Sorry. So very sorry.

Please feel free to discuss my awfulness or any other topic.

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    Roger Moore says:

    Please feel free to discuss my awfulness or any other topic.

    I blame Obama.

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    p.a. says:

    Don’t let it happen again.

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    Trollhattan says:

    Okay, that’s very goofy, very ’80s. They need to be worked into “The Americans” somehow, maybe co-billed with Nina Hagen.

    Gibson SG, FTW.

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    Jim, Foolish Literalist says:

    Pffft. Go ahead, click on this. I dare ya.

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    BGinCHI says:

    Betty, how could you ever be awful?


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    jl says:

    Why the sudden deployment of anti-earworm weaponry on the blog?
    Aren’t there international conventions against that sort of thing?

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    xenos says:

    @Trollhattan: My immediate response was also Nina Hagen.

    If I remember the youtube wars of the last decade, Nina H was such a spectacularly devastating response, not least of all because there is some real artistic merit to it.

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    Gex says:

    There’s no such thing as anti-earworm weaponry. Only mutually assured destruction.

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    scav says:

    Tout a fait 80s roots. Linking to Etienne Daho would be unleashing the first round originals and possibly entirely too much for many.

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    You is sweet, oh Lady Betty of the Crackers.

    Sunset on my walk yesterday.

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    Corner Stone says:

    So we can’t have Obama’s pick for Civil Rights at the DoJ because he participated in a matter of public defense. And now we can’t have his pick for Surgeon General because he made the statement that some people die of gunshots, and such deaths are bad for Public Health outcomes.
    This is fan-fucking-tastic.

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    Trollhattan says:

    I think it was John Yoo who determined we didn’t have to follow those.

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    Corner Stone says:

    @Gex: Agreed. Mojotron 5000 once nailed me with a worm. Later that week I called him for the bastard he is and he told me he became infected too.
    It’s like a big theory of collectivism or some shit. We’re all in this together, man!

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    Amir Khalid says:

    You now that movie about Noah, starring Russell Crowe in the title role? I have a bad feeling about its chances of making it to Malaysian cinemaplexes. It’s already been banned in three Muslim countries.

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    Gex says:

    Oh and speaking of awful, I am finding year two to be really, really hard. I’ve been pretty depressed and haunted by memories.
    This guy has been a life saver.

    ETA: Speaking of ear worms, I’ve had Avril Lavigne stuck in my head for 3 days. With the lyrics we would us around the house. “Why’d you have to go and make things so Katie-Kated?” It’s double the punishment.

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    Corner Stone says:

    @Trollhattan: Was it John Yoo, or Harold Koh? I’m always getting them mixed up.

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    IowaOldLady says:

    I’m looking at Iowa R politics, where they apparently just deposed their Libertarian leaning head, A J Spiker. A realtor of that name sold my condo when I quit my job in Ames. Could this be the same person?

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    Trollhattan says:


    Saw her once, opening for X. Good gawd the woman has a set of pipes–several octaves to choose from and she’s not afraid to use them. And, nucking futs.

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    Corner Stone says:

    @Amir Khalid: He’s a poor actor but not sure he’s ban worthy.

  20. 20
    BGinCHI says:

    @schrodinger’s cat: Saint Betty of Unleavened Bread.

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    ruemara says:

    It just struck me that if my jesus-y family didn’t know about “Son of God”, then you really failed at marketing.

  22. 22

    @Amir Khalid: Thought Police, they are everywhere!

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    Elizabelle says:

    @schrodinger’s cat:

    Good photo.

    Tiny lilies and crocuses out in DC area. Will see how they fare with below freezing temps tonight.

    I would not bet against them. Hardy little plant souls.

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    Ash Can says:

    No, you’re not sorry. And you shouldn’t be. Silly, harmless fun.

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    a hip hop artist from Idaho (fka Bella Q) says:

    I’m thinking of you, Gex. No one mentions to you how the second year memories creep up and get you down, in a way they couldn’t when you are walking through the immediacy of the loss. And of course the rest of the world has gone back to their own lives. Your helper is adorable, and I’m happy to hear he can offer some comfort.

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    MomSense says:


    Your guy is incredible. I love his expression in that photo!

    When I went through a really rough patch–my lab saw me through it better than most humans. I’m glad you have your pup. Sending a hug to you.

