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    Redshirt says:

    No more Omar Serif!

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    kdaug says:

    Not too shabby. Not too shabby, at all.

    ETA: Minor point – looks like all posters’ names are now in blue, as if it’s a link to a webpage. Suppose we can hover over each to see if it’s a link, but might be better the other way. All in all, though, no complaints from here.

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    NotMax says:

    Feedback is non-fattening.

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    Karmus says:

    A douche bag, you say, who must comment and be heard?

    On a blog? How very pointless and strange.

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    Violet says:

    Got so used to the previous theme, the three columns seem really strange. Looks good, though!

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    Belafon (formerly anonevent) says:

    Trolling yourself. That’s pretty awesome, John.

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    RobertDSC-PowerMac G5 Dual says:

    Needs moar TUNCH.

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    Peter says:

    On my phone there’s a huge white space to the right of the content. I could use the mobile site but…then I’d be using the mobile site.

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    Zam says:

    This is worse than Watergate.

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    Mike E says:

    Wow. I never would have imagined the mobile version would be much, much better than the full site.
    Mars, Bitchez!

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    Alexandra says:

    Tags and ‘Add Comments’ links at the bottom of each post are very pale, very hard to see on my calibrated display. Not an aesthetic comment, but more a potential accessibility issue.

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    cyntax says:

    This is the site upgrade? Seems OK. Given all the sturm und drang, I was expecting something a bit more… more–if you know what I mean.

    Upon reflection, I am disappointed that Cole misled me into thinking this would be some life changing event that I needed to gird my loins for. So yeah, now I am unhappy about it all and I must go in search of some adequate adversity.

    Also, Tunch pics.

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    Fluke bucket says:

    I have never watched hockey before. Is this considered a good match or game? 4-1 in hockey is the football score equivalent of what?

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    scav says:

    Recreational debugging is the favorite hobby of viscious jackels. Package deal. The gratuitous bitching is a free add-on.

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    Old Dan and Little Ann says:

    I can’t tell if it’s any different from the last switch.

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    dr. bloor says:

    @Zam: @Zam:

    But not, of course, worse than BENGHAZIGATE!!!1!

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    Suffern ACE is a Basset Hound says:

    Oh take a chill pill.;sns=em

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    TaMara (BHF) says:

    @John Cole bite me this looks good, but Obama should be impeached anyway.

    ETA: edit function works. Also I agree with whomever/everyone who says they miss the regular names vs. the names with blog links

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    khead says:



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    Yatsuno says:

    Kwitcherbitchin’. The Pengies won.

    EDIT: SWEET!! Edit doesn’t kill my work browser anymore!

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    BillinGlendaleCA says:

    Looks nice with 2 exceptions: the font on comments is a bit small, I guess I’ll have to get new reading glasses, and MisterMix was correct that there are now formatting buttons on IE10(Modern UI).

    Oh, of course, it’s worse then Watergate.

    Editing works :)

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    Roger Moore says:

    Oh noez! Somebody moved my cheeze mustard!

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    👽 Martin says:

    I think you still have some room to put more boxes inside of boxes. Maybe you could box every word? At least put a box around the finger Cole is showing me.

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    Spaghetti Lee says:

    The rent is too damn high font is too damn small.

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    Roger Moore says:

    Next and previous post links that come with titles instead of just ‘next’ and ‘previous’! Will wonders never cease?

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    BillinGlendaleCA says:

    Oh, now I see formatting buttons, no blockquote though. That’s the most important one.


    Oh there’s the blockquote


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    Yatsuno says:

    I have only one thing to say here: JUMP YOU FUCKERS!!

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    Just Some Fuckhead says:

    Where is my Newsmax headlines motherfucker?

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    SiubhanDuinne says:

    This is not a bitch. It’s not. It’s just a comment is all, okay?

    I have no formatting buttons now. Please give them back. (Safari, iPad2.)

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    Unabogie says:

    I can’t tell if this is the worst looking site in history or just as far back as the Wayback Machine will let us travel. I’m talking neon ticker, flashing title, 1998 Compuserve site bad.

    Feel better?

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    BillinGlendaleCA says:

    @Roger Moore: Fancy ain’t it?

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    LeftCoastTom says:

    Why is there an empty box between the Balloon Juice stuff on top and the actual content? Is something meant to go there, or should I refresh again? (its a div with ID horizontal-outer-widgets-1, but apparently no widgets)

    Edit: Plus, just noticed…the garish-blue “Submit Comment” button expands horizontally on hover, I assume the intent was to just bold the text, maybe the CSS needs a width constraint?

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    👽 Martin says:

    I like the big superfluous box at the top of the page with nothing in it. Good use of space. And the 10px margin around it helps make sure the emptyness of the box isn’t crowded by the emptyness of the box around it.

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    Spaghetti Lee says:

    @Just Some Fuckhead:

    My Newsmax headlines are right up top. One of them says “Investors earn 600% buying, selling gold on same day.” Wow, that doesn’t sound like a scam at all!

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    Penon says:

    So, the new redesign moves the site posts RIGHT, into the CENTER. I suppose the next redesign will drop the pretense and move your views back all the way to the RIGHT, huh?

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    Calming Influence says:

    Do That To Me One More Time?!? Fuck that shit. MUSKRAT LOVE!!

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    Forum Transmitted Disease says:

    Still feeling ill from that Biden piece. I mean, I love a good knob job and all but that was a little bit much even for this joint.

    Oh well, good job, it looks nice and seems to work.

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    pokeyblow says:

    Better functionality is great. Not sure why websites generally feel the need to redesign themselves so frequently. Please don’t take the previous sentence personally.

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    jl says:

    Blog looks nice to me. Nice restful blue and white color scheme…

    Whats bugging Cole, he all right?

    I don’t notice all these site changes redesigns revisionings revelantions transformations, spiritual rebirths, metamorphoses, rebuilds, foundation work, paint schemes, pest fumigations and weedings, and what not.

    But I appreciate the work that goes into it.

    Is that comment irritating enough for Cole? Well, I tried.

