Fighting The War On Bootstraps

BREAKING NEWS: Republicans have actually allowed a poor person to testify at Paul Ryan’s “War on Poverty” hearings. That’s right, folks. Instead of just talking about how  people have to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, they’re letting someone speak. Tianna Gaines-Turner lives with her husband and three children in Philadelphia. She and her husband both work minimum-wage jobs:

I am not a number. I am not a statistic,” Tianna Gaines-Turner testified before a House Budget Committee hearing earlier in the day. “I am not a food stamp [recipient]. I am an individual who lives in the inner city who just so happens to be, right now, struggling, just like so many Americans are struggling.

You know, just your average welfare queen, right, GOP? Team Blackness also discussed how smoking pot on TV–even if it’s legal–can cause you to lose your job, why paparazzi stalking shouldn’t be compared to rape, and why Breitbart thinks Muslims are sneaking over our border.

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    Tone In DC says:

    I cannot believe that these g00pers allowed the woman to have her say. Maybe the wingers were exhausted from trying to repeal the ACA for the 417th time.

    Tianna Gaines-Turner is very courageous. I hope her testimony gets out there (it’d be a nice change from the LeBron/Carmelo guessing game that is seemingly everywhere).

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