Open Thread

A brief moment of levity in a horrible day. Called mom, we talked about the bombings and how awful they were, and she agreed it was horrible but we were in touch with all our friends from Boston and everyone is ok. The conversation drifted to another topic for a couple minutes and then lapsed momentarily, and then I just sighed and said “it’s just horrible” and she responded “I know, I can’t believe we (the Pirates) are down 8-1 in the second.”

Me: “Umm, I was still talking about the bombing.”

In her defense, she was watching the game and just assumed I was and I had made a promise to watch the Pirates and give them another chance (I’ve watched six games this year, which is 6 more games than the previous decade), so it isn’t really as bad as it sounds, because we have the world’s most insane stream of consciousness conversations.

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