Shawn, Steve and I Made Art

We call it Maine Coon in May:


No animals were hurt during this procedure:


Night! And yes, my socks are dirty because I was walking around in the yard. Deal with it. I should get credit for wearing socks and shoes as a West Virginian.

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    max says:

    I should get credit for wearing socks and shoes as a West Virginian.

    1) You already got credit, on account you can read and shit. (I assume you can read and this isn’t the dog typing shit in for you.)
    2) Socks? With flip-flops?

    There’s a word for that, and that word is ‘dweeby’.

    [‘It’s hopeless, Cole, give it up.’]

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    ruemara says:

    Socks. With those… “athletic” sandals. How are you still single?

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    Steeplejack says:



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    Tommy says:

    I am watching Kitchen Nightmares. Makes me realize I shouldn’t never eat out, seeing what some of the conditions these places are in.

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    Not Adding Much to the Community says:

    Socks and shower sandals? Dear Ghod.

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    Tommy says:

    @scav: You know if I could turn back the clock and I was 18 again and starting college I’d might end up being an archaeologist. That link you posted, it never ceases to amaze me what they find out.

  9. 9
    Steeplejack says:

    @schrodinger’s cat:

    I just like the juxtaposition of Cole defending one of his fashion choices while being oblivious to others that people might critique. It reminded me of a friend who used to wear socks with sandals (and shorts). He was always like “Yeah, I’m wearing socks with sandals—deal with it!” And then somebody told him that we weren’t bothered so much by that as by the fact that he was wearing black socks with sandals and shorts. Talk about instantly aging yourself 30 years.

  10. 10
    Tommy says:

    @Steeplejack: As a 43 year old dude that has $200 Keen sandals, I have to add that socks really shouldn’t be worn with them. But then again I like my feet. I know a few folks, well their feet are not the best looking and maybe socks with sandals are their only real option :).

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    Tommy says:

    Wow just reading about all the court rulings in Arkansas related to same sex marriage. Those poor folks are getting put through the ringer. I almost want to say my state of IL isn’t that far, please come here and bring your business and work ethic. We might have been a little late to the game, but we didn’t have a court ruling. Our legislature passed a freaking law making it legal. As those that supported it said there were many reasons to pass it. But at the top of the list next to it is just right, we want a state where people of all kinds want to live. Start a business. Pay taxes. Come a little north.

    Update: Here is a link to the story I was reading.

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    ulee says:

    Just don’t tell the doctor you were walking around in your socks. You gotta be careful in this enviroment.

  13. 13
    Mary G says:

    Ignore the haters and let the freak flag fly, Cole. We frumpy people must stick together.

    I looked at that and went, ooh sweat pants & socks, must be cool and nice there, I am jealous.

    No animals were harmed, just a couple of humans?

  14. 14
    Tommy says:

    @ulee: Are socks bad? I spend a small fortune on socks, cause good socks cost a few bucks. Now the one thing I won’t do is wear socks with sandals. But then again I wear sandals a lot, so my feet are “tough” and used to wearing them. It is like with your hands. If you work with your hands for a living they get tougher. I might rake my yard and get a blister. You, not so much. IMHO same with your feet.

  15. 15
    mtmofo says:

    Ya know, a page from the local free dead tree fishwrap is way cheaper than half a dozen paper towels.

    Just sayin’.

  16. 16
    Tommy says:

    @mtmofo: LOL. I bought a newspaper for the first time in like a decade the other day, I kid you not, to wrap some dishes and glasses to put into a box and store. I used to like getting ink on my fingers as I walked in my office everyday and had a WSJ, New York Times, and Washington Post on my desk at work each day. That I only viewed the St. Louis Post Dispatch as something to wrap dishes in should be telling to them.

  17. 17
    NotMax says:

    I should get credit for wearing socks and shoes as a West Virginian.

    Extra credit if actually worn on the correct foot.

    There’s socks in a drawer around here someplace, but haven’t worn them in decades. Not a place on the island one can’t get into with just shorts, T-shirt and sandals/flip-flops/zories/slippahs.

  18. 18
    OzarkHillbilly says:

    @NotMax: Fwck you and your island weather. It’s 39 f’n degrees here. ;-)

  19. 19
    ThresherK says:

    Love the mixed whiskers! Didn’t know if I’ve ever seen such a closeup of him showing them so clearly.

    Double “kitty rescue days” this week with my cat (2 yrs) and my wife’s (8 yrs). Dexter, the latter, still looks at me wondering why I brought someone else into his house.

  20. 20
    Chickamin Slam says:

    Would you consider this to be Avant Garde, Abstract Expressionism, or Performance Art?

    Your sandals and socks reminds me of this ad >.>

    You should come out to the Northwest. At least you wouldn’t have to worry about drinking water polluted by Freedom, Liberty, or Jesus Chemical Company.

  21. 21
    Scratch says:

    Why not just go barefoot in the yard? The socks won’t get dirty if you don’t wear them, plus the fact that you won’t be wearing the socks means you won’t be creating a moist and warm environment around the feet, and it is well-known that warm moist environments are favorable to growth of bacteria and fungi. Athlete’s foot is a disease of shoe-wearing cultures.

