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I don’t think the Bannon Trump feud’s going to change too many voters’ minds. We need some money.

Here’s a fund split equally among all eventual Democratic nominees in seats currently held by Republicans.

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And here’s a fund for Conor Lamb, the terrific Dem candidate running in the special House election in PA.
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    Baud says:

    I like the new you. Fatherhood suits you well.

  2. 2
    germy says:

    BREAKING: White House: Trump signs order dissolving controversial election fraud commission after states buck information requests.— The Associated Press (@AP) January 3, 2018

  3. 3
    Baud says:

    @germy: Excellent. Keep fighting!

  4. 4
    Barbara says:

    @germy: I didn’t see that coming.

  5. 5

    No, Trump and Bannon fighting isn’t going to do much practically speaking, but it’s kind of fun to watch, isn’t it? I do worry, though, how this is going to affect the president [sic]. He doesn’t need anything else to drive him around the bend, and this is going to eat at him hard.

  6. 6
    Anonymous at Work says:

    Feud? Won’t change voters’… We’ll use ‘minds’ for now.
    Strategic leaks of Dirty Laundry and having Breitbart turn on the GOP will shift elections.

  7. 7
    dmsilev says:

    @germy: So much winning. Or whining. Whatever.

  8. 8
    James E. Powell says:

    Maybe a question for another thread, another day, but what exactly do we all think it would take to change many voters’ minds?

  9. 9
    geg6 says:


    Wow, that’s some unexpected good news. Chris Kobach is weeping silently into his pillow and muttering about how he coulda been a star.

  10. 10
    eponymous says:

    Well,hell. Went to catch light rail down to my car, and police everywhere, light rail cars backed up for blocks. They think there’s a bomb.

  11. 11
    Jeffro says:

    @germy: sweet! Dissolving it for lack of participation, interest, evidence, funds to fight lawsuits, is more like it.

  12. 12
    chris says:

    @germy: Acosta has the official statement.

    The scary part is that the “problem” of voter fraud will now be turned over to DHS. Imagine a combination of the TSA and ICE at every polling station. With big guns and rubber gloves…

  13. 13
    Jeffro says:

    Kurt Eichenwald tweet thread up now, pointing out what so many of us here have been noting for the past year: Trump setting off a nuclear exchange? It is only unthinkable until it happens.

  14. 14
    debbie says:

    I don’t think the Bannon Trump feud’s going to change too many voters’ minds.

    If Trump really goes off the rails with inappropriate and offensive Tweets, some minds could be changed. He’s his own worst enemy.

  15. 15
    debbie says:


    I heard something on the radio about Trump might be thinking about bombing Venezuela.

  16. 16
    Citizen_X says:

    @Anonymous at Work: I think the “feud” obscures the most important little detail to spill from Bannon: he independently confirmed the message of the GPS Fusion guys, that the heart of the scandal is about money laundering. Learning that Successful Billionaire Businessman Donald Trump is a common crook is gonna peel off a few votes, I wager.

  17. 17
    Jeffro says:

    Just FYI here are the top for stories right now at FOXNews dot com:

    1) Bomb Cyclone
    2) Fire at Bill and Hillary’s
    3) Manafort suing – Mueller going too far
    4) Ari Fleischer: Trump’s rebuttal was like a 2 x 4 to Bannon’s Head (exact words)


  18. 18
    WaterGirl says:

    @debbie: I’ll say again what I have said before. There will be something that will turn Trump supporters against him, but whatever the cause, we will be left saying ” after all the terrible things Trump has done, THAT was a bridge too far? Really???”

    I still don’t know what it will be, but it will have to be something that makes it through to the low-information voters like my sister, who had never heard “grab them by the pussy” and who didn’t know what Hamilton was.

  19. 19
    MisterForkbeard says:

    @Barbara: Trump followed it up with a “we’re directing the executive branch to do stuff on their own”, so it’s not like this is any better. >_<

  20. 20
    MisterForkbeard says:

    @Citizen_X: Nah. They’ll just remind themselves that the REAL crooks and Bill and Hillary, while Trump is only guilty of being smart and trying to avoid unnecessary government intervention.

    @Jeffro: Well, that’s horrifying. 2-4 are just silly, but I bet they’re of massive interest to the conservative base.

  21. 21
    mai naem mobile says:

    Democrats in disarray!!!

  22. 22
  23. 23
    Jeffro says:

    Oh and on the TV version right now Tucker Carlson is complaining about websites that ridicule white people

  24. 24
    burnspbesq says:

    Manafort’s “suit” is pure publicity stunt. If he really had anything on Mueller, he would move to dismiss the indictment.

  25. 25
    mai naem mobile says:

    @WaterGirl: yepI agree. It will be something insignificant like tape of him kicking a dog or cat or smacking Barron. Maybe dissing Hope Hicks if she goes off on her own as a sympathetic figure when he tries to throw her under the bus.

  26. 26
    Doug! says:


    That’s what I have been reading. Do you think Dersh and Turley will go on Fox and say the suit has merit?

  27. 27
    Jeffro says:

    @Jeffro: but for what it’s worth Jason Nichols from the University of Maryland is eating his lunch 🤣

  28. 28
    germy says:

    🚨RT AND CALL Call your Senators ASAP and tell them NO to Trump’s pic for US Attorney In Southern District of New York!! We will NOT Allow GUILIANI’S Friend Geoffrey Berman to reside over cases involving Trump, Kushner, Manafort. This is CORRUPTION #TrumpRussia Bannon https://t.co/5L9xUFxguC— Olga_Lautman NYC ✨ (@olgaNYC1211) January 4, 2018

  29. 29
    eponymous says:

    @Jeffro: he knows he is the quintessential white person who is being mocked.

  30. 30
    Anonymous at Work says:

    @Doug!: I just wonder if it’s reason for Mueller to cancel parole for Manafort.

  31. 31
    piratedan says:

    feeling like J.K. Simmons in Burn After Reading watching this shit show go down, if it was so incredibly tragic for so many of us, you could at least shake your head and wonder if anyone has learned anything from any of this…..

  32. 32
    burnspbesq says:


    They might, but sayin’ it don’t make it so.

  33. 33
    burnspbesq says:

    @Anonymous at Work:

    Mueller could ask the court to revoke Manafort’s bail, but there’s no upside to it, and I assume that he’s smart enough to see that and not take the bait.

  34. 34
    Mike J says:

    @burnspbesq: Think Progress actually went and read the controlling legislation for special prosecutors (a novel idea, I know) and don’t see anything that couldn’t be addresses by one phone call.

    The best case scenario for Manafort is having the case transferred to a different prosecutor, and even that is a stretch.

  35. 35
    burnspbesq says:

    @Mike J:

    The only good scenario for Manafort is that he has something so good that Mueller is willing to dismiss the failure to file FBAR charges, which carry aggregate monetary penalties of around $60 million, in order to get his testimony. Any resolution short of that and he is both fucked and penniless.

  36. 36
    SgrAstar says:

    @eponymous: where are you?

  37. 37
    Tenar Arha says:

    General question, because I just got an appeal. What’s the deal with the Democratic Governors Association? Are they useful? Do they disburse funds and assistance, or are they more set up for incumbents?

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