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This is a real ad that ran on Instagram (owned by Facebook), no joke.

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    It appears their AI still has a ways to go.

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    Baud says:

    I’ll link to two timely comments I made this morning.



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    Slate had a very good article about how blaming this on ‘algorithms’ is ass-covering bullshit of the first order.

    To the extent there’s a problem, then, it’s not a case of machine intelligence run amok but rather a lack of any intelligence in the process, machine or otherwise. In short, Facebook’s ad tool is dumb.

    Imagine your basic office vending machine. That’s Facebook’s ad tool. Now imagine that some troublemaker placed a grenade in slot E5, where the Snickers bars were supposed to go. (That’s the user who types “Jew-hater” in “field of study.”) If you see the grenade and press E5, and the vending machine gives you the grenade, that’s not an algorithm problem. It’s a people problem, in which a dumb technology allows people to make destructive choices that it was never designed to prevent.


    The problems with Facebook’s ad tool are the predictable outcome of rudimentary automation coupled with bad human behavior.

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    Tilda Swintons Bald Cap says:

    Facebook, the real Deep State.

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    David 🍁Canadian Anchor Baby🍁 Koch says:


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    MomSense says:

    @Roger Moore:

    Careful what you say in front of the bots. Twitter users teach AI bot racism

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    rikyrah says:

    Judd Legum‏Verified account @JuddLegum

    That Republicans are bribing Murkowski by letting Alaska KEEP OBAMACARE pretty much destroys the idea that this is better than Obamacare
    11:45 AM – 21 Sep 2017

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    Jay S says:

    The ad ran on Facebook to lure users to sign up and use Instagram.
    ETA to remove an erroneous statement. Needed to see all of the image on my small screen.

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    Jay S says:

    @rikyrah: You presume too much logic in a political argument. They are rarely destroyed by logic.

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    @Jay S:

    Instagram selected the screenshot, which she posted nearly a year ago, to advertise the photo-sharing platform to Solon’s sister this week, with the message, “See Olivia Solon’s photo and posts from friends on Instagram”.

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    rikyrah says:

    THIS is the story and needs to be shared far and wide. Please FrontPage

    Alexander Hamilton‏ @AHamiltonSpirit
    Replying to @AHamiltonSpirit @Impeach_D_Trump and

    Corruption is rampant. Did you know Koch Bros are holding the GOP hostage for $400M unless they take our healthcare


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    rikyrah says:

    uh huh

    ThinkProgress‏Verified account @thinkprogress

    The AARP has released another devastating analysis of the GOP’s latest repeal and replace plan http://bit.ly/2xyLOX5


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    JPL says:

    @David 🍁Canadian Anchor Baby🍁 Koch: lol Even in local politics in a wealthy district that comes up.. fk it just sayin

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    rikyrah says:

    this is absolute evil

    United We Dream‏Verified account @UNITEDWEDREAM

    Undocumented Parents were arrested at a children’s hospital while awaiting their infant son’s surgery. 😡


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    TenguPhule says:

    @Roger Moore:

    It appears their AI still has a ways to go.

    Or Skynet is working just as planned.

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    rikyrah says:

    check your state

    Andy Slavitt‏Verified account @ASlavitt

    BREAKING: Graham Cassidy repeal coverage loss, economic loss & premium increases by state.

    See your state..


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    Mnemosyne says:

    I just discovered that I locked my keys in the car when I got to work this morning. And G works until 9 pm tonight.

    Now I’m waiting for AAA. Fuck.

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    khead says:

    I know it’s not exactly the same, but I’m staring at half-nekkid women in the ads here at Balloon Juice.

    Tell me more about algorithms.

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    Jay S says:

    @Major Major Major Major: Yes, I get the messages about Facebook friends on Instagram, with less disturbing content. It makes it worse that the ad targeted her Facebook friends rather than just misappropriating her content for a generic audience.