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    El Cid says:

    There’s a reason why I keep trying to bear in mind that these are just the fucking comments section of a blog named “Balloon-Juice” — it prevents all sorts of weird assumptions of seriousness I regularly see assumed by others.

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    DirtyAussie says:

    Looks awesome! Much cleaner and more professional. Does this mean we should start expecting professional and serious commentary? Because I have heard rumours that both sides do it and there is good money to be made pointing this out.

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    joel hanes says:


    the font on comments is a bit small

    [CTRL] +

    is your friend

  45. 45
    Violet says:

    No formatting buttons on FF 20.0.1 on Windows7.

  46. 46

    If I might be so bold as to treat this as an open thread, there’s something I’ve been wondering about a few days. Everybody on the news is frothing and foaming about the I.R.S. looking into teabagger groups. Everybody all over the internets is frothing and foaming about the I.R.S. looking into tabag groups. But from what I understand, and, Lord knows, I could be wrong, aren’t some of these groups set u in a way that they shouldn’t be electioneering? And if so, then why would it be so bad for the I.R.S. to look into this? I mean, yeah, I know everybody’s scrabbling around everywhere, looking high and low for that Big Scandal that’s going to make Watergate look like a kid embezzling from his sister’s lemonade stand, and Benghazigate looks like a real dud, so now thry’re latching onto this, but, really, why is this bad?

  47. 47
    BillinGlendaleCA says:

    @Spaghetti Lee: I sent em to the bit bucket.

  48. 48
    BillinGlendaleCA says:

    @joel hanes: ty

  49. 49
    YellowJournalism says:

    John just needs to replace the site with the dancing Jesus one Homer made on The Simpsons, and then he can really watch people go nuts.

  50. 50
    mere mortal says:


    If you decide that all three columns must be in frame, you decide my font.

    Used to have an easy reading experience, now there are four words per line.


  51. 51
    👽 Martin says:

    And what’s the giant empty box under the post about? I mean, it does nicely balance the giant empty box at the top of the page, or do you just like to keep a healthy distance between the front pagers and the riff-raff?

    No, I don’t have a web design meeting later this week. Why do you ask?

  52. 52
    Comrade Jake says:

    What kind of code can we include? Is there any new functionality with this site?

  53. 53
    AdamK says:

    I knew the font would be too small. Because to hell with old people. Well, you’re not getting any younger either, duckies. Bless your hearts.

  54. 54
    Steeplejack says:

    @Fluke bucket:

    4-1 in hockey is the football score equivalent of what?

    Maybe 21-7 in football, since scoring in hockey can be much more “sudden,” if that makes sense. You don’t have to wait around to get possession, for one thing.

  55. 55
    BillinGlendaleCA says:

    @👽 Martin: I think that’s for the NewsMax news feed.

  56. 56
    Keith G says:

    Wow! These ‘srooms are awesome!

  57. 57
    Yatsuno says:

    @Zapruder F. Mashtots, D.D.S. (Mumphrey, et al.): I think what really got TE/GE in trouble was that the scrutiny had no real rules behind it. This would be both the fault of Congress and the upper leadership in the IRS. Since there were really no set guidelines, the office in Cincinnati (the fact that this was one office is your big clue this wasn’t a systemic issue) just decided to increase standards based upon…whatever. The poor teatards thought they were being singled out and bitched and the Repubs responded in true Pavlovian fashion. What is really interesting is the investigative arm of the IRS thought something smelled fishy.

  58. 58
    kdaug says:


    Update to 21

  59. 59
    Roger Moore says:

    Is this a good time to point out that Matt Yglesias belongs in the “Blogs we monitor and mock as needed” category rather than the blogroll?

  60. 60
    Steeplejack says:

    @👽 Martin:

    I thought that was the space occupied by the Balloon Juice logo that I’m not seeing.

  61. 61
    LeftCoastTom says:

    @👽 Martin: Mac OS X 10.7, FF…my version of the bottom empty box has an ad in it. Unfortunately, the box is bordered, and does not fit the dimensions of the ad, but it’s not empty.

  62. 62
    pokeyblow says:

    @Roger Moore: Seconded.

  63. 63
    TaMara (BHF) says:

    OK formatting buttons are back. This is fun.

    For those who think the font is too small, if you’re on Chrome, ctr+ will enlarge your page and keep that setting for this site only, so you don’t need to keep doing it.

  64. 64
    mere mortal says:

    … and name and e-mail don’t seem to be enough to comment anymore…

  65. 65
    Steeplejack says:

    @joel hanes:

    Also, go to View | Zoom and check “Zoom Text Only.”

  66. 66
    👽 Martin says:

    @BillinGlendaleCA: I already have one Newsmax feed on the right, right above the box containing the 2nd ‘your ad goes here’ which is above another empty box, above a box with recent posts, above a box with a categories pulldown, above a box with the contact pull down, above another empty box, above the final box with meta in it.

    Like I said, needs moar boxes.

  67. 67
    mere mortal says:

    ah, just the edit button screws the pooch, apparently…

  68. 68
    David Koch says:

    delete my fucking format, cole!

  69. 69

    You big-footed DougJ, you upgrading scumbag pussies.

    Looking good in Chrome on XP.

    Still miss the megaphone guy, but I was already burning in the lowest depths of the filthiest hell anyway.


  70. 70
    MomSense says:


    Such a nice puppy dog!

  71. 71
    PeakVT says:

    @AdamK: I’m still trying to puzzle out the CSS. I will try to have a Stylish style up in a few days with a larger font size.

    ETA: I’ll try to make the colors for usernames with URLs different, too.

  72. 72
    Roger Moore says:

    @TaMara (BHF):

    OK formatting buttons are back.

    They seem to be flickering in and out of existence with every refresh. Fun, fun, fun.

  73. 73
    👽 Martin says:

    @LeftCoastTom: Ah, now that the page reloaded I have an ad there too. Ah, and more mis-sized ads in the other empty boxes. mistermix must be back there with the digital hot glue gun.

