College Football Open Thread

The crappy Gators are playing Mizzou right now. Here are some of today’s other top match-ups:

Open thread!

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    Jim, Foolish Literalist says:

    @Amaranthine RBG: Steve, thanks. Thanks for keepin’ it real.

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    raven says:

    Oh yes because no fucking body ever had any idea that football was dangerous.

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    Amaranthine RBG says:

    @Jim, Foolish Literalist:
    Sure thing, Mike. You’re welcome.

    And, you remember 6 or 8 years ago when it was fun to see a Miramax film or look forward to the next Kevin Spacey flick? That’s also when you could claim not to know much about how football destroys lives.

    But times have changed. At least for some people.

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    JMG says:

    Not a card that’s going to keep me from Saturday suburban old guy putterer errands. Hell, everybody back when I played (the ’60s) knew football was dangerous. It was one reason we teenage boys liked it. But we didn’t know HOW dangerous.

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    Amaranthine RBG says:

    @raven: Would you say those 10 and 11 year olds who’ve already sustained brain damage knew what they were getting into?

    Let’s see 10, 11, 12, 13 = old enough to rationally assess risk but 14 is to young to give consent to Kevin Spacey. Got that right?

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    raven says:

    @Amaranthine RBG: Don’t you have something else to do?

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    Steeplejack says:

    @Betty Cracker:

    The crappy Gators are playing equally crappy Mizzou right now.

    Fixed that for you.

    —Steep ’72

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    I'll be Frank says:

    Has the Military Industrial Complex expanded to include college football or is it only Pro ball?

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    cope says:

    “…and other top match-ups…” that’s funny.

    Me, I’ll be watching Liverpool/West Ham this afternoon.

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    raven says:

    @Jumbo76: Remember Shorthose!!

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    raven says:

    @I’ll be Frank: You obviously know nothing about major college football.

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    FlyingToaster says:

    @Amaranthine RBG: Under 16, 18, or 21 (depending upon explicit circumstances), your parents’ or guardians’ consent is required. I and my siblings couldn’t play sports or play an instrument or be in chess club without it. My daughter can’t play a sport without both parents signing the consent AND a doctor’s okay.

    Most of us learned about consent in HS civics; what were you doing instead, harassing people already?

    Back under your bridge, troll.

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    FlyingToaster says:

    @I’ll be Frank: The MIC expanded to college ball first. What planet have you been living on?

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    Jumbo76 says:


    Oh man, Shorthose. That’s the thing about Mizzou fans. We had it good with Pinkel, but anyone who was around before that knows just how bad it can be. But we love ‘em anyway. Every true son and daughter will tramp, tramp, tramp around the columns with a cheer for old Mizzou!

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    raven says:

    @Jumbo76: Well, I’m an Illini but I know what’s up! Flew into Columbia for the game in 83, the year we went to the Rose Bowl and got smoked by 6-5 UCLA.

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    raven says:

    @FlyingToaster: Two years ago I took 8 Italian Soil Scientists to the UGA-Ketucky on Veterans Day. They we stunned by the jingoism!

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    I'll be Frank says:

    @raven: Let me rephrase my question. Under the guise of marketing for recruits the military has been paying the NFL and NBA for “acts” of patriotism. So, does anybody know, have the Colleges been being paid for displays of “acts” of patriotism?

    In response to your ascertion that I know nothing about footzball, I do know it involves lots of bourbon, as my alma mater’s football team won National Championships both my senior years.

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    it’s a good thing the Gators are gonna tank the rest of the season, it gives us a better shot at a top value draft pick in April.


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    Amaranthine RBG says:


    You make my point. The fact that supposedly rational adults will consent to allow their pre-teen children sustain life-changing or life-ending brain injuries underlines the fact that there needs to be legislation protecting the children from such idiocy.

    I mean, there are probably a number of parents out there who would consent to allow Kevin Spacey to assfuck their 14 year old children, but there’s laws against that sort of thing for a reason.

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    I'll be Frank says:

    @Amaranthine RBG: I can see WV doing this without receiving a penny, it’s just in their wheelhouse.

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    raven says:

    @Amaranthine RBG: Go the fuck away douche.

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    pat says:

    @Amaranthine RBG:

    Man you must be a real hit at parties.