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    JPL says:

    @khead: lol Not the same thing though.
    It’s possible that Cole is earning a lot more from the blog than we think, but considering the earlier ivy blog, probably not. just sayin

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    jl says:

    @rikyrah: Maybe UN sanctions for human rights violations would get some attention?

    That won’t happen, and it’s a joke. But the stuff ICE is doing is heading in that direction, as a systematic policy, rather than a few bad apples, or unavoidable collateral damage in enforcing the law.

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    @Jay S: Yeah, it’s bad, but it’s a human decision in the end, coming from a mindset that only values ‘engagement’ as the metric by which to judge content.

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    Well, sometimes, like Rick Perry, all you can say is “oops.”

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    Now I’m waiting for AAA. Fuck.

    Hope they work out better for than they did on my b-day.
    @rikyrah: I checked my state, this bill should be re-titled the “Fuck California Act of 2017”.

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    Baud says:

    @🐾BillinGlendaleCA: There are still a number of House Congresscritters from California. I hope they all get voted out in 2018.

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    TenguPhule says:


    this bill should be re-titled the “Fuck California Act of 2017”.

    Well it still has to go through the House, so give it a little time.

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    Mike J says:

    @🐾BillinGlendaleCA: I saw the Republicans with a poster the other day complaining that CA is getting 12% of the fed money spent on Obamacare. Just one of the 50 states taking over 10% of the cash! How unfair!

    US Population: 323M
    CA Population 40M

    My rudimentary math skills tell me CA is getting almost exactly what one would expect.

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    @Baud: I think you forgot “Republican”.

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    hovercraft says:


    this bill should be re-titled the “Fuck California Act of 2017”.

    More like Fuck The Blue States That Didn’t Vote For Twitler Act of 2017.
    Twitler Revenge 2017

    The bs talking point the GOP has been using for days, 34% of the money on 20% of the population, just happens to be CA, NY, MA, and I think NJ. These are states that will not vote for Twitler, and they were smart enough to take the expansion money, so we’ll be screwed the most.

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    @Baud: I’m rather fond of my Congresscritter, Rep Schiff.

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    Mr Stagger Lee says:

    @Tilda Swintons Bald Cap: You mean derp state?

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    Baud says:

    @🐾BillinGlendaleCA: You got a good one.

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    @Baud: Yup, you should have seen what we had before.

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    NorthLeft12 says:

    @Major Major Major Major: I am just an Engineer, and not any kind of IT wizard. I never realized before that algorithms somehow spontaneously create themselves. Back in my day there was some human that had to be involved in writing the code. Amazing how times have changed!

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    jl says:


    ” More like Fuck The Blue States That Didn’t Vote For Twitler Act of 2017. ”

    Another commenter and I made the following point in a previous thread. The blue state money grab is really just a money shuffle over the next 6 to 9 years. By the time 2026 rolls around the cuts from Graham-Cassidy are at least as savage as those of previous GOP bills. The plan is to rob the blue states and send the money to the red states to fund them through the next couple of elections. By the end of the cuts, every state will have to slash benefits and gut PPACA provisions, like protections for previous conditions, through waivers. The Mississippi insurance commissioner issued a report and a finding that said, and warned about, pretty much the same thing, not that their Senators give a damn.

    So, it’s just a money shuffle timed to make electoral life easier for some GOPers over next two or three elections. That might be a good point to make if anyone needs to persuade any red state friends or family to contact Congress. And why Murkowski is either dumb or crooked if she goes for the Kodiak Kickback and Con that the leadership wants to pull.

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    Patricia Kayden says:

    @rikyrah: This has become normalized which is why it’s not a major news story. Outrageous.

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    Kathleen says:

    I find this troubling. Why is CNN hosting Town Hall debate about Single Payer vs C-G. Wouldn’t those of us who champion ACA be better served by a debate comparing ACA with C-G?