    I hate the design, but I should thank mistermix for doing a good job feeding the squirrel and not hosing the transition effort. He’s not the messenger I’m trying to shoot here.

  74. 74


    That must be a new feature.

    ETA: Oh, I get it. More space for Newsmax ads. I see what you did there.

    EETAA: .. and the edit comment function is now functioning. Splendid!

    EEETAAA: I feel like I’m registering for next years health plan. Did you guys lift this design from Kaiser Permanente?

  75. 75
    Poopyman says:

    @Calming Influence: I let it roll to the end, and then hit the link for Billy Paul and “Mrs. Jones”.

    Full 70’s retro at Chez Poopy. Ah, those memories …..

  76. 76
    magurakurin says:

    Definitely agree with the feedback saying that the font size is too small. I have a 19 in. monitor but to fit the entire page on the screen requires very small text. Even just keeping the center column in the screen ends up with a smallish text. And using a decent sized font requires shifting the screen to the left to center the column I want to read. I realize everyone’s preferred font will differ, but this does seem a bit small. And if a lot of people are squeezing out the side columns, then we won’t see the ads. No clicks, no money, no meaning to the ads.

    And just a general point to the people who complain about ads that bother them. Click the shit out of them. If you see some hosed-out, teabagger bullshit ad, click it as much as you can. They pay by the click. Little pin pricks for the pricks.

  77. 77
    Violet says:

    @kdaug: When I went to see what version I had, I noticed it was downloading. Guess it’ll be active when I restart my computer.

  78. 78
    mere mortal says:

    I can see a little less than the left half of that embedded video.

    And trying to watch it alerts me to an attempted clickjacking.

    Well played.

  79. 79
    MikeJ says:


    Mix, please feel free to yell at me if you need help with getting the CSS to work on the reply with quote plugin. I’m only moderately swamped at the moment.

  80. 80
    danielx says:


    Of course you are. But we love you anyway.

  81. 81
    👽 Martin says:

    @PeakVT: That’s not a bad idea. Maybe I’ll hack up a stylesheet to fix this mess.

  82. 82
    NotMax says:

    @👽 Martin

    The drop-down boxes are a godFSMsend, and sorely needed in place of massive lists of text.

  83. 83
    👽 Martin says:

    FWIW, I like the font size. Retina display FTW.

  84. 84
    MikeJ says:

    I’ll do my own whining that I don’t expect to be heeded, because fuck you, I wouldn’t listen to your whining either, but why on earth did you widen the middle column instead of making it fluid and expanding to fill everything that wasn’t the outer columns?

  85. 85

    Woopsies! Death of a meme:

    IRS Sent Same Letter to Democrats That Fed Tea Party Row

    The Internal Revenue Service, under pressure after admitting it targeted anti-tax Tea Party groups for scrutiny in recent years, also had its eye on at least three Democratic-leaning organizations seeking nonprofit status.

    One of those groups, Emerge America, saw its tax-exempt status denied, forcing it to disclose its donors and pay some taxes. None of the Republican groups have said their applications were rejected.

    Progress Texas, another of the organizations, faced the same lines of questioning as the Tea Party groups from the same IRS office that issued letters to the Republican-friendly applicants. A third group, Clean Elections Texas, which supports public funding of campaigns, also received IRS inquiries.

    Still, the media will continue to report this as a “Tea Party targeted unfairly” scandal because if it bleeds, it leads, and if it bleeds Republican, OMG OMG OMG

  86. 86
    Scott Alloway says:

    @LeftCoastTom: Same here on Mac 10.5. Bordered but not filled. Otherwise, a very clean, readable site. I like the design. And I’m 63+ in age.

  87. 87
    Calouste says:

    There is a link at the left bottom behind the (c) Balloon Juice that takes you all the way back to 2002. And to a different server.

  88. 88
    mai naem says:

    I just want to tell you John that this is indeed the bestest blog evah and,well, you’re like the bestest blog host evah. Your kitty kat is the koolest kat evah. Your doggies are like OMG the greatest dogs evah. Also too, your co-host underlings are the bestest underlings evah. I would offer to suck your toes but seriously you said your toes were icky so, like, I would be willing to do a pedicure on them. Ok, I think I’m done sucking up. I wish I was this good at sucking up to the boss at work.

  89. 89
    👽 Martin says:

    @NotMax: Not complaining about the pulldowns,













  90. 90

    Dudes, this is functioning recklessly awesome. Hats off to all, especially on a fucking Tuesday night.

    Deal me in.

    @Calouste: That’s the TARDIS feature. Be careful using it, especially after +3.

  91. 91

    this blawg is made of some durable material. is it, by chance, made of rearden metal? also, the looters stole my caps keys.

  92. 92
    TaMara (BHF) says:

    @magurakurin: This cannot be said enough:

    And just a general point to the people who complain about ads that bother them. Click the shit out of them. If you see some hosed-out, teabagger bullshit ad, click it as much as you can. They pay by the click. Little pin pricks for the pricks.

  93. 93
    mai naem says:

    @Southern Beale: I am sure Morning Ho and his bitch oops I meant bimbo(I should not say that) along with Ron Fournier will be right on on that angle of the story.

  94. 94
    Cacti says:

    @Southern Beale:

    Still, the media will continue to report this as a “Tea Party targeted unfairly” scandal because if it bleeds, it leads, and if it bleeds Republican, OMG OMG OMG

    Only about 1/3 of the total applicants flagged were Tea Party oriented.

    Who were the other 200 hundred or so that absolutely positively weren’t targeted?

  95. 95
    Calming Influence says:

    Netscape browser; running Windows 3.1 on a chip from a Mr. Coffee; modem connected @2400 baud; Etch-A-Sketch monitor.

    Looks good.

  96. 96
    kerFuFFler says:

    “You may use these HTML tags and attributes: .. . . . . .. . . . “.
    Is it expensive to offer these options the way the site used to? This seems like a pain in the a$$.

  97. 97
    kerFuFFler says:

    See what I mean???