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    FlyingToaster says:

    @raven: I was in the Hoosier Marching 100, so I went to every home game and (counting) 6 away games. They’d have local ANG do flyovers at pregame. And that was more than 30 years ago. It certainly hasn’t become LESS during that span.

    I’m failing to watch the Badgers pound the Hoosiers, only because I can’t imagine caring less about football than I already do.

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    Steeplejack says:


    I’m resting up for the big double-header tomorrow: Manchester City-Arsenal and then Chelsea-Manchester United.

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    Mike J says:

    @Mike J: I did my best to ensure that no new columns were built, and that the lions never roared.

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    Hellbastard says:

    Go Cougs!

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    raven says:

    @FlyingToaster: I have the Illini-Purdue on the small pip screen while waiting to go to there UGA South Carolina game!

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    FlyingToaster says:

    @PaulWartenberg: You have the possible recruits to UniFlorida (I don’t have a clue as to what they call themselves) weighing the option of a mostly-free college education and a guarantee that pro scouts will see you versus having to spend 5 years in Gainesville. Tis’ a puzzlement.

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    FlyingToaster says:

    @raven: Having spent time in both Chambana and West Lafayette, GO ILLINI!

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    raven says:

    @FlyingToaster: I was in Bloomington for the game when Corso was the coach and Buckner was a d-back!

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    FlyingToaster says:

    @raven: That’s when I was a freshman. It seems like a lifetime ago.

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    raven says:

    @FlyingToaster: You may also appreciate that Jeff George Jr is playing QB for the Illini.

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    J R in WV says:

    OMG – the whole college football thread is about pie!!! I knew there could be a downside to any new innovation, but this is, well not so bad, I guess.

    My local broadcast TV football schedule today is terrible. All Big10, with a could SEC games and one ACC game. No teams I give a shit about. Last week there were 3 Big12 games, all interesting to a state with a school in the Big 12.


    Plus too much pie…

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    Johnnybuck says:

    Did Florida forget how to play this game?

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    raven says:

    @J R in WV: The Hokies and Miami at 8 should be good.

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    Steve in the ATL says:


    equally crappy Mizzou

    They look like the ’72 Dolphins at the moment

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    FlyingToaster says:

    @raven: Okay, so that apple didn’t roll away from the tree at all.

    Isn’t his dad still trying to get a pro team to take him? It’s only been 16 years since he last threw a pass…

  42. 42
    raven says:

    @FlyingToaster: Well at least he didn’t go to Purdue too!

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    Betty Cracker says:

    @Johnnybuck: Yes. Yes they have. Makes me feel young, though. We haven’t sucked this bad since I was a student there.

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    Steve in the ATL says:


    Isn’t his dad still trying to get a pro team to take him? It’s only been 16 years since he last threw a pass…

    Elderly Jeff George would easily be #1 on the Cleveland Browns QB depth chart this year

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    raven says:

    @Steve in the ATL: I’m watching Uber hoping it’s going to get cheaper closer to kickoff!

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    Corner Stone says:

    @Steve in the ATL: *I* could be the #1 on the Browns chart. I know how to not take a sack and/or strip sack fumble loss. That puts me +100 yards per game ahead of their current rotation.

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    Dolly Llama says:

    Betty, as a Georgia fan just watching as a disinterested observer (OK, an anti-Gator-biased observer), your game has been about as fun to watch as watching mollusks mate. The thing is, as bad as it looks for y’all now, I still think you’re in it.

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    raven says:

    @Dolly Llama: Why aren’t you watching Auburn-A&M? I saw you over at GTP but I’m glad to see you here.

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    Steve in the ATL says:

    @Dolly Llama: Georgia had Ray Goff and Jim Donnan; Alabama had Mike Dubose and Mike Shula; LSU has Ed Orgeron. Shit happens. Florida will be fine.

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    scav says:

    @J R in WV: Could just go meta with the whole thing and explicitly watch threads for the quality and quantity of the pie thrown. There’s enough talent here for a BJ-specific league of pie tossing. With just a bit more dedication to the sport, couldn’t we have managed a pie-tossing melee just below on craft v. local v. industrially-right-wing pizza below? How meta-meta is that?!

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    raven says:

    @Steve in the ATL: Donnan wasn’t THAT bad of a coach.

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    WaterGirl says:

    I was just catching up on threads from earlier this week and noticed a comment from geg6, which reminded me that she and John were waiting for health news. Have we heard anything yet?

