Twenty Minutes to March Mammal Madness Preview (And Lots More Cool Stuff on Lactation and Evolution)


Just a quick reminder — following up on yesterday’s post.  Harvard evolutionary biologist Katie Hinde and I will be talking on Virtually Speaking science about her work on lactation and the different strategies different species have evolved for nourishing sons and daughters; on the crap science journalism that follows in the wake of the study of anything that might allow tabloid headline writers to employ the words “breast” “mum” or “sex”; and, last but definitely not least, about a March bracket between — not groups of men and women named after animals — but the animals themselves,  an ecologically and physiologically correct NCAAs, if you will.

Coming up in just 15 minutes.

You can listen liv at 6 p.m ET or as a podcast later here. .

Live studio audience for the virtually minded folks at the  Exploratorium’s joint in Second Life.

Hope y’all come.

Image: Gerard ter Borch, A Maid Milking a Cow in a Barnc. 1642-4.

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  1. 1
    raven says:

    We’re excited to catch the podcast!

  2. 2
    NotMax says:

    Animals you say? Science you say?

    Everything old is new again.

           Fear of wolves is roiling Germany once again

  3. 3
    Mart says:

    Why that’s udderly ridiculous. You are milking this for all it is worth.

    Sorry. My dad made me this way.

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