  98. 98
    TooManyJens says:

    There’s a slight hitch with using Ctrl-+ (Cmd-+ on the Mac) to increase the font size. When I do, the middle column narrows by about 40%:

  99. 99
    👽 Martin says:

    @TooManyJens: That’s your browser. Safari won’t do that.

  100. 100

    @kerFuFFler: Nice. You broke gravity. How the hell are they supposed to fix shit when you broke it like that? Now I’m setting your house on fire I’m testing different tags because I can, bitchez.

    Link this!


    ETA: Chrome on XP still rocking the matrix.

  101. 101
    Studly Pantload, the emotionally unavailable unicorn says:

    OK, I just went to the dreaded to compare that site to this, and boy howdy I’ll tell ya what — EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU WATB’S got NOTHIN’ to bitch about compared to that site. You know what’s plastered all over RedState — THE RAG’S BLOG’S PROPRIETOR’S FREAKIN’ PICTURE, INCLUDING A GAWDAWFUL “TOASTER-POP-UP” FEATURING HIS IMAGE. Yes, Erik, Son of Erik, in his jauntiest sports-coat pose, staring at ya from all friggin’ corners of the page.

    Can you imagine having an image of Cole plastered all over the place AND creeping up on the screen each time you came here? And you KNOW it’d be him in his bathrobe, because if he owns anything besides a robe and t-shirt and baggy shorts, it sure as hell ain’t a blazer.

    Also, too, my formatting buttons have also disappeared (had ’em in the last thread), but that’s ok because IT STILL BEATS THE BLOODY HELL OUT OF THE ALTERNATIVE.

    (Hoping my ALL CAPS have helped hit this issue home for all my fellow BJers.)

  102. 102
    MikeJ says:

    mike@malawi ~ $ links -version
    Links 2.7
    mike@malawi ~ $ uname -a
    Linux malawi 3.5.0-17-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 9 19:32:08 UTC 2012 i686 athlon i686 GNU/Linux

    Looks fine here.

  103. 103
    poptartacus says:

    Its fine, it dosn”t have any annoying bs. TPM had a ad at the bottom of the screen that had to be clicked out. I despise that. Freemeium is the only way to go now. Give us the basics for free and we will pay for more. In example. Its free for you to call me one kind of motherfucker, but I have to pay if I want to hear you call me 9 kinds of motherfucker. So you like to call us stupid motherfuckers. that’s free. But then theres Dumb motherfucker, Lame Motherfucker, Sorry Motherfucker, Idiotic Motherfucker, and on and on. Its a win/win for you.

  104. 104
    poptartacus says:

    Its fine, it dosn”t have any annoying bs. TPM had a ad at the bottom of the screen that had to be clicked out. I despise that. Freemeium is the only way to go now. Give us the basics for free and we will pay for more. In example. Its free for you to call me one kind of motherfucker, but I have to pay if I want to hear you call me 9 kinds of motherfucker. So you like to call us stupid motherfuckers. that’s free. But then theres Dumb motherfucker, Lame Motherfucker, Sorry Motherfucker, Idiotic Motherfucker, and on and on. Its a win/win for you.

  105. 105
    👽 Martin says:

    @Studly Pantload, the emotionally unavailable unicorn:

    (Hoping my ALL CAPS have helped hit this issue home for all my fellow BJers.)

    The jesus key helped, but I’d have put each of those paragraphs in a box to make sure it really drew people in.

  106. 106
    LeftCoastTom says:

    @👽 Martin: OK, something’s broken with the Reply link (even after refreshing yet again)…I hit reply on your response, and got two “a” tags with hrefs to your comments followed by my text that you quoted – and none of yours, and no blockquotes surrounding.

    I agree, mistermix must be working like crazy now fixing stuff.

  107. 107
    PeakVT says:

    @Martin: Almost everything is in its own div, except the post body text, which I would like to increase independent of everything else.

  108. 108
    GxB says:


    Did you guys lift this design from Kaiser Permanente?

    Try posting on another site and see if you get a massive surcharge for posting “out of system.”

    ETA: Interesting – checking out the edit and got to ask does the redesign make my font look big? cuz it looks like I’ve got a font at least two points bigger than all the other posts.

  109. 109
    Spaghetti Lee says:

    @Studly Pantload, the emotionally unavailable unicorn:

    Yeah, but if that’s not a low bar to clear than what is?

  110. 110
    👽 Martin says:

    @poptartacus: Do you need to pay for Cole to choke you with a motherfucking strap-on? I’m wondering if the $19.95 subscription I paid extends beyond nouns.

  111. 111
    MikeJ says:

    @MikeJ: (BTW, that’s actually Linux Mint, not really ubuntu (except the kernel). I don’t want you to start calling me a fucking sell out.(and I got all my parens nested properly(as a lisp lover would.)))

  112. 112
    gbear says:

    @👽 Martin: It’s the blank square of excellence.

  113. 113
    Studly Pantload, the emotionally unavailable unicorn says:

    @👽 Martin: Gaahhhh — and here my editing window just closed! But thanks for the terrific idea, anyhoo. I’ll keep it in my back pocket for next time.

  114. 114
    A Humble Lurker says:

    I dig it! Great job everybody. New and improved, but still with that same Balloony Juice flavor.

  115. 115
    Hungry Joe says:

    @kdaug: Minor point – looks like all posters’ names are now in blue, as if it’s a link to a webpage. Suppose we can hover over each to see if it’s a link, but might be better the other way. All in all, though, no complaints from here.

    Agree — you can’t tell by looking if someone has a link to his/her website, says the guy with a link to his website.

    And the goddam block quote didn’t work. Probably me, but still …

  116. 116
    BillinGlendaleCA says:

    @👽 Martin:

    FWIW, I like the font size. Retina display FTW.

    Wait 10 years, you won’t. Retina display or no retina display.

    Hey, where’d the formatting buttons go?

  117. 117
    Mr Stagger Lee says:

    WILL YOU KIDS KEEP THE DAMN NOISE DOWN!!!!!! I’M WATCHING THE SHARKS-KINGS GAME!!!!! Damn the Spurs are sure spanking Warrior ass.