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    Gex says:

    @a hip hop artist from Idaho (fka Bella Q): Thank you. The grief books I read last year said year two is the hardest. So at least I’m not surprised or wondering what’s wrong with me.

    ETA: Now if something could just get rid of this Avril Lavigne song…

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    Botsplainer says:

    I lost 30 pounds since the beginning of the year, and am going through HRT, hopefully to lose that final stubborn 20-30 over the next 45 days (I’m trying to limit myself to about 1500 calories a day on a routine basis). I’m also exercising daily, and refraining from alcohol consumption during the week, and am only drinking socially, with actual (as opposed to barroom) friends.

    My savings at the grocery, the liquor store and at lunch counters are funding my new car.

    In addition, I quit listening to all talk radio (including sports talk and comedy), and am communicating with my wife in “we” terms, in a positive manner – the empty nest kinda has fucked with our heads. We have some work to do, which is why we have this blowout planned for a dive trip to Belize in late April.

    I’m hopeful, and I feel great. The libido boost from the HRT is worth it by itself.

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    Amir Khalid says:

    Salon posted a story about MH370 that quotes its former aviation blogger Patrick Smith, without ever mentioning that it kicked him out because his posts didn’t fit its new vibe.

    Quoth commenter jackalope 66:

    If Patrick Smith is good enough for Scientific American to quote, and airline stories are interesting to read, why did Salon get rid of him in the first place?

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    Kay (not the front-pager) says:

    @Gex: So handsome and debonair! I don’t know what you are finding so difficult, but I hope you can find some peace. This fellow looks like he could make your pain easier to bear.

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    Suffern ACE says:

    @Corner Stone: It makes me pine for the simpler days, when Surgeon General candidates were tossed out for not sufficiently freaking out about teenagers tossing off.

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    Corner Stone says:

    @Suffern ACE: The NRA is “scoring” the vote.
    For fucking Surgeon General. The NRA is threatening elected officials to not approve a candidate for Surgeon General.
    This doesn’t strike any normal non-politics junkie people as way outside the bend? Who does the NRA get to pick next?

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    Suffern ACE says:

    @Amir Khalid: Patrick Smith didn’t fit with the model of running an article each Christmas about how “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is about date rape. I guess he should feel relieved.

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    catclub says:

    @Amir Khalid: “It’s already been banned in three Muslim countries. ”

    Do movies like this get even more play in internet and satellite TV in Muslim countries, because of the ban?

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    Quicksand says:

    @Amir Khalid:

    Salon posted a story about MH370 that quotes its former aviation blogger Patrick Smith, without ever mentioning that it kicked him out because his posts didn’t fit its new vibe.

    I still regularly read a number of ex-Salon folks. Tom Tomorrow, Ruben Bolling, Patrick Smith, King Kaufman, probably some others I’m not remembering right now.

    If it weren’t for Pareene and Leonard I don’t think I’d ever look at that site today.

    They’re both still there, right?

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    Amir Khalid says:

    @Corner Stone:
    Some blasphemy musty have passed this nominee’s lips regarding The Sacred Gun (peace be upon it).

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    kindness says:

    Sorry Betty. Not the earworm I was looking for.

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    MomSense says:


    Congratulations, Botsplainer! It is great that you are focusing on health-yours and your relationship. I’ve never been to Belize but have family that have been and they loved it. It’s on my list since it is beautiful and they speak Belizean Creole–which is English based. Very cool.

  42. 42

    Too many people think it is a good thing to tilt at windmills these days. Might as well face it we’re addicted to strawmen and #winning.

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    Mike in NC says:

    @Corner Stone: Ted Nugent?

  44. 44
    Roger Moore says:

    @Corner Stone:

    He’s a poor actor but not sure he’s ban worthy.

    If only it were his acting they were protesting against. Conservative Muslims take the commandment against graven images very seriously, to the point they see it as blasphemous to have a direct portrayal of any prophet, not just Mohammed. They count Noah in that category, so they don’t want him shown on screen. I assume they’d say the same thing about “The 10 Commandments”, though your point about the lead actor’s talent would be at least as valid for that one.

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    SatanicPanic says:

    @Corner Stone: I’ll remember this next time they complain about being under siege

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    gogol's wife says:

    @schrodinger’s cat:

    I left you a comment on Downton.

  47. 47

    @SatanicPanic: You’re talking about the Steven Seagal cinematic masterpiece Under Siege?

