Next Goal Wins

Here’s a great write-up of the following documentary:

Can’t wait to buy this.

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    Violet says:

    How cool. Apparently they have a transgender player. From the article:

    On the red carpet, Jaiyah “Johnny” Saelua was impossible to miss, in a white stretch minidress and tan pumps that elevated the 6-foot-2 athlete high above the crowd. In Samoan culture, biological males who identify as women are called fa’afafine, and they are both accepted and expected to fulfill honorable roles in society. The literal translation is “the way of the woman,” or womanly. Saelua is fa’afafine, as is her younger brother.

    In the community, Saelua said, fa’afafine are very reliable and are often asked to organize events “because people know for sure they will get the job done.” Since fa’afafine don’t often marry, they usually take care of their elderly parents.


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    Pogonip says:

    There are a number of places with three or more official sexes. I’d like to read a book or see a documentary about everyday life in such a place.

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    Mnemosyne says:


    There are parts of Mexico where they have third-gender biological men called muxes. They’re not necessarily gay as we would see it — they can marry either men or women. It seems to be a bit of an escape valve for men who don’t fit into the traditional male role of that culture.

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    Big R says:

    Oh, man, the FYWP is strong with this one. This post is carrying the Snoop Dogg video of the post prior, and the post prior is carrying the Jim Croce video. Is it my machine with the FYWP, or is anyone else seeing this?

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    Hawes says:

    Can’t wait to show this to my kids. More worried about the profanity than the transgender player though. I’ve raised these odd selective puritans, apparently.

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    Violet says:

    @Big R: It’s displaying fine for me. I have had that sort of thing happen before, though. I usually have to refresh the tab or reload the browser to get it to display correctly.

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    SteveinSC says:

    Fucking unbelievably good trailer for a move! As soon as that thing is available, its on my TV. Holy Shit! How so honorable, these Samoans! Elan and desperate valor!

    My wife and I are planning to go to Jacksonville to see the US play Nigeria. Maybe the last time to see the glory of US soccer before they retire: Donovon, Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Tim Howard. They will probably lose in El Mundial , but I know they will go down fighting.

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