    Is the goal to derail opposition to C-G with a distraction? Debating between two non existent policies when the policy that affects real people is threatened seems absurd. I find this suspicious.

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    Is the goal to derail opposition to C-G with a distraction?


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    Jay S says:

    Here’s an item for Betty Cracker’s bug out doggy bag – Subtle Butt

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    @NorthLeft12: Even reporters who should know better are blaming “the algorithm!” and such. FB is saying, oops, wasn’t us! Gosh, who told the machine to do this thing that, investigation revealed, is exactly what it was told to do in a very straightforward way?

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    jl says:

    I think the basic idea of Graham-Cassidy is to lengthen the time of the cuts to get past the next two or three elections. Move money around to try to bribe red states, but then take that money away later. The specific gimmick is to move gutting of PPACA to state waivers, which are supposed to provide the states more flexibility. But note that any state flexibility for lowering costs in ideological direction that the GOP reactionaries do not like is explicitly prohibited.

    The con is that this approach allows GOPer crooks to get on the TV and deny with a straight face that G-C itself, directly, takes away PPACA provisions that people like. See, they are still right there. But the savage spending cuts, and the gradual dismantling of mechanisms for risk adjustment wiil force states to do the gutting and cutting through waivers and other ways to opt out of PPACA provisions starting a few years from now.

    It’s all a big con. Every single thing the GOP leadership has allowed to come to vote is a swindle to hide gigantic spending cuts in order to get the tax cuts that the GOP sugar daddies are demanding in return for releasing their payoffs to GOP politicians. That is really all it is.

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    MJS says:

    @Kathleen: OTOH, it’s on CNN so it’s reaching what, 200,000 viewers, max? I don’t see it having an impact, either way.

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    jl says:

    @Jay S: I can’t figure out how that is supposed to work. Do you gently place it up your dog’s ass to absorb the smell when it lets fly, or what?

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    MJS says:

    @jl: Hoping the thing I read about the Senate Parliamentarian putting the kibosh on the “flexibility” part is accurate.

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    @Kathleen: I agree. Today I heard some news person interviewing a D congressman. I think it was Chris Coon though I’m not sure. Anyway, the news person kept trying to get the D congressman to criticize Sanders for bringing up the single payer system at this time when it can serve as a threat to R congressmen who don’t vote for C-G. The news person didn’t seem interested at all in the content of the bills, just in D infighting. They all seem to have trouble keeping their mind on what this is about.

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    jl says:

    @MJS:Post a link on that if you have one, thanks in advance.

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    DougJ says:


    That’s caused by a cookie that came from all the porn you watch on your browser.


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    jl says:

    @Kathleen: I think anything that helps get the truth about the G-C scam out there is good. CNN drives other news, and having something interesting come of a CNN debate will give other corporate news outlets ‘permission; to actually report on G-C.

    I think much much more likely CNN and other news organizations would go for drama of a lefty-righty throw down death cage match over widely opposing visions than more immediately relevant, but less theatrical debate.

    I agree, not the best, if you could get the same attention for something more relevant, but I will gladly take it.
    I’ll try to watch it over the internet when I have time and see how it goes.
    Regardless of how feel about the old coot, S*****s and Klobuchar should run rings around those greasy GOP crooks.

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    germy says:

    A pair of Chinese finger cuffs would immediately end this presidency.— Jake Vig (@Jake_Vig) September 20, 2017

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    germy says:

    I keep seeing the DIRTY CPAP? ad.

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    Omnes Omnibus says:

    @DougJ: Then why are they only half naked? Seems like a flawed algorithm.

    @germy: Ever think that your ‘nym might be to blame?

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    jl says:

    @MJS: I works. Thanks. but something happened that makes the reply button for that comment go to the link for a second. Or something like that. Anyway, something weird happened when I clicked the reply button.

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    dmsilev says:

    @germy: I was seeing that one, and just now it changed to ‘moldy CPAP’. I’m also being asked if I remember the ‘human Barbie’. No, I don’t, and I don’t care what she looks like now.