  118. 118
    LeftCoastTom says:

    @LeftCoastTom: I clicked “Edit” here, edited, and submitted…and my name changed to “unidentified”. Refresh, my name is correct, but my edits are gone.

    Anyway…Martin hadn’t actually quoted my text that was appearing, I wonder if it was just left-over text in the edit window that hadn’t been cleared properly from a prior post.

  119. 119

    Fired up IE10.0.9200.16540 on Win7 and the difference between this and Chrome are minute.

    Testing tags and roasting in the belly of Zoar

    Open tag ick

  120. 120
    BillinGlendaleCA says:


    There is a link at the left bottom behind the (c) Balloon Juice that takes you all the way back to 2002. And to a different server.

    Does that mean I’m 42 again?

  121. 121
    The Dangerman says:

    Toni Tennile, background singer on The Wall. Before her Captain and Tennile days, I assume.

  122. 122
    NotMax says:

    At least the gilding-the-lily word ‘says’ after commenter names in no longer capitalized.

    Baby steps.

  123. 123
    GxB says:

    @GxB: Ahh, I see, the font is oversizeed until your edit window closes and you refresh. Swank,

  124. 124
    Studly Pantload, the emotionally unavailable unicorn says:

    Damn the Spurs are sure spanking Warrior ass.

    Joey, do you like movies about hockey games?

  125. 125
    Mike in NC says:

    Looks like absolute shit on my iPad.

  126. 126
    scav says:

    And, I feel someone should shout out to the army for stepping up, thinking outside the box and coming up with a way to take a little heat off the Air Force. The Army’s guy in coordinating sexual assault went beyond the army of one on one and selfish abuse and seems to be accused of pandering as well. Luffly luffly Gentlemen we’ve got Officering there.

    anything else I feel like testing??? no clue

  127. 127
    dance around in your bones says:

    Are you going to bring back those lovely curvy comment numbers? These ones now are so plain vanilla.

    Also not crazy about all the vertical lines. Don’t box me in!

    Not bitching, just remarking…..

  128. 128
    Anne Laurie says:




  129. 129

    Jeebus, I need a cigarette after all this excitement. I’m going outside.

    That’s it. Break a bottle on the prow and push this bitch into the channel already. It’s high tide.

    ETA: @Anne Laurie: This blog now goes to 11.

  130. 130
    👽 Martin says:

    @BillinGlendaleCA: Retina has definitely helped my eyesight. It’s dramatic how much easier it is for me to read with this laptop. I no longer have to strain to get the letterforms – I read much more naturally.

  131. 131
    gnomedad says:

    Very nice. Here’s another vote to bring back Megaphone Guy. If Doctor Who can go retro in its titles, why can’t BJ?

  132. 132
    Mr Stagger Lee says:

    @scav: Over hill, over dale, we will hit the dusty trail, and the Pimp-ride went rolling along!

  133. 133
    👽 Martin says:

    @scav: Yeah, that was a nice touch. Can’t wait until the Marines come in and decide to show up the other branches. Dildos and 3 wetsuits for sure.

  134. 134
    Frank says:

    Maybe someone else has said this, but I will say it anyway.

    John, it’s your blog.

    Make it look whatever the hell you want it to look like.

    Anyone else can pound sand.

  135. 135
    Redshift says:

    Looks pretty good to me. I forgot what I was planning to complain about.

    Next/previous post links at the bottom of the page, yay!

  136. 136
    wmd says:

    Comment font size is kind of small.

  137. 137
    BillinGlendaleCA says:

    @👽 Martin: That may well be true, however I’m a few years older than you. I even need reading glasses for physical text, when I’m wearing my contacts(near sighted).

  138. 138
    Redshift says:


    They pay by the click.

    I’m pretty sure that’s not true. I think this has been discussed before.

  139. 139
    Amir Khalid says:


    First line of test quote
    Second line of test quote

    Test strike-through
    Acronym title

  140. 140
    scav says:

    We are getting academic if I’ve now got to disentangle these:

    Given HTML’s roots in the academic wrld, it should be no surprise that quoting is well-accommodated in the elements (blockquote) and (q), with their optional cite attribute. In addition, there’s the (cite) element, which over the last nine years went from ‘semantic orphan element made good’ to one of the more contentious elements in HTML5. Let’s power up the endoscope and examine the scarring, starting with (blockquote).

    Eta. Some of these looking more xmlish than typesetting tags. . .

  141. 141
    joel hanes says:

    If you get around to redoing the blogroll
    (or if you’re a commenter looking for recommended blogs)
    please note that Dave Neiwert is once again posting at his original blog, Orcinus

  142. 142
    PeakVT says:

    Okay, here’s a new style you can try if you have Stylish installed. It increases the comment font size, makes usernames without URLs dark gray, and fiddles with the vertical spacing on the comments. It does cause the “reply” button to obscure some text if the last line is long, which is a compromise with more compact spacing.

  143. 143
    Suzanne says:

    On my iPad, the center column is the narrowest of the three, and is only about three words wide. It cuts off the video. Looks ass-tacular.

  144. 144
    Studly Pantload, the emotionally unavailable unicorn says:

    @Studly Pantload, the emotionally unavailable unicorn: Wait, those are basketball teams, aren’t they?

    Perfectly good pop culture joke ruined by my lack of knowledge of popular (sports) culture.

    But still, no up-creeping Erik, Son of Erik, so it’s still all a plus.

  145. 145
    scav says:


    looks just like Amir’s only it’s the abbrev whatever.

  146. 146
    remimachica says:

    @Suzanne: Yep, this is impossible on an iPad. Every other change has been fine, but wow…

  147. 147
    tofubo says:

    hot frikken air in a new envelope is still just gonna raise you up, jus like afore

    this has only been a test of the emergency bullshit reply system

  148. 148
    dance around in your bones says:

    @PeakVT: Hey, thanks!

    That was really quick and the font size is much better – now I don’t have to turn NoSquint up to eleventy.

