Thursday Morning Open Thread

Since some commentors were concerned, our Food Goddess Tamara has a new post up on her own blog, What’s 4 Dinner Solutions.

In other happy news, per NYMag, Patrick Stewart recently married “longtime girlfriend” Sunny Ozell, in a ceremony officiated by Ian McKellan:

The ceremony was held on the banks of Lake Tahoe in Nevada, near where Ozell grew up. “The water was lapping almost against our feet,” said Stewart. “Our photographer took a tumble, and literally if he’d been standing on the other side of us, he would have ended up in the lake.” The location happily remained a well-kept, paparazzi-free secret, even if the ceremony itself was not. “We have Ian to thank for letting the cat out of the bag in the first place,” said Stewart, referring to a TV interview in which McKellen said he would be “marrying Patrick.” “But he also put down the wrong scent.” In the interview, McKellen alluded to doing so “in Massachusetts, or in the middle of America somewhere.” “I like to imagine hordes of paparazzi scouring Massachusetts and having a really miserable afternoon looking for signs of a wedding,” said Stewart, letting out a roar of laughter and glancing sweetly over his shoulder toward his new wife…

Photo, and further details, at the link.

What else is on the agenda today?

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    JPL says:

    Anne, Thank you for linking to Tamara’s site. It will be awhile for life to get back to normal for her town, but it will.
    Of course, who knows what normal means after such tragedy.

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    Stentor says:

    If Neverland were real & I wanted to fly like Peter Pan, Patrick Stewart would surely be my happy thought, he always makes me smile & laugh. I can’t help but smile everytime I see his face, he is the one neighbor in New York I would love to have if I lived there. Congratulations Patrick & Sunny, live long & prosper.

  4. 4
    Ben Cisco says:

    A suit custom made for the occasion.

    His instructions to the tailor?

    “Make it sew.”

  5. 5
    Schlemizel says:


    Saw the moon last night & it was gorgeous! I was driving home after having a birthday party for the last surviving member of my dad’s family. My aunt turned 88 and is physically & mentally doing better than many 70 year olds I know. Saw several cousins I have not really talked to in more than 30 years and they were a much nicer bunch than I remember from my childhood. It was a good night

  6. 6
    raven says:

    @Schlemizel: Nice!

    I just took a couple of shot before it set.

  7. 7
    Thlayli says:

    16 app updates waiting on the iPad. Check the list: “update for iOS 7” … “update for iOS 7” … “update for iOS 7” ….


  8. 8
    OzarkHillbilly says:

    @raven: Nice. Nothing but clouds around here this week with sporadic rains.

  9. 9
    magurakurin says:

    brilliant moon tonight in SouthWestern Japan as well.

  10. 10
    JPL says:

    Has anyone read The Unwinding by George Packer? Although, I’m not finished yet, it leaves you with the feeling that our democratic way is lost to us forever. I’m not sure how we recover.

  11. 11
    Botsplainer says:

    Jesus, this frightens me.

    WASHINGTON — If there was any question who’s setting the agenda and direction of the Republican Party in the House it was answered Wednesday when, after forcing Speaker John Boehner to agree to once again attempt to defund Obamacare, Rep. Steve Stockman thanked fellow Tea Partier Rep. Tom Graves — and not the man ostensibly sitting atop the GOP’s top perch.
    “[Americans] want to defund ObamaCare and keep the government open. Thank you to Tom Graves and others who worked to make this happen,” Stockman said in a press release blasted out to national media. “Republicans should listen to the people who gave them control of the House to stop ObamaCare. If we don’t stop ObamaCare, voters will find someone who will.”

    The economy is in thrall to a rump of the worst people on Earth. They’re deliberately pig-ignorant, nihilistic, narcissistic and authoritarian.

  12. 12
    MomSense says:

    Here we go, Chuck Todd is going to weigh in on a question about gridlock in DC that starts with the President bristles about reports of his lack of leadership and now surprisingly Todd is saying Boehner can’t lead his caucus.

  13. 13
    Botsplainer says:

    He’s still getting his ass kicked on Twitter. #chucktoddexcuses is some funny stuff.

