Preach it

Commenter Emerald:

HaHaHaHa! I’ve been without coverage for nearly 13 years. (Took care of my Dad for 10 of those).

I qualify for the “Enhanced Silver” plan in California. Cheapest for me would be $3 per month for an HMO. Most expensive would be $159 for the Anthem Blue Cross HMO.

But unless my doctor is in that $3 plan (he might be–he takes more insurance than most), I’ll be deciding between the $94 Anthem EMO or Blue Cross PPO at $122.

Without the subsidies these all would be from $679 to well over $700 per month.

And I’m turning 63 in Dec and have been diagnosed with gallstones.

Commenter MomSense:

Just went to ObamaCare and filled in the information and I am going to get insurance much cheaper. Was paying 1,600 a month for years because I have a pre-existing condition and then because of some life changes I couldn’t afford it anymore so have been waiting and praying to be healthy until I could sign up. Starts at $243 a month so now I am going to decide on the plan! I can manage this!!!

Commenter BotSplainer:

I looked at Kentucky’s exchange. I can insure 4 of us (eldest daughter living away undoubtedly qualifies for enough subsidy to bring her a separate policy under $100) for somewhere between $850 and $950. Even if I get no tax credit at all,…. we’ll get a plan that has a $1500 deductible for the same price as our current tub of shit with a $15000 deductible.

This kind of plan has never been available to me at rates like this. Also, it ensures that my youngest daughter is insurable (she would never pass underwriting on the individual market – a biopsy…

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