This Would Make Tunch Proud

Here is Steve, freshly brushed, resting on top of his five foot perch on his cat tree:


I think Tunch would consider him a worthy heir.

And really, click on the pic to see how awesome he is and just try to imagine how silky his hair is- he is one fine specimen.

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  1. 1
    Alison says:

    He’s got some serious whiskers, too :)

  2. 2
    Omnes Omnibus says:

    Whatever. You will hate the world in 15 minutes. Shouldn’t we all hate you for your moment of happiness? Do you even try to be consistent?

  3. 3
    MoeLarryAndJesus says:

    I’d bet a million bucks that Tunch would have hated Steve on sight.

    Cats are brats.

  4. 4
    Big R says:

    @MoeLarryAndJesus: Sure, but only if he had to share the tuna that is his by right. Since he’s just metaphorical now, I think we can agree that he’d have no problems with his replacement.

  5. 5
    seaboogie says:

    My 18 y.o. cat is deaf and also arthritic in her hindquarters now. Otherwise fine, except for recent incontinence while up in my big bed that I lift her up to rest upon and some longstanding neurological issues that make her head go “snap, crackle, pop” in a twitchy sort of way.

    Anyway, I got a waterproof matress cover from BBB and pee pads from the pet store to deal with the day to day issues. All has been well for several weeks now without incident. The current pee pad that she willingly sleeps on was getting a bit scruffy looking, so I tossed it and and let little Zoe sleep on the clean sheets. You know what happened. Laundry tomorrow. Sigh…..

  6. 6
    Jewish Steel says:

    @seaboogie: I nominate you Catparent Of The Year.

  7. 7
    🍀 Martin says:

    I still think it’s awesome that Fred Phelps was kicked out of his church for being too kind.

  8. 8
    Amir Khalid says:

    @🍀 Martin:
    It shows what a nest of hateful monsters he created, doesn’t it? So hateful that they came to despise him for not measuring up.

  9. 9
    MikeJ says:

    @🍀 Martin: When did they say why he got voted out?

  10. 10
    NotMax says:

    So cats “who seem happy, content, put together and seem to have figured it all out” elicit no negativity, it would seem.

    Speciesist. ;·)

  11. 11
    sm*t cl*de says:

    It is a tribble wearing a cat mask. Do not be fooled.

  12. 12
    PurpleGirl says:

    Yes, Steve has great whiskers. Very serious ones.

  13. 13
    Johannes says:

    He’s a beauty, Cole. Tunch-worthy, indeed.

  14. 14

    are you still furminating?

  15. 15
    p.a. says:

    …yellow eyes. So help me God yellow eyes!

  16. 16
    Elizabelle says:

    Good looking cat.

  17. 17
    Soprano2 says:

    He is a beautiful cat. None of mine like to be brushed, and since they’re shorthairs I don’t push it.

  18. 18
    cmorenc says:

    @John Cole: I’ll bet Steve’s cat hair is on *every* fabric-covered surface in your house. We had a female cat that closely resembled Steve, except much smaller, and she was a sweetly affectionate creature belonging to my older daughter, and would crawl up on her bed at night after she (daughter) went to sleep and lick my daughter’s hair for up to an hour before curling up to sleep next to her on the bed. Result: my then-middle school aged daughter would half the time need to wash her hair in the morning in order to not go to school with the hair on one side of her head plastered to her scalp with cat spittle like some cheap pommade. BTW: that cat shed prodigiously, no matter how often we brushed her. But she did have a really sweet personality.

  19. 19
    D58826 says:

    BOW BEFORE YOUR LORD AND MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 20
    MomSense says:

    Did anyone see the photo Joy Reid posted of her cat? It looks like a giant Steve.

  21. 21
    Bex says:

    @seaboogie: You can get pee pads way cheaper in the incontinence section of discount stores. You can also use them under the box.

  22. 22
    C L Allen says:

    You need to produce a sufficient Game of Thrones type title,” His Hairiness Steve, First of His Name, King of the And Alls, ……….

  23. 23
    C L Allen says:

    Blessed Recipient of the Dominion of Tuncheros,……

  24. 24
    C L Allen says:

    King of the And Alls and the Furless Men, Lord of the 7 Catdoms, and Purrtector of the realm

  25. 25
    shelly says:

    see how awesome he

    And boy, does he look like he knows it!

  26. 26
    StringOnAStick says:

    I wish our cat would tolerate brushing, she’d look as nice as Steve (same color pattern, but Steve is fluffier and lots, lots bigger). I’ll show her this photo and see if she gets the hint.

  27. 27
    Paul W. says:

    My god that is a lot of fur!

    He certainly does encapsulate the idea of “large and in charge”.

  28. 28
    Deb T says:

    @🍀 Martin: “I still think it’s awesome that Fred Phelps was kicked out of his church for being too kind.”

    Is it April Fool’s Day already????

  29. 29
    Deb T says:


    Helps if you keep at him with the Furminator. MY cat, hates the Furminator. I was thinking about maybe having her shaved (not to the skin, but short). Any thoughts? She always looks like she has mange in the summer anyway with her hair coming out in chunks. She’s most beautiful in the winter. This winter, she’s been gorgeous.

  30. 30
    Pogonip says:

    @sm*t cl*de: Yes, I said, “That’s no cat, that’s a Tribble! In the morning John will have 48 of them, all pregnant with still more Tribbles!”

    My cat-rescuing neighbor is in much the same predicament that Captain Kirk was in. The 5 kittens she rescued grew up wild. There are 4 females and a Tom. 2 of the females are already pregnant, 2 are in heat, and their brother, the only Tom left in the neighborhood, is walking around with a shit-eating grin.

  31. 31
    Jackie says:

    Steve is GORGEOUS!!! My son (and family) had a very similar cat with Steve’s markings/fur for 8 yrs. We still mourn his passing. His name was Leo – my son’s horoscope sign is Leo – we got the kitten for him on his birthday, thus his name – Leo the Lion.

    Anyway, every time I see a pic of Steve, I just see Leo. May he give you as many years of love and devotion we got from Leo.


  32. 32

    Steve new the right companion for him when he chose you John! Good thing you are living up to his and Tunch’s standards!

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