    Jeez, there are some talented people around here!

  149. 149
    TooManyJens says:

    @joel hanes: Wow, there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while.

  150. 150
    scav says:

    so blah blah pretend quote
    this is a q quote
    cite just fakes out pretending to be a link in this world
    is footer supported at all?

  151. 151
    BillinGlendaleCA says:

    Hey the formatting buttons are back!!!! :)

    On my tablet, all the ads, blogroll, etc are at the bottom of the page.

  152. 152
    lojasmo says:

    @Comrade Jake:

    Still have no buttonz. I would like a “reply with quote” button at the bottom of the comments.

  153. 153
    BillinGlendaleCA says:

    @BillinGlendaleCA: And now they’re gone. And it won’t let me edit my comment. BTW that’s Dolphin on Android 4.1.1.

  154. 154
    Morbo says:

    Oh god the blogroll is on the left; burn everything!

  155. 155
    NotMax says:


    Here’s the list as it is currently showing for me (brackets deleted here for obvious reasons):

    a href=”” title=””
    abbr title=””
    acronym title=””
    blockquote cite=””
    del datetime=””
    q cite=””

  156. 156
    different-church-lady says:

    Actually, I am finding this harder to read that the old look.

  157. 157
    different-church-lady says:

    @Anne Laurie:


    Testing testing

    Fixed that for you.

  158. 158
    mistermix says:

    iPad users – I activated an option in the mobile theme to use it for iPads.

    See if that’s any better.

  159. 159
    lojasmo says:

    Oh. Buttonz show up in the comment field at the bottom, but not in a “reply to” box.


  160. 160
    Suzanne says:

    @mistermix: I hate mobile sites. The iPad site looks good only with the iPad turned to landscape. In portrait orientation, the regular site looks crappy. The iPad site cuts off too much on the left.

  161. 161
    Narcissus says:

    It scrolls weird

  162. 162
    Steeplejack says:


    What browser are you using? In Firefox, at least, you can go to View | Zoom and click “Zoom Text Only,” which allows you to bump up your font size without also embiggening the whole page. That might help.

  163. 163
    Suzanne says:

    Also, if I try to scroll before the page is done loading, it jerks back to the top or my last comment.

  164. 164
    Mike in NC says:

    @Redshirt: @mistermix: Specifics, please.

  165. 165
    scav says:

    @NotMax: thanks, was hoping I could order off-menu, but apparently not! It’s not as though I’ll really need all this for blog posts, honestly, but fun to work out in the brain.

  166. 166
    Steeplejack says:

    @👽 Martin:

    Stylish is your friend. Oops, dunno if it’s available for Chrome (which I presume you’re using).

  167. 167
    dance around in your bones says:

    This is kind of weird – the comment buttons only show up for me if I hit the Shift+reload. If I only hit the reload arrow on FF “awesome bar” the buttons disappear.

    That never happened to me before. Dagnabbit, another key to hold down! It’s so onerous! ::::smile::::

  168. 168
    👽 Martin says:

    @Steeplejack: Safari. There’s an extension for Stylish.

  169. 169
    Hungry Joe says:

    Okay, now you can tell by looking if someone has a link to his/her website, says the guy with a link to his website.

  170. 170
    Suzanne says:

    Also, this design looks SOOOOOO corporate and dull. It is actually very similar to United Healthcare’s. I’m sure functionally it’s fine, but every redesign has lost a bit more style. And we still don’t have megaphone man or the pretty post numbers.

    I guess it’s true….you really do get boring as you get old.

  171. 171
    MikeJ says:


    Oops, dunno if it’s available for Chrome

    You can make it run greasemonkey scripts, and you can always force a userstyle into a script. So you can make it happen eventually.

  172. 172
    Steeplejack says:

    @Calming Influence:

    I presume you’re almost done downloading about half the page by now. Good times.

  173. 173
    gmann says:

    Looks better using Netscape than Internet Exploder on Gateway running Win 95

  174. 174
    mistermix says:

    @Suzanne: The design issue here is that most computer screens are much wider than they are tall. So we’re designing the main site for the average computer screen circa 5 years ago or newer. 1200 px wide. Apparently that doesn’t look good on iPad – I don’t have one so I can’t tell.

    So I guess I’ll leave it at this for now: iPad users have two options; landscape mode or the mobile site.

    The third option is a better mobile site that is optimized for iPad. I’m hoping that our mobile site plugin, wpTouch, will have something for that in the future.

  175. 175
    AdamK says:

    @Keith G: I was feeling a little queasy at first, but wow.

  176. 176
    Suzanne says:

    @mistermix: That’s weird, because most sites don’t wrap text or images differently when turned from landscape to portrait mode. All that happens is the site adjusts to the narrower width and as a result shows more of the page below. This one doesn’t want to do that….the first and third columns want to stay the same width, but the center column gets very narrow.

  177. 177
    scav says:

    mmmph, first comment I tried in ipad specific world. Does at least work in vertical format, although I think I prefer the general format style — so, back to horizontal. Lots to play with this trip. hee hee hee I smell the blood of a frustrated typesetter geek!

    nb can’t edit in ipad world, but not that bad.

  178. 178
    Jebediah says:

    @TaMara (BHF):
    Thanks – and she looks just like a little (big) angel when she sleeps…

  179. 179
    catclub says:

    @gmann: Looks excellent on SLS Linux and Lynx.

  180. 180
    jnfr says:

    The comment font size is still small in relation to the post size. I admit this is a problem for me because I am old and can’t read small fonts any more, but when I bump the comments up, the post font is huge, so I feel even older.

    Feel free to ignore me. I know you do.

    Very much like the alternating colors on comments though. Helps me feel like I’m oriented, even if I’m not.

    ETA: Oops, someone is playing with the font sizes even as I post. Continue ignoring me. That is all.

  181. 181
    dance around in your bones says:


    I’m sure functionally it’s fine, but every redesign has lost a bit more style. And we still don’t have megaphone man or the pretty post numbers.