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    Kathleen says:

    @MJS: Yup. Someone on Twitter made that very point!

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    Davebo says:

    @khead: Almost enough to make me whitelist BJ on my ad blocker.

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    @jl: Probably the link didn’t get a closing tag.

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    Jay S says:

    @jl: It is apparently a people product, and mostly a joke gift from the comments. I saw it in my Facebook timeline and immediately thought of Betty’s dog travail.

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    Barbara says:

    @Mike J: When you consider that California pays way above average in terms of taxes (that is, a higher percentage compared to its share of population), this bill is screwing California twice over — California residents are funding Alabama even more than they already do. It’s the same for New York, New Jersey and Illinois, and I would venture for Minnesota and Connecticut as well. More than 30 Republican House members hail from those states. Apparently everyone now represents the interests of southern and mountain states rather than the constituents that voted for them.

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    Amir Khalid says:

    @Jay S:
    I clicked on your Amazon link. I found the products in the “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” list … intriguing.

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    Jay S says:

    @Jay S: Although it might be easier to wear like a surgical mask instead of trying to stick it on the dog.

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    SiubhanDuinne says:


    Posted this downstairs, but it fits better here:

    Rachel just said that all fifty state Medicare directors have come out against Graham Cassidy.

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    Gin & Tonic says:

    @SiubhanDuinne: Medicaid, not Medicare.

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    Another Scott says:

    Horrible. Why any sensible person would continue to have an account on Facebook (or any Facebook property) is beyond me. It’s been clear for a long time that all they care about is collecting clicks and cash, not actually protecting their users from harassment and worse.

    ObOpenThread: TheBulletin – Robert Alvarez – End the 67-year war:


    Dealing with the nuclear weapons state of North Korea. The seeds for a nuclear-armed DPRK were planted when the United States shredded the 1953 Armistice Agreement. Beginning in 1957, the US violated a key provision of the agreement (paragraph 13d), which barred the introduction of more destructive armaments to the Korean peninsula, by ultimately deploying thousands of tactical nuclear weapons in South Korea, including atomic artillery shells, missile-launched warheads and gravity bombs, atomic “bazooka” rounds and demolition munitions (20 kiloton “back-pack” nukes). In 1991, then-President George H.W. Bush withdrew all the tactical nukes. In the 34 intervening years, however, the United States unleashed a nuclear arms race—among the branches of its own its own military on the Korean Peninsula! This massive nuclear buildup in the South provided a major impetus for North Korea to forward-deploy a massive conventional artillery force that can destroy Seoul.

    Now, some South Korean military leaders are calling for the redeployment of US tactical nuclear weapons in the country, which would do nothing but exacerbate the problem of dealing with a nuclear North Korea. The presence of US nuclear weapons did not deter a surge in aggression by North Korea in the 1960s and 1970s, an era known as the “Second Korean War,” during which more than 1,000 South Korean and 75 American soldiers were killed. Among other actions, North Korean forces attacked and seized the Pueblo, a US Naval intelligence vessel, in 1968, killing a crew member and capturing 82 others. The ship was never returned.

    North Korea has long pushed for bilateral talks that would lead to a non-aggression pact with the United States. The US government has routinely spurned its requests for a peace agreement because they are perceived as tricks designed to reduce the US military presence in South Korea, allowing for even more aggression by the North. The Washington Post’s Jackson Diehl echoed this sentiment recently, asserting that North Korea is not really interested in a peaceful resolution. While citing a statement by North Korean Deputy UN Ambassador Kim In Ryong that his country “will never place its self-defensive nuclear deterrence on the negotiating table,” Diehl conveniently omitted Ryong’s important caveat: “as long as the US continues to threaten it.”


