RIP, Tunch, the Best Cat Ever

I am barely keeping it together as I write this, but Tunch was just killed a half hour ago by one of my sister’s dog. My brother was watching her and came to my house and I yelled that I didn’t want her in the house with Tunch, so he put her out back, and we heard nothing at all, but then Kiwi had blood on her face and Seth went out back and came around and broke the news. He tried to hold me back because I wouldn’t want to see it, but I had to. It looks like he died instantly with a snapped neck. I picked him up, held him for a while and had a good cry.

I got his favorite blanket and buried him in the backyard. I’m heartbroken and can not stop crying and think I need a good drunk and to just be left alone.

I love you little buddy. I can’t stop sobbing. I have no idea how I am going to sleep without you next to my head purring. How am I supposed to work without you weaving in between my legs and meowing. Damnit to hell.

And if you would, please make a donation to MARC in Tunch’s name. Tunch’s visage saved a lot of pet lives already, so let’s save a few more.

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