You Don’t Have to Go Home but You Can’t Stay Here

Predictions are hard, especially about the future, but I don’t see any pressure on the House that gerrymandering built pass a clean CR anytime soon, and as Peter King showed yesterday, it’s tough to find enough “moderate” Republicans (i.e., Republicans scared of a Democrat beating them in 2014) to vote for a clean CR, even if Boehner would bring it to the House floor. So protests outside Republican district offices can’t hurt and might help, especially if their last election wasn’t a 70/30 rout.

That said, the seven and nine Democrats who voted with the Republican majority on the last two House roll calls aren’t making things better. One of the names on both those lists is Dan Maffei, NY-24, who represents the Syracuse area. He was beat in 2010 by Teahadi Ann Marie Buerkle, and won his seat back in 2012. Apparently that experience has him running scared, even though he’s in a district that was improved in 2012 by gerrymandering. Maffei is the poster child for weak Democrats who can only be counted on to weasel around and try to find some sweet spot of completely unaccountability. If you live in his district, or the districts of the 6 or 8 other weasels, today would be a good day to give them a call and ask why they’re supporting Republican insanity.

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