    An interesting read – especially the bit about Diehl’s selective quoting. A big part of the problem is that we don’t yet know who to trust about what Kim and the DPRK “really” want and how far they’re willing to go to get a peace treaty…


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    chris says:

    A little more on Roy Moore because it made me laugh and some of the comments are even funnier.

    The very large bus containing Sarah Palin, Sebastian Gorka and Rep Louis Gohmert just pulled up to the Moore rally pic.twitter.com/9a4hI9m46n— Anthony Zurcher (@awzurcher) 22 September 2017

  70. 70
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    hovercraft says:

    Just like their bullshit “dynamic scoring” in their budgets, the GOP numbers never add up, they are all about shuffling money around to make their plans sound better than they really are. Their governing philosophy is to take as much money from as many people as possible and give it to the rich and corporations. Unfortunately their voters and the media love the idea of tax cuts, never mind that their voters are usually hurt the most by the plans. They seem not get that while they are celebrating the fact that black , brown, womens and the gays are getting fucked over, they are as well, and the fact that we live in blue states means that at least our State Governments will at least try to mitigate the damage, while their Red State, bootstrap crowd works to screw them even worse.

  72. 72
    hovercraft says:


    Sarah Palin, Sebastian Gorka and Rep Louis Gohmert

    What, Michelle Bachman and Steve King were busy?

  73. 73
    japa21 says:

    @SiubhanDuinne: There is nobody for G-C except the Koch brothers, Trump and GOP congresspeople. All because they can’t stand a black man being better than they are.

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    efgoldman says:


    The very large bus containing Sarah Palin, Sebastian Gorka and Rep Louis Gohmert

    …stops, and they walk into a bar….

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    hovercraft says:

    Via The Hill:
    Nevada GOP gov rips ObamaCare repeal bill: Flexibility it promises ‘a false choice’
    BY BRANDON CARTER – 09/21/17 10:02 PM EDT

    Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) on Thursday amped up his criticism of the new plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare, saying the GOP bill would “pit Nevadans against each other.”

    “Flexibility with reduced funding is a false choice,” Sandoval said in a statement to The Nevada Independent. “I will not pit seniors, children, families, the mentally ill, the critically ill, hospitals, care providers, or any other Nevadan against each other because of cuts to Nevada’s healthcare delivery system proposed by the Graham-Cassidy amendment.”

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    chris says:

    @hovercraft: I guess the three the A-listers in that bunch, the biggest rocks in the box.

    @efgoldman: And the bartender begins drinking heavily.

  77. 77
    Another Scott says:

    @debbie: The YonHap News source doesn’t seem that scary to me. “… may consider …”. But there aren’t full direct quotes from Ri there either.

    Ri apparently is addressing the UN on Friday. Maybe we’ll know more then.



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    Gravenstone says:

    @chris: the Short Bus is rarely described as ‘very large’.

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    🌎 🇺🇸 Goku (aka The Hope of the Universe) 🗳 🌷 says:

    This makes me wonder: could G-C passage create a huge rift in the GOP and ultimately destroy them as a political entity?

  80. 80
    efgoldman says:

    @🌎 🇺🇸 Goku (aka The Hope of the Universe) 🗳 🌷:

    could G-C passage create a huge rift in the GOP and ultimately destroy them as a political entity?

    The RWNJs have had last rites many times over since Watergate, which was going to destroy them as a political entity.
    Hasn’t happened yet. They are the undead of politics.

  81. 81
    FlipYrWhig says:

    @hovercraft: Sandoval’s compadre Heller is another one of the 4 named cosponsors of this shit sandwich, no?

  82. 82
    efgoldman says:


    Sandoval’s compadre Heller is another one of the 4 named cosponsors of this shit sandwich, no?

    I’m not up on Nevada politics, but my understanding is Heller is a dead senator walking no matter which side he takes.