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    raven says:

    (CNN) — A Chinese satellite looking into the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 “observed a suspected crash area at sea,” a Chinese government agency said — a potentially pivotal lead into what has been a frustrating search for the Boeing 777.

  49. 49
    Amir Khalid says:

    No, they don’t, because mainstream media in countries like that — including this one — is under government control. People will find some other workaround if they care enough to see the movie — B*tT*rr*nt was popular in its day, so was pirate video. But what I would really like to see is an end to heavy-handed censorship like that, plus a unicorn.

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    Jim, Foolish Literalist says:

    @ranchandsyrup: addicted to strawmen
    Robert Palmer’s original lyirc.

    I didn’t notice Salon had a new vibe. I guess it’s been a while since they did one of their periodic check ins with Camille Paglia, to find out if she’s still nuts and arrogant.

  52. 52

    @Jim, Foolish Literalist: I’m still a fan of his backing band in that video.

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    just one more canuck on a phone says:

    Awfulness? You mean Awesomeness!

  54. 54
    SatanicPanic says:

    @ranchandsyrup: Yup, the one where that stripper comes out of the cake. And some other stuff happens.

  55. 55

    @SatanicPanic: Erika Eleniak. couldn’t act a lick but was still a strong contributor to the story.

  56. 56
    Amir Khalid says:

    We’ve had false alarms before. I’d wait until the pieces are recovered and positively ID’d as pieces of MH370.

  57. 57
    GregB says:


    That’s impossible. It disappeared. That’s the final story.

  58. 58
    WereBear says:

    @Gex: He looks incredible!

    Tell us how you got him, please. I love those kinds of stories.

  59. 59
    Amir Khalid says:

    The only good movie Erika Eleniak was in was her first: E.T. The Extraterrestrial.

  60. 60

    @Amir Khalid: Did not realize that was her! Thanks A to the K.

  61. 61
    SatanicPanic says:

    @ranchandsyrup: That’s about the only scene from any of Steven’s movies I can actually remember (I wonder why). That and I think he was in some movie where he was fighting against a chemical company and goes into a cave and lights some barrels on fire? That guy was implausible as an action hero even in the 80s.

  62. 62
    Schlemizel says:

    I have been on jury duty all week. I feel really bad for the people who lose their pay when they are on jury duty, that sucks. OTOH I have never heard so much whining about anything since we got a surprise math quiz in 5th grade.

    Several people were unable to answer a single question during voir dire without adding a complaint about being there. Well guess what? You are there & whining is not going to get you out of it.

    My fav was a guy who went into a long rant about how hard his life has been – his mother died from crack, his father died from crack, he owes $200 in child support & now his mother is making him give her $1000 . . . apparently from beyond the grave. He did not get on the jury but he still has to sit & wait to be called again.

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    thruppence says:

    @Roger Moore: As far as I understand, Islam claims to respect Jesus of Nazareth as a prophet. Where is their objection to his endless portrayals?

  64. 64
    Amir Khalid says:

    @Roger Moore:
    Plus, after the very mixed reviews he got for Les Misérables, Russell Crowe isn’t singing in this movie.

  65. 65
    Amir Khalid says:

    Those movies depicting Jesus are never shown in Muslim countries.

  66. 66
    Bobby Thomson says:

    @Corner Stone: good lord. Harold Koh sued despots for sport as a law professor. John Yoo justified deliberately crushing a child’s testicles.

  67. 67

    @SatanicPanic: I’d be that he wishes he didn’t do that enviro justice part. I grew up as a hick so we all thought seagal was badass.

    My fave seagal story is that he talked shit and got choked out by a 60 year old plus judo master. see here

  68. 68
    JPL says:

    So GA Senate committee just passed a very restricted bill to legalize medical marijuana. It still has to pass the Senate but that’s a step in the right direction.

  69. 69
    Gex says:

    @WereBear: I was a cat person ever since my parents refused to get me a dog and got me a cat instead. So Kate and I lived in a household with three cats. Kate had talked about adding a dog, but I was at best neutral on the topic since I would be the one who had to take care of it. And then one day we went to the pet store for cat supplies and the local animal rescue was displaying dogs that were up for adoption. We were the first people in the store that day. Casey was the first dog on display. And instantly I turned into the 10 year old that had wanted a dog all those many years ago. All Kate heard was “can we get him? Can we get him? Please, please, please, PLEASE!!!!”

