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I’m out to add some more rocks to my rock garden. I’ve transplanted a few poppies, columbine and daisies to the area – hoping they survive since it is still technically winter. Temperatures to the contrary. I have barely scraped the surface of the unique rocks in my yard, but I am hell-bent on getting them all in one place to showcase them. All dirt will be filled with rocks and the circles of rock are where I am planning on plantings – mostly grasses. I’ll tuck ice plants in and around the rocks for a dash of color.

I could not stomach any of the morning shows today…anything unexpected happen? Apart from breathlessly awaiting the next twitter-storm from abhorrent orange, what’s on your agenda today?

Open thread.


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    Clapper said he was unaware of any FISA warrant for a wire tap on Trump or his campaign. That’s probably true. It’s also quite limited because a wire tap is only one means of surveillance.

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    Doug R says:

    I am tired of older white people explaining what other old white people do to increase their privilege is actually good for the rest of us.
    If you can stand the violence, go watch Logan, an allegory for Republican times.

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    DWalt says:

    You have some beautiful rocks there.

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    Baud says:

    I thought I read that the morning shows had a few more Democratic guests than usual today.

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    Baud says:

    @Iowa Old Lady: Why would he be permitted to confirm or deny that information?

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    geg6 says:


    Franken was on ABC and Schumer was on NBC. Not sure about CBS or CNN.

  8. 8
    geg6 says:


    Yeah, I would think that was top secret.

  9. 9
    Baud says:

    @geg6: I like that Franken has been getting more exposure.

  10. 10
    geg6 says:


    Me too.

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    germy says:

    Right-wing talking head and former Trump advisor Roger Stone had quite the Twitter meltdown last night when a writer confronted him over his support of Trump’s wiretapping claims.

    Stone, who was banned from CNN and MSNBC during the recent election, tweeted, “The buck stops here. Obama responsible for illegal surveillance of @realDonaldTrump – must be charged, convicted and jailed.” When a Twitter user and feminist professor who goes by the username @RVAWonk replied to him with questions, he went on a manic, expletive-filled tirade that included such gems as “bring it! Would enjoy crush u in court and forcing you to eat sh*t- you stupid ignorant ugly b*tch!” and “you stupid stupid b*tch – never denied perfectly legal back channel to Assange who indeed had the goods on #CrookedHillary”.

    He also tweeted angrily at J.K. Rowling for not housing refugees. Stone has since deleted these tweets, but screenshots are the gifts that keep on giving.

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    Oatler. says:

    I”ve been weeding my Arizona rock garden since last week (to get rid of that awful oxygen-farting planty crap?) and see a lot of volcanic stuff like granite and some glittering rocks that might have pyrite. Yeah my fourth-grade hobby of rock collecting hasn’t stayed in the brain cell (s).

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    eldorado says:

    old man yells at clouds

  14. 14
    Elmo says:

    I swear the one commonality that threads through all of the Trumpkins is a vicious, depraved misogyny.

  15. 15
    Mike in NC says:

    Trump is demanding a Congressional investigation into his fake Obama-tapped-my-phones story. Maybe put Mike Dense in charge of that, as soon as he finishes the investigation into fake widespread voter fraud and fake media stories about the number of people at his coronation.

    Lots of investigations will be going on!

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    pk says:

    I read that Nunes is saying that he will investigate Obama. Am I missing something? Will that be not opening a can of worms? Do they really want to open an investigation into Trump’s ridiculous claims?

  17. 17
    germy says:

    @Elmo: It oozes out of them like poisonous sweat.

  18. 18
    Baud says:

    @pk: They want to please Trump and his supporters. They aren’t thinking that far again.

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    Jay C says:

    @Baud: @geg6:

    Can’t embed the Tweets, but I’ve seen online this morning that Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) was on Fox News defending President Trump: first, he said that the allegations of “wiretaps” were all coming from “anonymous media sources” (never mind the President himself tweeting this crap) and going on (again) about what a great speech Trump gave last week, and how that (delivering a written address off a TelePrompTer) was a better indication of how smart he is, rather than stuff he tweets off the top of his head (swear to Dog, he supposedly actually said that).

    Of course, Fox is already treating the “Obama wiretaps” as an actual proven fact, but there you go….

  20. 20
    Baud says:

    @Jay C: I hope the wiretap story is true, and that there are transcripts.

  21. 21
    Gravenstone says:

    @Jay C: Cotton may mean the anonymous media source Breitbart, which set Twitler off.

  22. 22
    trollhattan says:

    He seems nice.

  23. 23
    PPCLI says:

    @germy: Get these fools angry and they’ll make the most incriminating admissions without thinking. Good to know.

  24. 24

    I’m a geologist. I love your rock garden. Not only do I collect on any trip I make, I force friends who go to rock-infested places to bring some home for me.

    I couldn’t stomach any of the morning shows either, but that is normal. I’m watching women’s basketball. Much more fun.

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    J R in WV says:

    I collect rocks also too. I used to mine them myself, now, after two shoulder joint total replacement procedures, I mostly either pick them up or pay others to have already mined them for me.

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    matryoshka says:

    I’ve been at my daughter’s farm turning soil in newly built garden beds, watching the horses run, throwing sticks for the dogs, and having stare-outs with the ridiculous goats. It has done more for my well being than anything since November. I recommend it.

    Gorgeous rocks, TaMara.

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    workworkwork says:

    Pretty normal Sunday for us – laundry, cooking (roasted carrots for lunch, crustless quiche for this week’s breakfast).

    We watched some rented movies from iTunes:
    “The Waiting Room” – a documentary about 24 hours in a big city ER
    “Dying Laughing” – a documentary about the creative process of standup comedians.
    “Queen of Katwe” – the story of Phiona Mutesi, whose world opens up when she discovers her talent for chess. (Not a documentary, but based on a true story)

  28. 28
    Chris T. says:


    I swear the one commonality that threads through all of the Trumpkins is a vicious, depraved misogyny.

    If only there were a word for that. Deplatable? Replorable? Deplovable? If only there were such a word!

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