  83. 83
    🌎 🇺🇸 Goku (aka The Hope of the Universe) 🗳 🌷 says:

    I don’t know. Taking healthcare away from tens of millions, tanking the economy, rigging elections, seems like what could finally topple the GOP. My personal theory? The harder they try to grip onto power, the more people are going to resist. I can easily see, a decade down the road, this country blowing up and the GOP being forced from power. Lots of people are pissed and I don’t think they’ll take having their ability to vote away from them very well. People aren’t going to stand for that or a godawful oligarch’s party winning election after election when everybody knows their opponents should have really won. Attempts on the lives of oligarchs like the Mercers will be made sooner or later. What will come after the uprising I don’t know.

  84. 84
    Jim, Foolish Literalist says:

    Oh my. Clicking around twitter and seeing the reports from Alabama

    Alex Seitz-Wald‏Verified account
    Strange’s opening remarks all about reminding people he’s endorsed by Trump, whom he said won by “divine intervention.

    and he’s’ the less jeebussy one.

    and I’m no fashion critic, but Sarah Palin is wearing boots that look they were custom made for a “patriotic” costume in one of those sick kindergarten beauty pageants

  85. 85
    🌎 🇺🇸 Goku (aka The Hope of the Universe) 🗳 🌷 says:

    @🌎 🇺🇸 Goku (aka The Hope of the Universe) 🗳 🌷:
    To add onto this: this can’t last forever; nothing does.
    ETA: Someday, the GOP will cease to exist. That’s a given. Probably when either some outside force deposes them (after the US has degraded enough), or internal forces remove them from power, preferably by voting, but also potentially by insurgency.

  86. 86
  87. 87
    jl says:

    @FlipYrWhig: The miserable Heller is currently supporting the bill. On the other hand, the latest whip count is only 26 willing to openly support it. So, looks like the PR the GOP put out about 49 votes for, was just BS to build momentum. Heller told Sandoval to go to hell last time, and if Sandoval is going apeshit against it and Heller is voting for, I guess that Heller’s got a golden parachute promise from Wynn and Adelson and his other Vegas billionaire buddies. Sandoval is a fairly popular governor, and make things very hard for a miserable schlub Heller during the next election. Billiionaire sugar daddy welfare money might look like an easier path for Heller. My connections in NV tell me that Heller loves easy paths. He’s the kind of guy who can always explain to himself that whatever is best for him as the best thing for everyone, especially if the hours are right.

    Republicans are voting to repeal Obamacare, but they might not have enough votes

    Edit: realistically, it comes down to Paul and four ‘moderates’. Maybe one or two of the uncommitted can be persuaded, but nly if they fear the next election enough.

  88. 88
    efgoldman says:

    @Jim, Foolish Literalist:

    Sarah Palin is wearing boots that look they were custom made for a “patriotic” costume

    Always an avatar of taste and class, she is

  89. 89
    Mnemosyne says:


    I’m fine, because the parking lot is secure and most of my office was still around to point and laugh at me. The gravest danger was to my pride. 😳

  90. 90
    Steeplejack says:

    * DVR Alert *

    Hippie happening on TCM tonight! Gimme Shelter, Albert Maysles’s film about the Rolling Stones at Altamont, at 11:45 p.m. EDT, Woodstock (the extended director’s cut) at 1:30 a.m. Both phenomenal documentaries that have stood the test of time.

    (Followed by Joe Boyd’s Jimi Hendrix [1973] at 5:30 a.m.)

  91. 91
  92. 92
    Omnes Omnibus says:

    @Steeplejack: Both are a brilliant representation of a time. There are people here who have indicated displeasure that all of us haven’t been watching the Burns thing on PBS live. For many of us, it is history and we feel we can watch it when it is convenient. Not all of us found that that time formative.