    It was Casey’s first day on display. And the people who walked in the store right behind us were upset we were taking him, as they wanted him too. He’s just such a happy-faced pup with a great personality I’m not surprised he would have found a home that day whether or not I lost my mind.

    If you scroll through there are pictures of the cat in that Photobucket album too. We got her one day because we were looking at cats, with no intention of adopting, but she reached out and snagged Kate’s sweater with her claws. And I adore the cat, but Casey has been my rock since Kate died.

  70. 70
    Corner Stone says:

    @Bobby Thomson: He also argued this:
    “and the State Department legal adviser, Harold H. Koh — who argued that the United States military’s activities fell short of “hostilities.””
    So, yeah. Good times.

  71. 71
    Corner Stone says:

    @SatanicPanic: Now those were some fine actors!

  72. 72
    Neutron Flux says:

    @Jim, Foolish Literalist: That’s all kind of fucked up.

  73. 73
    SatanicPanic says:

    @ranchandsyrup: Hahahaha, that’s awesome. Did you read the link to the John Leguizamo story? Segal sounds like a big bully. Which is not surprising. I couldn’t get into his movies because he never even takes a hit. Stallone would get punched to within an inch of his life before he’d summon the strength to skewer someone on a stalactite. That’s way more badass

  74. 74

    @SatanicPanic: agreed. Will check out leguizano piece.

  75. 75
    Betty Cracker says:

    @schrodinger’s cat: Wow, that’s so pretty. Makes me shiver, though.

    @Gex: Animals can be such a comfort. Except chickens. They have no consideration whatsoever.

  76. 76
    Fellatio Alger says:

    @Gex: oh, my lord. Those two are adorable.

  77. 77
    Villago Delenda Est says:

    @Amir Khalid: Our domestic religious police apparently are also somewhat distressed by some storytelling liberties taken in Noah that are not found in the source material, which of course can never, ever be deviated from in any way shape or form, because it was dictated by the Almighty and then recorded on stone tablets, the way the US Constitution was.

    Which is similar, I suppose, to the experience that King Vidor had with Ayn Rand when trying to adapt The Fountainhead to the screen.

  78. 78
    Jerzy Russian says:


    ETA: Speaking of ear worms, I’ve had Avril Lavigne stuck in my head for 3 days. With the lyrics we would us around the house. “Why’d you have to go and make things so Katie-Kated?” It’s double the punishment.

    Is this the artist that sings the “Complicated Song”? If so, you need to listen to Weird Al’s version. You will still have an earworm, but it will be a funny one.

  79. 79
    Gex says:

    @Fellatio Alger: Thanks! They are pretty adorable. It took them a few years to get close, but it’s been pretty awesome since.

    @Jerzy Russian: I will go check that out. That is the exact song that is stuck in my head.

  80. 80
    WereBear says:

    @Gex: Thank you. He does have an irresistible look to him.

    Kisses to the kitty, too.

  81. 81
    Bobby Thomson says:

    @Corner Stone: yeah, justifying military action in Libya is exactly the same thing as justifying the torture of kids to get to their parents.

  82. 82
    Mnemosyne says:


    He did not get on the jury but he still has to sit & wait to be called again.

    From what I saw the last time I was called in for jury service, the more you whine, the longer the judge will keep you there, even if s/he ends up dismissing you at the end of the day.

  83. 83
  84. 84
    RoonieRoo says:

    What the hell did I just watch?

  85. 85
    Corner Stone says:

    @Bobby Thomson: Glad to see you don’t actually give a shit about the law. As long as your guy’s in charge you’re good to go.

  86. 86
    John Weiss says:

    @Jim, Foolish Literalist: Gods that’s awful. Real ‘Mars Attacks’ stuff.

  87. 87
    SiubhanDuinne says:

    @Corner Stone:

    Who does the NRA get to pick next?

    All of them, Katie.

  88. 88

    @Betty Cracker: Don’t let the snow fool you, it was a balmy 50+.
    After weeks, nay months of cold cold temperatures it was a welcome break, indeed.

  89. 89
    Denali says:

    How did we miss this when we were last in Paris? I feel culturally bereft.

  90. 90
    Beldar says:

    Strangely enough, I own a club remix of this tune on vinyl, bought back in the day. The stereo to play it on is long busted, but still I hang on to this odd relic.

    Not sure if I should have admitted that.

    Ah well. Damage from the ’80s…

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