CPAC for Kooks

Ginny Thomas is such a nut that she has to speak at a mini-CPAC for the crazies that are too nuts for the regular CPAC.

Speaking of conspiracy theories and theorists, if I were planning on slinging a conspiracy, it would be that Big Government’s pinko-commie Daylight Savings “Time” (as if anyone but Jesus were in charge of time) is a giant conspiracy to fuck up my circadian rhythms.

Here’s an open thread.

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    rikyrah says:

    Republican Double Standard In Louisiana as Bobby Jindal Shreds The First Amendment

    By: Rmuse
    Saturday, March, 8th, 2014, 5:26 pm

    Over the past month, Republicans disregarded their contention that it is a mortal sin to interfere with a private corporation’s business when they intervened in a Tennessee Volkswagen plant’s union representation vote, as well as attempting to dictate to technology giant Apple who and how they could do business with. After protestors drove Ukraine’s president out of the country prompting Russian president Vladimir Putin to send troops into Crimea, Republicans demanded that President Obama confront Putin militarily for intervening in a sovereign nation’s internal affairs despite giving undying support to George W. Bush when he pre-emptively invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. Across America, Republicans defend evangelical fundamentalists’ contention that the Constitution affords them the right to abridge other Americans religious liberty, and now Louisiana Republicans are attempting to deny private Americans their 1st Amendment freedom of speech.

    This week, MoveOn, an organization with more than 8 million members received a letter from Louisiana Republican Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne ordering the organization to cease and desist exercising their right to free speech. Earlier in the week MoveOn purchased ad space on billboards in Republican-controlled states criticizing Republican and teabagger governors for rejecting free federal funding to expand Medicaid to prevent hundreds-of-thousands of poor Americans from receiving healthcare. Republicans in Louisiana are furious that a non-right wing organization has the temerity to criticize Governor Bobby Jindal and lied by claiming their objection to the billboard is that it used Louisiana’s slogan, “Pick Your Passion.” The full text of the billboard is; “Louisiana – Pick your passion! But hope you don’t love your health. Gov. Jindal’s denying Medicaid to 242,000 people.”

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    big ole hound says:

    The thinking that DST saves energy is false. There is an annual spike in gasoline sales of 1.3 billion as we all go and do our thing in the evening. By car. Maybe Chervron or BP is behind this crap. Just leave the clocks alone.

  3. 3
    Suffern ACE says:

    Other government took that hour from you to give Obamahours to inner city young bucks so they could spend more time being lazy. The government thinks no one knows.

  4. 4
    cathyx says:

    My circadian rhythm prefers DST. I can never adjust to standard time and I would wake up one hour too early and fall asleep the same. I always look forward to setting our clocks ahead one hour because then everything is back to where it should be for me.

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    rikyrah says:

    Rand Paul Wins CPAC Presidential Preference Straw Poll
    By: Hrafnkell Haraldsson
    Sunday, March, 9th, 2014, 8:06 am

    If you want to know who the most popular fascist is at CPAC’s “little rebellion on the battlefield of ideas,” as Texas Gov. Rick Perry put it, it is Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), who won with 31 percent of the vote, repeating, and improving slightly upon, last year’s CPAC victory of 25 percent. Apparently, his irrational objection to a black man being elected twice to the highest office in the land, and obeying and upholding the Constitution, resonated with the audience.

    Paul’s words were jingoistic if not factual, just the sort of thing a CPAC crowd loves: “He’s got a pen, he’s got a phone, he doesn’t care what the law is,” Paul said. “A tyranny will ensue, and we must stop this President.”

    Will ensue, has ensued…they can’t make up their mind and don’t know what a tyranny is anyway, but what the heck, it makes an ignorant audience angry, and that’s the point

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    rikyrah says:

    Anyone else watch Grimm?

    I’m so pissed that they let their colleague go to the mental hospital WHEN THEY KNOW WHAT HE SAW WAS REAL!!

    This is so wrong. So very wrong.

    I’m especially mad at Hank because he knows what it feels like to think you’re going crazy.

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    OzarkHillbilly says:

    How does someone manage to utter these words in this sequence and their head not explode?

    “Of course gay people should have the same rights as everyone else,” he continued. “But they don’t get extra rights. They don’t get to redefine marriage.” -Ben Carson

    Proof that just like irony, God is indeed dead.

  8. 8
    gnomedad says:

    Like when both blacks and whites had to obey “Whites Only” signs.