    Someone (scav?) the other day said the old style (megaphone guy, fat curvy numbers, floating horizontal comment platform) had a steampunk feel to it, and I thought that was a good description.

    It had a funky retro cool style that I miss nowadays.

  182. 182
    Mnemosyne says:


    Can we assume that Juno is still the boss of the household?

    Also, too, sitewise everything looks fine to me on my MacBook. Though I did just spot a typo: in the “Leave a Reply” section, the L in “URL” is lowercase, which looks bizarre: URl. Either that, or it’s a tribute to Uri Geller, I’m not sure which.

  183. 183
    Steeplejack says:

    @joel hanes:

    In before Raven: get rid of Pat Lang!

  184. 184
    FlipYrWhig says:

    I’ve never gotten the mobile site before… Using iPad. Oh, BTW, everything sucks and fuck you all. That’s the customary greeting you fuckers favor, right?

  185. 185
    gmann says:


    The good ol’ days. When men were men and floppy disks were huge!

  186. 186
    BillinGlendaleCA says:

    @Mnemosyne: Or it really could be URI, Uniform Resource Indentifier. It’s the superset that includes URL.

  187. 187
    MikeJ says:

    @catclub: Check my #102. I actually did test it in links (didn’t have lynx installed). Hang on:

    mike@malawi ~ $ sudo apt-get install lynx
    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:
    libjs-cropper libjs-prototype libjs-scriptaculous libphp-phpmailer libphp-snoopy tinymce
    Use ‘apt-get autoremove’ to remove them.
    The following extra packages will be installed:
    The following NEW packages will be installed:
    lynx lynx-cur
    0 upgraded, 2 newly installed, 0 to remove and 15 not upgraded.
    Need to get 1,037 kB of archives.
    After this operation, 2,446 kB of additional disk space will be used.
    Do you want to continue [Y/n]? y
    Get:1 quantal-updates/main lynx-cur i386 2.8.8dev.12-2ubuntu0.1 [1,033 kB]
    Get:2 quantal-updates/main lynx all 2.8.8dev.12-2ubuntu0.1 [3,780 B]
    Fetched 1,037 kB in 4s (243 kB/s)
    Selecting previously unselected package lynx-cur.
    (Reading database … 240712 files and directories currently installed.)
    Unpacking lynx-cur (from …/lynx-cur_2.8.8dev.12-2ubuntu0.1_i386.deb) …
    Selecting previously unselected package lynx.
    Unpacking lynx (from …/lynx_2.8.8dev.12-2ubuntu0.1_all.deb) …
    Processing triggers for mime-support …
    Processing triggers for doc-base …
    Processing 1 added doc-base file…
    Registering documents with scrollkeeper…
    Processing triggers for menu …
    Processing triggers for man-db …
    Setting up lynx-cur (2.8.8dev.12-2ubuntu0.1) …
    Setting up lynx (2.8.8dev.12-2ubuntu0.1) …
    Processing triggers for menu …
    mike@malawi ~ $ lynx

    bad html! use -trace to trace.

    Obviously nobody tested on a real browser.

  188. 188
    Jebediah says:

    Can we assume that Juno is still the boss of the household?

    It’s still a developing dynamic – right now Juno is asserting authority over Chuckie but I think they both still recognize Otto as boss.
    Wait a minute – I am boss of all of them except Juno pretty much has me wrapped around her tiny paw, so yes, Juno is still the boss!

  189. 189
    TaMara (BHF) says:

    I haven’t done a link yet. So here is a youtube video for your pleasure.

    I was going to rickroll you, but that’s so 2008

  190. 190
    Steeplejack says:

    @👽 Martin:

    I’ll post my Stylish mod when the new format stabilizes. Larger comment font, different comment font (with serifs!), tasteful wheat color behind blockquotes, possibly racy color and different font on the comment numbers.

  191. 191
    Comrade Mary says:

    Elegant! (Also: the mobile site crashed Safari on my iPad, which is why I’m crawling to the desktop well after bedtime, but hey, everything crashes Safari.)

    If I ruled the world, I’d ask for a few tweaks, but really, it looks pretty nice so far.

    I promise to bitch tomorrow, if you like.

  192. 192
    Comrade Mary says:

    Hey, my comment font is larger than everyone else’s comment font. Is that because I’m so wonderful?

    (Rhetorical question. Please don’t answer.)

  193. 193
    Steeplejack says:

    Just want to repeat that I am pleasantly surprised, in that the new format doesn’t look as awful as I feared it would—it looks pretty good, in fact—and I should be able to fix my niggling complaints with a new Stylish style. Thanks to Mistermix, MikeJ and whomever for their work on this.

    Still think “[Commenter] says” is stoopid, but whatever.

  194. 194
    Quicksand says:

    Thanks Obama. :(

  195. 195
    LT says:

    Hey, looks like some changes happened here – didn’t hear about that.

    Looks alright.

  196. 196
    Suzanne says:

    @dance around in your bones: Someone (scav?) the other day said the old style (megaphone guy, fat curvy numbers, floating horizontal comment platform) had a steampunk feel to it, and I thought that was a good description.

    Concur. Of course, I am fine with ANY style, as long as there is one. You want Eurotrash sans-serif lowercase extreme typesetting? FINE. Grunge copy-machine Beach Culture aesthetic? FINE. Letterpress look? FINE.

    This style says “I couldn’t POSSIBLY shop at Walmart. That’s too FASHIONABLE for me.” Reminds me of my grandfather-in-law, who only likes to eat at Golden Corral because everywhere else “uses too much spice and the food has too much flavor.”

  197. 197
    Steeplejack says:

    @Comrade Mary:

    Actually, the font on your comment will be larger until the five-minute edit timer expires and you refresh the page. (It may be and/or, but that’s the gist.)

  198. 198
    Comrade Mary says:

    See? Mine is bigger.

  199. 199
    Comrade Mary says:

    @Steeplejack: Shrinkage. It’s not just for guys any more.

  200. 200
    Steeplejack says:

    @Comrade Mary:

    True dat.