    P.S. Sorry to interrupt sports talk.

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    cope says:

    @Steeplejack: Yeah, looks like my morning tomorrow is shot.

    That’s one of the perks of following EPL, though, is that by the time most of their games are over, the whole day is still stretched out in front of you.

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    Steve in the ATL says:

    @raven: no, but he looked and talked like an inbred hillbilly and did not inspire confidence

  55. 55
    raven says:

    @Steve in the ATL:Cuz god knows there are no inbdred hillbilly Dawg fans!!!

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    JPL says:

    @Steve in the ATL: If you haven’t voted, Vicki Horton is suppose to be a good choice for Council.

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    Johnnybuck says:

    @raven: Poor bastard had to play Spurrier, Fulmer and George O’Leary every year. Donnan did all right.

  58. 58
    Steeplejack says:

    @Steve in the ATL:

    I think that’s because the Gators are looking like the ’72 Houston Oilers.

  59. 59
    Amir Khalid says:

    Liverpool seem to have recovered from their slump. They’re up 0-2 before the half-hour.

  60. 60
    raven says:

    Aite, a rare game when my bride is going. She’s been good luck for the Dawgs the few times she goes so we got that going. If things were to work out next week with the Hokies in the ATL we might go over for that one and get back home for the Dawgs.

  61. 61
    Steve in the ATL says:

    @raven: have fun! Let’s crush these bastards!

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    Gator90 says:

    So much depends on getting it right when you hire a head coach. Thing is, the position of major college football head coach is sort of like that of NFL quarterback, in that the skill set necessary to do it really well on a consistent basis is possessed by a very limited number of people at any given time. UF was able to hire two of those people (Spurrier and Meyer), and enjoyed much success and glory for their combined 18 seasons in Gainesville. Outside of those 18 years, it’s been tough sledding with non-entities like Hall, Zook, Muschamp and McElwain. Hopefully UF can identify and hire one of those rare gems this time around.

    Going to the Miami-Virginia Tech game tonight with my father-in-law, whose two great loves in life are Hurricane football and Donald Trump. Hopefully the game will be gripping enough to keep him from wanting to talk politics.

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    J R in WV says:



    I can root for whoever has the ball, or doesn’t have the ball. WVU had a long history playing VaTech, and Miami, for that matter. But not so much anymore.

    The Big 12: Texas, Baylor, TCU, Iowa State, Kansas and K-state, etc. Va Tech and WVU played their opener, and Va Tech beat them after a great comeback attempt by WVU. Sometimes those work out well, and other times not so much. I miss beating Pitt.

    I think the first live college football games I saw were WVU v Pitt and WVU v Penn State. Probably in the late 1950s, my dad was a huge fan a booster, on commttees for the J-School, etc. For a little kid it was a little over-whelming, really.

    Later on, as WVU’s program got better, they were invited to bowl games, and starting in the late 1960s dad would take the whole family to wherever, so we’ve been to Gator Bowls, Peach Bowls, The Sugar Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl, etc, which would have been a little batter if we had won more of them. But still a fan – which is funny, I’m a Marshall Grad, because we lived within driving distance of MU when I decided to use my GI Bill benefits. But once you’re a fan, that’s pretty much the end of that.

    Although I’m not sure how the Penn State fans live with that scandal. I have no problem watching a Penn State game, any of them, and rooting for the other guys. Notre Dame, too!!

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    Duane says:

    @Johnnybuck: Unbelievable that Missouri kicked Florida like that. Did the Gator’s have eleven players per side?

  65. 65
    J R in WV says:

    NC State is giving Clemson a little more than they can handle so far. They’re able to rush the ball, the Qback is passing 14 for 15 so far.

    I would like NC State to beat Clemson, one of the teams a like to root against. Good looking rushing backs for NC State, good blocking, hard push by the ball carriers. One of our good friends ran cross country for NC state years ago, very tall woman.

  66. 66
    J R in WV says:

    @J R in WV:

    Well that was then, and this is now. NC State hasn’t scored another point, and Clemson has. Darn. I’m going to sip my G&T and listen to the WVU – Iowa St game.

  67. 67

    Army shut out Air Force (in Colo. Springs) first time in 300-ish games A.F. hasn’t scored.

    Go Stanford!!

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    raven says:

    Your SEC East Champion Georgia Bulldogs!!!

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