  9. 9
    piratedan says:

    @rikyrah: hey c’mon now, Move On didn’t build that! ////

  10. 10
    OzarkHillbilly says:

    @gnomedad: There was also this gem from CPAC via TPM:

    “White men stay behind, let the women talk about this issue. We love white men. We love all the white men,” Obenshain said before adding that it’s important for women to talk about those issues.

    No further explanation needed.

  11. 11
    c u n d gulag says:

    Ginny Thomas speaks, so Clarence doesn’t have to!
    The same goes for Scalia, most of the time.
    And if not Scalia, then Alito speaks for our puppet-SC Judge.

    I’m starting to suspect that Thomas has Google-Glasses on when he’s in court – and the reason he doesn’t speak, and often has his hands under his robe, is that he’s viewing porn while sitting on the bench.

    At least he’s learned to quiet-down his moans.
    Maybe Ginny taught him not to moan, because she never has – she looks about as warm as a f*cking coconut popsicle!

  12. 12
    Amir Khalid says:

    Methinks some generous liberal should do the, um, right thing and sponsor Too Right-Wing For CPAC every year. These people really need the most prominent possible platform for their craziness views.

  13. 13
    Kropadope says:

    @Amir Khalid: Are we sure that they were kicked out of CPAC for being too crazy?

  14. 14
    Elmo says:


    “The law, in its majestic equality,” etc.

  15. 15
    Baud says:


    We love white men. We love all the white men,”

    Where the white women at?

  16. 16
    scav says:


    We love white men. We love all the white men,”


  17. 17
    Ultraviolet Thunder says:

    I outsmarted myself this year. I booked an early am Monday flight that I had to get up at 5:00 am to catch. Only an hour earlier than my usual alarm time. Only now it’s going to feel like 4:00 am.
    And I’m on 24 X 7 call all week so I doubt I’ll ever make up the lost sleep. Blerg.

  18. 18
    Mike in NC says:

    Over on CBS, this morning’s installment of Face the Nation Republicans presents thoughtful commentary from Dick Cheney, Jim Baker, and Paul Ryan. For balance they will bring in retired General Jim Jones, who may or may not bash Obama’s foreign policy.

  19. 19
    OzarkHillbilly says:

    @Baud: HA!
    @scav: HA HA!!

  20. 20
    hildebrand says:

    Read the first line of MoDo’s column, and then reminded myself that I am trying to give up stupid for Lent.

  21. 21
    bemused says:

    @Mike in NC:

    Our liberal media Sunday shows never disappoint.

  22. 22
    Jim, Foolish Literalist says:

    @Mike in NC:

    Over on CBS, this morning’s installment of Face the Nation Republicans presents thoughtful commentary from Dick Cheney,

    They need to provide balance for regular contributor Condi Rice, who represents the center left of the most incompetent and dishonest foreign policy team in American history.

  23. 23
    ruemara says:

    @rikyrah: yes! WTF, Hank? But, I was giving bonus points for first use of Tagalog and Pinoy folklore on the tele.

  24. 24
    Baud says:

    @Mike in NC:

    I hope they began the show with a rousing rendition of Those Were the Days.

  25. 25
    rikyrah says:

    News anchor Pam McKelvy removes wig and debuts her natural hair on TV

    by Lilly Workneh | March 4, 2014 at 1:02 PM

    emphis-area news anchor Pam McKelvy shared an emotional moment with viewers last week while discussing her journey as a breast cancer survivor and the personal bouts she faced with hair loss.

    McKelvy was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2012 and underwent chemotherapy and a double mastectomy, which eventually eradicated the cancer.

    However, throughout her battle, she suffered extreme hair loss and opted to wear a wig every day since last March – until she appeared on WMCTV last Wednesday.

  26. 26
    Chris says:

    Anyone too crazy for CPAC isn’t worth worrying about in my book. Right wing “extremists” are just howling into the wind – they have as much power as Ralph Nader’s voters. It’s the “mainstream” ones that’re dangerous.

  27. 27
    danielx says:

    It’s Sunday morning, and what to my wondering eyes doth appear but a column from Ross, Douthat. Ross is, of course, writing a postmortem report – uh review, review! – of CPAC, and has discovered something that I admit I never would have noticed. To wit: there are four – count ’em! – four factions in Republican presidential campaigns as opposed to two, the latter being the delineation between Tea Party and establishment factions. Ross’s contention runs like this:

    One faction is centrist (think John McCain’s 2000 supporters, or Jon Huntsman’s rather smaller 2012 support), one is moderately conservative (think the typical Mitt Romney or Bob Dole voter), one is socially conservative (think Mike Huckabee or Rick Santorum backers), and one is very conservative but more secular (think Gingrich voters last time, or Steve Forbes voters much further back).

