Early Morning Open Thread: Cat Rescue Bleg

Eighteen months ago, I linked to the NYTimes slide show and related story on Siglinda Scarpia and Goathouse Refuge:

Ms. Scarpa, 72, lives in a wooden house painted robin’s egg blue, in the middle of an open woodland, with old oaks and pines rising over sandy soil. With its second-story porches covered with the canes of Lady Banks’ roses, Carolina jasmine and wisteria, the house could be something out of a children’s book.

Some people come here to adopt a cat from the Goathouse Refuge, the animal sanctuary she runs, tucked back in the woods. Others come to buy her pottery or ceramic art, which is displayed in the sunny showroom on the first floor of this whimsical house: abstract pieces that evoke storms brewing in the sky; clay roasting pots shaped like squashes, with frogs or artichokes on their lids; or teacups molded like the face of a cat, the lines of cheek and jaw, nose and mouth drawn by a knowing hand…

Yesterday, commentor Sister Rail Gun of Warm Humanitarianism linked to an urgent letter on the Goathouse Refuge Facebook page:

As many of you know, a shooting range opened last May directly adjacent to the refuge, with the outdoor shooting galleries only 80 feet from our property line. This situation has put us in even greater need of your support. Please consider a donation at this link: http://www.goathouserefuge.org/donate/

Because of a petition we started against the shooting range, my calls to the sheriff’s office, and my and my neighbors’ complaints, the shooting range people started blasting us on a very right-wing radio station, saying that we were against the second amendment, that we cared more about cats than our country. Some people started breaking in at night to the refuge to try to intimidate me. Then people started posting on Craigslist that they were driving more than one hour to come here and use our cats for target practice…

Because of the constant shooting, we were not able to hold our most important fundraiser this spring which brings in about $30,000 every year. In addition, we were not able to hold the other smaller spring fundraisers. Even our adoption rate decreased dramatically because people became afraid to come here.

We are now in a desperate situation and need financial support ASAP. The refuge needs $10,000 by this Friday to meet payroll. We have large bills that are due for veterinary services, food, and care for the cats. We need support immediately or we will be forced to close the refuge. I am already trying to transfer some cats to good organizations and to people we can trust, breaking my heart and the hearts of all the people who are working here and who put so much love and energy into caring for these creatures. We can supply bills to you if you would like to pay them directly…

Even if you can’t donate, you can help spread the word — especially if you’re in the Pittsboro area.

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