Russiagate Open Thread: Meanwhile, What News of the Prince of Amway?

No lawyer and a public transcript. Erik Prince borrowing sound legal strategy from his fellow navy vet Carter Page.

— Zeddy ( me [ person ] ) (@ZeddRebel) December 6, 2017

Erik Prince, brother of Betsy deVos, founder of Blackwater (now Academi), testified before the US House of Representatives Select Committe on Intelligence on November 30th. A 105-page transcript of his testimony has been released, and is providing much fodder for specialists…

House Intel Commitee releases the testimony of Erik Prince

Schiff says of the Seychelles trip: "Prince also could not adequately explain why he traveled halfway around the world to meet with UAE officials and, ultimately, the head of the Russian fund."

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) December 6, 2017

Here, btw, is how Prince characterizes his role in the Trump campaign. It's both nothing much — and sending foreign policy memos to the campaign's CEO:

— Chris Geidner (@chrisgeidner) December 6, 2017

Who does Erik Prince think he is? This guy: “I flew in from Africa and I’ve had about enough of this,” and doesn’t think he was hauled before the House intel panel to “indulge your fishing expedition.” Actually, yeah, you were. It’s called the law.

— Kevin Baron (@DefenseBaron) December 6, 2017


US official: Erik Prince proposed private spy network to Trump administration @CNNPolitics

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) December 6, 2017


BuzzFeed News is publishing the slide presentation by Erik Prince to privatize the Afghan war and mine Afghanistan's valuable minerals. He pitched the proposal to the Trump administration. Prince told BuzzFeed News, "You're a fucking hack." @AramRoston

— Jason Leopold (@JasonLeopold) December 7, 2017

Prince briefed top Trump administration officials directly, talked up his plan publicly on the DC circuit, and published op-eds about it. He patterned the strategy he’s pitching on the historical model of the old British East India Company, which had its own army and colonized much of Britain’s empire in India. “An East India Company approach,” he wrote in the Wall Street Journal, “would use cheaper private solutions to fill the gaps that plague the Afghan security forces, including reliable logistics and aviation support.”

But the details have never been made public. Here is the never-before-published slide presentation for his pitch, which a source familiar with the matter said was prepared for the Trump administration.

One surprising element is the commercial promise Prince envisions: that the US will get access to Afghanistan’s rich deposits of minerals such as lithium, used in batteries; uranium; magnesite; and “rare earth elements,” critical metals used in high technology from defense to electronics. One slide estimates the value of mineral deposits in Helmand province alone at $1 trillion…

Prince currently runs a Chinese security and logistics company, as BuzzFeed News has previously reported. Still, in his pitch to America’s policymakers, he plays the US against China. One slide, devoted to “market manipulation in rare earth elements,” presents China as dominating the market for the valuable minerals.

Ironically, the statement from Prince’s spokesman that said Prince’s Chinese company, Frontier Services Group, would participate in the Afghanistan plan, and “would provide logistics support to the extractive firms with secure transportation and camp support.”…

Wait. He is proposing sending a private army into a country to kill people and steal their resources. Right?

— Mr. Fun Guy (@Mister_Fun_Guy) December 7, 2017

Bad ideas never die, they just encycst themselves in the GOP groupmind…

New from me: Devin Nunes spoke to Erik Prince about forthcoming House Intel testimony despite recusal from Russia probe

— Natasha Bertrand (@NatashaBertrand) December 7, 2017

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