    To paraphrase something I’ve heard they say in the service academies, my inferior understanding prevents my grasping the unquestionable soundness of this concept. Poor simple midwestern boy that I am, my thoughts along this line, such as they are, go something like this:

    There.Is.No.Tea.Party. There’s just the Republican Party, and it has two factions, those being crazy (economic conservatives) and crazier (social conservatives). The only major difference is that the former never let social issues (like slutshaming, fag bashing and keeping brown people in line) get in the way of what’s really important, that being the $bottom $line. They’ll use those issues to motivate the crazier faction, but the real aim, always, is to protect the interests of the dreaded one percent – more to the point, the .001 percent. Giving lip service to de social issues is how they keep the teh crazy-er from paying attention to how they’re being rogered left, right and sideways by economic conservatives. (Hint: always, always, always – if you want to know what Republicans really want to do, follow the fuckin’ money. I might add: if you want to know what Democrats are going to do, as opposed to what they might like to do, follow the fuckin’ money.)

    Anyway, back to my man Ross, let’s let him once more speak for himself. Striking a blow at random:

    The New Jersey governor could still follow McCain’s 2008 path to victory, but he could also be marginalized, Huntsman-style, as a “centrists only” candidate — especially if a Scott Walker, a Paul Ryan or a Jeb Bush consolidated the support of moderate conservatives.

    Then there’s the potential Ted Cruz coalition, which could look like Reagan redux: secular conservatives plus religious conservatives to start, and then just enough moderate conservatives to win. But Cruz would need to consolidate the religious faction early, which is why he should be hoping that Huckabee and Santorum decide to forgo another run.

    Immediate reaction – twenty pounds of horseshit in a ten pound, nay, a five pound bag. Scott Walker and Paul Ryan as moderate conservatives? In what universe, pray tell? Leave out Bush; anybody named Bush has about the same chance of being the Republican nominee in the near future as I do of being named CEO of Apple. The Ted Cruz coalition as Reagan redux? I mean, c’mon – St. Ronnie was all in favor of hippie punching and taking stuff away from poor people, but he didn’t give two toots on a flute about abortion or gay issues. Most of his career was spent in Hollywood, for chrissakes, and even then you didn’t thrive in Hollywood by making a big issue of your distaste for teh ghey. Ronald Reagan would get laughed (or booed) off the stage at a Republican primary debate these days. In Douchehat world, “moderate conservative” is a category that includes Bob Dole, Scott Walker and Paul Ryan. That’s a stretch that David Blaine would be proud of – wonder if it ever occurred to Ross to ask Dole what he thinks about Walker or Ryan. Somehow I doubt that Dole would be all that pleased at the comparison…

    No, we’re way over the line into David Brooks territory here, that gorgeous terrain where the wishful viewer looks out and sees the world as he thinks it is (or so says, anyway) as opposed to the world that truly is. And gets paid six figures a year and serious perks in the bargain.

    Nice work if you can get it.

  28. 28
    Chris says:


    Crazy and Crazier?

    I still like my definition best: “people who hate black people because they’re poor” vs “people who hate poor people because they’re black.”

  29. 29
    Jay C says:

    @rikyrah: @ruemara:

    Yeah, that bit in the hospital was a bit raw; but I can’t see them having much of a way around it. Then again, Grimm pays much-more-imaginative writers than me a ton-o-money to craft semi-credible plot workarounds, so I’m sure it will turn out OK. My favorite takeaway from this episode is that we finally learn Sgt. Wu’s first name. But: “Drew Wu”? No wonder they never revealed it ’til now….

  30. 30
    danielx says:


    A distinction without a difference, but I see your point.

  31. 31
    Chris says:


    Same result, slightly different emphasis.

  32. 32
    chopper says:


    “Of course women should have the same rights as everyone else,” he continued. “But they don’t get extra rights. They don’t get to redefine voting.” -Ben Carson in 1914.

  33. 33
    Ruckus says:

    That closet is getting pretty big.

  34. 34
    Smiling Mortician says:

    The New Jersey governor could still follow McCain’s 2008 path to victory

    From Ross’ big fat mouth to the FSM’s blessed ear.

  35. 35
    debbie says:

    @Jay C:

    I’m liking the show less now that others are onto the Vessen. I liked the first season best when it was more about the beings being the darker side of people rather than the literal “monsters” they all seem to be now.

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