    Jim, Foolish Literalist says:

    OT: I’m not much of a Bond aficionado (that spelling doesn’t look right, but I’ll leave it to autocorrect), but this is a pretty funny thread

    Kevin M. Kruse‏Verified account @ KevinMKruse
    It’s like this entire administration is made up of James Bond villains.

    Mnuchin you’d almost think is doing it on purpose, but my favorite is the Kellyanne one

  38. 38
    Roger Moore says:

    OT, but it sounds as if Darrel Issa is retiring. I guess he understood what “mene, mene, tekel, upharsin” means.

  39. 39
    Yarrow says:

    @Gin & Tonic: @Immanentize: He is:

    Yeah. You heard me. I used all caps. It's an all caps situation.— Walter Shaub (@waltshaub) January 10, 2018


  40. 40
    Enhanced Voting Techniques says:

    @the Conster, la Citoyenne: I was more amused by the bit were Donny Dotard was demanding the Dems primary her for not supporting him.

  41. 41
    Kay says:

    Grassley just told us that Feinstein release of transcript makes it harder to bring in Jared Kushner. Asked him if Kushner is off the hook: “No, not at all.”

    Sure he is, unless someone who is actually interested in investigating something intervenes again.

    Maybe Feinstein will inspire others to do their jobs. It’s not scary! She survived!

  42. 42
    Jim, Foolish Literalist says:

    @Kay: I find this argument very odd. I think in one of the Grassley office statements they said it would make “voluntary” testimony difficult. Okay. But don’t they have subpoena power? Especially over an executive branch employee ?

  43. 43

    @Sab: Thanks so much for saying this. I did not read or comment on Balloon Juice the rest of that day. I have been commenting on Balloon Juice since 2009 but I have received more invective in the last year than previous years combined. I have also been more vocal and outspoken, so it could be that.
    I should probably take more breaks away from the political cray cray, but I will certainly not stop speaking up, no matter what other people have to say. Either on this forum or elsewhere.

  44. 44
    SFAW says:

    @Jim, Foolish Literalist:

    Kevin M. Kruse‏Verified account @ KevinMKruse
    It’s like this entire administration is made up of James Bond villains.

    Most of them were OK, not great. But the Doocy/Kilmeade, Graham, and Possum Queen matches were pretty awesome.

    The Sheriff Clarke thing was OK, but what stood out most for me was that he was giving something pretty close to a “WP” hand signal. I know he’s a moron, but is he also that fucking clueless? [“Why are you lynching me? I’m one of the ‘good’ Negroes!”]

  45. 45
    AM in NC says:

    Every single Democratic candidate at both state and national levels in the eastern part of purple N.C. should be beating this story like a drum. Coastal interests are so powerful in our state legislature that they get to set the state’s school calendar to ensure maximum tourist time at the beach each summer. And it is a very Republican part of the state. National GOP threatening their coastline is a great wedge issue to use against them (especially when Fla. gets a pass).

  46. 46
    The Lodger says:

    @schrodingers_cat: If you’re looking for a Jewish plot, here’s the place.

  47. 47
    JustRuss says:


    Hippie Punching is this White House’s policy position though. They should write it down though to be honest.

    Pretty sure being honest isn’t on the White House’s agenda.

  48. 48
    J R in WV says:


    Schrodingers_cat, know that while I don’t always agree with you (ask my wife, I don’t agree 100% with anyone!) I will always support your right to express your opinions here on BJ, and I think everyone else will also.

    Sometimes in these hard times when we disagree we flip the outrage switch and go off on someone we disagree with 5%, rather than with those we disagree with 95%. I sometimes do this, especially at 2 am. I’m better than I was, but still can explode with invective. (Hi, Corner Stone! F U too!)

    Don’t take it too seriously. We know that you decided to join the USA recently, since the 2016 election. That’s a very serious commitment, that is, and we all thank you for the vote of confidence!

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