  14. 14
    raven says:

    @magurakurin: That’s good to know!

  15. 15
    MomSense says:


    I tweeted to him using his words from his comment and he tweeted back that TPM got it wrong.

  16. 16
    SiubhanDuinne says:

    @JPL: I read it several weeks ago and suggested that it might be a good choice for a book chat here. I think Packer might be willing to participate, as other authors have done on occasion.

  17. 17
    Kay says:


    “[Americans] want to defund ObamaCare and keep the government open. Thank you to Tom Graves and others who worked to make this happen,”

    Except that didn’t happen. I love that they can just make shit up and then take a public victory lap.
    If you don’t have the Senate or the Presidency, just invent a unicameral system and then congratulate one another for accomplishments in that imaginary system.

  18. 18
    scav says:

    @MomSense: Is it his job to correct such statements suddenly?

  19. 19
    liberal says:

    Let’s not forget that he was one of the a$$holes who supported the invasion of Iraq.

  20. 20
    jeffreyw says:

    Thanksgiving is not that far away. Just sayin’.

  21. 21
    The Red Pen says:

    I’ve been following the recent Missouri “stand your ground” case and:

    1. The victim was white.
    2. The shooter was way dumber than George Zimmerman.

    Crocker is also accused of, after killing Dart, turning a gun on another victim and saying, “Do you want to be next? I have the power, you don’t.”

    Detectives say they asked Crocker if he could have called law enforcement when the group refused to leave.

    Crocker replied, “I guess I could have, but it’s my property and I was going to protect it.”

    Crocker stated several times in the interview he was going to protect his property and if he would have left (to call police) the people would have been gone before law enforcement arrived, according to detectives.

    Detectives then asked him even if the people had left, wouldn’t that have been the desired result.

    Crocker’s reply according to the report was, “Yeah that would have worked too.”

  22. 22
    Elizabelle says:


    Looking at your photo, I think Ben Franklin was right and the wild turkey should have been our national bird.

    They live in community, stroll through backyards and around the countryside, remind one vaguely of Puritans.

    Whereas the bald eagle is a solitary individual, and too easily appropriated for militaristic images and pursuits.

    (The Screaming Wild Turkeys, anyone?)

  23. 23
    Just Some Fuckhead, Thought Leader? says:

    I thought Patrick Stewart was gay.

  24. 24
    Elizabelle says:

    @The Red Pen:

    Stand your Gravel Bar, hmmm?

    And the shooter is too ugly to have appeared in “Deliverance.”

    Sad case. Hope the shooter gets years in prison.

    Poor guy gets shot during a float down the river in July. So what if they were standing near the river?

  25. 25
    Botsplainer says:

    @The Red Pen:

    I just checked the boys over at FReakville on this. There were a few voices of reason, but it was mostly “worship the gun”.

    Their attitude is that one must always be deferential and subservient to the gun nut, wherever that gun nut goes.

  26. 26
    The Red Pen says:


    Let’s not forget that [George Packer] was one of the a$$holes who supported the invasion of Iraq.

    Then again, so was John Cole. What’s his position now?

  27. 27
    Elizabelle says:

    @Just Some Fuckhead, Thought Leader?:

    I thought that too! Maybe one of his famous characters was gay?

  28. 28
    Botsplainer says:


    They come in my yard, too. I’ve considered it, but her they’re gamey.

  29. 29
    The Red Pen says:


    So what if they were standing near the river?

    That’s the big question and it is one for some serious legal nerds.

    Property law involving rivers in Missouri is complicated enough that there are lawyers who specialize in it. Based on what I’ve read, I believe that the sand bar was public access due to an implicit easement, but the law isn’t settled. Sad to see it clarified over this tragedy, and not some “tree fell on my boat house” case.

  30. 30
    The Red Pen says:


    I thought that too! Maybe one of his famous characters was gay?

    Patrick Stewart played a flamboyant gay man named Sterling in 1995’s Jeffery.

  31. 31
    The Red Pen says:


    I just checked the boys over at FReakville on this. There were a few voices of reason, but it was mostly “worship the gun”.