  22. 22
    catclub says:

    Shouldn’t the art be De maine de Coon in de May?

    And sell for $76M.

  23. 23
    RaflW says:

    You call those flimsy slip-ons shoes?!

  24. 24
    RaflW says:

    Remarkably blunt language in the reporting on the issue. I guess it’s the Alt Weekly for the libruls. (For which I’m glad…)

    But [AR supreme] court membership has changed since the major rulings and political pressure remains high in Arkansas on the side of discrimination against gay people, in both marriage and employment.

  25. 25
    Sister Rail Gun of Warm Humanitarianism says:

    @Tommy: Perhaps we now know why there are so many toenail fungus ads?

  26. 26
    LittlePig says:

    John, that is one handsome cat.

  27. 27
    mongo says:

    Jiffy Pop?!?

    Only one way to make popcorn at home is in the pot you use for pasta. Put in enough olive oil to barely cover the bottom and then enough popcorn kernels to make one layer on the bottom. I don’t know why, but in the dozens of pots I’ve done this in that works out to about as much popped corn as the pot will hold (sometimes a bit less) so that’s how much you’ll get.

    Far as seasoning goes, use a mortar and pestle and freaking make some. The possibilities are endless.I know Morton’s makes “popcorn salt” which should be by the flavored stuff at the supermarket.

  28. 28
    peej says:

    Jiffy Pop still exists? I thought it had died once microwave popcorn arrived.

  29. 29
    Pogonip says:

    @ruemara: Well, I know I’M getting hot…oh, it’s just menopause. Never mind.

    Actually, I breezed right through menopause with no trouble at all and am pleased to be done with the inconvenient and expensive business of menstruatuon. I had one hot flash, from my knees down. I thought, “Oh, so that’s what they’re talking about. That is unpleasant. I hope it doesn’t happen again.”. And it didn’t.

    And I just broke taboo by discussing it. Do other places have a strong taboo against discussing menstruation? I always thought the taboo here was particularly silly since we have TV commercials showing how much blue liquid a pad or tampon can absorb.

  30. 30
    FlyingToaster says:

    I use a wok (with dome lid), peanut oil, and whatever bulk popcorn I can find (yes, Whole Paycheck is fine, but Hannaford is cheaper). I’m the only popcorn eater at ChezToaster, so it doesn’t happen often.

    I miss the fine-ground popcorn salt I could buy at Krogers in college. I haven’t seen it since I got to Boston.

  31. 31
    ixnay says:

    @Pogonip: I’m jealous. Way past menstruation days, still have hot flashes. Also, toward the end of “those days,” had to be taken to the emergency room for a shot of Demerol, the cramps were so bad (as in crawling on the floor, puking). Had never had cramps worth mentioning before the dreaded peri-menopause. Sorry if that’s TMI, but I find that there is still not enough sharing about this sort of thing amongst women, and there’s a lot of suffering in silence because of the attitude “embrace your hormonal changes! They’re all wonderful!” Human female plumbing is not especially well-designed.

    That said, I wear socks into the yard because I would rather wash socks than pick things out of my feet. Socks with sandals, not so much. Except when working with the bees. Then socks, with pants legs tucked in, are required even with sandals.

  32. 32
    StringOnAStick says:

    @ixnay: Find a gynecologist who prescribes bioidentical hormones – you’ll get your life (and uninterrupted sleep) back.

  33. 33
    muddy says:

    Last year John called the socks and slides look “redneck fancy”. Not sure whether it was the addition of the shoe or the sock that made it fancy.

  34. 34
    Marcus says:

    Whenever I use ‘that’ brush on my kitty, you can hear me say ‘Furminate!, Furminate!” If I could knit, I’d be able to make another cat out of the fur I get from one of these sessions…

  35. 35
    Pogonip says:

    @mongo: My uncle still uses the old popper he had while attending law school in the (19)40’s.

  36. 36
    Stan of the Sawgrass says:

    I’m not seeing any blood here, so I guess this is a success. Unless you photoshopped it out.

  37. 37
    Biscuits says:

    Thank you for the Steve pic. He is glorious!

  38. 38
    MikeInSewickley says:

    Congrats on your successful de-furring.

    As to the socks and sandals – they are the mark of a truly educated, well-travelled, and sensual man. I should know… I am wearing nearly the same at this moment and my wife hasn’t laughed as she usually does…

  39. 39
    Citizen_X says:

    Deal with it.

    Sorry, I have too many people with orders to kill me if I start wearing socks and sandals.

  40. 40
    cckids says:


    I am watching Kitchen Nightmares. Makes me realize I shouldn’t never eat out, seeing what some of the conditions these places are in.

    You must not have ever worked in a restaurant. Once that curtain is pulled back, you either never eat out, or just think “Fuck it” & take your chances.

  41. 41
    Lawrence says:

    @John Cole

    Check this out: a 38 pound bobcat/Maine coon hybrid. How big is Steve?

  42. 42
    brantl says:

    Let me know if I could have some of that fur for fly tying John, it would make great streamer flies.

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