  93. 93
    jl says:

    Wow, slogging through some articles that get into the weeds of Graham-Cassidy. The default for the bill is insurance companies do have to cover pre-existing conditions, but the PPACA regulations for pricing are so gutted that will mean huge hikes for anyone when the insurance company wants to. But.. there is an opt-in waiver process for states to strengthen that to retain current protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

    I’ll dive back in tomorrow to figure out more. Anyway, the GOP is desperate to get that billionaire money tap turned back on, so they are just straight up lying and throwing up dust. But that shouldn’t be surprising.

    In many ways, Graham-Cassidy is worse that BCRA. But the media is so useless, lazy and cowardly, it just took some GOP PR hacks saying it was ‘moderate’ and most reporters went with that as the truth for first couple of days this latest mess hit the news.

  94. 94
    🌎 🇺🇸 Goku (aka The Hope of the Universe) 🗳 🌷 says:

    @Major Major Major Major:
    I still think this, in combination with other factors caused by themselves, will eventually take down the GOP, peacefully or otherwise.

  95. 95
    FlipYrWhig says:

    @jl: I hope Heller and Gardner exhausted the full quota for the “he’s so amiable and his teeth are so pearly white, he can’t be a wingnut!” strategy.

    Speaking of which, wasn’t Joni Ernst supposed to be A Thing by now?

  96. 96
    FlipYrWhig says:

    @jl: I’m still waiting for someone to explain that the overwhelming majority of the things Republicans carp about when it comes to the bill could be solved by TAKING THE FUCKING MEDICAID EXPANSION.

  97. 97
    Steeplejack says:

    @Omnes Omnibus:

    For many of us, it is history and we feel we can watch it when it is convenient. Not all of us found that that time formative.

    Point taken. Just letting people know they’re on, in my role as TCM whisperer.

  98. 98
    Barbara says:

    @FlipYrWhig: Joni Ernst is from a state that has benefited from trade like no other. It’s also the case that farm states like Iowa depend on immigrant labor. Her best option right now is to keep quiet.

  99. 99
    jl says:

    @FlipYrWhig: @FlipYrWhig: The bill is full of intricate flim-flam when you get into the weeds. But the pattern I talked about in previous threads holds from the weeds I’ve slogged through so far The G-C bill is as bad or worse as the BCRA. But lots of gimmicks, trap-doors, waivers for opting in and opting out for the states that it not a 100 percent lie to say the bill is more ‘moderate’, Just a 99 percent lie, which I guess is good enough for the crooks in the GOP these days.

    People contacting Murkowski, Collins and McCain should tell them that they can see through the BS, this bill is just as bad as the previous mess, and they are dumb crooks if they try to hide behind crooked GOP PR flack that this is in any way a moderate bill. The savage cuts are just timed differently, gradually phasing in after each upcoming general election to give some GOP Congressrats cover.

  100. 100
    khead says:

    @Omnes Omnibus:

    This response right here is some solid Internets.

    Also, the Niners shoulda won tonight. Who in the hell gets a perfect onside kick and then fucks it up after that? The Niners. That’s who.

  101. 101
    Amir Khalid says:

    @Jim, Foolish Literalist:

    Trump, whom he said won by “divine intervention.

    Why does God hate America?

  102. 102

    @Major Major Major Major: QFT.

    It’s also worth noting that code is the embodiment of someone’s opinions. My friends produce burlesque shows and face a constant challenge getting Facebook’s advertising platform to let them run ads — it’ll repeatedly turn down their ads for being “offensive” even when there’s not any nekkid ladies in the promo photos. Especially aggravating because there’s no human one can contact to give a second opinion about whether the ad is offensive.

    Someone has obviously spend a lot of time on this, preventing racist keywords being used for ad buys…. not so much.

    I don’t know if part of it is due to the relative inexperience of many of the programmers there. I’m a user experience designer rather than a coder, but thinking about how people might misuse the UI that I create is something I do routinely.

    Then again, in Silicon Valley years, I’m positively ancient (therefore someone who’s at high risk for age discrimination).

  103. 103
    Steve in the ATL says:

    @khead: who misses a [expletive deleted] extra point?

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