    I was surprised by the voices of reason.

    Then again, the victim wasn’t a black man thug.

  32. 32
    GHayduke (formerly lojasmo) says:

    Most excellent.

    Chuck today recently stated that it wasn’t the media’s job to report republican lies about obamacare, but rather it was Obama’s job.

    Sounded just like Ted & Helen.

  33. 33
    JPL says:

    @The Red Pen: In my younger days, I did a lot of canoeing in LA and East Texas. At that time, sleeping on sand bars, was the norm. The only time I felt threatened was during a hike in the Big Thicket. Someone came out of his cabin with a shotgun, claiming my dog. Since he was going to take my dog over my dead body, my ex quickly said no sir, that’s not yours. He looked at me and said walk.

  34. 34
    Poopyman says:

    @Botsplainer: For a second there I thought you were responding to @The Red Pen:

  35. 35
    Poopyman says:

    @JPL: Here in MD and I think VA, anything beyond the water’s edge, including sand bars, is state property. However, states’ laws (obviously) vary wildly. Lawyers have to feed too, ya know.

  36. 36
    Amir Khalid says:

    I’m reposting this from a moribund open thread:

    This guy (a Slate writer) invited friends over for dinner. He made the risotto with chicken stock, and asked his partner not to rat on him to their vegetarian guests. He must have been caught anyway, because here he is trying to justify what he did.

  37. 37
    Elizabelle says:

    @Amir Khalid:

    Read that. I think the readers who asked if guy would have snuck bacon or pork into a dish for Muslims or Jews got it right.

    Guy could have made his own veggie stock; it’s not that hard. Just add extra onions and carrots for some zip.

  38. 38
    Elizabelle says:

    It bothers me a lot that a loser gun owner in rural Missouri shot and killed a “floater” for being on or very near his waterfront property. It’s alleged that someone urinated on the ground, but is that grounds for murder? (Also alleged that some of the “floaters” were holding rocks, but who says that wasn’t self-defense against a lunatic with a firearm?)

    There was no call for shooting the victim. None.

    (And I did wonder if “floater” meant the victim before or after the gunshot. “Rafter” is more commonly used term here …)

  39. 39

    Aaawww, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it had been so long since I posted anything! Thanks for worrying. I will tell you I drove home in flash flood conditions yesterday – out of nowhere it began to sheet rain – and there is no where for this water to go anymore so it just floods the roads.

  40. 40
    Sister Rail Gun of Warm Humanitarianism says:

    Musical cat (sort of)

    A theremin counts as a musical instrument, doesn’t it?

  41. 41
    WereBear says:

    @TaMara (BHF): Good to hear; you continue to take care.

    For instance, most mountaineering accidents happen after the summit; when they feel the “danger” is past and they are concentrating on the cold beer.

    I’ve been saved from several foolhardy things by remembering that I don’t want my last words to be, “Well, that was stupid of me.”

  42. 42
    Jay C says:

    @Just Some Fuckhead, Thought Leader?:

    Sir Patrick is quite hetero, but does do “gay” quite well – he IS a fine actor, after all: but I know what you mean: when I read the headline “Ian McKellan to marry Patrick Stewart“, I jumped to the obvious conclusion…..

    Congrats all around!

  43. 43
    piratedan says:

    ty for the Mongolian Chop Squad shoutout AL

  44. 44

    @Just Some Fuckhead, Thought Leader?:

    He’s bi. People I know who’ve met him say he dates both men and women.

  45. 45
    The Pale Scot says:

    @Amir Khalid: Apparently, this will be the proper way to raft around in Missouri.

  46. 46
    canuckistani says:

    I hope Wil Wheaton was invited. I’m never sure if they include him when they say “the entire cast of TNG”.

  47. 47
    Trollhattan says:

    Hey, I live two hours away and I didn’t get inviterated. Patrick Stewart, you are dead to me!

  48. 48
    diana says:

    @Mnemosyne (iPhone): not anymore, we hope.

    Even without the whole gay thing, I was just thinking that Magneto and Professor Xavier appear to be a little too comfortable with each other….should us non-mutants maybe start to worry?

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