  201. 201
    amk says:

    zapping all the friggin’ ads.

  202. 202
    👽 Martin says:

    Woot! 90% of the boxes are gone. Much more legible now.

    I’ll probably dick around with the font as well and see if I can tidy up a few little things here and there.

  203. 203
    MikeJ says:

    @Steeplejack: I didn’t do anything yet. I hope my plugin makes the cut, but we”ll see.

  204. 204
    dance around in your bones says:


    Ha! The Furr’s Cafeteria of my childhood. Grandparent’s always took us there when they came to ABQ.

    I liked the old style – it had class, it was a contender!

    (no diss on mistermix and his work) p.s. don’t yell at me, Cole…

  205. 205
    Narcissus says:

    The site now does look like it wants me to upload a resume and set up a few job agents.

  206. 206
    Steeplejack says:

    @👽 Martin:

    But now one of the vertical box lines is chopping off the left side of the comment numbers (Firefox on Windows XP, slightly embiggened with “zoom text only” checked).

  207. 207
    MikeInSewickley says:

    I teach full time info sci at a Pittsburgh university as well as usability and design concepts and all that UX stuff. That doesn’t make me an oracle on all things web but I’ve been involved with a lot of organization and student site designs.

    I think the redesign is excellent and serves the purposes of the site well. It looks cleaner and less busy using the three column format with the primary content in the center. It draws the viewer into the important parts (the news and “bitching”).

    The use of a slightly off-white background surrounding the center column is far more important than many folks realize. It acts like the light bars you see in the Word menu bar separating functions. Not overwhelming or tiring for long stretches of reading.

    The spacing or kerning is very good. White space gives the reader more of a chance to scan rather than read because, believe it or not, most people don’t read line by line but scan. The limited but judicious use of Serif font is also a nice change and does a better job of directing to the article content.

    I’m glad the money makers are now on both sides of the site layout. It allows Tunch and Amazon to move up to the top (I always enter Amazon via BJ). It also means RSS and link boxes can appear further up the site.

    And this is my first post using the new layout and the posting areas makes it feel less like phone texting and more like writing with the use of more white space.

    Overall, it is a “less equals more”. And now let the bitching begin :-)

  208. 208
    Tbone says:

    Best fucking J.C. Post ever.

    That’s what keeps me coming back.

  209. 209
    DPS says:

    Has anybody noticed that “Newsmax Headlines” box? I haven’t heard any discussion of that.

  210. 210
    Yatsuno says:

    @Steeplejack: Had to disable my Stylish on my FF at home. Looks pretty decent without it.

  211. 211
    NotMax says:


    Just tried linking to your old moniker in this new environment. Same disappearance result as before.

  212. 212
    ruemara says:

    Thank goddess. That slab serif face was bugging me.

  213. 213
    Steeplejack says:


    I was just checking the threads one more time and thinking that I might pack it in for the night; I feel like my eyes are extra tired from coping with the layout change and fiddling with all the dials and levers. Definitely will work on a new Stylish style tomorrow, because this Arial or whatever sanserif font just does not cut it for reading. But this site upgrade is nowhere near the clusterfuck that the last one was.

    ETA: I’m just now noticing that the “compose comment” window is only about four or five lines tall (in my current view), which blows.

  214. 214
    Yatsuno says:

    @NotMax: Plus ca change. And FYWP.

    @Steeplejack: I think there’s still a few quirks yet to be worked out. But I like a vast majority of the changes.

  215. 215
    👽 Martin says:

    @Steeplejack: I did display: none on a mess of the boxes, and set border and background color to white for a mess more. Those two things alone cleaned shit up a lot. I got the recent posts up to where it used to be so I could stop clicking on newsmax headlines thinking it was the recent post box.

    Hasn’t done anything for the flow, but then it didn’t break anything either. It looks like with enough overriding of floats and negative margins I should be able to knock this back into a 2 column layout – a big comments column on the left and a few items on the right, and have main column flow properly as you resize the window. Unfortunately, without stylish plugin on the iPad I can’t fix that for other people.

  216. 216
    Steeplejack says:

    @👽 Martin:

    That sounds like a good approach. I’m going to get under the hood tomorrow. As I told Y*ts*no, my eyes are fuzzed out from overload tonight. Oh, yeah, and it’s after 2:00 a.m. here on the East Coast.

  217. 217
    NotMax says:


    Maybe we should start calling you Muad’Dib, as FYWP apparently thinks your original name is a killing word.

  218. 218
    Steeplejack says:


    “Even his name is a weirding word.”

    But now I can’t see Kyle MacLachlan in anything without flashing to Showgirls. Ngrr!

  219. 219
    Cassidy says:





  220. 220
    Odie Hugh Manatee says:

    The lighting is too bright, the service is slow and the food tastes like cardboard.

    That’s all I gots.

  221. 221
    qwerty42 says:

    hmmmmm, let’s see …

    well, that’s here too

    no ability to embed pics?

  222. 222
    RSA says:



    printf("Hello World");

  223. 223
    cmorenc says:

    AAGH! Please, please PLEASE restore the comments to the same font size as the lead essay opening each thread! The change to a smaller font reduces the readability of the comments! Or was that the idea? It’s terrible ergonomics, regardless of what some web designer says.

  224. 224
    Rob says:

    So far I like it. It has a time stamp on the front page posts so that’s good. The only thing that would be better is if the commenting box was at the top of the comments instead of the bottom.

  225. 225
    gelfling545 says:

    Seriously elegant.

  226. 226
    Jay C says:

    OK: First comment at the new site…..

    Seems OK but the lack of formatting buttons for all the cool italic bold strike, etc. stuff is a PITA. For us lazy sorts who can;t be bothered to type all those s, that is.

    EDIT: “those s” was meant to be the little carets, but obviously they STILL don;t show up.

  227. 227
    stub says:

    where’d the dictionary go?

  228. 228
    stub says:

    Where’d the dictionary go?

  229. 229
    stub says:

    Where’d the dictionary go?

  230. 230

    Something’s different.

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