Hobby Lobby Just Got A Whole Lot Worse

Just when you thought the Hobby Lobby ruling was problematic for those seeking contraception under one’s employment, things just got a whole lot worse. With the Supreme Court’s new emergency order, now even a signature goes against the religious right. This new case involved Wheaton College in Illinois, an evangelical Protestant liberal arts college. Basically, the Hobby Lobby ruling under ACA says that if you don’t want to provide contraception due to a religious objection, an institution can sign a short form, known as Form 700, which allows a third party to provide the contraception. But Wheaton College has decided that even this is too much:

Wheaton filed lawsuits claiming that the mere fact of signing a form noting their religious objection to contraception coverage triggered third parties to provide the contraception, which triggered women to have access to morning-after pills and IUDs, which in their view were akin to abortions, and thus violated their religious consciences. Signing the form, they said, was the same as actually providing the contraceptives themselves. 

The way our country is going, they’re probably soon going to outlaw pens. Because, you know, if you can’t sign something, then it can’t give you birth control.

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5 replies
  1. 1
    kc says:

    a local newspaper referring to Obama as the N word in a headline,

    Whoa! That happened? Shit . . .

  2. 2
    Tim in SF says:

    It’s hard for me to get upset over this obvious step towards single payer.

  3. 3
    Central Planning says:

    Maybe we just need a form 700-A which asks if you can sign form 700.

    ETA – Moderation for that? FYWP

  4. 4
    Polderboy says:

    Does Wheaton College approve of aspirin? ’cause rightwingers think squeezing an aspirin between your knees and keeping it there is appropiate contraception for wimminfolk

  5. 5
    low-tech cyclist says:

    I was thinking that Hobby Lobby should mean that I shouldn’t have to pay taxes to support the Defense Department and the CIA, since they go kill people, and undoubtedly some of those people are people who God would want to continue to live. And by my financial support of such efforts, I am morally implicated in these crimes.

    But Wheaton’s argument seems to say that I shouldn’t have to file taxes at all, because just by signing the return I’d be implicated in those deaths.

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